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Warnings: This fic will contain a male/male/male relationship, knotting, mentions of mpreg, I haven't decided whether I will actually write it yet but I might. If any of those offend you please don't read this. I'll mention anything else as and when it occurs.

Hope you enjoy.

When Scott and Allison have an awkward problem it's up to Stiles to figure it out for them but finding the answer leads to more than he imagined.

Derek/Stiles/Isaac Scott/Allison Maybe Jackson/Danny and Erica/Boyd.

Knot always a problem

Stiles knew something was wrong from the get go, not that it took a genius to figure it out. Scott and Allison were normally all over each other from the moment they laid eyes on each other to the second they had to part so the fact that at lunch they had chosen seats at opposite ends of the table from each other was a flashing sign of wrongness. Stiles really wanted to ask what was wrong but he knew he was more likely to get an answer if he waited till it was just him and Scott, so he watched them for the whole lunch hour and boy were they being awkward. Scott would watch Allison but the second she looked up he would snap his head in a different direction and they would both blush, it was the oddest thing observing them as they tried to avoid eye contact but obviously needed to sort something out. Stiles couldn't wait for the end of the day; he was giving Scott a ride home so he would get a chance to talk to him.

He all but skipped to his jeep after his afternoon lessons, a grin breaking out on his face when he saw Scott was already leaning against the side of it. They both clambered into the jeep and headed towards the McCall residence.

"Sooo." Stiles thought about how to approach the subject. "What with all the awkward tension between you and Allison? Couldn't get it up last night?" He joked and chuckled to himself until he saw his friend wasn't smiling, in fact he was bright red. And with Scott's tanned skin it took a lot to make him blush that much. Stiles' eyes went wide. "Oh my god you couldn't get it up could you. Dude that's totally normal, sure it's not normally for a good few decades but I'm sure there's nothing really wrong. There are tablets to help you out with that problem."

"Stiles." Scott broke his friends from his rambling. "That's not the problem."

Stiles' brow furrowed. "Then why'd you blush when I asked?"

The wolf sighed and covered his face with his hands. "It's awkward and embarrassing dude."

"Aww come on." Stiles whined. "I'm you best friend you can tell me anything, I won't laugh I promise."

Scott just gave him a look that said 'say that again in five minutes time.' "Me and Allison…Allison and I…we were…well we were…you know…"

"Getting busy." Stiles assisted his clearly embarrassed friend.

"Yeah that. Well everything was going how it normally goes until the end. Something…strange happened down stairs if you know what I mean."

"No I have no idea what you mean." And he really didn't, Scott wasn't making any sense at all. By this point they had pulled up outside Scott's house and were just sitting there.

"It…started swelling up at the base." Scott kept his eyes glued to the floor, the redness back in his cheeks.

"Your dick?"

Scott nodded. "Yeah and I don't know why, it was instinct I guess, but I…pushed it in to her and it just swelled even more and then I couldn't' pull out until it went down and that took ages and now it's really awkward cos we have no idea what happened or why."

Stiles wanted to laugh he really did but he'd promised he wouldn't so he held it back. "Dude you knotted Allison."

"I did what to her?"

"It's what wolves and other canines do. Their dick swells at the bottom so the bitch can't get off until he's finished coming to increase the chance of pregnancy so please tell me Allison's on the pill or something."

"Yeah she is. But why now, why not any other time we've had sex, is there a rule? Every however many times we have sex that's going to happen. Or is it just going to happen every time from now on?"

"Calm down Scott, I don't know the answer to any of that but I'll go and ask Derek if you want." Scott just nodded looking confused and sad. "Alright you go and get a good night's sleep, I'll either ring you later or in the morning to let you know what's going on than you can go and explain it to Allison."

"Thanks Stiles." Scott said as he got out of the jeep and trudged up the path to his house.

Stiles drove off towards the big bad alpha's house, which was far less daunting since he got it re-built, pondering the questions Scott had asked, it didn't make sense for it to randomly start happening one day.

The camero was outside though that didn't mean Derek was in, Stiles parked his jeep and got out. Normally Derek would hear him coming and come out onto the porch to growl at him but he didn't appear which meant he was out in the woods somewhere or unable to get to the door. He gave a push to the front door and it opened before him, there was no sign of a struggle in the hallway so he took a step in.

"Derek. Are you here? I need to ask you something about what's happening to Scott." He shouted warily.

"What's he done now?" Derek's voice came from somewhere on the ground floor and he sounded a bit odd.

"He erm.." God it was awkward to tell someone, no wonder Scott had been so nervous. "He knotted in Allison."

