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Chapter 18: Bonfire, Award & You + Me = ?

The classroom was still quiet, too quiet even, when Hazuki realized that once again, the sweetheart was taken away from the game before the session ended. He groaned rather loudly at that and apparently snapped his partner back from his stunned silence as well.

"Oh, oh! Nooo! We lost another sweetheart again!" he whined and Ryo let out an acquiescent sigh in his wake.

"True… what is it with you guys and bailing out before the game ends…" the dark haired MC shook his head. "Well, at least this time around someone actually cried on stage."

"Yeah, that was a lil bit unexpected, but Aomine-san had it under control… maybe," Hazuki nodded, not very sure, but heck if he knew anything. They were just asked by the pretty, pink-haired lady to help her friends 'click' with each other. They had not the slightest idea that the 'relationship' was such a complicated –mess-of-long-unrequited-love-turns-requited–but-it's-probably-too-late- kind. They were just glad it didn't end badly. That Aomine guy was kind of scary after all. Who knew what he'd do if he ended up getting rejected here. Hazuki shuddered slightly at that thought.

"So, maybe we just have to take another volunteer to fix the number of our sweethearts and move on?" Ryo suggested and it was with much approval that Hazuki nodded repeatedly again.

After that, the game progressed smoothly, to the delight of the spectators and the other participants. The next seeker was a Seirin guy in his senior year, attempting to impress his girlfriend by asking her to go to the same college with him in his sweet talk. Unfortunately, it didn't go really well because aside that he got his sweetheart wrong (meaning he became the laughing stock since he picked Takao of all people, to Midorima's horror), the actual partner decided to end their relationship because of practical matter.

"Long distance relationship won't work, since I'm going to study abroad anyway," she shrugged after she came out a minute later, when the laughter subsided, and the guy's face fell unceremoniously even though he was laughing in good humor despite the humiliation before.

Even Hazuki didn't have the heart to make fun of him because he was broken hearted enough already. Luckily, the senior decided to stick around to the end despite his unfortunate state of affairs.

Short time later, the next seeker stepped up. This time, it was a university student, an alumnus of Seirin High. Apparently he had been in love with a teacher in Seirin High during his senior year and he confessed to her at his graduation ceremony and she actually accepted him, since he was no longer her student.

It was quite a romantic albeit controversial tale because their age difference was quite prominent and yet they looked very happy together and no one seemed to want to address the problem at all. It was theirs to decide anyway. All in all, until the last seeker, it was great.

The said last seeker was the tallest guy in the room, probably over 2 meters if Hazuki didn't screw his estimation. He looked upward, sweating slightly, as he greeted the purple haired giant in uniform he had never seen in the area before, and he had to gulp down slightly because the teen's expression, despite looking bored, held something that screamed 'I can crush you with my little finger if I want to'. Hazuki didn't want to test that imagination at all.

"So, care to introduce yourself?" Ryo, seeming to notice Hazuki's wary, took the chance to address him in Hazuki's place.

Those violet colored eyes shifted on Ryo's now and he nodded, mumbling something about how tiresome it was to play this game. He dutifully accepted the microphone and introduced himself. "Murasakibara Atsushi, Yousen High, Class 2F, seat number 16." Then he went silent.

There was quite a looooong silence as Murasakibara seemed to think of what to say next. He shrugged instead, after several minutes. "I guess I should start looking for Muro-chin."

Everyone, especially Hazuki, was floored. "Wait a—! You took that much time only to say such short line?!" He was almost hysterical because it was ridiculous, but Murasakibara ignored his nitpicking and went straight to the chambers.

Hazuki fumed slightly, muttering "What is wrong with him?"

"Sheesh, calm down already. He's the last one, Hazuki. Bear it," Ryo chided slightly, tapping his back lightly.

"Fine," Hazuki huffed, still disgruntled but letting it slip anyway.

Murasakibara seemed to consider the first hand he saw, tilted his head before he bowed far down, his face close enough to the hand, and then started to sniff it.

What are you, a dog?!—Hazuki nearly shouted, but to his credit, he slapped his mouth shut before he could, trying his best to contain his laughter behind his palms because this was really hilarious. Murasakibara actually sniffed at the hand to recognize the owner.

Apparently, Hazuki wasn't the only want thinking like that because some of the spectators snickered and that Midorima-guy grumbled 'how embarrassing' while face-palming. Hazuki cackled inwardly.

