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Summary: What if they are just typical highschool students after-all? What might happen? Could they successfully surpass homeworks, projects, teachers, delinquents, and crushes?

Chapter 1: First day of school

September; start of a new school year. Cherry tree's blooms fall on the sidewalk smoothly, as Asuka rides on her bike with excitement and joy. A smile on her face could tell. But before school, she'll meet up with her friends; Lili and Xiaoyu. Since the 3 of them are all competing at the Tekken tournament, they seem to understand each other.

"Asuka!" Xiaoyu greeted Asuka by waving her hand as she approaches to them at the corner of the sidewalk.

"You are SUPER late!" blurted Lili, nagging to her. "I've told my butler that I wouldn't use my limousine to school today, expecting that my friend here would be early to me."

"Alright, alright, I'm late! Jeez, don't be such a nag!" defended Asuka. "Besides, it's 45 minutes before bell! We have a lot of things to do!"

Xiaoyu is a Chinese student. She transferred from China to Japan with the help of Heihachi Mishima. She lived with them. She has a huge crush on Jin, Asuka's cousin. Therefore, Jin's feelings toward Xiaoyu are still undefined. Who knows?

Lili, daughter of the owner of Rochefort Enterprises, came from Monaco. She is considered a 'princess' because she is rich and has a face of an angel. Therefore, little they know, she likes to kick ass. Yes, she loves fighting on streets. Her father doesn't know about it, so it should be considered a secret.

Asuka, on the other hand, is a natural Japanese girl. She likes eating and also training. She detests street delinquents and underestimating women. So she just treats the crap of their heads until they made their faces crumble in pain.

The 3 of them are like impossible to be friends, but the tournament brought them closer together.

As they chat, Asuka began to look around and notice something.

"Where are the boys?" she asked, looking at Lili and Xiaoyu.

"Yeah, they should be here by now." as Lili also wandered her eyes to the people passing by.

Hwoarang was on a house—rather a mansion perhaps—in front of the Mishima Residence. He is waiting for Jin to come out. They agreed and promised together that they'll go to school together in motorcycle, though their school is not that far away though.

"I'm getting impatient! Where is that Kazama?" he scoffed.

Inside the mansion, Jin was persuading his parents to let him have his motorcycle to take with him to school. But, as parents, they were prohibiting him.

"No, Jin. You can't have the keys." as Kazuya, Jin's dad, holds the key on his fingertips.

"You have to listen to your father, Jin." as Jun explained to her son. "Mishima Polytechnic is just blocks away."

"But mom, dad, I'm grown-up now! I can drive the motorcycle better than dad!" Jin told them.

Good thing, Heihachi Mishima, overhearing their conversation, came down the stairs to interrupt them.

"He's right Kazuya. Let the boy be!" he told Kazuya. "He can handle himself. He's 19!"

"But father, you know how dangerous it is to drive a motorcycle." Jun said to Heihachi, but he chuckled hard and took the keys from Kazuya's fingers.

"Dangerous? How could it be dangerous to drive a motorcycle just a few blocks away from home?" then he gave the keys to Jin. "Have fun at the first day of school, boy!"

Thankfully, he bowed to his grandfather with joy. "Thanks grandpa!" then he embraced both of his parents. "Thank you so much!"

"Just be careful, ok Jin?" asked the worried mother.

"I will!" then he set off.

He took the motorcycle out the mansion. Hwoarang was there, with his hair up and uniform, crossing his arms.

"You've finally shown up! What took you so long!?" he scolded Jin. Well, come to think of it, he waited 15 minutes outside, reason for him to be angry.

"Sorry." as he put his shades on. "My parents almost wouldn't let me have my bike." Then they both started their engines and took off to meet the girls.


"You are both late!" as Asuka pinched both Hwoarang and Jin's ear.

"Oh Asuka! Be careful with ears!" warned Xiaoyu, worried about Jin's ear.

"Oi that's enough! We are getting late for school!" as Lili grabbed both Asuka and Xiaoyu inside the school. Jin and Hwoarang, whose ears are both red, followed suit.

"So, what's for lunch Kazama?" asked Hwoarang, as he placed his hands across, behind his head.

"Will you please just call me Jin?" protested Jin.


The five of them; Jin, Hwoarang, Lili, Xiaoyu and Asuka, entered the school. They've been greeted by many students, mostly the old ones. All of the students know that they are all competing at a so-called tournament: The King of Iron Fist Tournament, but they're not alone.

"Look! The 5 of us are in the same class!" exclaimed Xiaoyu. She jumped up and down as she hugged both Lili and Asuka. "We could go together in class!"

Lili and Asuka are used to this, especially when she is at the state where she gradually meets 'excitement'. But, Xiaoyu is Xiaoyu! She's bubbly and friendly, no wonder most students like her so much. Lili and Asuka embraced Xiaoyu in reply, happy for their friend.

