Closing The Ties (In Three Movements)

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This was- as you know- going to be another long story in the Line Of Sight series- but I edited it down. There were a few dedications I put to a couple of chapters as I wrote them, due to conversations. Therefore there is one to Cengiz (09/09/11) for saying in a message "Btw. I wouldn't call it a competition between Jess and Bounty, everyone knows the dog will win." You'll know why she gets the dedication when you read!

Now for a little bit of Becker/Bounty/Jess and every other coupling you can think of ;) :P


Early morning, Becker was sat on the floor of the shooting range, Bounty next to him. Jess was stood almost on top of him, a gun in hand.

"Okay, keep your feet further apart."

The blind man frowned as his hands met her heels, they'd spent ten minutes on a heels off/ heels on argument and he had finally conceded. The debate ended when Jess whined and ran a hand through his hair; Becker stood no chance. He slid his hands over her lower legs, trying to understand how she was standing, she shivered at the contact.

"Yes, that's perfect. Keep them still. Okay, keep your hips steady."

He moved to his knees, before rising fully to his feet, checking more of Jess's posture with each movement.

"Great. Take aim. Done it? Good. Remember that there will be recoil. But don't flinch, you won't realise it until it's happened. Now, what I want you to do is take a deep breath. Hold it."

He placed his body behind hers, holding a hand to her abdomen. Jess started laughing.

"I said hold it!"

"Okay, sorry." She bit her lip as she got back into position.

Placing an arm on her stomach and using his other to help her hold the gun, Becker moved his head to Jess's shoulder and continued with his instruction.

"Okay, breath in again and don't start laughing. Perfect. Now, when I tap your hand, gently squeeze the trigger."

He pushed their ear protectors into place and resumed his hold before tapping Jess' hand lightly.

After the shot rang out Jess started to laugh in shock.

"I shot a gun! A real gun! With real bullets!"

Becker smiled at her excitement.

"That you did, Miss Parker. Now, lets find out how you did."

Reaching past her, Becker fumbled to press the button to retrieve the target. Then, after a quick though, he spun Jess around to face him. She gasped as her hands met his hard chest.

Pressing his lips into her neck he whispered gently, "I couldn't have you finding out how you did before me now, could I?"

He lifted his head to brush his lips again over her jaw line. Shivering at the fleeting contact, Jess didn't notice one of Becker's hands running over the target, which had stopped to hang just behind her. He teased her again, almost kissing her on the lips before pulling away.

"Kill shot."

"I don't care about the freaking shot. Kiss me."

Becker laughed at her impatience. "No, no. I think I can trust you with an EMD."

"You'll trust me with live ammo before you let me use an EMD? I've used one before you know."

"I know. But I didn't actually let you." He stepped away from her, regretting the action when her warmth left. Jess's eyes narrowed at his words- she was pretty sure that Becker had allowed her to use a real gun before an EMD just to make the point. "Go on, pick the second smallest."


"I trust you. You know how to change it onto the lowest setting. But don't press any of the other buttons. You got me?"

"Change the setting. No other buttons. Got it."

Becker smiled again as he heard her heels leaving for the EMD.

"Hey Bounty, where are you?"

She gave a small whine in reply and he walked over to her, scratching her behind her ears. "You're my favourite Bounty in the world you know that right, girl?" She pawed gently at his knee. "Good good."

"Okay, Becker. I've got it. I just- OH!" One of Jess's heels slipped on a dip on the uneven concrete floor of the range. As she fell, the EMD slipped out of her grasp, and cursing her stupidity for not putting the strap over her shoulder, Jess lunged for the weapon. In her haste her finger caught through the trigger and it shot.


"Oh my God! Becker? Becker?"

The solder faintly became aware of Jess shaking him and a low noise in his ears.

"Crap, my head." Pushing himself into an upright position Becker covered his face with his hands. "Ow, Jessica! What did you shoot me for?"

"I'm so so so so so unbelievably sorry."

"Christ, I should have let you keep hold of the lethal weapon. I'd probably stand more of a chance."

He spread his legs open in front of him, elbows on upper thighs and fingers massaging his temple. "What's that noise?"

"Bounty. She's not happy with me. Tried to bite my hand off when I first tried to wake you."

"If you're not more careful in the future I'll let her!"

The growling increased and Jess let out a small shriek as Bounty pushed her out of the way, desperate to protect her master.