"Muro-chin, I found you~!" At least after the sixth time Murasakibara sniffed the hands presented on him, he called his sweetheart name.

"Sweet talk him first!" the spectators cried.

"Oh, yeah… I forgot," Murasakibara scratched his head, his talk slowing to a degree of a sheepish child's talk pattern, and it was impressively endearing. "Alright then… Muro-chin. You smell delicious. I'd love to eat you up anytime, you know that right?"

Hazuki and Ryo (and the spectators) flushed red immediately at the suggestive lines, while Midorima visibly broke his glasses for the n times.

What the hell?!—Hazuki couldn't help screeching on the inside, totally in shock. He meant, the guy was like a dork and he spoke like a kid and suddenly he went there?! Seriously?!

"T-there was no sweet talk in there… is it?" Ryo, face still visibly colored as red as tomato, whispered near Hazuki's heated ear, voice quivering slightly.

And apparently, Murasakibara wasn't done because he continued. "Muro-chin always gives me what I want. I love Muro-chin very much."

Exactly what do you mean by 'what you want'?!—it almost broke Hazuki's brain because if it was combined with what Murasakibara said earlier, it could conjure up some… R-rated images involving Murasakibara and that pretty Himuro-guy in multiple very compromising positions and… with that body-size… yeah, Hazuki'd rather not think to go there. Thank you very much.

"I'd like to enjoy Muro-chin every day. It will be awesome."

Okay, that was the final straw. "Oh My GOD! Get a room you guys!" Hazuki couldn't take it anymore as he covered his face in shame. His grandmother would roll in her grave if she peeked inside his mind right now. Heck, his mother would go ballistic on him, seriously.

"Sheesh, Atsushi. That's enough. You'll scar the poor kids' brain permanently that way." Himuro, thank GOD, hastily came out of his hiding chamber, slapping his hands on Murasakibara's arms, all ruffled and lusciously attractive. "Seriously, at least put some context in your words." He looked as embarrassed as the rest of the class, but Hazuki admired the calmness in his tone.

"Wait, context?" That word had just registered in his brain after some time. Himuro turned to him and gave him an apologetic look.

"He talks about food. Anytime. It's about food, trust me." Himuro sighed.

Murasakibara visibly smirked and Ryo just realized that he had done it on purpose to mislead him and the entire class. He gaped, losing words, because then Murasakibara smiled innocently at Himuro as the dark haired teen fussed over him a little.

"But it's true, Muro-chin always smells tasty. I can smell you from miles away and I will always find you even in the middle of human sea," Murasakibara said as he held up one of Himuro's hand to his mouth and then licked at his fingertips. "You taste like honey."

Hazuki had never seen a pale, fair skin turned so red with Goosebumps in a matter of second. "Atsushi?!" Judging from his mortified reaction, apparently Himuro had just seen the real nature of this big-big guy.

Have mercy on my innocent eyes!—Hazuki lamented as the girls started to scream like it was their pop idol saying seducing line to them. He could see from a distance the green haired teen faint, a soul escaping from his mouth. He felt like passing out too at this point.

"Alright, guys! Please stay in the Pg-rating act here!" Ryo seemed very flustered as he tried to take control of the situation. Hazuki could only send his 'good luck with that' prayer as he crouched down on the ground, hiding his face.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Kagami and Kuroko were hiding in the library.

Alright, hiding was a strong word. They merely found a quiet place so they could… talk. Sheesh, fine, not just talking per se, because finally it was just the two of them again and Kagami was still worked up over Kuroko's very sweet confession. So they were deep inside the library, with no extra eyes or ears that could pry on their not-so-secret-relationship, and if Kagami was kissing him against the bookshelves, it wasn't his fault alone.

It was partially Kuroko's fault too since the bluenet enticed him. Kagami wanted to chat first, but remembering how long Kuroko had seemed to wait for his brain and heart to catch up with his and Kuroko's feeling, Kagami started to see how mouth-wateringly alluring Kuroko was actually; and even though he had decided to take things slow between them, his teenage hormone and mind wasn't yet equipped enough with reasons not to familiarize himself with Kuroko's body.

So they kissed, deep, burning and feverish, like the way they kissed in their class-turned-into-planetarium earlier, but longer, needier, more passionate and if his hands were fumblingly adventurous, Kagami didn't do it on purpose.