Hwoarang glared at Jin, who was smiling at the scene, looking at Xiaoyu, Lili and Asuka. Jin didn't notice Hwoarang seeing him smile, he wasn't aware. Suddenly, Hwoarang whispered him by the ear.

"You planned this, didn't you?" asked Hwoarang, letting a mischievous smile to him, which made Jin's eyes widen.

"N-No I didn't! What makes you think that?!" he exclaimed to Hwoarang, stepping backwards, hitting a student unintentionally.

"I knew it." Then Hwoarang let out a hard laugh, as he calls the 3 girls to them. "Hey! Let's go!" then he glared at Jin. "You still owe me, after making me wait for so long."

The five of them entered the room. Some students may seem to be familiar to them.

"Hey! You two!" as Shin grabbed their shoulders. "Long time no see!"

"Nice to see you again, Shin." as Jin greeted his old friend. Hwoarang grudgingly released himself from Shin.

"Yeah, yeah, good morning too." Then he went straight to his desk.

Remembering what happened earlier, Jin turned to Shin. "He's just tired. You see, he waited 15 minutes for me." Explained Jin, by which Shin would agree with a nod. He turned to look at Hwoarang's bitter face.

"Yeah, I could tell." Then they both approached Hwoarang to keep him company.

"Hey Shin, who's that?" as Jin pointed to the blond-haired student, whose eyes were blue as the sky.

"Oh that? Well, that's a new transferee. His name is Steve Fox." Then he leaned down to both Hwoarang and Jin who were staring at the new student. "He's Miss Nina's son!" he whispered.

Jin and Hwoarang glanced at Shin, shocked at the news they heard from Shin's mouth, with their eyes as wide as an owl's. Hwoarang's face was crumpled in confusion.

"You got to be kidding me. She had a son?" asked Hwoarang.

Jin slapped his face as he turned to reply him. "Hwoarang, he just told us seconds ago!" waving his hands up in the air.

Both Jin and Hwoarang remained to examine the new student. They listened to him as he spoke.

"He British?" Hwoarang asked Shin. "He sort of …have that accent, you know."

"Oh yes. He said he came from London."

The 3 of them looked at him, staring at him merely. Steve seems to have notice this so he glanced and approached them.

"Excuse me, may I help you, mate?" asked the Brit boy. Hwoarang was right, he does kind of have that accent.

They were speechless, unable to grab a word from their minds to reply at Steve. But Jin, who seemed to be formal, answered back.

"Sorry, we are just curious about every new student here." Then he stretched his hand out to Steve. "My name is Jin Kazama. Nice meeting you, Steve."

Steve accepted his gratitude and introduced himself. "I'm Steve Fox, I came from London. Nice meeting you too, Jin." Then they shook hands. Hwoarang and Shin came back to their senses, thinking they should introduce too! It would be rude for them to ignore this Brit boy.

"H-Hi I'm Hwoarang! I came from Korea!"

"And I'm Shin Kamiya, nice to meet you."

"Thank you! Nice to meet you all!"

At the other side of the room, Xiaoyu, Lili and Asuka are having a conversation with Miharu. She is a close friend to them.

"…so my dog went swimming by the seashore, then picked up the shell he just saw!" said Miharu, as she finished her story.

"Really?" exclaimed Lili. "That's amazing!"

"I wish Panda would swim at the shore for me." said Xiaoyu.

"I would LOVE to see Panda swim at the beach." said Asuka as she glanced to Xiaoyu. At the humor she had put up, they all laughed.

"Ok class, onto your seats!" said their teacher, as he entered the room. "Good morning students! My name is Lee Chaolan. I'm gonna be your teacher in English." as he glared to familiar to students, one-by-one. "Today our lesson for today is ….introducing one another!"

Sighing in relief, Asuka held her breath out, lounging her back to the seat lazily. She hated English class most of all.

"So each one of you should tell us your name and things you're interested at. Alright! Let's get started!" then Lee picked a student, sitting at the corner. "How about you?" he said, as he pointed to a pink-haired girl.


"Yes you! Stand up, young lady and tell us your name."

The girl slowly stood up. She was shy and also blushing.

"G-Good morning. My name i-is Alisa Bosconovitch, and I came f-from Russia. N-Nice meeting you!" then she hurriedly bowed to everyone and took her seat, with her head bowed down to her table.

Asuka tapped Xiaoyu's shoulder. "Isn't she adorable?" Xiaoyu nodded to agree.

After passing the 3 subjects, it's lunchtime. Asuka and Lili approached Alisa, the shyest girl in the whole class.

Oh wait, where is Xiaoyu?


"I'll be having my lunch before you guys. So sorry if we are not going to have lunch together." said Xiaoyu, as she observe them packing their things and holding each lunchboxes.

