"So, what's the plan?" Whitney asked as they looked at the assortment of gear and blueprints spread out on the table.

Brian tapped his chin, "They'll use a smoke-screen and move him while everyone's attention is diverted. Those armored cars moving tomorrow won't have him in them, they'll be fakes. SWAT will use a helicopter to pick him up."

Whitney looked at the other plans. "We need an insider," she realized.

Brian scoffed, "They're all straight arrows Whit." Whitney looked at him and smirked deliciously.

"Not all of them," she whispered seductively.

Brian grinned too. "You're a genius!" he exclaimed.

Whitney shrugged playfully, "I try."

Fingering the back of his hand skillfully, Whitney asked, "Hi, so how've you been TJ?"

Sorry its super doper short but I'm having writers block at the moment and this was all I could come up with! REVIEW & HAVE A DOCTOR! +:-)

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