She didn't like hospitals. Not because of all the obvious reasons, but also because hospitals are part of the system. And as a great man once taught her, she had to stay out of it.

But that same great man was lying in front of her now. Unconscious, with various machines attached to him which made awful beeping noises. Of course the beeping meant he was still alive, but if you ever heard them in a hospital, belonging to someone you love, they were truly awful.

His name wasn't the one that was written on the chart at the foot of the bed. "Ivan Bliminse", the invisible man, was in their system, not her Mozzie.
The chart also said that they put him in a medically induced coma. When she read that, her heart dropped into her stomach.

After her brother had gotten himself caught, Mozzie was the only thing she had left. He had cared about her, supported her and showed her how to survive. Not everything he taught her was perfectly legal, but when you are Neal Caffrey's little sister, the line between legal and illegal has always been very thin.

But Mozzie never turned her into one of them. She even finished university, properly. She only got in and got a scholarship thanks to one of Mozzie's scams, but she had learned quickly not to ask to many questions. After graduation she got a proper job, an own apartment and was standing on her own feet. She was a librarian now in the New York Public Library.

She had made a promise to herself that she would never need her brother again. She hated him for getting himself arrested and leaving her behind with nothing, but what really turned her around was him breaking out only a few months before the end of his sentence. He clearly didn't care for her anymore, so she decided to stay away from him too.
Mozzie got a new identity for her. Even he saw that Neal was an influence she shouldn't be dealing with anymore, and until now he kept his word to not tell Neal about her life.

Mozzie being Mozzie was what made staying away from the hospital so hard. She gave in when not knowing drove her crazy at home. She borrowed some scrubs and strolled around the hospital until she found him.
Seeing her brother on the chair next to his bed didn't surprise her, she stayed out of the room until he finally fell asleep over his book.

It felt so weird. She hadn't seen Neal since before he got himself arrested and didn't expect him to look so… good. Even though he obviously spent the last day and night on that chair, he didn't look like an ex-convict. But he probably never did look like a convict anyway.

Neal shuffled a little in his chair, and she got startled. She managed to draw back out the door, right when he opened his eyes. But he saw her. He got merely a glimpse, but he saw her. Neal was wide awake in an instant and shot out into the corridor, but she had a quick exit route so he couldn't find her.
"Ella" he whispered. He had been looking for her for so long, he had almost given up. So what was she doing here now?