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4th Question

Who was the genius who thought of the theory of relativity?

Himeji Mizuki

Yoshii Akihisa.

Yuuji Sakamoto

Yoshii Akihisa

Shimada Minami

Yoshii Akihisa

Teacher's Comment:

Please follow him to the hospital and also get your heads checked please.

Yuuji's POV

"Was the message you mailed me really true!?"

"Yes, it is, Hideyoshi."

"Then that Akihisa is actually a—"


Hideyoshi, our gender-confusing friend, sounded surprised. After all, once you hear that the stupidest person you ever knew was actually a genius, I wouldn't say I won't do the same.

We headed for the doors to Akihisa's room. Once we arrived, we slowly opened to see Akira-san and Akihisa inside, fighting about her attempts to kiss him. When I see him like this, I thought, I really can't believe what we heard earlier was true. But since we had proof, there's no way this situation was merely a prank by the headmaster.

"Ah, isn't that Yuuji and the gang? Minami and Himeji-san too?"

"Why do you sound surprised, Aki-kun?"

"Nah, I merely thought that Minami would never— AHHHHH! MY BACK HURTS!"

Once I saw him being clutched by Shimada, I had to fight the temptation to laugh. Shimada soon broke the display of hate/affection, turning away, blushing. I really want to know if he truly doesn't know the girls' affections or he was merely pretending.

"Aki, you idiot!"


"That was your fault Aki-kun," said Akira-san, sounding annoyed, "you don't really understand a woman's heart."

"I don't want to hear that from a sister who tries to kiss his sleeping brother!"

After taking another 5 minutes of them fighting each other, I finally managed to get their attention. I raised the question, along with the proof, saying:

"Akihisa, I have to ask you to tell the truth."

"What truth, Yuuji?"

"The fact of your real test scores."


It seems that he was surprised. Or was it fear? Anyway, when I gave the test papers to Akira-san, even she was surprised. It seems that even his sister didn't know.

"Akihisa, tell the truth."

"What do you mean? Di-didn't I have a failing grade as always?"

Looks like he was nervous.

"No, actually it's the opposite. Tell us the truth or we will be forced to nurse you for today."

"What's bad about that?"

"We were planning to feed you, courtesy of Himeji and Akira-san."

"Okay, I lied."

Looks like his trauma of the two's cooking was worse than his childhood trauma. I think I'll be the same if I was the same as him. Soon, the mood of the room changed.

"Seems you found out. Did Ironman— no, Nishimura-sensei tell you that?"

"Yes, and the Principal was also involved."

"I see."

Soon after, Akihisa told his story. It was the same as Ironman said, but when it came from him, it sounded even sadder. After he finished speaking, the girls looked like they were in the verge of crying.

"Now you know the truth, do you hate me?"


"Even if I tried to hide myself?"

"No way, Akihisa. Think of it. If you just told the truth we may have defeated Class A earlier. Look at Himeji. She is a genius in our class, but she is liked by everyone. Intelligence is something to be proud of."

"That's right, Aki/Akihisa-kun!"

"I didn't think of it that way. Why didn't I do so?"

Looking at him right now, I realized. He may be really a genius, but when it came to real-life matters, he was the same idiotic Akihisa. After realizing this, for some reason, I felt relieved. Maybe I didn't want to lose the Akihisa we knew for so long.


"May we intrude upon you? We have to talk to the patient. Please wait outside the room."

"When will Akihisa-kun be released from the hospital?"

"Don't worry. Later this afternoon, he will be released soon enough."

And with that we left the room. Although he was indeed released later that afternoon, we didn't see him. We only saw a note left in his place, given to the nurse.

"'"HELP ME!"'"

Ah, maybe he was kidnapped by Akira-san. I guess he would have a lot of punishments waiting for him at home. I am waiting for the day that idiot will become one of our secret weapons.

5th Question

What would the following reaction create? CH2CLCOOH + NaCl

Yuuji Sakamoto

Probably a salt.

Teacher's Comment:

What makes you think that will form a salt?

Yoshii Akihisa

CH2CLCOOHNa + HCl (Hydrochloric Acid)

Teacher's Comment:

It seems you were just released from the hospital. What kind of serious disease was the diagnosis?

Himeji Mizuki

Food Additive.

Teacher's Comment:

I pity the person who will eat your food.

Akihisa's POV

After a grueling series of tortures from my sister, I fainted, only to wake up the morning the next day. After another scolding before breakfast, I prepared to leave for school. I wonder what will happen today.

On the way to school, I met Himeji-san. She seemed upbeat but when she looked at me, she started to become flustered. I wonder why?


"What, Himeji-san?"

"Today, I made another lunchbox for you, Yoshii-kun. Would you eat with me later during lunch?"

Looking at her, I couldn't say no. So I thought of dragging the others with me.

"Okay, Himeji-san. But let me invite the others, okay?"

"Okay, Yoshii-kun, we'll make it your 'Welcome Back' celebration."

After that, she gave me a smile that can enchant anybody, and left me blushing in the middle of the road. Then, I realized. Usually, they come at these times…



After managing to escape from the hands of FFF, I arrived in the classroom. Nobody noticed. Now I don't feel loved anymore….

"Aki, you're back!"

"Finally, Akihisa. Class is starting you know."

Soon after, class began. When we finally got a break, Yuuji discussed in front of the large screen in front of us. I wonder what is he planning to do?

"After lunch, the teachers have decided to give us a seating arrangement."


