I- Chill Out

Brain was having a craptacular day so far.

He got in trouble with his boss, his best friend and partner sold him out, and he'd walked away from SWAT. Sounds great right?

Now he was zipping through traffic on the way to his girlfriend's house. She'd know what to say once he got there, she always did.

Immediately after stepping inside he heard music blaring and a woman singing along beautifully.

Anxious to finally hold his girlfriend in his arms, Brain ran to the living room to see nothing but a large canvas with feet poking out from the bottom of it.

He felt a smile making its way onto his face as he walked around to see the most beautiful girl in the world standing there, painting and singing away without a care in the world. Her long black hair with its natural curves framed her soft features while her skin glowed with warmth.

"Whit," Brian whispered faintly but Whitney turned to him and her giant smile grew larger.

"I was wondering when you were coming home. Saw the news you know, you're a hero," she told him beaming. Brian frowned ever so slightly.

"No one else seems to think so," he replied, eyes downcast. He felt Whit's delicate fingers pulling his chin up, her violet eyes looking deep into his blue ones.

"You're my hero," she answered, her voice light as a feather and filled with honey. Brushing her lips gently against his own, Whitney kissed him. "Now, I'm going to go clean myself up and you relax a bit and put on something nice on okay? We're going to celebrate," she told Brian.

He looked bewildered as he pointed out, "Celebrate what? I lost my job."

"The fact that you saved someone's life today, lots of someones actually. And now, you can find a new job, start a fresh new chapter in your life," Whitney stated as if it was obvious, moving back towards the bathroom while smiling over her shoulder at her boyfriend.

He chuckled and glanced at the abandoned painting. It was of a girl who used to be a marmite puppet, but now her strings were cut off, she was free.

Just like I am, Brian thought to himself smiling.

It was time to start his new and improved lifeā€¦

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