Chapter 2: Back ride; stalk


"Get on the motorcycle, princess." invited Hwoarang, as he hitched at the seat and gestured an inviting hand to Lili.

"Alright, but …how am I going to sit on your motorcycle?" she asked. Lili had made a point though, considering she is wearing a skirt.

"Then sit side-saddled!" chuckled Hwoarang.

Lili did as Hwoarang said, sitting side-saddled on his motorcycle, like how her father used to train her on how to ride a horse back at Monaco, even if sometimes, she seems to forget about it.

The motorcycle drove away, leaving Jin, Xiaoyu and Asuka. In front of the school, Asuka has something on her mind. What is it this time Asuka?

"Hey Jin, I better get going. I need to pick up my cat at the vet." proposed Asuka, telling a lie. Seriously Asuka, why are you doing this?

"Why? What happened to Neko?" asked Jin, sensing something about Asuka, like suspicion.

"Oh uh …she ate …an expired …kitty treat! Yes kitty treat! It made her vomit several times and …well …the vet said she's alright so I'll pick her up!" said Asuka, making herself believable, which was the opposite of Jin.

Jin knew his cousin well. He knows how witty his cousin is, especially at things like this came to the scene. Asuka may be good at lying, but falsehood is easy to be noticed by Jin.

"Uh …huh …"

"Can we come too?!" asked Xiaoyu, popping her head from Jin's shoulder. Asuka's sweat began to appear on her face.

"N-No!" exclaimed Asuka. "Hehe, no because I can …uhh …take it from here!" Jin looked at Asuka suspiciously.

But instead of arguing with his witty cousin, he shrugged and said. "Oh well. Be careful at crossing the road, brat." then he and Xiaoyu left.

"Hey! I am not a brat!" complained Asuka, but they were gone.

"Uhm Jin? Is it really ok to leave Asuka behind?" asked Xiaoyu worryingly for her friend.

"Nah, relax! She's grown up now. Besides, no boys would even dare to fool around her." then he turned to Xiaoyu with a sweet smirk on his face. "Shall I give you a ride home?"

Of course, as a respond to that, she blushed, her face began to color red. She bowed her head for a while to hide her blushing face, and then tilted it up at last to face the 5"11 foot boy.

"Are you crazy?! We live at the same roof, jerk!" she said with her eyebrows narrowed down with her pink face.

"Oh …oh yeah." he said as he looked at another direction, while brushing his spiked hair behind. Then he chuckled at the little girl, still narrowing her eyebrows to him. He looked at her eyes, making Xiaoyu feel like Jin was …looking right into her soul! He began to speak, in lowered, monotone voice. "You're being red again. Are you sick?" he asked, pretending he doesn't know.

"Wha –I'm not sick! I'm—I'm—!"


Xiaoyu was startled. She couldn't breathe anymore. She was flabbergasted yet somehow fangirling inside, screaming and cursing and exclaiming her joy. Jin noticed this, and began to stop annoying Xiaoyu. He was worried she might just faint right in front of him. "Ok, enough of this."

"H-Huh?" Xiaoyu said impassively, as she tilted her head in the process.

"Shall I do the honor to invite a Chinese lady to my motorcycle?" as Jin bowed down with his hand on his chest, making a curtsey. Jin knows a lot on how to be a formal man, a gentleman, though he came from a rich family.

Instead of continuing to blush and hold her breath, she smile and chuckled at him. "You act like Lili's butler!" teased Xiaoyu.

"Hey, it's like you're telling I'm as old as Sebastian! I'm only 19!" then they both laughed together.

Xiaoyu twisted her feet behind, then poised down at Jin. "Why, it's a great honor to ride Jin Kazama's motorcycle, thank you."

"Come on, let's go." then Jin drove his motorcycle with Xiaoyu behind him, embracing his waist as she leaned her head at Jin's back, feeling the air passing her face.

Hwoarang and Lili were still on the road. Lili seems to enjoy everything she sees around; stall lights, people eating at street stalls, and specially, the boy in front of her, who seemed to be in disgust and pissed off by the traffic.

