Chapter 3: Basketball fandom

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"Good morning everyone!" she said as she passed the door of their room. She smiled at each of her classmates, making them think something very unusual of Lili is happening to her. She puts that sweet smile on her face, while greeting every classmate.

"Hey Asuka." poked Miharu. "Lili is very happy today. Any idea why?"

"Hm, I'm also wondering about that." said Asuka as she titled her head while Lili greeted her closest friends.

"Hi Asuka and Miharu! How's your day?" Lili greeted.

"Well, the day just started, I couldn't tell." replied Asuka.

"Where's Xiaoyu?"

"Oh she's not here yet." answered Miharu. "She'll be here soon."

"You guys must be wondering why I'm happy right?" said Lili cheerfully. Miharu looked at her peculiarly.

"You know what Lili, you give me creeps." as Miharu shivered.

Lili chuckled really hard like crazy, fancily covering her mouth with her hand. All of her classmates looked at her. Damn, she looks like an angel, yet have an attitude like a demon, Asuka thought.

Meanwhile, while walking towards the room, Hwoarang told Shin and Steve about his greatest achievement: Date the prettiest girl in school!

"Prettiest you say?" asked Shin. "I bet if Jin heard ya, he'll probably protest."

"Jin? Pft! Come on! I don't care, at least I'm going to date the girl of my dreams!" said Hwoarang proudly as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Hwoarang's right, there are so many cute girls here at school. I mean …" then they both entered the room. They were standing right in front of the door as Steve pointed out some of their classmates. "…there's Christie Montiero. She has a flawless brown skin and I'm telling you, many foreigners are attracted to that kind of complexion; Julia Chang, both beauty and brains! If she take those glasses of, she's definitely unlike any other girls here; then our Arabian princess Zafina, with such mysterious beauty that uphold her. Whenever I see her …she reminds me of Athena of Greece."

Then Steve turned to his friends who were listening to him attentively. "Now you see? They are all unique, and unique is good!"

"Wow Steve, you are so incredible." praised Hwoarang.

"Hahaha! Thank you, that was way flattering."

"Hey, how come you know so much of the girls? You're new here!" asked Shin, pouting his lips.

"Well …" as Steve brushed his hair up while chuckling. "…I'm good at talking to many people actually."

Shin was jaw dropped. How come a new student like Steve be such a chick boy in a day? But on the other hand, Hwoarang seemed to be amazed by the Brit boy's 'social powers', especially to girls.

"Oh and by the way …" as the English boy asked. "…where is Jin Kazama?"


"Xiao hurry!" said Jin, holding Xiao's hand as they ran.

"I told you not to wait for me! Now both of us need to run together to school!" as Xiaoyu panted and trying to catch her breath.

Jin decided to wait for Xiaoyu instead of going to school alone. But they are a bit late when they went and ran away from mansion. Jin seemed to enjoy holding Xiaoyu's hand, same as how Xiaoyu was feeling. It was like they were running at flower fields together.

"Finally we're here!" Jin exclaimed. "Xiao, come on!"

But before they could enter the locker room, Ganryu, their P.E. teacher, was waiting for them in crossed arms. "You are late!" then the bell rang.

"Sorry Sir Ganryu!" as Jin passed by Ganryu, along with Xiao by his hands. "…punishment will wait, alright sir?!" he said as his voice fades away.

"Ling and Kazama, get back here! Oh dear, kids these days never learn." he said as he shook his head in disbelief.

"I think …we should have brought the motorcycle with us Jin."

"Yeah." Jin agreed. "But dad wouldn't let me."

As they went inside their room, a yell was brought to them. "Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu, this is the first time in MY teaching history that you are late!" as Miss Nina Williams, their teacher in History, pointed her long stick to Jin's face.

Jin and Xiaoyu, seeing their other classmates staring at them, bowed in front of Ms. Nina for apology, but she seemed to be mad about it.

"Sit down you two!" Nina Williams also competes at Tekken tournament. She is also an assassin and mother of Steve Fox. Only few knew about this, considering it most classified because …she is an assassin for damn sake!

Jin and Xiaoyu made it to their seat. Steve secretly gave Hwoarang 5 bucks on his hands grudgingly from the bet they made; if Jin is going to be absent, or he's going with Xiao. Steve made a cross look at Hwoarang, while Hwoarang only gave a mocking smile to his friend.

It's PE time. Ganryu was their PE teacher.