"Oh." Derek paused for a moment. "Come here Stiles."

Stiles went to the door he guessed Derek was through and opened it, walking in he saw something he was not expecting.

"Oh god…what the hell..erm sorry…I'll come back later or you know e-mail you." Stiles quickly averted his eyes from the scene in front of him because he was sooo not supposed to see that. Derek was sat naked on the couch with and equally naked Isaac sat on him reverse cowboy style. Isaac's cock was hard and dripping pre come, Derek's wasn't visible seeing as it was up the beta wolf's ass. He started backing out of the room hoping his arousal wasn't noticeable.

"Stop moving Stiles." And he did because Derek didn't do requests, he did orders. "I wouldn't have told you to come in here if I didn't want you to see us so shut the door and stop looking so damn awkward."

Stiles shut the door and kept his eyes away from the two wolves. "Don't look awkward." He squawked. "I've just seen you and Isaac having sex and now I'm stood in a room with you while you're still in him and you think I shouldn't look awkward. How should I look Derek?"

"Course I'm still in him, Scott isn't the only werewolf who knots. You should look interested because I have the answers you came here for."

"Well please tell me so I can leave you to finish in peace." Stiles was having an internal battle, on the one hand he really wanted to look at the wolves again because that would be enough wanking material to last him a life time, but on the other Derek would probably kill him if he caught him staring so he tried really hard to keep his eyes firmly on the wall.

"Why should I tell you? What's in it for me?" Derek asked a smirk on his face.

"Because you want Scott to join your pack which he's more likely to do if you help him and if you tell me I'll leave so you and Isaac can get back to…that."

"I think we should make a trade."

"What!" The alpha was toying with him; he found the teen's awkwardness amusing.

"Yeah I'll tell you what you want to know if you do something for me."

"What could you possibly need me to do?" Stiles asked hoping he could get whatever it was over with so he could get his information and go.

"Well you see I've got this problem, Isaac wants to come but we've got nothing to clean it up with."

"So you want me to fetch you a cloth or something?" That sounded easy.

"Nope. I want you to get on your knees and suck him dry." Stiles' head snapped round to face Derek, his wide eyes searched the alpha's face for sign of a joke.

"Wh..at?" His voice cracked half way through in shock, he couldn't' be serious.

"You heard me. If you do that I'll explain everything to you. So Stiles, how bad do you want to help your friend?"

"You can't be serious; you don't really want me to suck Isaac off do you? I mean you seem perfectly happy with each other; you don't want some inexperienced virgin messing everything up."

"Yes we do." It was the first time Isaac had spoken and his voice was strained and slightly higher than normal, Stiles couldn't help but wonder how long the beta had been hard for. The younger wolf had pink cheeks and some of his curls were stuck to his slightly sweaty forehead. "So get over here and put that talkative mouth of yours to better use."

"I can't believe I'm going to do this." He mumbled to himself as he shuffled across the room to the couch.

As he reached the wolves he could feel heat in his cheeks, he was about to suck a guy's cock while that guy had another guys dick up his ass. Dropping to his knees slowly he realised he had no idea what he was doing.

"Just take as much as you can, mind your teeth and try not to choke." Derek instructed before leaning down and nibbling on Isaac's neck. Stiles took hold of Isaac's dick and pumped it a few times to get used to being around another guys junk, the beta moaned and tried to jerk forwards but couldn't due to the knot stuck in him.

Leaning down Stiles licked the drops of pre come from the tip to see what it tasted like, it was salty but not bad, it was Isaac and he wished he could say it didn't turn him on but he couldn't. Taking the head in his mouth he swirled his tongue around it, gaining confidence from the moans slipping from the wolf's mouth. He started bobbing his head taking more of Isaac's hot hard length every time until he felt he was about to gag. He worked what he couldn't fit in his mouth with his hand and increased the speed of his head as much as he could. Isaac's breath was coming in pants, Stiles sucking his dick and Derek sucking and biting on his neck was pushing him so close to the edge. The youngest teen continued his efforts and let his hands wonder along the insides of Isaac's thighs because he was incapable of being still. Isaac whined as Stiles' tongue went to work on the underside of his dick and he wanted nothing more than to thrust down the younger teen's throat but the knot was preventing him. Don't get him wrong he loves that Derek knots in him, it makes him feel wanted and cared for but the lack of movement was a bitch sometimes. When one of Stiles' hands made its way from Isaac's thigh to his balls the taller teen lost it. He threw back his head and howled while coming in Stiles' mouth. Stiles swallowed around the softening dick and cleaned all the remaining come from him with his tongue.