"Kagami…kun…" Kuroko sighed rather hoarsely, his warm shallow breath ghosted over Kagami's face as Kagami pulled back slightly. His hand cupped at Kuroko's cheek; and Kuroko's half-lidded eyes stared deeply into his own, his pupil blown wide, almost coloring his amazing sky-blue eyes entirely black. His cheeks flushed pink and Kagami wanted to see more of that amazingly appealing expression, to hear more of Kuroko's hushed, throaty melodious voice.

It caused Kagami to growl, losing control slightly as his animal instinct took over, because he then slid his hands down, one to seize Kuroko's waist and one to feel up Kuroko's buttock, pulling his body to flush against Kagami's taut one, while he turned his open mouthed kiss on Kuroko's tempting pale-pinked neck, smooching, sucking, licking and biting, earning him more small gasps and pleasured moans and dear God, Kagami could be addicted to Kuroko's skin already. He tasted so good.

Kuroko craned his head aside, giving Kagami more access to attack his exposed skin and both his hands were tangled in Kagami's hair, fisting it slightly, not sure if he was trying to bring Kagami closer or to hold him down a little. Kagami's larger body enveloped him like a hot blanket and Kuroko stood on his toes, probably trying to accommodate Kagami's height, even though Kagami didn't mind crouching down more if he could get to Kuroko's collarbone that peeked out behind his buttoned up white shirt. For some reason the front part of his gakuran was already open and it was probably Kagami's doing even though the memory was a bit hazy with such heady scent around and arousal fogging his brain.

"Kuroko…" He licked at the damp skin of Kuroko's shoulder blade, slipping one of his knees between Kuroko's legs and hoisted his body up a little so Kuroko could sit down on his thigh. It was like an automatic gesture when Kuroko encircled his legs around Kagami's waist and he moaned again while Kagami grunted, grinding their excited lower halves together.

Ah, damned it all. Kagami wouldn't be able to stop himself at this rate. They were still in school and he vaguely heard the bell blaring and the announcement that ended the first day of their Spring Fest. Kuroko wasn't helping at all with the way he roamed his hands on Kagami's broad back, kneading, feeling and mapping it up like it was a wonder and the bluenet didn't seem to notice the orange glow of the sun almost setting completely streaming from the window above.

There would be a dance around the bonfire to end the first day of the festival. He wanted to take Kuroko to dance. He wanted to enjoy the festival in any form possible because this was once in a life-time experience he didn't want to miss.

So, through his will power alone, Kagami pulled back, as much as he would lament the loss of the warmth from Kuroko's body. "Kuroko… the dance…" He gasped through the kisses that Kuroko bestowed upon his face and neck right after he pulled back, not missing the dark bruise on Kuroko's skin, the mark he had left behind to tell the world that Kuroko was his, though it was quite hidden if he buttoned-up his gakuran to the top.

"Oh… right." Kuroko exhaled rather loudly, seeming to calm himself down after he sucked on Kagami's nape, where his neck met his shoulder. It seemed that Kuroko also wanted to leave his mark on him, most likely almost identical with the one adorning his own. He was still breathing hard though, and he rested his forehead on Kagami's, his palms on Kagami's cheeks, eyes closed and red lips slightly parted.

The very nice view only urged Kagami to ravish Kuroko again, but he held down his whimper, trying his best to restrain himself. "I want to… want to dance with you." It was almost painful to speak with his body still rigid with arousal, but he managed, because it distracted him from his want and need. "Would you like to dance with me, Kuroko?"

A small, fond smile bloomed on Kuroko's face. "Sure, Kagami-kun," he answered, sliding his hand down to straighten Kagami's collar before surging forward once again to peck Kagami on the corner of his lips. Kagami knew he was blushing with the way his face heated up but then Kuroko dropped his forehead to relax on Kagami's shoulder and hugged him close. "Take me to the dance floor." His voice was muffled on Kagami's uniform and his breath was warm on the skin beyond the material.

Kagami felt that he didn't want the festival to end at all.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

It was almost surreal when they arrived at the scene and saw the dancing arrangement. The bonfire-dance was supposed to be a closed event, only for Seirin High students, but apparently, some people had decided to make the school theirs since they were on the yard, in position to dance as soon as the music started.

