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Life After the Merge: Phoenix May Cry

Chapter 2

Fortune City, Nevada. It was once a gambler's paradise. People from all over would flock in to either see the sights, hit the casinos, or enjoy Terror is Reality, a hit reality TV show that features competitors hacking zombies apart in various ways. Indeed, it was a metropolitan utopia.

That is, until a recent zombie outbreak forced the military to firebomb the place. It was an event the world came to know as "Fortune's End."

Now, it is a desolate wasteland. Everything was leveled to the ground in order to purge the zombie infection. While Las Vegas was able to rebuild, Fortune City, much like Raccoon City and Willamette before it, was left in ruins.

As such, Vergil found it odd that he would meet the mysterious caller here. Then again, he was knowledgeable in the area of zombie infestations. In fact, he was a pioneer in that particular field. The fact that it made the perfect hiding place was merely a bonus for him.

"He would have done a better job had HE been the mastermind." the other Son of Sparda begrudgingly admitted. Pushing that thought aside, he focused on the job ahead and entered the blighted landscape, the stench of rotting flesh still strong even after the bombing.

Vergil quickly traversed the ruins of Fortune City, passing what used be the Yucatan Hotel along the way, until he came to his destination; The safe house that housed the survivors before they were rescued. What was left of it anyway.

Seeing that the gate was completely destroyed, he had no problem entering. Once he was in, Vergil reached for his pocket and grabbed a note he was given earlier by the one who drove him there from the airport. In it were instructions he needed to follow to access a part of Fortune City not shown in any of tourist maps.

"The door should be down here..." He managed to reach the basement, approaching what looks like a folding gate. Seeing that it wouldn't budge, Vergil drew Yamato and effortlessly sliced the gate in half.

The gate revealed a steep corridor, with an elevator door right at the end. As he moved closer to the door and pressed the button, he saw that the door had the logo of the Umbrella Corporation painted on it. Probably used as a hidden research center before Umbrella was shut down.

"How fitting..." was Vergil's only response as he stepped in the elevator.

The door opened to reveal a huge laboratory, miraculously untouched by the Fortune City bombings. It was a massive circular room, rows of computers encircling the center. It seemed to run on it's own generator, as the power was still on even after Fortune's End.

The office chairs were covered with a fresh coat of dust. The floor, being made of steel, makes a clanging sound with every step. As the room was sterilized to prevent contamination, the smell was surprisingly fragrant.

At the very edge of the lab was a stairway that led to what seemed to be the conference room. There were also six empty stasis cells in the center of the room. Two of them were broken, only recently from the looks of it.

"Better be on my guard then," thought the silver-haired half-demon as he traversed the lab, slowly making his way to the conference room.

He managed to come across one of the containers, and saw that there was a person inside of it. The subject seemed to be of Indian descent. He was a bear of a man, well built to match his massive frame. On the label it read, "Harjit Singh". Thinking nothing of it, Vergil continued his trek.

It was no sooner that he reached the stairs that he heard a guttural, unholy roar.

Vergil looked up to see two gigantic forms crawling on the ceiling. They dropped down in front of the him with a resounding crash. The blue-clad half-demon got a close look at them, and recognized what they were immediately.

Their skin seemed as rotting flesh, jagged claws adorning the left arm, making the right arm smaller by comparison. Their faces were disfigured, and have no thoughts of their own. Only the desire to feed.

They were Bio-Organic Weapons, monstrosities created by the depraved side of science. These nightmares were key in the destruction of Raccoon City and, ultimately, Umbrella's designs. To many, they only have one name.


One of them gave a roar, each of them baring their claws at the interloper, seeing him as a tasty morsel. They slowly moved towards their prey, their intent being to feed. A normal man would have quaked at their approach, absolutely terrified of these macabre giants.

Vergil, however, was no normal man.

"How kind of my host to provide entertainment," said the half-demon with a sadistic grin on his face. He motioned the undead titans to come at him in a taunting manner "It's seems that the guard dogs have not been properly fed. Maybe they would like a taste of my steel!"

He ran straight at the Tyrants, eager for his warm-up.


"Come on! Is that all you got?!"

Dante had impaled a Hell Pride, a demon that wore a cloak like the Grim Reaper, right at the gut. Using his free hand, he drew Ivory and opened fire at another Hell Pride, the bullets pulverizing the hapless demon.

