I am innocent.

I am guilty of no crimes.

Why am I here?

What did I do?

I don't remember.

I only know three words.

I am innocent.

Cold. It's so cold. Where am I?

No.. no it can't be. Lilly? James? You're still out there aren't you?

AREN'T YOU!? where... are you.

James we were supposed to take Harry out on my bike tomorrow. I came over like I was supposed to... No NO!

I won't think of it.

I am innocent. My name is Siruis Black. Please... I am innocent.

Lilly, you were supposed to fuss and yell at me for taking Harry up in "that dangerous contraption." You were supposed to run along under the bike and threaten to clip my ears and cut off my hair if I didn't get "Harry down right this minute!" I was supposed to laugh and me and Harry would wave at you... Instead....

no... It's getting colder. They're coming. Please... no...

Moony, you think I did it didn't you? Moony you have got to believe me! I didn't do it! It was Wormtail! It was... Wormtail...

No... NO LILLY!!! JAMES!!!

Harry... Hagrid please let me have him PLEASE... he is all I have left.

Alone. I am so cold and alone.

Help me.

Prongs, why don't you ever come to visit me anymore? I know Lilly has you occupied... but... Prongs? Where are you? Prongs? Moony?... don't leave me alone...

It's dark... and it's cold... and I am scared. I am so... scared.

How long has it been? How old is little pronglet now?

Let me out! I need to see my godson!

let me out....

My name is Sirius Black. I am innocent...

I am innocent...