Kuroko only sighed in resignation at the view while Kagami cried out indignantly, "The hell are you guys doing here?!" and pointed at the rainbow colored guys around the bonfire.

"Not my idea," Midorima grumbled while Takao was snickering, holding Midorima's hands around his waist. Kuroko wasn't sure if the blush on Midorima's face was from the bonfire of if he was indeed blushing, but he looked very uncomfortable with their position.

"Isn't it alright? It's quite a shame if we pull out after being in so deep," Takao waggled his eyebrows, looking completely happy with this situation.

"Bonfire dance seems interesting, right, Muro-chin?" Murasakibara asked, smiling harmlessly while Himuro squirmed slightly in his embrace. The older teen seemed very self-conscious, but he dazedly nodded, speechless. Kuroko raised his eyebrows slightly at that, finding it rather strange that Himuro acted so docilely.

Kagami threw a suspicious glare at Murasakibara and then shifted his sight at Himuro as well, probably thinking that it was odd that Himuro allowed Murasakibara to do such thing. He was more controlling than that after all.

Though, what made the view most surreal in the display was the pair in front of them. Akashi Seijuurou… smiling pleasantly while holding a rather terrified Furihata; the poor brunet was this close to keel over, his body tense and trembling and… he seemed about to cry, judging from the tears collecting in and threatening to fall down from his eyes. But his face was so red too; it must have been the bonfire. There was no other explanation after all.

"Akashi-kun… what are you doing?" Kuroko almost felt the headache coming. Where was Mibuchi anyway? Shouldn't he be around to talk Akashi out of committing such irresponsible act?

"Isn't it obvious? I am about to dance with Kouki," Akashi also raised his eyebrows at Kuroko with 'dare to question me?' expression.

Kuroko blinked once before staring silently at Akashi's peculiarly amused visage and then at Furihata's nervous one. He raised one of his eyebrows now, reading something. "You two…?" He didn't know how to ask the question. It was very… surprising and unlikely, but—

"Akashi and Furihata?!" Kagami gawked, looking completely distressed when he noticed that as well. "Wait a—! Let go of him, Akashi! What are you planning to do to him!?"

"It's none of your business, Kagami Taiga. I have no obligation to explain myself to you," Akashi didn't even regard him in the slightest and it seemed to piss Kagami off.

"What did you say?!"

"It-it's okay, Kagami! It's just a dance!" Furihata intervened before it escalated into a shouting match (obviously would be one-sided, but Kagami's yelling was loud enough to cover for both, so…). His voice was an octave higher, but looking at it closer, the brunet seemed to be determined enough to go through this.

So it is not against his consent, huh?—Kuroko blinked again owlishly, still surprised that this kind of thing could happen at all. He meant, Akashi with Furihata, together? Oh my, wasn't that really interesting?

"I think some extra pairs of student will be alright to join our bonfire dance," Kuroko relented after a minute.

"Huh, is that really okay?" Kagami turned his protesting gaze at Kuroko and he nodded.

"It is not like there is a written rule about it. Moreover, student council staffs will not check up on the student one by one. They will not notice." Kuroko concluded. True, there was Furihata with the student council, but he doubted he would say anything at all.

Kagami looked like he was about to say something more, but he only opened his mouth and then clamped it shut for a brief moment, and then sighed deeply, apparently decide to look the other way as well. "I don't care anymore," he said before lifting his hand to offer at Kuroko. "Shall we dance?"

Kuroko hid his chuckle behind the back of palm before he took Kagami's offered hand with the other one. "Of course," he said smiled slightly, and they were immediately lined between Midorima-Takao pair and Murasakibara-Himuro pair. Kuroko didn't see Aomine and Kise there, but they probably went home already.

At the distance, Kuroko could see Kiyoshi and Hyuuga, sitting under Sakura tree with their shoulders bumped against each other, looking out to the yard where the bonfire was, giving a vibe of complete peace and ease. At another spot, he spotted Riko and Momoi, talking animatedly about something and Momoi seemed quite enthusiastic as Riko entertained her with whatever smart words she had. Around the corner at opposite direction was Sakurai, looking lost and unsure, but then someone familiar approached him. He wore glasses and his hair was shorter, but his trade-mark smiling face was recognizable as Imayoshi Shuuichi, currently a freshman in university. Sakurai looked surprised when he saw his senior there, but then he bowed, almost certainly apologizing about something earnestly, before his expression lit up like neon sign when Imayoshi sighed and said something to him. They left the premise soon after, Imayoshi's hand on Sakurai's waist as he guided him to the gate.