Sensing a group of demons, hellhounds from the look of it, coming from behind, Dante swung the still impaled demon around and tossed him at his would be attackers, the poor bugger flung like a rag doll at his comrades.

The hellish street fight had gone on for hours, yet the demons kept coming. To Dante and his crew, this was their idea of a good time, as they were bored from waiting for a job all day. This was exactly the kind of work out they needed. Plus, they'll get paid for it too (hopefully).

"Damn straight, author guy!" Deadpool spun around in a manic circle, his uzis firing away at any demon unfortunate enough to be in his sights. Once he stopped spinning, Wade drew his katanas and sliced off a nearby demon's arm. "C'mon! Papa needs the money, baby!"

"For what?" asked Dante as he rained bullets from mid-air at a demon that looked strangely like a donkey.

"For Tekken Tag Tournament 2, of course! Blade's there, and he's a freakin' ninja! Do you know how cool being a black ninja vampire is?!"

"Um, you do realize that's not Blade, right?" Dante, side stepped a thrown weapon aimed at him, and shot the poor demon in the head with Ebony as a response.

"He isn't? Aw man, I thought that was him for sure! Well, it's either him or Wesley Snipes."

Utilizing his teleportation belt, Deadpool teleported to the air, escaping an incoming horde. Pulling the pin off, he threw a grenade that exploded on impact, taking out several demons in the process. "Eat some Pineapple! It's good for you!"

"Nice one, Wade! Alright, looks like it's my turn to party!"

Dante summoned Nevan, a Devil Arm that resembled a purple guitar, and and executed a power slide while shredding wildly. A column of bats surrounded the Son of Sparda as it took out dozens of demons in it's wake.

"Pshh. Show-off." muttered Deadpool when he saw the carnage Dante had wrought. "Thank you, thank you! Sorry, but I don't do encores!" The red-clad demon bowed to his dead audience as if he were in a rock concert.

"Yeah, yeah very impressive. We done here, Fabio?" Wade asked as he approached Dante, noting that most of the demons were dead "Not quite," The Son of Sparda responded as he kept Nevan "we still got to deal with one last huge ass demon. You know, that one over there?"

The red-clad half-demon pointed towards the direction of a crimson-skinned demon as big as a small house a few blocks away. It had a well-built frame, horns on it's head, and hooves for feet. It brandished in it's left hand what looked like giant cleaver that was jagged around it's edges. If anything, it looked a gigantic demonic satyr.

"Oooooh. You mean the World of Warcraft reject?"

"Yup, that one. How did we even miss that guy? I mean, he's huge!" wondered Dante.

"I blame the author. I always blame stuff on the author. Like global warming, and for what happened last chapter. You should try it too. It's fun!" said Deadpool with glee.

"Uhmm...I'll pass." Dante said, thoroughly weirded out by his co-worker "Hey, have you seen Laura?"

"Wasn't she with you?"

They got their answer quickly. The demon let out what seemed to be pained howl. The red-clad duo got a closer look and saw that it already had several gashes all over it's body. They looked up and saw X-23, green eyes full of rage, adamantium claws hacking away at the demonic satyr's face.

"Count on Laura to tackle the big threats." thought Dante, admiring the girl's moxie.

(DP: Seriously? Moxie? Who uses that word these days?)

Increasingly annoyed at being slashed, the demon reached out and pulled Laura of his face. The lithe assassin tried to escape from his grasp, but that only encouraged the demon to squeeze tighter, causing X-23 to cry out in agony.

Sensing that this may not end well, Dante sprinted towards the beast and called to his co-worker 'Wade!"

"On it!" The mad merc teleported immediately to the left side of the Satyr, katanas drawn and ready to strike "LEROY JENKINS!"

The hairy demon anticipated that, though, and smacked Wade with his blade as response. Wade was able to avoid getting cut in half, but that didn't stop him from crashing through the window of the nearby pub.

"I'm okay..." moaned Deadpool, clearly in pain, as he attempted to get up. He then realized that he had broken every bone in his body from the crash, unable to move due to the pain.

"Then again, maybe not. I think I'll just lie here for a while." Wade fell to the floor with a thud, allowing his regenerative abilities to take effect

The Satyr, clearly satisfied with his work, turned his attention to Laura, who was hacking at his hand the entire time. Growing irritated with the pest, he tightened his grasp, ready to crush the life out of the struggling girl.