He felt great after giving his first blow job.

He'd managed to pleasure someone.

Him Stiles Stilinski the geeky awkward one had managed to make someone come. And not just anyone. Isaac lahey the only guy who could be cute and sexy at the same time.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, stood up and backed away flopping down onto the armchair looking bored so the wolves wouldn't know how much he'd enjoyed his task. "I believe you promised me some answers."

Derek smirked. "Yes I did but you might have to bear with me, the smell of your arousal is rather distracting." Stiles blushed and changed how he was sat to further hide his erection. "So what exactly is it you want to know?"

"Erm." Stiles scratched the back of his neck, the subject really was awkward. "Why do you knot? Why had Scott only knotted this time? Will he knot every time from now on? Is it an every so many times thing? Does it hurt? How long does it last for?" he rattled of his questions without a pause.

Derek started stroking Isaac's stomach as he answered. "We knot to show affection and ownership…"

"Ownership, what are you a cave man?" Stiles interrupted.

"No." Derek growled to show he didn't like being stopped mid-sentence. "Ownership as in dominance, it's something that only happens between mates and other werewolves can smell that I've knotted Isaac and will know that he's off the market and any pass at him is disrespect to me as an alpha. Scott had only knotted this time because werewolves are all going into heat and we don't knot until our first heat and when we're in heat we knot near enough every time. He won't always knot; it's a random thing pretty much uncontrollable. A knot tends to last from ten minutes to an hour but occasionally they can last all night. Isaac knows better than I do whether it hurts or not."

Said wolf raised his head from where it had fallen onto Derek's shoulder. "At first it hurts a little but after a while you get used to it and then it feels really good." Isaac's voice morphed into a moan as Derek started moving his hips in tiny circles. "Ahh Derek stop, too much." He whined and tried to still Derek unsuccessfully.

"M'sorry." He mumbled into Isaac's neck before kissing it softly. "Just once more, can you do that for me? Just one more and then you can have a nice long rest. Come on pup, I know you can do that for me." Isaac nodded and scrunched his eyes shut.

Stiles really didn't want to but took that as his queue to leave, standing up he edged towards the door hoping to leave unnoticed. Obviously his hopes wouldn't matter and Derek's green eyes locked on him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Stiles blushed under the scrutiny and pointed to the door. "Home. We had our deal, I did something for you, you did something for me so now I'll leave you to finish…" He gestured to Isaac who was torn between pushing down onto Derek's merciless attack on his already abused prostate, or up in an attempt to evade the delicious torture.

The alpha shook his head. "You aren't going anywhere. You're going to sit back down and enjoy the show."

"Excuse me?" Shock would be putting it nicely.

"Sit down and watch me and Isaac finish having sex and if you haven't come from that Isaac will finish you off."

Stiles totally didn't run back to the chair and glue his eyes to the scene in front of him.

Derek's hips were still doing small circles, his knot preventing much else, but it was more than enough. The head of his cock was pressed against Isaac's prostate and it was doing wonders for them both. Stiles could see Isaac's dick twitch, the stimulation trying to make him hard but his body protesting having only come a minute ago. Derek brought a hand around the smaller wolf, with one hand took hold of his soft dick and with the other he began massaging his balls. Isaac let out a high pitched keening noise as he was forced to hardness once again.

"Good boy." Derek cooed in his ear in an attempt to calm him. "Such a good pup, gunna take care of you, m'not gunna let anyone hurt you."

Stiles felt wrong watching such an intimate moment but it was making him harder than he'd ever been in his life so he wasn't going to complain. Derek was the definition of sex appeal, all his bulging muscles covered in a sheen of sweat and his green eyes darkened with lust. Isaac was sexy in a more beautiful way, he had muscle but not in quite the quantity Derek had. His big blue eyes shone with an innocence that his actions contradicted.

Derek moved the his hand from the younger wolf's balls up his stomach and chest to pinch a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, Isaac yelped and tensed up if Derek's grunt was anything to go by. As the two wolves continued to move against each other and let out the most arousing noises Stiles started rubbing himself through his jeans in an attempt to find relief. Isaac's whimpers got higher and more frequent while Derek's grunts and groans got deeper and more drawn out signalling that they were both close to coming. The older wolf returned his hand from Isaac's nipple to his balls and that was it for the young wolf. He screamed Derek's name as he came all over his hand and his own stomach. Derek followed him of the edge biting hard onto Isaac's neck to muffle his noises as he pumped spurt after spurt of hot come into his mate. After what felt like an eternity Derek finally finished coming and his knot started to shrink back down and he slipped from Isaac who whimpered at the loss.