There were a lot of pairs, some completely platonic, some obviously desiring each other romantically, but at this moment, Kuroko only paid attention to the hands that were on his waist. When the music started, he let himself lost in the sway of their bodies, moving together, Kagami's gentle crimson eyes on his baby blues. It lasted only a few minutes before they had to change partners, but he decided that he didn't want to dance with anyone but Kagami and Kagami seemed to share his thought, so they locked eyes before leaving the circle together.

"Want to stay at my house tonight?" Kagami asked, looking fidgety for a moment when they retreated to grab their things before going home.

"Kagami-kun… pervert," Kuroko almost laughed at the way Kagami's face turned red in indignation and embarrassment as he shouted.


~Kagami x Kuroko~

The festival was still on-going until Sunday, and it wasn't until the evening that a problem occurred, especially for Class 2B. Before the closing ceremony and the award giving, Sasaki, Kagami and Kuroko were officially summoned to the Student Council Office through the sound system.

"Well, that was ominous," Sasaki crossed her arms on her chest in a huff as she, along with Kagami and Kuroko walked down the corridor to the east wing of the school building, where their destination laid.

"Do you have any inclination of what this is about, Iinchou (1)?" Kuroko questioned without looking at her.

"We didn't do anything worth calling over, did we?" Kagami seemed to mull over if he or his friends had messed something up.

"I have an idea, but it's better if we just go along with it for the time being. I already prepare something… or actually someone in case we get into trouble," she was confident that her grounding was flawless. Besides, she had made quite a powerful ally in a day. It was a great opportunity to test the influence of that ally.

"Iinchou, you must have been up to something wacky again," Kagami threw her a suspecting glance.

"Maybe… maybe not," she shrugged. "It depends on from whose perspective you see it," Sasaki whistled cheerfully, not in the slightest intimidated despite her soon-to-be opponent being the Student Council President, the weird Arihara Takumi. Surely, he was great in many things in spite of his bizarre ideas sometimes, but he could be a fool too if he was played slowly and nicely.

"Let us hope that it is not about something bad," Kuroko sounded firm when he moved forward.


However, apparently it was quite of a problem when the three of them arrived at the office. Arihara was seated at his table, the vice president standing on his right and the executive committee on his left. The treasury and the public relation guys and girls stood behind them, including Furihata and Fukuda. Arihara looked somewhat grim and serious. The other… not really, but they weren't laughing, so they could be somber too.

Though, Furihata and Fukuda visibly looked edgy. Kagami looked upward at them silently asking what was going on, but they only shook their heads, apparently not really knowing why his class was summoned either.

"Sasaki Chinatsu, Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya from Class 2B, I presume?" Arihara addressed them while shifting his crossed leg to the left side, both of his elbows rising to relax against the table surface and then he rested his chin on his joined prone hands.

"Those would be us, Arihara-kaichou (2)" Sasaki nodded. "I assume you have something to say to us?" she confidently asked right after Kagami and Kuroko followed her example.

Arihara smiled. "Yah, I was just surprised when I heard both our duo national basketball athletes officially hook up in our Spring Festival. Congratulation, you two," he turned to Kagami and Kuroko appraisingly, his eyes shining and gleaming in amusement.

Kagami ad Kuroko had the decency to feel embarrassed, but mostly Kagami because he sure as hell flushed, sputtering obscenities in his surprise while Kuroko only thanked the president with a slightly bashful look, what with the way he looked down at his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the room.

Kagami knew their current relationship was kind of a public secret, but was it necessary for their Student Council President to personally congratulate them like that? Or what, was he making fun of them? Since the others snickered and chuckled, it was close to a jest, right? However, Arihara looked honest and earnest when he praised them, so Kagami was torn between feeling offended and grateful.

"I also heard you guys rocked in your class drama. The response from the audiences was overwhelming in the first day, thanks to your spectacular play," Arihara continued, now glancing at Sasaki.

"Of course. It was the effort of the entire Class 2B, and they are all brilliant." she smiled happily, actually sounding quite sincere when she expressed her gratification of the compliment.