"Hey, Ugly! Over here!"

"Huh?" The Satyr turned around to find the source of the noise, only to get shot in the left eye, courtesy of Dante's sniper rifle, The Spiral.

"Damn, haven't used this gun in a while." remarked the demon hunter, having fired it from a few blocks away. It achieved the effect he wanted; the humongous Satyr was now blind on one eye, howling mad and wildly swinging it's blade.

This gave Laura the opening she needed. She took advantage of the demon's loosening grip as she gave one final stab at it's hand. The red-skinned giant, roaring in agony, finally released his hold and let go.

As she fell, Laura shifted her wait so she could land on her feet. Dante managed to reach her landing area, only to find a lone Hell Pride waiting.

Acting quickly, Dante drew Rebellion and ran it through with a Stinger, the beast dispatched easily. As if on cue, X-23 landed on the flat edge of Rebellion in a crouching position, making for a stylish landing.

"Thanks, Dante!" Laura said, turning to Dante with a smile on her face. The red-clad demon hunter noted that she was a lot prettier when not enraged, but she'd never tell her that to her face.

The Satyr, still half-blind and in rage, began to trudge towards the odd pair when suddenly...


In comes Deadpool, recuperated and smelling of booze, teleporting to a building on the target's blind side to open fire on the hapless demon. "Catch me if you can, handsome!" Wade mockingly blew a kiss at the direction of the creature.

The demon, already pissed as it is, brought down in it's cleaver with a mighty chop. The building got sliced in half, but Deadpool was able to make a quick getaway.

"Geez, even my drunk grandma can do better! Well, not with a giant cleaver anyway, but you get the point!"

All the demon wanted to do at this point was to kill Wade to shut him up. It was so focused on chasing the insane merc, it completely forgot about Dante and X-23, who were now a good distance away from the beast.

"It seems that Wade got it's attention." observed Laura, still crouching on Dante's extended sword. "That's good," said Dante, "That should buy us some time to think of a plan."

"Hey, Dante."


"I got two words for you" Laura grinned as she spoke.

Dante, who quickly understood, grinned as well. He braced himself in a batter's position, Laura gripping on Rebellion tightly.

"You ready, Laura?" asked Dante. She responded with a determined nod, ready as she will ever be.

"Alright!" Dante swung his greatsword with all his might, launching X-23 right at the demon "Go long!" He watched as she flew straight at the Satyr.

Deadpool whistled as Laura soared through the air "The first Marvel/Capcom Fastball Special!"

Laura shifted her body so that her feet will land first. She unsheathed the claws at her feet, preparing for the inevitable impact.

"EAT THIS!" X-23 literally slammed her feet, claws extended, into the monster's good eye, completely blinding the demon in the process. She somersaulted off it's face as the Satyr roared in pain.

"Wade, now!" Laura called to the masked merc as she landed on a nearby roof.

"Fear my chopsticks!" Deadpool teleported in mid-air and threw what seemed to be black, metallic spikes right at the demon's legs, impaling them in the process. As he landed, Wade pulled out what looks like a detonator and pressed on it.

The spikes began to flash red and beep loudly. They suddenly exploded, causing the demon a colossal amount of pain, bringing it to it's knees in the process. "Exploding chopsticks for the win!" cried Deadpool with a fist pumped in the air.

A red blur appeared in front of the Satyr's face, revealing Dante suspended in mid-air as he charged Ebony and Ivory for the kill-shot.

"Jackpot!" Dante declared with a smile as he fired. The charged bullets penetrated the thick hide, killing the demon instantly as it fell to pavement with a thud.



"You are a playing a dangerous game, Wesker."

"Rest assured, Victor." said Albert Wesker, infamous bioterrorist formerly affiliated with Umbrella Corporation, his signature black trenchcoat in a rack as he spoke to an armored green-hooded man on a giant screen. "I know that my plan is risky, but the rewards shall be glorious."

"Imagine this; the Phoenix Force, a force of nature capable of destroying planets, in our capable hands. The possibilities are endless. With this power, we can bring this world to it's knees."

As he said this, Wesker's red eyes began glowing under his shades, his excitement barely contained. The man on the screen, the equally notorious Victor Von Doom, remained skeptical about the entire arrangement.