"Good morning students!" Ganryu greeted.

"Good morning sir Ganryu." greeted back the students.

Hwoarang, who was behind Jin, whispered on his ear. "Hey Jin, it's that fat guy again." Unfortunately, Ganryu heard him and pulled him by the ear.

"A-A-A-A-Aw! My ears!"

"You were saying something young man!?"

"N-Nothing sir!"

The other students laughed hard at their silly classmate, Hwoarang who sometimes could be a joker by accident. Asuka, who was watching the scene, leaned and whispered to Lili. "Hihihi, look at Hwoarang. His ears are turning red."

"Such a silly boy." as Lili shook her head.

Their first lesson was basketball. That's right; even the girls will get to learn basketball by force. If not, their grades will be lowered, even if you're a Tekken fighter. Ganryu is also a coach of the Mishima Polytechnic and trained Shin, Hwoarang and Jin as well.

"Will my players demonstrate the right way to steal a ball while on guard?" as Ganryu, then he turned to Hwoarang. "Since you're my FAVORITE student …" taunted Ganryu. "…you're going to guard the ball while Jin shows them how to steal it from you, understood?"

"HUH!?" as Hwoarang crumpled his handsome face. "Why should HE steal the ball from ME? He should be the one guarding the ball instead!"protested Hwoarang.

"Do I have to remind you?" then Ganryu made a mocking smile. "You're my FAAAVORITE student, remember?"

Hwoarang felt like the world's entire burden fell to him. Jin only sighed and went to his position.

Girls went fangirling and cheering for Hwoarang and Jin, since they are the 'pretty boys' in the whole campus.

Jin and Hwoarang may be friends, but they are also rivals in many ways; like who among them is the strongest, the smartest, and the most handsome boy around. It's a big deal for Hwoarang to have his fangirls around, but Jin seemed not to care. Xiaoyu was enough for him.

"GO JIN! YOU CAN DO IT!" shouted Xiaoyu with all her heart, together with the girls cheering. Jin heard her, and took a glance to wink at her with a smile. Xiaoyu's temperature began to rise and dropped her shoulders. Miharu saw this and began to poke Xiaoyu, who was still and frozen, smiling blankly as she watched Jin.

Lili, on the other hand, wanted to cheer for Hwoarang too. She doesn't want to be overtaken by Xiaoyu's extreme cheer to Jin, and Jin also overtaking his crush.


Xiaoyu, Asuka, Miharu, and Alisa looked at Lili, who seemed to be on fire. But Lili seemed not to care at all. She keeps on yelling Hwoarang's name. Hwoarang, in the process, saw Lili and it made his hopes lift up high.

"Please, students! This is only a lesson! This isn't like Game 7 or something!" said Ganryu, then the students went to silence.

Jin was on his post while Hwoarang, who was dribbling the ball stayed focus on Jin's move. "You're not gonna take the ball this time, Kazama." said Hwoarang seriously.

"Is that so?" then Jin chuckled a little as he mockingly smiled to him. "Then I guess I have to do things MY WAY." then Ganryu took his whistle.

"My …the tension is getting heavier." as Alisa fanned herself with her hand.

"I wonder what they're up to." said Miharu, examining the 2 boys on the ground. The aura that they put during the tournament was applied even at basketball, she thought.

Moments later, Ganryu whistled, meaning the spar had begun. Jin roared to Hwoarang fast. Jin took a side-step, reaching the ball from his back, but Hwoarang managed to maintain his stance, still guarding the ball with him. But something amazing happened.

Jin swooped down to the left of Hwoarang, the immediately took the ball from his hands with a snatch.

"What the—?" thought Hwoarang, looking at Jin's eyes.

Jin smized his eyes straight to Hwoarang then smiled evilly at him. Jin turned many times before he could jump in the air and dunk the ball to the basket. The girls cheered eagerly at Jin Kazama, especially Xiaoyu. Girls began to cheer his name as it echoes through the whole gymnasium.

"Ooh …" as Ganryu just shook his head down. "I told these kids this is not like …oh whatever!"

Then a spiked golden brown haired guy came to the scene, to check such commotion that was happening at Ganryu's class. He was wearing his own jersey while holding a ball on his hands. "Any problem here, sir?" asked the boy.

"Lars! What brings you here?"

"Well …" as the boy scratched the back of his neck, noticing all the students are looking at him. "…we are training for the next basketball match sir." replied the boy.