"Good. All was nice and well executed, yet sadly… I heard some… disturbing rumors," Arihara frowned now, looking the three of them calculatingly. "They said you called actors from outside to play in you play. Is that true?"

Ah… so he's talking about those Miracle Rainbows, huh?—Kagami caught up pretty quickly in understanding while Sasaki pursed her lips and Kuroko sighed.

"We have a very good reason to do that. Besides, no one called them. They volunteered," Sasaki argued. "And they weren't professional actors. They were just high school students, the same as us," she showed a deviant look in her narrowed eyes.

"Lies," someone else interrupted before Arihara could say anything and a blond haired girl, which was instantly identified as Kirihara…something (Kagami honestly didn't remember much about her), emerged from the shadow of the room corner. "I have done my research, you know. I know who they are. One of them is even in modeling industry," she tilted her chin up arrogantly, sneering at Sasaki and by extension, at Kagami and Kuroko as well.

"Why, hello, Kirihara Ayano-san from Class 2A, I thought you were hiding your shameful face in the shadow because you are ashamed of your own class play the other day. I couldn't figure out why you felt the need to research those instant actors-substitutes who even didn't have any script and yet went to the play anyway as a bunch of amateurs. I'm certain that my class play migrated ocean wide away from our original manuscript, you know, since someone decided to sabotage our original actors. Yet, your class didn't stand a chance on defeating our class play audience' response, how pitiful." Sasaki turned her sweet poisonous sarcastic smile at Kirihara while the blond girl visibly flinched before she snarled at Sasaki with unrivaled resentment.

"Are you making accusation?!" Kirihara challenged, sounding affronted.

"Who, me? And whom did I accuse of doing such horrible thing without remorse?" Sasaki's smile never faltered, if not, it grew more prominent. Kagami gulped and Kuroko looked slightly concerned because they almost could see the spark of electricity between those girls' eyes.

"Ladies, pipe down will you," Arihara warned, but identical irritated glares from both Sasaki and Kirihara were thrown at him in response, and he visibly sweated out a little bit. "We are civilized people, here. Don't start a cat fight in my office."

"Kaichou! She broke the rules in performing her class drama play! Her class should be disqualified from the popularity poll!" Kirihara sniped.

"I didn't remember breaking any written rules, though," Sasaki huffed, staring at the president expectantly.

Kagami raised his eyebrows. "It isn't in the written rule?" He turned to Kuroko who shook his head slightly.

"If there is, I surely do not notice it."

"Well, it isn't really written per se, but normally since it is Seirin Spring Festival, it should be done by Seirin students…" Arihara mused, though he seemed to regard Sasaki's reason as passable. At least not grave enough to disqualify Class 2B completely from the popularity poll. "Asking other school students to cast in your class play is too much, don't you think? What happened to the rest of your class members?"

"Everyone got their own roles, not just on-stage, but also off-stage, Arihara-kaichou," Sasaki defended her argument insistently. "And, I told you that we didn't ask for them to perform. They offered, at least their leader did."

Sasaki smirked at Kirihara and she bristled and hissed at her like an angry cat.

"Who are these people, actually?" Arihara raised his eyebrows now, apparently very curious.

"Actually, why don't you meet the leader yourself? He's here after all," Sasaki's smirk was now directed at him.

"Akashi-kun is here?" Kuroko widened his eyes.

"What?!" and Kagami was alarmed.

"There is no need to be surprised, Kagami Taiga." Then someone opened the door to the office, revealing Akashi Seijuurou's figure in all his glory.

"Geeh! Akashi?! Why the hell are you doing here?!" Kagami instantly squeaked in shock seeing the shorter red head. He looked as majestic and charismatic as usual, but that was what annoyed Kagami most.

"I have a private matter to attend to," Akashi paused and his gaze flitted slightly to the back of Arihara's shoulder, meeting Furihata's wide, surprised looking eyes. Akashi's lips corner twitched up slightly, a small smile blooming. "I'm here for my Kouki."

Furihata flushed in response while Fukuda stared at him and then at Akashi in disbelief, opening and closing his mouth ridiculously.

"But, I heard my friend here," Akashi continued, tilting his chin up to move his eyes on Sasaki's glittering ones, "-need some evidences that she did not break any specific rules of the festival itself. I did offer her to help with the drama play, because when she sought help to Student Council, they were unable to help her. You could ask your public relation staffs behind you, to that dark haired one and Kouki." He looked at Arihara with an absolute confidence in his mismatched orbs and Arihara turned to address both Furihata and Fukuda to confirm it.