"Doom is well aware of the capabilities of the Phoenix Force." Dr. Doom pointed "Indeed, it still piques my interest, even now. However, with all that power, it can potentially destroy us all. Even Doom is not foolish enough to attempt such folly."

"I understand your fears, Doctor. However, like it or not, it is coming." Wesker pointed out "Know that every so-called hero, as well as us, will take interest in the entity. In fact, my Intel tells me that, in a week's time, the Avengers will be making a scheduled trip to Utopia."

Wesker pressed a button, and a hologram of a map of San Francisco appeared behind him, the island of Utopia having been highlighted. Images of the famed hero Captain America and X-Men leader Cyclops also popped up in the holo-board.

"From what I hear," Wesker indicated the images of these two heroes "Relations between the Avengers and the X-Men have been strained as of late, thanks to a number of incidents. I can only imagine that things will only get worse."

"Doom is aware of this as well. But what does this have to do with our prize?"

"I was about to get to that, my good Doctor." Wesker readjusted his glasses "You see, the Avengers see the Phoenix Force as a threat to humanity, while the X-Men see it as the Mutant Race's saving grace. All their silly notions aside, the key to controlling it will be this girl."

Another press of a button, another image popped up. This time, it was the picture of a green-eyed red-haired girl in her late teens.

"Her name is Hope Summers" continued the blonde schemer "She is said to be an Omega-level mutant possessing great power. Much like Jean Grey before her, she is suspected to become the next Phoenix Host."

Wesker began to grin, a menacing look on him, as he continued to build up the suspense "The Avengers intend to take the girl into their custody. I can imagine that the mutants will take offense to that."

"So you intend to kidnap the girl as tensions rise?" inquired Doom

"Exactly. I already have enough people to cause a diversion that should attract the attention of both parties. Distracted, they will leave their precious 'Mutant Messiah' poorly guarded. Then we shall swoop in to take her, by force if necessary."

Wesker paused briefly, allowing his potential ally to take all this in. "And rest assured, Victor," he resumed "That every precaution will be taken in handling the Phoenix Force. So, what say you? Do you wish to join me in the saturation of this world?"

Doom stroked his masked chin in deep thought. The very idea of controlling an unstoppable force of nature is ludicrous in itself. He knew, from his experiences with it's last host, that the world will end as they know it if they aren't careful.

What Wesker was suggesting insane. Bordering on madness even...

Yet, it was mad enough to possibly work.

"Very well," Doom finally responded "We shall join forces once more. May the world tremble before our might!"

"Excellent! We mobilize a week from now. Be ready by then."

"I look forward to it." Doom was about to take his leave before he decided to say one more thing.

"A piece of advice; Doom does not take betrayal lightly. Should you ever decide to stab me in the back, not even your B. can save you. I hope we are clear on this."

With that, Doom turned off his screen. "Oh, I heard you loud and clear." Wesker said to himself with a smirk. He will deal with Doom in his own time.

Right now, what's important is that he has secured a dependable ally. With Dormammu currently trapped in the Dark Dimension, Super Skrull off-world, and Magneto with the X-Men, it was nice to see a few familiar faces from the "Galactus Wars" days.

Speaking of familiar faces, a silver-haired individual entered the door wiping his sword. His blue coat was stained with blood, but it was not his own.

"Ah, glad you can make it, Son of Sparda. Pardon the welcoming party, but it keeps troublemakers from waltzing in whenever they please."

"At least they gave me a good warm-up." Vergil sheathed his katana, sizing up his potential partner. "So, what did I miss?"

"Just recruited a reliable asset to our cause. He found my plan quite intriguing."

"About that," Vergil fixed his cold stare straight at the bioterrorist "What exactly is your plan, Wesker?"

"That's what I'd like to find out."

They both turned to regard the newcomer, a female of Asian descent, as she entered through the door. She wore a purple breastplate strapped to her body, revealing her fit figure. She also wore white baggy trousers. She had fingerless gloves on and her hair was done as if they looked like horns. Her most striking feature was her left eye, glowing with an eerie light that would put most people on edge.

It could be said that she was beautiful, in her own dark way.

"I saw a couple of your dead B. lying on the floor on my way in. Your security is becoming lax, Albert."

"It only proves that our visitor is quite capable. Defeating two Tyrants is no easy feat." He turned to the half-demon "Meet Juri Han, femme fatale and current leader of S.I.N. Juri, this is-"

"Vergil, Son of Sparda. I have heard so much about you." She moved closer to him, her face inches away from his, her lustful stare meeting his cold one.

