A/n quick one on train and eve. Trains death. Please don't hate me. I love train (and if you even think of touching him me and zombie bride will cause some sort of harm to you.

I am so tired

I feel so weak

Ugh, my head

It hurts so much


Who's there

'train' the voice drawled

Someone's calling… my name


A different voice

'train' 'train! Wake up TRAIN!'

My eyes…

Are they closed?

I didn't notice.

'train, train, come on were going to be late for the fireworks'

I know that voice

' come here, let me see your eyes'


' I think they're more beautiful than the fire works'

'train wake up please, we need you train!'

Princess? …Saya?

'train' I breathy carefree voice calls

'train!' screams a voice weighed down by the troubles of entrapment

'be free,

Come with me' calls saya

I step towards her

'TRAIN, come home with us'

I freeze unsure on who to go with.

'train' saya giggles 'you still owe me for the race remember'

'train' says a soft broken voice


'come back, come back home, come back to me'

I did

I moved towards her

No I ran towards her.

My body…

Is as cold as ice…

I can't move…

I feel like gravity is trying to wrangle me…

Put me into submission …

But I don't care

All I see…

Is my eve

Staring at me like nothing else exists

Such love

Beautiful tears sparkle in the moon light

I reach up and stroke her cheek

When I do…

I see a smear of a crimson liquid cover her face

I look down…

I'm covered in blood

Gun shot wounds,

Am i…

Am I dying?

'I love you train' eve cries

'and I love you too, princess'

I saw sven, rinslet, the orphans…

Everybody here

Even the cronos numbers have tears streaming down their face

'train' says number 1

'now and only now may you finally be free'

If I leave I'll leave a free man

'bye' I say as I grin as big as I can.

A dark shadow loomed over me,

Wait a second?

Isn't it supposed to be a bright light?

A cold wind engulfed me, the sound of wisping calls to me

Saying there is a better place

A bright flash and I was in a forest like place,

I was in a clearing, I realised

This is Eden


I turn around and grin


Trains death caused an outbreak between the sweepers and cronos

They blamed each other for his death.

Each sides hope for peace long forgotten

Train may have been ready to leave,

But they weren't ready for him to go

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