The old magic prolonged their lives...but their destinies haven't changed. She's still the darkness to his light, he's still the love to her hatred. But even the most epic of battles must come to an end...and sometimes in a way no one would expect. Modern AU. Merlin x Morgana (Mergana). Don't own Merlin! Hope you like it!



Magic always has its consequences...and this is mine.

These words are etched into his brain like words carved in stone.

Magic always has its consequences...and this is mine.

Too long. He has lived for far too long. It's an endless torture. An endless life. He could never have predicted that his continuous use of magic would one day have it's consequences...and the most horrific of all would be an endless life. An endless life of ageless wonder...forever destined to remain young.

My journey was with Arthur...and it should have ended with him.

But his friend, the King of Camelot, was long gone. Killed in the Battle of Camlaan by Mordred...with her by his side. Arthur's bones were were Guinevere's, his queen. The Knights of the Round Table...Sir Gwaine, Sir Percival, Sir Leon, Sir Elyan...all gone.

A loud honk driving through the air pulled Merlin out of his thoughts. He let out a shaky breath, and watched as the mist his breath made curled into the air, mixing with the snow.

Merlin shivered and pulled his jacket on tighter, looking down at his cup of coffee which had now gone cold.

He'd observed the world as it had grown...watched as humans continued to make startling discoveries. He did his best not to meddle, but he lent a hand every now and then. Of course, when he wasn't occupied with her...

The world had changed...if Arthur was still alive, he would believe he were dreaming. Horses were no longer used to travel...metal had been molded to make transport...worlds were coming closer fascinated him more than anything else.

Of course, magic had all but been lost...the Battle of Camlaan had left everyone hurt...including those with magic. Merlin was pretty sure he was the only person with magic left in the world...apart from of course...her...

He heard loud boisterous laughter...laughter he would know from anywhere.

She's here. He thought, his heart racing. He sat up straight in his seat and watched as three women entered the coffee shop, all laughing loudly. Merlin stood from his seat and walked inside, glad to be out of the cold. He sat down at the nearest spot he could find and watched the three women, picking up a newspaper and pretending to read it.

"My god, it's freezing out there!" One woman with long blonde hair exclaimed.

"Not as cold as the day we found you though, Amy." The other woman said, shaking snow out of her auburn locks.

"Hmm?" The third girl said, spinning around to face her friends.

Merlin's breath caught when he saw her face.

Just the same as eyes, deeper than grass, long hair as black as night...

"Oh you're not going to'm not going to make it that easy."

Merlin clenched his cup in anger and tried his hardest not to glare at the woman named "Amy".

"I was saying it's not as cold outside as the day we found you."

"Oh come on, Sarah. We've been through it a million times. Get over it." Amy said, rolling her eyes.

"Amy, we found you in the snow, unconscious and bloody! It's only been two months, aren't you in the least bit suspicious about what happened to you? You can't even remember anything about yourself from before then!" Sarah exclaimed.

"Sure I can! My name is Amelia "Amy" Carlisle, I'm from Dublin, I have no family, what else is there to know?"

"You made that name up, you decided you're from Ireland because you have an accent, and you don't even KNOW if you have no family!"

"Sarah, drop it." The girl with the blonde hair said.

"Emma, I can't just drop it! We need to dig deeper, we need to-"

"We don't need to do anything! I decided that this is my life now! Maybe I forgot for a reason. Maybe this is my destiny, to start fresh! My name is Amy, and I have no interest in my other life or who I used to be, alright?" Amelia said, crossing her arms.

"Ugh, fine!" Sarah said, throwing her hands into the air in exasperation.

"Thank you! Now let's have a hot cup of coffee on an extremely cold day like three normal ass women!" Emma said, chuckling.

"Amen!" Amy said, grinning. Merlin watched Amy with blank eyes, but inside he felt nothing but guilt and anger.

Two months ago, they'd found each other again. And it had ended badly. So bad that it took Merlin two weeks to recover.

This woman was not Amy Carlisle...

She was Morgana Pendragon, sister of Arthur Pendragon, King of Camelot, and the Last High Priestess of the Old Religion. Her power matched his own. He, Merlin Emrys, the most powerful sorcerer of all time.

And both of them were destined to spend their days never aging, never dying...destined to spend the rest of their days fighting each other.

Four years after Arthur's death, Morgana and Mordred had attacked Camelot...and failed. She'd been injured, and she had disappeared.

He thought she had died...he thought the Old Magic had not affected her like it did him, but he was wrong. He'd met her once again in Mercia, twenty eight years after Arthur's death, and she looked no different than the day Merlin had last seen her.

Their battle had resulted in the destruction of Mercia and the loss of all those who lived in the Kingdom, which still hurt Merlin to think about 'till this very day.

Two hundred years had passed before they met again. Morgana had almost killed him, but something had stopped her. A sadness had grown in her eyes as she stood over him, and Merlin took the opportunity to strike her down. She'd fled, injured.

Another three hundred years later and they'd met again, except it was Merlin's time to hesitate, and her turn to take advantage.

Hundreds of years later...World War I, World War II...they'd both been involved in that...

And now, less than two months ago, they'd met again...only this time, it had ended in a way Merlin never would have expected.

She found him in his home, they both used magic, they'd both been blasted back. Merlin had gone through two walls and fallen down a flight of stairs, and Morgana had flown out of his window, ten feet above the ground. He watched the two women named Emma and Sarah find her and rush her to the hospital. Once he'd recovered, he went to hospital near his house and had gone to every single room, trying to find her.

One hundred and sixty eight rooms later, he found her, sitting up in bed with these two women, laughing and joking around...and with no recollection of who she was.

In her mind, Morgana Pendragon never existed.

But he had to keep an eye on her...there was every chance she could remember...

So that was why he was here. Because Amy Carlisle was dangerous...

She just didn't know it.