/Dark shapes through clotted mist/

A slinky, midnight black

cat crept closer

/Shining, black diamond rising to meet

/Pure light floating from centre/

Ferocious and dangerous

it looked ready to devour her

/The reflection bloomed beside

/Detached from mortal sculptures/

/Dark shapes

/Wait before xir/

The cat stood to attention

\Greetings, Zaphriel\

/The words had no source

/Neither psychic nor verbal

/They float through void/

\Your passing begins\

/ /I am aware/ xir responds

/Down upon crystal

/Sunk deep within reflection/

Orange fur

/Feathery core, oozing/


/Cackling energy/

\And yet, you wish to flee\

/Should not

/Hear those/

The black cat purred

/ words/

/No one wants to Pass/

/Shapes flash

/With Zaphriel's own/

The cat's eyes gleamed with sentience

\Not now\

\So come, loyal soldier

\Your timing ended

\To enter the Next, thou must\

\First, the offer

\One question

\Answered true\

The cats stared at each other,

loyal vessels

/Zaphriel thought on that

/Thought of world's pushed close

/On time in everyone

/And asked/

/What of my Father?/

/Shapes cascade round




The cat let out an almost human chuckled

\On creation, He looked

\And seeing

\Reflections of Himself

\He wept\

\And no more will


\Look upon His brilliance\

/Flaming tendril reach/

The cat crept closer

/Between vessel and angel

/Two as one ending/

/Eternal light

/Tore apart existence/

If you can understand this, you're lying.

Angel true form vision is bizzare to humans.

P.S. The line structure is not the way I would have wanted it, does not like how I play with it apparantly, but yeah. Enjoy?