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It wasn't the most pleasant sound he had ever woken up to. In fact, it was one of the more disgusting ones. With a loud sigh, James pulled himself out of bed, walked to the bathroom door and closed it. Emily was inside the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet again. He heard she had been sick all day the day before, and now she was sick again this morning. He hoped it was nothing serious.

Terran was already awake and sitting in his crib, trying to figure out what the sound was and looking a little worried. Serena was in the bathroom with Emily. Terran, since his mother had come home, had been very clingy. He wanted her attention; he wanted her all to himself. Knowing she was awake and not with him made him worry.

"Mommy's fine," James reassured the little boy as he lifted him from his crib, "We just can't compete with vomiting little sister."

A strange odour reached James' nose and he groaned, "Terran, pooping your pants will chase mommy away. We need to get you potty trained."

James tickled Terran's stomach, causing the boy to laugh and temporarily forget about his mother. James smiled. Feeding him breakfast would be much easier now. Of course, he still had to change Terran's diaper.

He decided he would do so in the common room. The smell of vomit, on its own, was retching, and the smell of one of Terran's full diapers was sometimes worst. It would be torture to combine the two smells in one room. He got to the common room and laid out the mat to change Terran. As he did this, he heard grunts from the dojo, and then something smashed. James chuckled and shook his head. It was a typical morning in the Shiba House, and he was glad for it.

Terran's diaper change went without incident, and as James pulled his pants back up, he heard someone walking into the common room. He looked over and saw it was Mike, with a plate of breakfast Kate had made. James knew there was a plate waiting for him, but after waking up to the sound of Emily vomiting and changing Terran's diaper, he wasn't too hungry.

"Sup," Mike nodded his head casually. James set Terran down in a circle of his toys and looked to the green Ranger.

"Emily slept in our bed last night."

"I figured she'd go to Serena or Mia," Mike sighed. James took a seat on the stool, where he could look at Mike and keep his eye on Terran.

"What did you do?"

"Nothing," Mike shook his head. He and Emily had gotten into a fight. As a result of finding out they were expecting a child; Mike and Emily found themselves at odds. Naturally, Mike wanted to protect his family as much as he could, and knowing the dangers that lurked outside the gates of the Shiba House, especially for a Ranger, Mike wanted Emily to step down from her role as yellow Ranger. Emily seemed to disagree, insisting she could still be a Ranger and she could fight carefully. Though Mike tried his best to control his temper and be sensitive to Emily's side of the argument, there was no reasoning with her. Their fights either ended with her kicking him out, or her walking away.

It was a difficult time for both of them, and the fact that they already couldn't agree on how to take care of their child was making everything worse.

The pregnancy was also a secret. Emily didn't want to tell the others when they had initially found out because she wanted them to focus on getting Serena home, which Mike had agreed needed to be a priority. Emily had promised to do nothing too dangerous, and Mike had come up with a plan that would keep her as safe as possible without raising suspicion from the others. Now, though, Serena was back home and slowly getting back into the routine of being safe and sound with her friends and family, and Emily still refused to tell the others about the pregnancy. Mike, knowing it was best not to push her buttons, wouldn't spill until she was ready, but wanted to convince her sharing the news would be best.

In his eyes, it was the best solution. He would do everything for his wife and future child, but he knew he couldn't be everywhere all the time. If everyone else knew about pregnancy, that made nine pairs of eyes watching Emily. It still wasn't perfect (perfect would be putting Emily in a bubble for nine months), but it was the best solution.

Mike also knew the others would all take his side. Kevin, without knowing it, already agreed with Mike. If Emily was pregnant, she needed to stand down.

Emily didn't like hearing that. For some reason, the thought of being benched angered and frustrated her. Mike had thought that though she didn't like the thought of watching her friends run off while she sat on the sidelines, she would do what she could to protect herself and her unborn child. Emily, instead, insisted she would fight at least until she started to show. She insisted she needed to help the Rangers defeat Xandred.

Their stressful situation and their refusal to agree meant anytime they met they would end up fighting. Mike figured some time away would be best and he would avoid Emily for today, hoping it would help her clear her head and she could see why it was so important she take a backseat.

"Mike," James shook his head, "Emily doesn't come to sleep in our bed, crying about a broken heart, for nothing."

"It's nothing that concerns you," Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Leave it alone, James. It's our business."

"I'm just trying to help."

"I didn't ask for your help," Mike was getting quickly agitated. He grabbed his plate and decided to eat in his room. Somehow, he was going to end up looking like the bad guy in this mess. If they only knew, he was sure they would take his side, but for now they all seemed to have Emily's best interest at heart. Not that he minded, but it was a real pain when they assumed Emily's best interest didn't include him.

James watched Mike leave with a groan and wondered why a day in the Shiba House couldn't stay normal.


"You're saying you've been to the doctor?" Serena asked as she sat by the toilet, now just watching as Emily spilled her guts. Emily nodded her head.

"He said it was nothing and that it'll pass. I just have to wait…"

"It out?" Serena finished as Emily threw up again. She sighed, "He couldn't have said it was nothing. Is it just the flu? A stomach virus? Did he give you antibiotics?"

"It's fine, Serena. I'll be okay…"

Serena reached over and put her hand on her sister's forehead, "You don't have a fever. Is there something you're not telling me?"

"What wouldn't I tell you?" Emily asked. Deciding she was done, she flushed the toilet and went to clean herself up.

"I don't know, Em, but if this is some revenge for when I was sick, it's not funny."

"It's not revenge. I must have just eaten something…"

"I thought you went to the doctor."

"I did."

"But you're still just guessing what it could be?" Serena asked. "How would the doctor know it's nothing if you're still guessing what's making you throw up?"

Emily groaned, "You know, this lack of trust between us really isn't a good thing."

"Trust needs to be earned, Emily."

"And I haven't earned it, yet?" Emily asked, "Serena, I'm out there breaking my neck every day because you're the one who decided to keep secrets, remember? I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. You owe me, now, and you can pay me back by shutting up!" she shouted loudly and regretted it almost instantly. She had lost her patience for a moment and now it looked like she had lost her sister. Serena was horrified, looking to Emily like a startled baby deer in the headlights. Before Emily could apologize, Serena jumped up to her feet and ran off.

"Dammit!" Emily shouted and punched the sink before she dropped to the floor and hugged her knees to her chest. With her and Mike fighting, Serena was the only person Emily felt she could lean on with the pregnancy, knowing Serena had experience. Now she had just chased her away. She buried her face in her arms and sobbed.