"-and it was seriously the coolest thing in my life. If we can get away later, I'll totally find some sparklers and we can make a sparkler bomb!"

The token speedster of the Young Avengers was really bad at keeping his voice down as he bragged about blowing stuff up to Irey and Bart. The entire room could hear him, and the cousin's excited clamor to run off on high speed hijinks. Tommy's team paid him no mind; they were more than used to his rather interesting hobby.

The Teen Titans and company, though? Stephanie could see them wiggling in their seat, more than wary of Speed. They all heard about his backstory. There was no way Tim would allow a "diplomatic meeting" (that they all knew was just code for, "hey we're all teen superheroes we should totally meet up and hang out and stuff!") without researching the hell out of the Young Avengers. The others were super awesome and Stephanie was already becoming fast friends with Kate, who was the whole reason she convinced Tim to let her join the meeting.

But, she kept finding her attention drifting over to the loud corner of speedsters. Because honestly. Who wouldn't want to go watch a sparkler bomb go off in the middle of the desert? It sounded so cool!

"You know, I won't be offended if you go join their conversation," Kate laughed, waving her hand in Stephanie's face.

Blushing slightly, Stephanie shrugged and leaned back in her chair. "Sorry! I just can't help but be intrigued by sparkler bombs. Did you know I once fought a villain that had electricity powers? It's a good thing my suit is insulated or I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the light show!"

Kate grinned. "That's pretty smart. I might have to look into that..."

"Or a full body suit first," Stephanie teased. She respected the girl's costume choices, but surely she could see the impracticality of it all!

"Oh shush. Go talk to the boy with the full body suit and bond over that! I have some archers to show up anyways!"

"Good luck with that!" Stephanie gave a little wave and crossed the room to the speedster corner.

Irey and Bart immediately looked up with beaming smiles and tugged her down to sit with them. "Tommy is going to take us to blow stuff up and set off fireworks!" Irey cheered.

"I heard." Stephanie grinned at Tommy. "You haven't mastered your inside voice, have you?"

Tommy gave a little shrug and looked to Irey and Bart. "They're not complaining. I obviously lured you over with my charm."

"Oh, right, charm." Stephanie snorted. "We'll see about that. I'm Batgirl."

"No shit. You bats are big on your secret identities, aren't you?"

"Well, you would think the ex-juvie convict would practice secret identities just as much."

"Low blow! Ouch! Okay, you got me! But I'll get a name out of you sooner or later!"

Stephanie laughed, unsure how she was supposed to respond to such a declaration. "Yeah, like I said, we'll see."

"I'll take that as a challenge. And challenge is so accepted."

What did she just get herself into?