"It's ok Xiaoyu, we understand." said Lili, as she puts her sweetest smile to Xiaoyu.

"Anyway, who are you going to have lunch with?" after Asuka asked this, Xiaoyu's face became red. Miharu noticed this first.

"Xiao, why are you turning red all of the sudden?" Miharu asked.

"I-I am not!" defended Xiaoyu.

"Who are you—wait. Don't tell me you're having lunch with—." But before Asuka could finish her sentence, Xiaoyu ran as fast as possible, bidding goodbye to her friends.

"Oh well." She said, as Miharu shrug. "Our Xiao is growing up." Then she put a smile on her face, indicating how proud she was for her friend.

"Meeennn, I can't believe it." Asuka putting her hand on her head as she smiles slightly to Xiaoyu making her own way outside the door.

*flashback ends*

Lili tapped Alisa's shoulder, then she turned to them. She has an innocent face, with her big green doll-eyes. Lili puts on her sweet smile towards Alisa.

"Hi Alisa. My name is Lili de Rochefort."

"And I'm Asuka Kazama. Nice meeting you."

"Oh …uh …I-I'm delighted to meet you too." Alisa said as she smiles back to them.

"You have anything to do, Alisa?" asked Asuka. Alisa in reply, shook her head.

"Wanna go have lunch with us?" asked Lili. Alisa nodded as she smiled brightly to them. She stood up and came with them to grab lunch altogether.


"Hey Hwoarang!" called Shin. "Where's Jin?"

"He's having a date." replied Hwoarang, as he put a smirk on his face while eating his spaghetti.

"Date you say, this early?" asked Steve, eating his lasagna that he cooked by himself. (Hwoarang was taking some of its part though)

"Whoa! Tell me it's Xiaoyu, I'm gonna eat whole sack of potatoes!" said Shin exaggeratingly, pointing his fork to Hwoarang, indicating a bet.

Hwoarang removed the sauce from his mouth with a tissue, before he could answer. Then he made a mischievous smile, looking up to Shin.

"Xiaoyu it is."

"Damn! I knew it!" as Shin snapped his fingers. His exaggerating phrase did stop other students to what they are doing, looking at them like a weirdo.

Steve leaned forward as he copied Hwoarang's face to Shin. "Shall I order the whole sack of potatoes?" asked Steve, laughing at Hwoarang and Shin.

"Get it ready then!" exclaimed Hwoarang as he and Steve both laughed.

"H-Hey, it was just a figure of speech!"

At the school park, Asuka, Lili, Miharu and Alisa ate their lunches.

"Wow Asuka, you made these?" as Alisa astonishingly stare at her bento. "They look delicious!"

"Really?" asked Asuka, as she awkwardly scratched the back of her neck. "Why, thank you Alisa." Then she offered her to pick one of her dishes, by which Alisa gladly accepts.

"You know what?" started Lili. "I wonder if the lunch that you brought that day when I hit you with my limousine are delicious." Lili drew a mocking smile to Asuka. Asuka remembered that time again; her lunch was so deliciously made by herself, specially made for the first day of school, but it was all ruined by stupidly hitting Lili's limo. But she shook her head, and decided to forget such awful scene.

They were eating lunches when Miharu spotted something—no, someone! She immediately alerted the girls. "Guys! Look at 9 o'clock!" she commanded.

Then all of them looked at their left where Miharu was pointing them. There, they saw Jin and Xiaoyu, sitting together beneath a tree, eating lunch together.

"Oh my! So it's true!" as Lili giggled at Miharu's shoulders, viewing the two secretly unknowingly.

"Who is that?" asked Alisa, making the 3 other girls gaze at her for a moment.

"Oh, them? That boy there is my cousin, Jin Kazama; and the girl beside him is Ling Xiaoyu. They live together, you know." said Asuka, pointing at them one-by-one.

Alisa's expression was baffled, then her eyes widen in shock, placing her back hand on her mouth to cover them. "L-LIVING TOGETHER?!" she exclaimed, which by Asuka immediately took their head down, hushing Alisa in the process. "Don't tell me they're …they're …!"

"No, relax! Xiaoyu is studying here because of the help of Mr. Heihachi, by which also requires her to live with them as long as she like. Don't worry, they're not somewhat like the others." Explained Miharu, making Alisa nod, a sign that she understood what Miharu had explained to her.

"Wow Miharu, you do know everything." said Alisa with amazement, making Miharu chuckle at such compliment.

"Well, not really. Hehehe, now let's eavesdrop and see what they are doing!" then all of them turned away from their lunches, and observed the two.

"You cooked these?" asked Jin, as he munched the food on his mouth.

"Yeah, me and auntie Jun woke up early to prepare them." as Xiaoyu's face redden as she stares at him while eating. She enjoys Jin eating the lunch that she SPECIALLY made for the both of them. "So, how is it?"

