The duo stared at each other, but Kyousuke quickly looked away. Keeping the staring orange-blonde away from him, he doesn't want to answer the question. Or he couldn't tell him, the navy blue head inhale and exhale quietly. And he turned around; he still can saw the dead serious gaze from the bright blue pair of eyes of the other boy.

"I can't tell you"

"Why then?"

That dead serious gaze just kept increasing onto the blue head; he couldn't help but blush a little. Staring at the person he loved was something that is very hard, his pale skin that brighten up by the lights, his yellowish seductive pair of eyes had made Taiyo given up and turned away trying to hide his blush with a big purple pillow right in front of him, he couldn't help it but though about how Kyousuke could actually be a 'Bishounen'. (A/N: every Otaku know what this word means)

"Because it's too complicate for both me and you" Kyousuke replied with a faint smile on his face, he wasn't that please to answer that question. It wasn't something he wanted to be asked anyway.

"Complicated?" What's complicated more than the fact that he couldn't know something? Why it's so important to Kyou?

"Oh Kyou, if you're trying to hide the 3th manga of Junjou Romantica then you fail. I read IT already!" Taiyo blurted out, waving his hands with a smirk.

But … the reactions of the navy-blue head was …

"You read WHAT!"

Ok our life's end here …

'Boss I'm not feeling well, we should stop this for a while' the narrator whispered to the director of the movie, making him pissed off.





'I said no'


So let's go back to our story then, shall we?

Kyousuke was mad; no he was furious, no he was pissed off … okay that's not the correct answer. HE'S WAS ABOUT TO KILL SOMEONE ON EARTH!

"Kyou! CALM DOWN!" Taiyo pushed the other boy back to the sofa as he nearly cut the string of life (if anyone remembers Hercules by Disney) of a random person he found. The room that they were in was filled with strings of lives, and there were so many types of scissors there that you couldn't count them all!

The orange blonde was trying to touch one of the scissors, well, it look so mysterious that force you to touch them.

"Taiyo don't touch them" Kyousuke stared at the orange blonde with the same cold voice he had before; Taiyo knew that his friend was not 'happy' of what he gonna do next.

"Fine Mr. Emo" after he said the sentence, he ran off

Ok, someone might be dead here.

"OI!" Kyousuke followed the orange blonde as he speed up, well, you can imagine this happen … right?

"Hahaha Kyousuke, you're so slow!" Said the ex-captain of Arakumo Gakuen aka the annoying brat we all know about.

If you could imagine best friends chasing each, then fall down and laugh. Then you are … um … a little bit … wrong here …

"Kyo?" Taiyou turned around, but the only he saw was the navy-blue head walking towards him calmly. With his very famous death glare and smirk, just like old days, but this time … it was filled with sadness in it. You could hear sobbing, the sobbing were very clear; he had broken down and started crying.

"Kyou! Are you okay?" The orange blonde quickly ran towards his friend (Friend? Yeah right)

It took Kyousuke a moment to calmed down and started to open his mouth and talk …

"No, not when I didn't tell you the truth!"

"What truth?"

"I like …"