"My, you're one handsome devil, aren't you? " Juri said in a seductive tone "I heard that you're quite handy with that sword you carry. Perhaps you can show me a few tricks," She stroked Vergil's face sensually "In private?"

The blue-clad half-demon clearly wasn't amused, as he quickly withdrew Yamato and slashed at her. Juri jumped back, dodging the blade as she showcased inhuman reflexes.

"Feisty one, aren't you?" said Juri, her face etched with an expression of manic glee "I can tell that we'll have so much fun together!"

"Now Juri, play nice." Wesker interjected, slightly amused by the interactions between the two

"Oh, Albert. I was just starting to have fun." the female assassin purred with a mischievous grin.

"You will have time for that, I'm sure." Wesker remarked "Now, down to business. Do you have the data I asked for?"

"Oh, that." Juri said in a disinterested tone. She reached for her pocket and pulled out what seemed to be a USB stick.

"Here." She gave the stick to Wesker "The files you asked for, pried from the very depths of Stark Industries. Getting them was way too easy. Stark's pet succubus made things quite difficult, though."

Wesker inserted the stick into the hard-drive and saw the file he needed. He opened it, and various images of various designs of an armor belonging to one Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man. Among the pictures were the words "Phoenix Killer."

"Perfect." Wesker said as he removed his glasses, revealing his cat-like eyes, to get a better look. "Exactly what I was looking for. Excellent work, Juri."

"I aim to please." Juri said as she bowed in a mocking fashion.

"What do you intend to do with these blueprints?" Vergil inquired as he looked on.

"I will have Doom take look at them, as he is quite familiar with Stark Tech." Wesker said as he continued to stare into the screen "In the mean time, you two shall contact all those who have pledged to join our cause. You'll be glad to know that Shadaloo is also on board, so you'll be seeing your old friend once more, Juri."

"Oh, whoopee." Juri remarked with a sarcastic tone.

"We strike at Utopia in a week's time. Until then, you are dismissed."

"Wait." Vergil, having listened to Wesker give orders the entire time "You still haven't answered the question. What exactly is your plan, Wesker?"

Wesker turned from the screen and gazed at the two intently, his expression an unreadable smirk.

"You shall soon see, my friends."


Back at Devil May Cry. After a long day's work

"Oh, how I love pay day!"

Deadpool, obviously over-joyed with getting paid, hugged a metal briefcase with a lot of bank notes like his life depended on it.

"Hey guys! We should splurge all this money by taking a vacation somewhere. Maybe the Philippines!"

"Dude, no." interjected Dante, relaxing with his feet on his desk as he listened to Wade's rant "For two reasons; one, Lady would kill us, and two, you're still a wanted man back there."

"How the hell was I supposed to know that torrenting is illegal there now? That just ain't right, ya know?!"

"Be that as it may," Laura added as she was watching the news on T.V "You didn't have to brutalize the officers back then."

"Hey, if Hawkeye can do it in Bourne Legacy, then so can I! 'It's more fun in the Philippines' my ass!"

As she blocked out Deadpool's incessant whining, she turned her attention to the red-clad demon hunter.

"Uhm, Dante?"



Dante raised an eyebrow. "That came out of the blue" thought the younger Son of Sparda. "For what?"

"For saving me earlier." replied Laura.

"Ah, it's no big deal. You'd have done the same for me anyway."

Laura smiled at that, once again catching Dante off guard. She had gone a long way from three years ago, from the brooding lost girl to this headstrong, confident woman sitting on their broken couch.

"She still has her violent tendencies, though" Dante thought to himself. Still, he was glad to see the girl finally come out of her shell. A certain canuckle-head would be quite proud.

"Well," Laura said as she rose from the sofa "I'm turning in early. Had a really exhausting day. Good night!"

As she went down the hall to get ready for bed, Dante couldn't help but let a smile on his face. He then noticed Deadpool looking at him in a leering manner

"What?" Dante asked, looking at his partner warily.

"Admit it." Wade said as he continued to bear a goofy grin beneath his mask. 'You want to fill her dark soul with light, don'tcha?"


Deadpool fell to the floor with a thud, a bullet lodged in his skull.

"Goodnight, Wade!" Dante turned off the lights and left, leaving Wade just lying there on the floor.



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