"Oh damn!" as he beeped hardly as he could. "Are we here forever?!"

"Hey Hwoarang, relax. There's nothing you can do about the traffic, silly!" Lili teased.

"Relax!?" he exclaimed. "How could you relax? You know how tiring it is to drive a motorcycle?"

"Oh come on. Don't be such a nag. You'll get older if you keep being like that." teased Lili again, but Hwoarang, looked away, still pissed off. After minutes of looking around, Lili had an idea.

"Hey, red head."

"What now?!"

"J'ai faim! I'm hungry!"


"I wanna eat, silly!" Treat me there will you?!" as she pointed at a Chinese restaurant by the corner.

"Huh? But we're in the middle of the traffic, princess!"

"Ok then." then she crossed her arms, feeling like a boss. "I order you to treat me at Marshall Noodles, NOW!"

"I don't take orders from you!" protested Hwoarang.

"Oh really?" she jumped off the motorcycle, leaving Hwoarang by himself at the road. "Au revoir! Enjoy the traffic." then she walked away, like a model on the ramp...

"Hey, princess!" Hwoarang exclaimed. "But I –ugh! Fine!" then Hwoarang hoisted his motorcycle to the sidewalk and start driving in front of Lili, blocking her way. "Fine princess, I'll treat you to Marshall Noodles, that ok with you?!"

"Oh?" she gestured her finger to her mouth. "What made you change your mind? I thought you were going to enjoy the traffic?"

"Well ...uhm …I uhh …I guess …ahh …" he said, as Hwoarang awkwardly scratched the back of his neck with his face turning red.

Lili only looked at Hwoarang, noticing his sudden color transformation. Why is he turning red like this? He looks awkward while he's talking. He couldn't find the right words to say. Wait—what if he's –no, he couldn't be! Stop thinking stupid things like that, Lili!

Unfortunately, a traffic enforcer whistled at them. It was Lei Wulong. "Woi kid! That's illegal parking!" As he came closer, he noticed both Lili and Hwoarang, who also competes at the Tekken Tournament same as him. He wanted to use it and give them a credit, but …rules are rules! He must follow the law. "…and this is no place for a kid to apologize to his girlfriend, eh?! That's also illegal!" then he began writing offenses on his notepad.

Hearing the wrong notion of the police officer, both Lili and Hwoarang hesitated at what Lei Wulong said; but they were also blushing, making themselves look even guilty in front of Lei.


At some outskirts of town, Asuka was alone while she rode her bicycle.

"I wonder what those 2 are doing." she began to wonder, after she had left Jin and Xiaoyu by themselves. He imagined Jin tacking her down for leaving them both. "Oh deeeaaarrr …well, Jin still has to thank me for that!"

She stopped for a while when she saw the blonde boy wandering off the street. It was Steve. He was walking alone. Asuka remembered him, because Hwoarang and Jin introduced him to them awhile ago. "He lives here too? Could a Brit boy really live here?" she thought, becoming even more curious as she followed him. "Stealth mode!" she thought.

"Wait, what is this?" she stopped and hid herself behind a wall in front of a gym. She could hear distant voices from a conversation as she eavesdrop Steve and the other guy.

"Hey Fox! What's up?"

"Heya Bruce! I'm ready for a spar now."

"Then get your gloves ready, kid! Boxing is waiting for you inside!"

"B-Boxing?!" she almost shouted to herself, but she instantly covered her mouth. That was close … "He's learning boxing?! With Bruce Irvin?" she said, after she watched Steve and Bruce Irvin, the guy who she beat up the last tournament. "Don't tell me Steve too!"

"Next time kid, don't pull over your motorcycle at the wrong place, understood?"

"Yes, sir. Sorry about that." apologized Hwoarang as the traffic enforcer left.

"Well, what a relief it's done." said Lili, as she examined her fingernails with boredom …and annoyance. "I guess, Marshall Noodles will have to wait. It's getting dark."

Hwoarang felt sorry for himself. How could he let go of the greatest opportunity he had; a date with Lili de Rochefort?! He sighed in embarrassment and humiliation. "Sorry about that too, princess."