Derek stood the smaller wolf up and turned him so he could lick the come from his stomach before pushing him towards Stiles and cleaning his own fingers of Isaac's seed. As the beta walked over to the other teen he could feel his alpha's come leaking from his hole and running down his thighs and he loved it, the feeling of being owned.

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show but next time I want you to wait so you can come in my mouth." Stile shad no idea what Isaac was on about until he looked down at his crotch and saw the wet patch staining the front of his jeans, he hadn't even noticed he'd come in his trousers he'd been that focused on the wolves. Isaac dropped to the floor in front of him and went straight to work undoing the button and zip on Stiles' jeans, he started tugging them, along with the wet underwear, down the teen's thighs before letting Stiles kick them off. The curly haired wolf then leant down and started licking at Stiles' crotch to clean him up. The younger teen whimpered when his over sensitive dick was sucked on, he thread his fingers through sweat dampened locks and tried to pull Isaac's head away but the werewolf wouldn't let him and moved on to licking his balls.

By the time Isaac had finished Stiles was a withering mess, it was too much, if someone had told him when he woke up that morning that he would be giving his first blow job, come his pants from watching two dudes have sex and then be tortured to insanity by one of his classmates tongue, he would have laughed in their face but now it had all happened he had no idea what to do. He thought back over what had happened since he walked in the door and something registered in his brain.

"You said 'next time'." He squeaked at Isaac who was sat back on his heels looking incredibly proud of himself.

"Yep." Was all Isaac said.

It was Derek who elaborated. "You didn't honestly think we'd let you go after this did you? You're ours now and I can't wait to prove it too you." He leered at Stiles' frame making him feel self-conscious so he pulled his shirt down to preserve any dignity he had left. Derek let out a deep growl and stalked towards him, green eyes tinged red. Stiles panicked slightly, as you tend to do when an alpha werewolf looks pissed at you.

"What are you doing." The alpha demanded when he was right in front of the teen.

"Erm." Stiles tried to think of the correct answer. "Leaving?"

It soon became evident that that was not the correct answer. "No, you're not leaving and I meant what are you doing hiding things that belong to me." Stiles' eyes darted from Derek to Isaac hoping someone would give him the answer.

The young wolf took mercy on him reaching out to unclasp Stiles' fingers from the hem of his shirt letting it ride back up. Stiles didn't get it but the anger melted from Derek's face so he was grateful. "He gets worried you're going to leave him if you're uncomfortable being completely natural, werewolves go more of instinct so nudity isn't as big a deal."

"But you're his mate so why does it matter what I do?" he tried to ignore the way Derek was still leering at him.

"You're my mate too." Derek's voice wasn't a growl anymore. At Stiles' confused look he continued. "It's uncommon but not unheard of for wolves to have two mates and have a three way relationship and raise cubs together."

It took Stiles a few moments to realise what that meant exactly. "What? You're saying you want me to not only turn gay but be in a relationship with two guys, isn't that something you should discuss with Isaac first. And what do you mean cubs? We're all guys if you hadn't noticed."

"You wouldn't be my mate if you weren't Isaac's as well, as for the gay thing, you got off on sucking Isaac's dick and watching us have sex, I'm pretty sure you're not straight and both genders can get pregnant when it comes to werewolves. It's one of the reasons becoming a wolf hurts, it's your insides changing to bare pups."

"Well." Stiles took a deep breath. "That is a lot of information to get in a short time." He turned to Isaac. "Are you okay with this?"

"Did you not see me licking the come from your dick?" Stiles raised an eyebrow wanting a more serious answer. "Yes, Derek wasn't lying when he said you wouldn't be his mate if you weren't mine, we would have told you sooner but we didn't know how you'd react and we didn't want to scare you, but now I doubt you'll be leaving for a couple of weeks. Heat may not have been the best time to bring you in to this but we'll manage."

"A couple of weeks. I can't stay here for a couple of weeks my dad wouldn't let me."

"We'll think of something later, right now I want to go to sleep so come on." Derek took one of Stiles' hands and one of Isaac's and started dragging them up the stairs and into a bedroom with a large bed. Isaac tugged of Stiles' shirt before pushing him under the covers and snuggling up next to him, Derek got in on his other side and also snuggled up to him.

It was weird snuggling in bed with two naked werewolves while he was also naked but he liked it, it felt natural and was definitely something he could get used too.