Just to let you know, train dies don't like don't care

I am so tired

I feel so weak

Ugh, my head

It hurts so much


Who's there?

'Train' the voice drawled

Someone's calling… my name


A different voice

'Train' "train! Wake up TRAIN!"

My eyes…

Are they closed?

I didn't notice.

'Train, train, come on were going to be late for the fireworks'

I know that voice

'Come here; let me see your eyes'


'I think they're more beautiful than the fire works'

I take a step toward the voice

"Train, wake up!"


'Train, I missed you, where have you been?'

"Train, train, come back to us"

Spen? Is that you?

'Come on, let's go' said a carefree and gentle voice coxing me towards her

"Train come back to me" whispered a voice heavy with the burdens of hurt and pain.

That voice.

'Train' "train!"

The voice I had grown to love.

"Train, I love you"


I ran in the other direction, towards the one I love.


My body,

It feels like ice.

I ca...Can't move


Her eyes open to reveal the most beautiful colour.

Her eyes full of innocence

Everyone has always been envious of my eyes.

But her eyes?

To me…

They are the type of eyes I want to have.

Her eyes portray the innocence of a child but the knowledge of someone far older.

My eyes…

Are disgusting…

My eyes are the eyes of a killer.

With these eyes I see everyone mourn for me…

The killer

I wish it could have been different…

But I would always have it be the same.

I look down and see five shot wounds

Blood socked my clothes and skin

At least I didn't go down alone

I saw the other guy down and not moving.

I reach up and touch her cheek

So warm, my skin is so pale

"Princess" I rasped

Everyone gasped

"Train" eve sobbed

"Everyone here? Did I miss something?" I joked then groaned in pain

"yeah,' said spen with tears in his eyes 'your life, idiot"

I look to my left and see the cronos numbers

"Hey guys, it's been awhile huh? Number 1" I grin as blood leaked out the side of my mouth

"Yeah,' she replies 'train, it has"

I turn to my right and see the sweepers

"Hey, sorry guys, looks like I won't be able to pay for diner on Wednesday"

"It's okay man" someone in the back says

"Hey princess, would you mind leaning down a bit? I wanna tell you a secret" I say

She leans in and I kiss her

"I love you, princess"

"I love you too train"

"Well I better go, can't keep saya waiting"

Slowly I close my eyes and my hand drops to the ground.

My body like ice, as I die I allow a smile to cover my face

Once they cremated me, I have always loved fire and the way it dances and spread my ashes along the ocean because I love the way the water moves and nothing is stronger than its desire to be free, rage out broke.

The numbers and the sweepers blamed each other for my death

They started a war with each other and always stuck in a stalemate.

No one ever winning

My body, dead, but still, a tears leak down the side of my face ay what has happened

Peace, freedom

That's what both sides were fighting for when I was there

And when I was gone

They fought in anger and rage just in hope to kill each other off

They have forgotten what they were fighting for and in turn have forgotten me (if you don't know what that's from you are an idiot)

They forgot me

All I wanted

All I craved for

Taken away

I've always wanted to be free

I once again have opened my eyes to find myself in a beautiful green garden.


I am in the Garden of Eden.


I turn and grin


Look I know I killed train again but I am a sadistic person

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