"So you and Batgirl are totally best friends now, huh?"

"What? No? Get out of the way!" Tommy kicked at his brother, wiggling around to see the television past Billy's body. "Billy! I'm in the middle of a boss battle! Move!"

"Hmm. Nope." Billy leaned against the screen and smiled brightly. "I'm interested in your new friend that isn't twelve!"

Sighing in defeat, Tommy threw his controller on the couch. "The way you phrase that, I sound like a pedophile."

"Hey, you're the teenage boy whose best friend is a little girl."

Tommy scowled and chucked his water bottle at Billy's face. "Call Molly that to her face and see if you can still tease me!"

"Okay, okay, calm down princess." Billy flopped down next to his brother and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "I'm just happy for you! Even Kate isn't bitter you stole her new best friend! So are you hanging out tonight? Do you have a twelve step plan to make her fall in love with you?"

"Dude! We're just friends!" Tommy punched Billy's shoulder. "No falling in love here. We're bros. Not best bros though. Hard to be best bros when she still hasn't given me her real name!"

"Still? You're slacking."

"Shut up."

Stephanie groaned and grabbed Tommy's arm, making him stand still for the first time that night. They had been hanging out, mostly Tommy joining her on patrols, for a few weeks now and Stephanie was confident enough to say she knew the speedster fairly well. Well enough to know this hyperactivity and constant movement was not result of caffeine or anything of the sorts. In fact, she was pretty sure Tommy didn't drink anything with caffeine. Besides the point.

There had been a superpowered bank robbery at the start of her patrol. She had a pretty close call with a stray supercharged bullet. Sure her suit probably would have kept it from being fatal, but it would have been a pretty bad injury. Luckily, Tommy noticed it and had been fast enough to push her out of the way. That wasn't any reason to get weirded out though. They were both vigilantes. They both knew the risks. Having each other's backs was part of the game. And yet he had barely spoken a word the rest of the night. That combined with his jitters just spelled issues. Stephanie had enough experience with emotionally constipated boys to know when to trust her instincts.

"Okay, spill."

Tommy stared at her blankly. "Um, spill what?"

Stupid boys. She sighed and flicked his nose. "Something's up, I'm not dumb. What's bugging you?"

He faltered and looked away. "Nothing, forget it."

"No, I'm not forgetting it! You cannot be getting weird because I almost got shot and you helped me. You're a part of a team, this should not be new!"

Anger passed over his expression, though a hurt confusion quickly took its place. "I don't get it! You trust me with your life, but not your name? I mean, whatever I get it, it's your secret identity or whatever. But come on aren't we friends now?"

Oh. Right. Stephanie thanked the night and her cowl for hiding her blush. She had honestly forgotten she was going to let Tommy in on her secret identity. He had stopped asking earlier in the week and it had totally slipped her mind. And, oh man, he looked so upset right now it was so pathetically adorable. She definitely was not going to laugh. Nope, not laughing. Not. At. All.

"What the hell, man!" Tommy yelled, shoving her away and stomping across the rooftop, so not pouting. "I pour my soul out and be all truthful and emotional and shit and you laugh at me? You're the worst! This is obviously why we're not friends!"

"Oh shut up drama queen!" Stephanie tugged Tommy into a headlock and noogied him. "Come on let's go change and have Tommy and Stephanie bonding time over some waffles."

"Don't think you can just entice me with food and think I'll be-" Tommy froze and stared after Stephanie as she jumped across to the next building. The gears slowly clicked into place and he broke into a giant grin. "Stephanie! Ha! Wait up Stephanie, we're getting waffles! Haha! Stephanie!"

"Yell it a little louder, why don't you?" She shouted.

"STEPHANIE- ow! Hey batarangs are foul play- Ah! Hey! This is the goo kind! Wait! Hey! This is foul play! Get this shit off of me! Stop walking away from me! Stephanie, hey!"