"Heyyy," Becker grinned as the dog tried to lick his face. "Who's my bestest girl?"

From her position to the side Jess crossed her arms and pouted. She was used to vying for a guys attention- she only ever wanted the best. But how was she to compete with a dog? It was hopeless feat.


"What is it, Becker?"

"I feel slightly dizzy." He scrunched up his face and placed a hand over his eyes, rubbing them. "Bounty? Let's go to the medical bay."

The dog stopped licking his face and continuously nudged him until he got to his feet. "My head kills."

Jess continued to apologise all the way to the medical bay as Becker rubbed his face, he felt like his head was going to explode. In his temple, his eyes and back of his skull, he throbbed. The ache not diminishing despite his attempts to ease the pain.

"I'm so sorry Becker. I really am!"

"It's okay." Becker removed his hand from his face as they turned to corner to the medical bay. "Urgh. I feel like I practically live in this place." He complained as the unnaturally clean smell reached him.

"It's not that bad since they redecorated. They have nice colours on the wall to make it feel homely. Although, I suppose that's no comfort to you. Um… Becker?"

Jess looked confused as she turned to find the man a few paces back, facing a wall. As she watched he reached out a hand, unexplicably stopping it millimetres before it touched the wall.

"Light blue?"

Goosebumps prickled over Jess's skin as she heard the words. "Yes. It's… It's light blue."


Jess was almost forcibly removed from the medical bay as she asked one question too many during the Doctors' examination of Becker.

They couldn't answer her questions before they completed the testing. They didn't know if Becker's sight had returned or if the signal to his brain had been altered by the electric shock and he now could see one colour, which happed to be the colour of the walls. Either the addition of sight or the EMD blow had given the soldier a headache and he was ordered to lay back with his eyes shut until the EMD effect, at least, started to wear off.

The brightly coloured girl had insisted that she knew best and tried to take over, interrupting the Doctors' comments and ordering Becker around. As she was pushed towards the doors she started to complain insisting "I knocked him out with an EMD and he's my boyfriend. What do you think I'll do to you?" Becker laughed at her comments and reassured her that he was okay and he would find her when he was allowed out.

Bounty attempted to jump onto the bed that Becker was lying on, whining when her wound prohibited the action. One of the orderlies took pity on the dog and lifted her onto the covers. During the previous months when Becker was required to enter the medical bay they had come to accept the fact that Bounty was going to sit on Becker whether they liked it or not.


A couple of hours, two cups of drugs and a nap later it was determined that Becker's sight had returned and, subject to the doctor's telling him so, Becker guessed it was near 20:20. Theoretically, he thought, since it was never muscle damage, his eyes should work as well as before- and he ought to thank Matt for insisting he protected his eyes.

Sleeping itself seemed to do wonders as his brain attempted to keep up with the sudden influx of information. After awaking and being seen to by the Doctors, undergoing multiple tests, again, and being force fed hospital type food Becker was finally freed up, allowing Bounty to ask for attention. Becker glanced down at the mass of fur lying on him, the mere feel of glancing making him feel on top of the world.

"Bounty, you are gorgeous!" Becker held his girl's head in both of his hands looking at her wide brown eyes, taking note of the white stipe of fur which followed the ridge in her nose, to cover her muzzle. He looked at her closely, taking in the view that he had never seen before. "And I bet you were just the cutest when you were smaller, with those big paws of yours!"

He became aware that a couple of the Doctors were watching him. He cleared his throat and sat back again, patting the side of his bed to encourage Bounty to lie next to him. The dog looked confused for a second, then leant down at her master's command and whined. The man frowned before realising what he'd done. He had, for the first time ever, ignored Bounty's affections because he was being watched. He was self-conscious. Becker reprimanded himself, that wasn't fair on her. Bounty had been a faithful friend, the only living being who knew everything he had been though. Becker sighed at his own stupidity. Who cared if some people saw him being affectionate? For over a year, now, he hadn't been able to tell if he were being watched or not. So, why should it start to matter now?

Yes, Becker could see. But there was no reason for him to rebuild the walls he had once tried so hard to maintain.

In fact, he wasn't going to. Ever. He had wasted enough of his life being emotionally incompetent, lost enough time and missed enough sights during his blindness.

Sod it.