"Don't worry. I discussed that we should have a choice in the seating arrangement, so we can choose whatever chair we want."

"Then what is different?"

"I'm still not finished speaking. The condition is an ESB battle between students of the same choice. If you happen to want a chair, you must fight for the claim."

Then, that means a war between the boys between who will be able to sit with the girls. As choices were drawn in the screen, it ended with a war between all of the boys of the seat between Himeji and Minami.

After a while of loses and victories, nothing stood between me and the position other than Yuuji.

Classical Japanese

Yoshii Akihisa Yuuji Sakamoto

295 points 354 points

That Yuuji, choosing my weak subject….. Damn him but, nothing will stand between me and the position!

*Sound of a cellphone calling*

"Kirishima-san, do you know Yuuji is….."

"What are you doing Akihisa!"

Right after that, Kirishima-san arrived to the scene and apprehended Yuuji. Right after, he was tied and dragged. Above his screams and wails we hear:

"Shou-shouko, what are you doing… What is that for…."

"Those with affairs would be punished."


Farewell, bad friend.

Later on, when lunch break started, I invited the gang for lunch while Himeji-san was preparing the food and decorations. When I arrived at the roof, I was surprised. Even Ironman came and there was a complete set of decorations, just like a party.


Although I got a feeling I may get back there sooner than I thought.

On a table, there was cake, cookies, punch, and lunchboxes. Due to the differences in display, I guess pretty much everything other than the lunchboxes was bought by someone. The Principal maybe.

"This is the formal welcome back for Akihisa-kun and his decision to no longer hide his ability, so CHEERS!"

Ahh… This was more enjoyable than I thought. Yuuji and Kirishima-san chatting, Hideyoshi and Muttsurini eating and drinking punch, and Himeji-san handing her lunchboxes to everyone… Wait. Oh no.


It was too late. Everyone except the us four guys already bit into the lunchboxes and promptly fainted. Everyone else had to be sent to the hospital, forcing a quick end on my Welcome Back party.

5th Question

What happened yesterday at the rooftop?

Tsuchiya Kouta


Teacher's Comment:

Seeing your answer only makes me want to know more.

Yoshii Akihisa

I had a welcome back party until it was forced to stop.

Teacher's Comment:

I see… Then why were there reports of severe food poisoning?

Himeji Mizuki

I prepared for Akihisa-kun's welcome back party, but when I handed out my lunchboxes, I lost consciousness.

Teacher's Comment:

Now I see what really happened.

Minami's POV

When I arrived for class, I saw Sakamoto and Kouta talk about what happened yesterday. I couldn't understand a thing, so I just passed by them.

"Yesterday was horrible! If it wasn't for that Akihisa, we would have been the same as the others!"

"... Un."

"Well, I've got the feeling that we were the original targets and the others were just accidentally involved."

*Nodding head in agreement*

"But it was hard! Carrying Ironman alone took the four of us, and we had to call the hospital because the clinic got too full!"

"…But it seems that since yesterday, the principal gave medicine for severe poisoning in the clinic. It may save us one day."

"At least there is something good."

"Hey, where's Aki?

I asked the duo.

"I don't know. Isn't he just late?"

"No, his bag is there in his seat, but he isn't here."

"Then, maybe Ironman is making him do brunt work."

"No, that's impossible. Nishimura-sensei just removed his Punishment Inspector status yesterday. He said, 'I only gave you this title to help you in your past facade, but now it is no longer needed.'"

Then Kouta answered for me.

"…I heard it from the Ironman yesterday."

"What was it?"

"He was planning to give Akihisa a chance to transfer to Class A."


"But, there's no way Akihisa would take it, right?"

Yuuji said, although I could see that he was quite flustered about it.

"…No, didn't you hear it? The principal is upgrading our old classroom into Class B."

"THAT OLD HAG! If Class A manages to steal Akihisa, then we would have lost a great weapon to them!"

Ah… So that was the reason. Even if the Class F is defeated by Class A, we will only be downgraded into Class B facilities so we don't care much but since Sakamoto will be forced to marry Kirishima-san if that happens, he doesn't want to lose.

"We have to stop Akihisa! Muttsurini, Minami, help me in finding him! I'll call Hideyoshi and Himeji later, so go on ahead!"

"…I'll search for him in the girls' restroom and changing room."

I got a feeling there was an ulterior motive there….

"I'll check if Aki is around the principal's office!"

"Go ahead, Minami, Muttsurini!"

Finding him was easier than I thought. When I arrived at the corridor leading to the principal's office, I saw him exit the room. I quickly ran up to him and subdued him.


"Aki, what did you do inside the principal's room!?"


I reluctantly let him go. And I was getting close to squeezing the truth out of him. Literally.

"Minami, I have to go now. I have to go to Class—"

"Aki, don't go! Don't leave yet!"

"But Minami, class is starting—"

"No, Aki, DON'T GO!"

"Don't tell me you're planning something like—"


Then I started to panic. What if Aki will really leave the Class F? At my state, I wouldn't be able to follow him there. I don't want him to leave!

"Minami, really. I have to—"

"Aki, I have to tell you something."

"What is it Minami?"

"Do you know—"

If I don't tell it to him now, I won't get another chance!

"—that I for a long time—"

I have to do it.

"—I, I, I, I lo, lo—"



Then I looked at him to see his response. Then I realized. In my panic, I unknowingly beat him until he was unconscious.


And with that, I blacked out

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