"It's true, kaichou. Sasaki-san did go ask for the student council for help, but it was at recess time, so no one except me and Fukuda were in the office." Furihata said and Fukuda nodded in support.

Arihara frowned. "You should have reported such thing immediately," he huffed.

"We did. You said we could just write it up and you'd read it later," Furihata reminded him.

"Oh… well, I guess it is student council's mistake. Alright, Class 2B is permitted to use the help then, no penalty." Arihara shrugged nonchalantly. Sasaki's eyes lit up in triumph while Kagami and Kuroko let out a sigh of relief. Even Akashi seemed to approve the decision.

"What?! Hold on a sec! That's not fair at all!" Only Kirihara announced her protest hard.

"Ah, I recall your face," Akashi turned his electric gaze at the blond girl and she winced in reflex. "You seemed to be very restless when you peeked in the dressing room yesterday as I caught your gaze. Would you be so generous to explain your strange behavior, miss?"

Kirihara looked cornered for a moment before she harrumphed and turned around to walk away, out of the office, probably running away to save her face.

"Well, at least she knows how to pull back when it is her loss," Sasaki huffed as well, still narrowing her eyes at the ajar door since Kirihara didn't seem to bother to close the door in her brusque leaving.

"Is it alright not to question her about the sabotage?" Akashi queried, raising his eyebrow slightly. Isn't she responsible for that?—was left unsaid, but it was quite clear in his expression.

"It's fine. It wasn't that serious," Sasaki dismissed it easily.

"No, I think it was quite life-threatening, though. It's a wonder they could survive Coach Aida's cooking assault…" Kagami muttered guiltily, a bead of sweat sliding down his cheek.

"So, Arihara-kaichou, is it alright if we go back now? I believe all problems are solved." Kuroko chimed in so suddenly, surprising the others. Even Kagami was surprised, slightly forgot that he was there. He berated himself inwardly for that. "And… the closing ceremony is about to begin." He notified.

"Oh, yeah, of course. You can go…" Arihara blinked once, twice, seeming to be brought back from his train of thought during Akashi, Sasaki and Kirihara's conversation earlier. He set his gaze at Akashi for a moment before offering a friendly gesture. "Thank you for helping with our school festival. You seem to be a very capable leader."

"I am a capable leader," Akashi easily corrected, causing the others to sweat drop. "Now, Kouki, come. I'm here to pick you up." He once again turned his inviting gaze at Furihata and the brunet immediately excused himself from the office and practically flew into Akashi's waiting arms.

"S-sorry for making you wait, Akashi-kun…"

"It's Seijuurou for you, remember?"

The others could only gape at that too sweet, dreamlike view where Akashi put his hand on Furihata's lower back while smiling gently at him, guiding him to exit the room, in stunned silence.

"Tell me I fell asleep somewhere and was dreaming." Kagami couldn't help rubbing his eyes, still disbelieving his sight.

"I believe Akashi-kun seriously took a liking on Furihata-kun," Kuroko commented in leveled tone to Kagami's total horror.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

Every student attended the closing ceremony. They were grouped according to their class and were anxiously waiting for the popularity poll winner to be announced. The MCs, who were picked personally by the Student Council President, enthusiastically led the ceremony. There were speech from the principal, the student council president, and the head of the festival personnel before the event moved to the award.

And now… it was an award for the hottest guy in Seirin High.

"Aaaand, the title of the hottest guy in Seirin High falls to…" the round light was spun very fast before it finally fell directly on…

…Kiyoshi's head. "Huh?" he blinked, pointing at himself, looking dumbfounded in the spotlight.

"Kiyoshi Teppei from Class 3B!" the announcer cried out and the applause was instantly rose like a flood-gate.

"Wow, congrats, man!"

"Kiyoshi! Congratulation!"


Shower after shower of praise were thrown in Kiyoshi's direction as he blushed slightly. He dutifully laughed in easy, cheery look as he was called to stand on the podium, along with the other award winners.

There was the prettiest girl, the nicest guy, the weirdest guy, the most favorite person, and finally the most adored couple.

