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Little Spark

"Emma, seriously?" Amy spat her coffee back into her cup in disgust and Emma gazed up at her with wide eyes.

"What?" She exclaimed.

"You ordered mine with no sugar." Amy said, frowning. Emma's eyes went, if possible, wider.

"What? Yes I did! I told her, two sugars!"

"It's okay, I'll just take it back, it's fine."

"Ugh, I hate when you do this." Sarah said, shaking her head. Emma slapped her arm.

"I got her order right!" Amy chuckled and stood slowly, wincing at the pain in her back. Emma looked at her in concern, but Amy ignored her and walked up the counter. The young girl serving her looked up.

"Can I help you?" She asked politely.

"Um, yes, I just need two sugars in my coffee."



"I hate when that happens." Amy jumped in shock and span around to see the man who had glared at her all those weeks ago staring at her, smiling gently. Amy's eyes went wide and she nodded slowly.

"Uh, yeah. friend, she forgot to..." Amy trailed off and span around again to face the counter. She heard a small chuckle behind her. She felt a small tap on her shoulder and she turned again.

"Mmm?" She said, her heart racing. Why was he suddenly being so nice to her? And why was he even trying to talking to her?

"I wanted to apologize...for a couple of weeks ago know, I kind of acted coldly. It's look a lot like someone I used to know, but now I got a closer look at you and I'm realizing it's not you, or you're not her, or...umm..." His cheeks turned bright red and Amy chuckled.

"No, it's fine. I barely even thought about it." She said, grinning widely. He smiled and held his hand out.

"I'm Merlin." Amy felt her heart race and suddenly felt a surge of anger, but it disappeared as soon as it came. She shook her head, shaking the feeling and gripped his hand. A spark of electricity surged through her hand, just like when she had touched his hand a couple of weeks ago, when she'd reached for the sugar...

Merlin's bright blue eyes went wide and he looked at her in shock.

"I'm A-Amy." She stuttered, letting him go. He cleared his throat and nodded toward the counter.

"Your coffee." He said, smiling. She turned and saw a young girl holding her coffee cup out to her, smiling warmly.

"There you go, ma'am."

"Thanks." Amy took the cup off her and sipped it, nodding slowly. She turned to Merlin and smiled.

"Well, I should-"

"Yeah! Yeah, of course. Nice meeting you, Amy." He said, smiling.

"Nice meeting you, Merlin." She said, grinning. She walked back to her table and saw Emma and Sarah looking at her with wide eyes.

"What?" She asked innocently.

"What was that?" Emma said, chuckling as she looked over at Merlin, who sat back at his seat with a smile on his face.

"Uh, I dunno! He just said hi to me, it's nothing."

"What's his name?" Sarah said, leaning in excitedly. Amy rolled her eyes.

"Merlin. His name is Merlin."

"Like the wizard from all those legends? That's a weird name." Emma said, laughing. Amy shrugged.

"He's nice."

"He's creepy." Amy slapped Emma on the arm lightly.

"Be nice." She said, laughing slightly.

"Sorry! I just get a weird vibe from him."

"He seems like he's into you." Sarah said, winking at Amy. She blushed deeply and shook her head.

"He was just making small conversation. We were both in line for coffee and-"

"Oh, really? He had a coffee cup on his table and as soon as you left the line, he did, too. He likes you! Go talk to him!" Sarah said, poking her arm.

"What? Oh, get off it, Sarah. He's just being nice." Amy said, shaking her head.

"Besides, she's got a doctor's appointment for her back-" Emma started.

"But he's totally into you! Go! Go! Go! Go! GO!" Sarah started chanting, banging her fists onto the table loudly. Amy grabbed her arm tightly, her eyes wide.

"Stop!" She hissed.

"GO! GO! GO!" Sarah started shouting.

"Oh for god's sake!" Amy stood up, fully aware that her face was bright red, and looked over at Merlin, who was reading his paper, but laughing under his breath. Amy glared at Sarah.

"I hate y-"

"Go!" Sarah said, pointing. Amy glared at her once more, then turned and walked over to Merlin, who smiled up at her.


"Hi!" Amy breathed, grinning widely. He chuckled and looked over at Emma and Sarah.

"Your friends are pressuring you into this, aren't they?" Amy rolled her eyes.

"They see you talking to one guy and they immediately think he wants to sweep you off your feet and take you on a date or something." She said, shaking her head in disbelief.

"I'm sorry they're making you do this." He said, closing his paper and laying it on the table. She sat down in front of him, shrugging.

"I don't mind. You're a nice guy. Let's just...pretend to get along for their benefit." She said, laughing. Merlin raised an eyebrow.

"We're not getting along?" He said, pouting. She laughed.

"Well, sure, but-"

"Not in that way, right. Well...let's just talk about stuff." He said, grinning. Amy laughed again.

"What kind of stuff?" She said, smirking. He frowned.

"Well, where are you from?" He asked. Amy chuckled under her breath.

"Uh...well...I suffered an accident a couple of months ago and uh...I don't remember much about myself." Merlin's eyes went wide in shock.

"Oh're serious?" He said, letting out a breath. She nodded.

"All I really know is that my name is Amy, and I'm from Dublin...I think. I have an accent anyway." Amy said, laughing. Merlin shook his head in disbelief.

"Wow! Have you...I mean, have you tried to remember anything, or..." Amy shook her head.

"No, I mean...I've kind of been given a fresh start, right? Why not take that opportunity, and really start fresh?" She said, shrugging. Merlin nodded.

"Wish I could get a fresh start like that." He said, grinning. She laughed.

"Gotta's a pretty great feeling! I have new friends, a new life...I have a feeling my last one wasn't so great." Merlin nodded slowly.

"A fresh start is a good idea." He said. She smiled.

"Thanks. What about you? Where are you from?" She said, grinning. He laughed softly.

"Uh...right here. London, England."

"Ah!" Amy said, chuckling. She felt someone grip her chair and turned to see Emma smiling down at her.

"You ready to go?" She asked. Amy rolled her eyes.

"My back is fine-"

"Your back is not fine. This is the last therapy session you need for awhile anyway."

"Therapy session?" Merlin asked. Amy sighed and stood.

"Yeah, sorry. I kinda did my back in pretty bad when I had the accident. Whenever I get pain, I have to go back for a session with the doctor. I'd leave it alone, but the second I wince, Emma's on the phone, calling him." She said, punching Emma's arm lightly.

"I'm just looking out for you. Hi, I'm Emma." Emma said, holding her hand out to Merlin. He shook it lightly.

"Merlin. Nice to meet you."

"You too. I'd love to stay and chat, but...we gotta go. You also have a job interview at my school at 11, remember?" Amy nodded and Emma grinned.

"See you around, Merlin!" She said. He smiled.

"See ya." She walked away and Amy smiled at him.

"I'll uh...I'll see you around?" Merlin nodded and she grinned.


"Bye, Amy." He said softly. She picked her coffee up and followed Emma out, glancing back at Merlin as she left.

She couldn't stop her heart from racing. She'd definitely felt that...that little spark...when she touched his hand...

"Hey, Emma? Did you get like a little spark when you shook his hand?"

"What? No. Why?" Emma said, wrapping her scarf around her neck as Sarah ran up to join them.

"Thanks for leaving me back there." She grumbled.

"Sorry. And nothing...just...felt something."

"Oooh...a little spark?" Emma said, nudging her.

"Shut up." Amy said, rolling her eyes.