If Becker wanted to be a softy at times then the world would have to deal with it.

"Come 'ere, Bounty!" The dog jumped up at his face, licking him happily. "I didn't ask for a shower, girl!"


In the early evening, Becker, in a daze, walked into the main Hub area. Holding Bounty's harness out of habit, but with a huge smile on his face, he was almost overwhelmed as he took in the view. Up on the raised platform, having just pestered Lester on if there was, or was not any truth in the 'Becker Rumors' was his team.

With a half gasp and half chuckle of disbelief he took in the sights that he had been missing for so long.

The ARC soldiers were just below the platform, stood to attention for their leader. The one who had taught them more about what it means to be a man then any other.

Not wanting to suffer the emotional experience of seeing his core team in front of the soldiers, Becker, half attempting a serious expression, addressed the men who were once, possibly once more, under his command.

"I would like to-" The smile broke through and he threw his arms in the air. "Oh screw it! Off you go and do whatever the hell you like for the rest of the day." The stood still in surprise. "Off! Now! Before I change my mind and set laps."

The men scampered, leaving past him, congratulations, pats on the back and words of admiration floating by with them. Becker just couldn't stop smiling at the faces, there was no way he was going to be taking any of this for granted. He would be forgiven for promising to never blink again. He was not going to miss any sight ever again if he had any choice, he would read into every action, he would remember it all.

Abby had dyed her hair a red colour. In her slack trousers and a vest top, Becker was glad she hadn't changed too much since he last saw her. She was, however, resting a hand on her stomach. Random or unintentionally protective, Becker wasn't sure but this was part of his 'noticing everything' plan.

Connor looked a little older and Becker was sure his eyes looked smaller than before, but, all in all, with a loose hoodie and slacks Connor looked like the man he had been before the Cretaceous, if a bit more muscled.

Lawrence was the same person Becker remembered from his teenage years. He was pretty sure that the image of Lawrence which he held in his head would never change- even if the two were to grow into their nineties Becker was certain he would still be seen as the loopy haired, lanky man eager to join the army and save the world. It most definitely didn't reflect the sight before him, but it couldn't be helped; there was too much history between them for anything else to be seen.

Emily still looked amazing in her mish-mash of clothing styles. Becker frowned slightly as he saw her fiddling with her ring finger and wondered if there was something he had missed. But there was a lack of jewelry. The cogs in his brain got to work to try and see if there was any significance to the action, then he decided to let it go and wait until he'd calmed down a little.

Finally, he looked at Matt, a bruise covered part of his face from an incident at an anomaly site the day before. He did, however, look better than Becker had ever seen before. He guessed that Emily was the reason.

"MATE!" He laughed. "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

Lester groaned from the back of the group.

Matt grinned, winking. "Right back atcha, man!"

They performed an overly dramatic run in to each other's arms, Becker leaping up the steps in one bound, topping it off with a large sloppy kiss to the edge of the other's mouth. The girls and Connor double over in laughter while Lester dryly remarked on how much trauma Becker must have suffered.


"Where's Jess?" Becker lounged against the railing.

"I thought she had stayed with you?"

"No, she was asked to leave during the tests this morning."

"It's six now!"

"I know. I thought she'd be here."

Right on cue Jess's heels approached. Turning, Becker found her carrying an arm load of papers. He jumped down for the platform and ran to her, sweeping the work from her arms and onto a nearby desk, then pulling her into the light.

She gasped, not expecting the action. The last she had heard, Becker was still in the medical bay and she was doing all she could to keep her mind occupied. She looked up into his eyes as his hands grasped her face and her heart momentarily stopped.

He was looking at her.

He was actually looking at her.

Squealing in happiness, she threw her arms around his neck, her feet lifting from the floor as he picked her up and spun her around.

"Thank you." He whispered into her hair.

"For what? Shooting you?" Jess grinned as her feet touched the ground again, her body still pressed flush against Becker. Leaning up she tried to kiss him just for him to pull back.

He hadn't changed his mind had he? She dropped he gaze to his neck where her wrists were pressed against his pulse points. He didn't like what he saw when he looked at her.

One of Becker's arms tightened around her waist, the other sneaked up her back to push under her hair and hold the back of her neck.

"Look at me."

She immediately complied and again her heart skipped a beat, getting lost in his eyes.

"Smile for me, Jessie."