"Very well Lars, very well." then he pulled Lars and took him in front of his students. "Class, this is Lars Alexanderson. He is the team captain of the basketball league here at Mishima Polytechnic. He's also a senior like you. He came from another section and he's good in basketball." introduced Ganryu, as he present his favorite (not to mention Hwoarang) player of all time.

"Please to meet you too." bowed Lars.

Alisa examined the tall, Sweden boy carefully. He was tall, masculine body, quite a charmer, and handsome too. Lars glared at the amazed Russian girl. They both stared at each other, merely eye-to-eye. Alisa's eyes were sparkling, making her green eyes shine. Moments later, she blushed entirely and leaned her head down, hiding her face. Lars, who seemed to have noticed, smiled to himself, and glanced at Ganryu.

"Sir, I need to get back to my team." requested Lars. "I need to train for us to win the upcoming basketball match."

"Oh yes! Sure Lars." said Ganryu, then Lars took a step and made a friendly wave to the students. When he was gone, students began to murmur about the Sweden guy.

"Isn't he a charmer?"

"So cool! He's a captain!"

"I love how he makes his hair like that."

"Is he a foreigner?"

"Jin said he came from Sweden."

"Wow, Sweden boy!"

"He's so handsome!"

"Yeah! I got to agree!"

Hearing the murmurings of the students, Jin and Asuka only made a deep sigh to themselves. The students didn't know; Lars is Jin's uncle. Oh well, let's see what will happen if they discovered later, thought Jin. Asuka found the scene very funny, then she took a glance at Alisa, who still had her head down, looking at her shoes.

"Alisa? You ok?"

"I-I'm fine Asuka . Don't worry about me …" said Alisa, nervously.

Asuka's eyes widen, then she smiled in the process. Oh my, Alisa is growing up, she thought.


"PE class ended with new crushes found, which means Alisa. What else could happen next?" asked Asuka herself.

She was assigned to get all the balls (thanks to her cousin Jin who requested that) used to be returned at the basket and be put to the storage area. She was kind of annoyed, making her job feel heavy and hard for her.

"Why should I be the one doing this?" she asked herself again. "Jin …you'll pay for this …you'll see! I'll tell auntie Jun about how you treat me at school!" Later on, Asuka saw Steve, handling a basketful used basketballs.

It took like 5 seconds for them to stare at each other, then Asuka foolishly dropped the balls.

"WAH!" screamed Asuka, as she pointed her finger to Steve.

"Eh?" asked Steve questioningly, tilting his head in the process.

"You're …You're that guy!" yelled Asuka, still pointing her finger at Steve's face.

"What!? What is it?!" asked the cautious Brit boy, who thought he had done something wrong.

Wait a minute Asuka, just a moment! Remembering last night, you saw Steve at the gym and talking to Bruce Irvin about boxing! If you tell Steve about your discovery, what do you think will happen?! Of course he'll definitely think you're a STALKER! What's worse, he'll be suspicious of you! What's worse he'll be—

Yeah yeah! I know that! she told herself. She sighed at Steve, who seemed to be completely confused, only staring at her. She began to calm herself, and fixed her expression. "You're Steve Fox right?"

"Is that the reason why you were shrieking like that?" asked the Brit boy.

"LIKE what's that suppose to mean?"

"Oh hehehe, nothing?" as Steve cleared his throat. "Well, about the question, yes, I'm Steve Fox. You must be Asuka Kazama, right?"

"Right, Jin's cousin."

"Oh, I see. Nice meeting you again." as he started to draw a grin on his face to Asuka. "Oh and Asuka, I think you need help in retrieving those …" he said as he pointed out the escaping basketballs from the dropped container.

"Oh crap! Get back here!" said Asuka, as she started to chase down the balls that kept on rolling on the floor. Steve sighed and decided to give her a helping hand.

After they were done, they went together to their classroom. As they walked at the school corridor, they began to talk about things.

"So, you're gonna tackle your cousin?"

"I have to!"

"Why?!" asked Steve with wide eyes.

"Because he made me do the chores that HE should be doing!" exclaimed Asuka.

Men, this girl is amazingly scary, thought Steve. But still, I think she's sweet. "Here's the boys locker room. See you later Asuka!" then he left.

Asuka, always remember to keep your mouth shut and be careful! If not, you're in a big trouble! she thought to herself as she sighed and wend inside the girl's shower room.