"They're great, Xiao! Thank you." then he moved closer to Xiaoyu, making their sleeves meet each other, and their shoulders merely attached. "So, how are you today in our class, Xiao?" he asked her.

Jin and Xiaoyu's relationship is kind of unpredictable yet predictable, thought Asuka, thinking how it could be 'unpredicted' yet 'predicted'. They couldn't understand if it's one-sided love or not. At first, they were close friends who trusts each other. Then, later on, Xiaoyu began to have a deep infatuation towards Jin. Jin's side, however, was the one unpredictable. Asuka observes her cousin making gestures to Xiao. He could treat her as his sister, but she thinks it was MORE like that. Proof?, she thought.

One time, Xiaoyu was on trouble. She was alone, then caught off-guard by a group of boys, toying around her. Good thing, Jin came and saved her. From that day, Jin swore to himself, to Asuka, and to Xiaoyu, that he would protect Xiao at all cost, from bad things that could happen to her. Asuka has a clue that Jin also likes Xiao too, but he isn't telling anyone, until Hwoarang and Shin noticed.

"Oi Asuka …" Poking Asuka, Lili said to her. "…Xiaoyu will be alright with Jin." Then she started speaking French. "Tout va bien maintenent entre eux!"

"Huh?" as Asuka made a confusing look, crumpling her nose and making her eyes twitch. "You know I don't know how to speak French, Lili."

"She said, everything is alright between them." Surprisingly replied Alisa. Lili was somewhat amazed at Alisa, understanding her native language.

"You know what? You're good." as she points her index finger mockingly to Alisa, drawing a smirk on her face.


Getting back to class, the bell rang. Because it's afternoon, most students feel sleepy. They could hardly listen to their teachers while discussing their lesson. They just wanted to go home immediately.

Finally, the 1st day of school is over. Jin and Hwoarang, bid goodbye to Steve and Shin at the locker room.

"See yah tomorrow!" Hwoarang said, as he waved at them. Then he turned his body to Jin. He mock hit him on the back, which made him lean forward at the huge impact while tying his shoes. "Oops my bad! How's lunch today, Jin?"

"Mm, it's good."

"Don't wanna talk about it?" asked Hwoarang, as he rests his hands behind his head.

"About what?" asked Jin back.

Then Hwoarang made a disguising smile to him. "About you and Xiaoyu having lunch together?" when Jin heard it, he immediately turned away, hiding his tinted red face.

"W-Well, like what I have s-said …" as Jin took one piece of his fringes and starts smudging them. "…it was good! She made our lunch anyway. I-It was –." But before he could finish, he saw Hwoarang looking at him, making an annoying smirk on his face. "Don't look at me like that!" he retorted.

"You're blushing, I could tell …" making the same expression on his face to Jin.

"Wha-What are you ….agh! Whatever!" then he immediately turned away, and went outside to the school grounds.

"Hey Kazama! Wait for me!"

"Go to hell!"

"Lead the way!" replied Hwoarang.


Lili, Asuka, and Xiaoyu were waiting for the boys to come. As they waited, they talked about the lunch earlier.

"Hey stop it! It was only a LUNCH ok?!" defended Xiaoyu, showing her frowning face with a pink plush on her face.

"Yeah, yeah, tell it to the police. But, why red all of the sudden?" as Lili put her index finger to her lips.

"It is merely red, I'll say." Exclaimed Asuka. "Besides, I know how much you like my cousin, Xiaoyu."

Xiaoyu's face became even more red than usual. "HA?! Don't you—." But before she could finish her sentence, Jin and Hwoarang came to the scene.

"What's the commotion about?" asked Hwoarang. Jin and Xiaoyu just looked at each other, noticing both of their red hot face.

"Oh pas grand-chose! (Oh nothing!)" exclaimed Lili, tossing her hands up the air. "Si nous y allions maintenant? (Shall we go now?)"

Everybody stared at her blankly, thinking of a way to understand her French words that just came up to her mouth. French is Lili's native language, since she came from Monaco. They know she could speak such words, but they looked dumbfounded. Although Jin knows many languages, he couldn't be as native as Lili when it comes to French. Suddenly, Lili noticed their faces, then she started to frown.

"Ok. I just can't help it, speaking my language. But I'll speak in a language you are all suited at, ok?" she said, then everybody nodded in agreement. "Fine, shall we go now?"

"Aren't you going to be picked up by your limousine?" asked Hwoarang, with his hands hidden inside his pockets.

"No. I told them not to pick me, since I'm senior already. I want to learn how to be independent. Et alors? (So what?)"

"Oh uh …I was wondering …if I could give you a ride home? What do you say?"

Without hesitation, Lili replied. "I'd love to! Thank you!"