"Kagami Taiga and Kuroko Tetsuya from Class 2B!" the announcer shouted in cheer and everyone applauded again, even merrier than the previous ones.

"Seriously?!" Kagami really didn't expect that there was that kind of award. Besides, what the hell?! He and Kuroko only started their official relationship two days ago for God's sake!

"At least we didn't have to pose as Prince Kagami and Doll Princess Kuroko in this award," Kuroko seemed to take the solace in not having to cross-dress this time. Kagami though, still felt rather incensed because their relationship wasn't a spectacle, damn it!

Still, they still had to come up on the podium. Kiyoshi congratulated them with a nice smile and both Kagami and Kuroko turned rather pink when the other winners followed Kiyoshi's example. They even ensured them that they were totally rooting for them.

"Aww, they are adorable!" the girls giggled at Kagami and Kuroko when they fumbled slightly; giving a short speech about how they felt to be regarded as the most adored couple.

Honestly, Kagami had no idea what he was saying because his heart beat really hard and he was super awkward standing in front of people and talking. It was utterly different from performing in drama play since there was no script and he had to speak out his feeling. He remembered thanking the participants for picking him and Kuroko, though… so he guessed he didn't mess up entirely.

Kuroko, on the other hand, didn't really show his feelings with his expression, but he said something sweet about Kagami and the girls squealed at him for being too cute. Kagami wanted to swipe his feet up and kiss him then and there, but he refrained from doing so because doing that publicly was out of option. He had embarrassed himself enough. Thank you very much.

Done with the individual award, now it was the time for the collective award. "And the most popular class goes to… CLASS 3D with their High School Host Guiding Club!" the MC threw the flowers and the confetti to the whooping Class 3D, while the others clapped their hands in awe.

"Of course we are the champion!" Riko laughed merrily, jumping and holding Hyuuga to dance with her in total joy. Hyuuga only grinned at that while Izuki lifted both his hands to the sky, looking very thrilled as well.

It continued with the award of the most delicious café and food-stand, which fell into Koganei and Mitobe's class, 3C, and the most amazing drama play that of course fell into Class 2B with their extra-ordinary Doll Princess drama.

~Kagami x Kuroko~

The award for the individual winners turned out to be tickets to stay over at the hot-spring inn near Fujiyama and the tickets came in pair, so the winner could take a friend or a lover in the first two days of the spring vacation. The award for the collective winner was money, a lot of it, to be used to add the class fund, to maintain the class, to improve the class room, or to simply divide between the class members.

Kuroko stared at the ticket on his hand. If he wanted to go, he could always use Kagami's pair ticket. So, what would he do with his own ticket, then?

"Kuroko, are we going to the hot-spring?" Kagami slipped his hands and arms around Kuroko's body while resting his chin on Kuroko's shoulder, looking at the ticket on Kuroko's hand. Yes, he was visiting Kagami's house and they had been playing card while listening to western CD that Kagami owned before Kagami declared he was hungry and went to cook some supper as he left Kuroko to read his novel. Then, he found the ticket slipped between the pages.

"I want to go, though. We can use your ticket and I think I will give my own ticket to someone else," Kuroko turned aside slightly, giving Kagami a light kiss on the cheek.

"Hmm… do you have someone in mind?" Kagami asked, touching the tip of the ticket.

"Not really, I guess I have to make random offer to one of our friends," Kuroko shrugged before he slipped the ticket back into the page and closed the book. "Now, what are we having for supper?" He looked at Kagami's eyes, his stomach rumbling slightly.

"I knew it. You date me for my cooking skill," Kagami accused, but there was no heat in his tone and he was grinning, so Kuroko guessed it was quite elating.

"That and this," Kuroko reached his hand to tangle on Kagami's hair, pulling the strand down lightly and mashed his lips into Kagami's laughing ones.

"Of course it is," Kagami chuckled and shifted his body so he could angle Kuroko's face to deepen their kiss.

Both Kagami and Kuroko didn't know what lay in front of them afterwards, but they felt that their relationship would be able to stand a chance to survive. It might be difficult if they were alone, but there were two of them and they had support from their friends.

It might be scary and full of uncertainties, but both Kagami and Kuroko knew that what they had together was something very powerful.

Of course it was.

Because you + me = love.

End of Chapter 18

You + Me = ? ~Fin~

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1)Iinchou: Class President

2)Kaichou: Chief/Student Council President

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