Breathing harshly at the force of the emotions running though her, Jess's eyes flicked to the man's lips before the biggest smile grew on her face.

Without a prompt, the two began to laugh, arms tightening, pulling the other closer than they ever thought possible. Becker's second arm slipped up Jess's back to slip over her shoulder, coming round to pull her hair from her face.

He watched every expression pass through her eyes, knowing that, even if her were to live until the end of time, he would never tire of watching her. As his head tilted, still in laugher, to meet hers, Jess's eyes flickered shut.

Becker pulled back, laughter gone. She opened her eyes again in confusion.

The smile returned. "That's better." Brushing his thumbs over her cheeks he leant forwards and, keeping eye contact, kissed her.

He couldn't remember any feeling that could ever compare to the feel of her lips at that moment, any feeling that could compare to losing himself in her eyes.

Tempted as he was to deepen the kiss, Becker pressed his lips harder against hers then pulled back and frowned.


"Uhuh." She was unable to form a coherent word.

"Why did you lie to me?"

That got her attention. "When have I ever lied to you?"

"My birthday. You told me you'd bought me my favourite black shirts. They have the right texture, I'll give you that, but why am I wearing a lime green top?"

From the other side of the room came a chorus of laughter.

"Told you would wouldn't get away with it!"

Becker lowered an arm back around Jess's waist, making sure she couldn't leave, before turning to Connor.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know she said she bought you a stack of shirts in black?"

"Yes?" He drew out the 'e' starting to realise where it was going.



"Jess?" There was a surprised smirk in Becker's voice.

"Yes, Becker?"

"What am I going to see in my wardrobe when I get home?"


Later that night, Jess returned to Becker's house and watched in despair as he proceeded to throw out all the coloured shirt that were stashed in his wardrobe and draws.

"You know everyone thought you looked great in them." She shifted back on his bed to allow her to lean against the headboard, one of her legs crossed over the other. Bounty whined at the edge of the bed, unable to make the jump up until Jess leant over and gave her a hand.

"I'm sure they were just being polite, Jess."

"No! They really did think that you looked good."

Becker turned, a purple shirt in hand, and raised an eyebrow. "Why do I find that hard to believe?" He held the shirt up against his body to prove the point.

"Don't throw that out! You haven't worn it yet!" Becker ignored her and chucked it onto the rapidly growing 'reject' pile in the corner of his room. Jess pressed her index finger to her temple and thumb under her chin as she tilted her head, trying to think of another way to get Becker to stop in his mission to reduce his wardrobe to the colour black. As her free hand rubbed Bounty she smiled.

"It's a waste really." There was a sigh in the girl's voice and Becker could tell it wasn't to do with the clothes. He almost resisted before…

"What is?"

"Well…" She had her matter of fact voice on. "Oh, never mind."

Becker rolled his eyes. "What?"

"You get your sight back and this is what you do?" She gestured at the surrounding mess. "It's a, a waste."

The moment the words were out Becker knew two things. The first, Jess was right, he had promised never to take it for granted and he was doing it now. The second was that she had played him; like an expert.

He mocked glared at her for a few moments as he attempted to consider a way to make her pay for knowing him too well. Then internally smirked. Becker mimicked a regretful expression, sitting himself on the edge of his bed by Jess's hip.

"I guess you're right, Jess."

"Of course I am!" She beamed at him.

Smiling back, Becker leant forward over his bed and placed his hands on the pillows either side of Jess where she sat. She raised an eyebrow in challenge. Becker gave a large smirk, leaning close to her lips, waiting for her to dare to pull back, then dropped to her neck as she did. Before Jess realised what had happened Becker had her pinned, he sucked quickly on her neck before leaving the rapidly forming bruise and kissed along her jawline.

"Did you just..?" Jess ran a hand down her neck. "BECKER! DID YOU.." She wriggled her way out from underneath him and made her way to the bathroom.

Becker grinned, sat smartly on the edge of the bed and counted, while stroking Bounty. "Three… Two… Oneeeee…"

"BECKER!" Right on cue Jess ran back into the room. "You marked me! I'm never going to be able to cover that up tomorrow! I'm seeing my parents in the evening, everyone at work is going to see, I-"

"Eah." His dismissive tone of voice had Jess pout. "It looks good on you." The soldier winked, stood, wrapped his arms around Jess and kissed away any complaints.

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