Lili turned a glance to Hwoarang, as she sends him a quick sweet smile. "We still have next time, right?"

Hwoarang, relieved by Lili's words, smiled back at HIS princess. "Yeah maybe, Saturday?"

"That …would be …wonderful." accepted Lili.

Yes! I got myself a date! Who says Jin can only have a date?! Hwoarang couldn't let hold of his feeling, but he only puts a laugh and smile at Lili, to let her know how happy he is.

"Let's go! I still have to drive you home!"


"Bless out meal!" then the Mishima family, including Xiaoyu, grabbed their food that are placed at the table.

"Xiaoyu honey, can you pass the rice please?"

"Yes auntie Jun!"

Xiaoyu became like a family member to them. They didn't treat her like somebody else. Jun liked her so much like a daughter.

"Jin, give Xiaoyu some of the curry." requested Jun.

Jin who was chewing his food, answered back with his mouth full. "Yesh, mhom!"

"Jin, don't talk when your mouth is full." reminded Xiaoyu, as Jin glanced to give her some curry. He swallowed his food before he could reply to Xiao.

"Yeah, I know that Xiao, now here's your curry."

"Thanks for the curry!"

After dinner, Heihachi asked the 2 of them about school.

"So, how was the 1st day of school, kids?"

Kids? Xiaoyu and Jin are 19 already! Do you really think they deserve to be called 'kids' after all?! thought Kazuya.

"Honey …you know I can read your mind, right?" as Jun whispered to Kazuya's ear. Kazuya's eyes widen at the realization he had, and smiled awkwardly at his love.

"Well" as Jin dropped the napkin at his plate. "…we met several new students around. Some of them came from other countries."

"It's a good thing they could easily communicate with us, so we are able to talk to them without any problems after all." added Xiaoyu.

Kazuya turned to his father. "I told you we should have named the school Mishima International instead."

"Shhh …" hushed Heihachi, ignoring Kazuya's complain.

"But Sir Lee said we are going to have another exchange student from Germany." continued Xiaoyu. "He said that student will be here next week."

"Grandpa, I think I should agree with dad. Should we make the school International now? So many foreigners coming around." suggested Jin. Heihachi smudged his fingers into his beard, as he closed his eyes.

"I'll have to think about that."

"Who wants desserts?!" as Jun came in with strawberry sundaes on platter.

"ME!" Heihachi busted out.

"Father, remember your diabetes. NO SUGAR!" explained Jun. Instead, she gave the old man a gelatin.

"Oh great, curses the diabetes!"

"Xiao?" called Jin.


"You have …ice cream on your face." Jin pointed out.

Xiaoyu began to touch her face, finding where the missing ice cream is. Sadly, she failed. So Jin took a napkin and wiped the ice cream off her face.

"Next time, be careful when eating ice cream, ok Xiao?" Jin quoted. Xiao began to blush while Jin began to wipe off the residue on her face. But the truth is, Jin is just taking the advantage to touch Xiaoyu's smooth and flawless skin. They looked eye-to-eye, then their faces began to be red, but they were still at each other when …

"Oi Jin!" called Kazuya, dropping his fist on the table. "What are you doing to the young lady eh?!"

Jin hurriedly took the napkin off, then they both sat properly, with their hands on their laps.

"And why are you both blushing?" said Heihachi, mimicking Kazuya.

Jin and Xiaoyu looked at each other, seeing themselves merely red. They looked away at opposite direction. Later on, they both stood up.

"I'm going to the kitchen." said Jin.

"I'll check Panda." said Xiaoyu.

They departed to the opposite side. In less than 3 seconds, they came back and switched directions.

"Kitchen's this way." said Jin, passing Xiaoyu.

"Panda's this way." said Xiaoyu, passing Jin.

There was a moment of silence that filled the dining area, looking confused and baffled at what just happened. "Aw, those 2 look cute together. Aren't they Kazuya?" asked Jun as she sweetly smiled to her sweetheart.