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Chapter 1

A Dying Man's Last Move, The Girl Who Appeared Form Thin Air and The Trouble She Brings With Her.


Dark clouds filled the sky, spread as far as the eye could see, with lighting striking the ground as the sound of thunder roared through the air. The forever rain continued to pour below causing huge puddles to form, as it was too much for the ground to soak up.

Some would believe this was a just natural occurrence from Mother Nature, others might believe that it was a sign from god as a warning for the people of earth.

However, the true cause was a great battle that was raging on and the power emitting form it caused this unnatural occurrence.

From the destruction the battle caused you would think it was a war between two sides but I can assure you it wasn't. In fact, it was between two individuals whose powers were so immense that the two of them combined, could easily destroy the planet itself. To insure that didn't happen they held back most their power as they fought making the battle that should've taken no less than a day. Last, more than a week, and a long week it was, as the two individuals fought tooth and nail destroying the land around them.

It used to be nothing more than a beautiful grass land with a few hills but now it's nothing more them a desolate place with the ground tore up from underneath it. Craters were scatter everywhere filled with water from the never-ending downpour while trenches that seemed to have no ended sliced through the ground. You couldn't even tell that this battlefield ever held such beauty but none of that mattered to the two individuals who were the cause of all of it.

They just stood there glaring at one another trying to catch their breath. Between them was a huge crater, 50 yards in diameter, filling up with water. On one side was a tall man who had black spiky hair with black eyes, he wore no shirt as it was torn to shreds and wore a pair of black pants with matching shoes. The bottom of his pants had some kind of golden rings wrapped around them starting from below his lower calf and stop just before it reached his ankles.

He also wore two necklaces one had small skulls on them and the other had a silver trident like design tied to it but his most noticeable feature was his tail. That was a jet-black and very thin with the tip of it in the shape of a trident with sharp razor like edges.

Scrapes and bruises covered the man's body along with several gashes with his blood seeping out. He held one of his sides with his hand covered in blood as he tried not to breathe to fast as it only caused him pain while glaring at the man across of him.

On the far side of the huge crater was another tall man about the same height as the first one but had unruly blond spiky hair. He also wore no shirt and had six whisker marks adoring his face, three on each cheek with azure color eyes. His body was in the same condition as the man who stood across from him however. Unlike the black haired man, he had a gaping hole on the right side of his chest that he covered with his left hand.

It was amazing he was still able to stand in his condition, let alone fight but thanks to his inhuman stamina and his fast ability heal he was still able to keep fighting and that man knew that. It was why he used something to gain the upper hand when he rammed his hand threw his chest. Giving him the fist-size hole that there was now, causing his wound to bleed and seep past his fingers at rapid pace.

In the mist of it a massive saucer like ship appear from within the dark clouds slowly descend towards the two stopping right above them still high in the air. Then a green like beam shot out from the bottom part of the ship and once it connected with the ground, behind the black haired man, another man clad in some kind of battle armor descended from within the beam. When that man's feet touched the ground, he stepped out of the beam and made his way towards the man in front of him.

"Are you alright, Gid-sama," the battle clad warrior asked.

"I'm fine. Just a couple of flesh wounds," the now known Gid replied getting a nod from the newcomer.

"Then what shall we do about Naruto-sama?"

"Leave him be. I'll be the one to finish him off."

"But if you continue to fight in the condition you're in you'll…."

"I know what will happen," Gid cut him off still glaring at the blond haired man across from him. "That's why I'm retreating for now."

"But…Gid-sama, are you sure. You come across the galaxy just to find him and now that you weakened him, you plan to leave him be."

"I know what I came here for besides he's far wounded then I am. He'll be dead before long so there's no reason for me to stay any longer then needed," Gid told him then turned to face the man. "Are you're planning to defy my order Zastin."

Zastin, who is the armor-clad warrior, kept quiet before standing straight and giving his leader a slight bow, "I apologize, your majesty."

Gid then walked past him and into the greenish beam followed by Zastin before turning around to face Naruto who was still standing there watching from a far. He gave the man a worried look as he waited for the beam to take them back up.

It wasn't long before the beam they started to ascend towards the ship and was when Gid spoke.

"I'll be back to finish what I started Uzumaki. You can count on it. Until then live, the reminder of your life in sorrow for what you did her. That's if you don't die first but if you do. I promise you I will destroy this planet instead."

With those last words, the beam Gid and Zastin were in took them towards their ship and once the beam retracted, the ship flew up and exited the earth's atmosphere.

Naruto just watched them leave and glad that their fight was finally over but before he could celebrate, he felt a sharp pain course through his entire body causing him to fall to his knees. He placed his right hand on the ground keeping him from falling face first as his left hand was still covering the hole in his chest. What he saw next was a huge glob of blood fall from his wounded chest down towards the ground below him mixing with the rainwater that was still pouring from the sky.

'Damn it! My wound can't heal itself thanks to Gid using that plant's poison," he thought as he watched more of his blood fall towards the ground. 'With the condition my body's in with the low amount of chakra I have along with that plant's poison. My body is not able to heal itself and it won't be long before I finally die. That's something I can't let that happen because I know Gid will do exactly what he said and destroy the earth. So that leaves me no choice but find myself a new body.'

With his mind set on what he had to do next, he tried standing up and saw that his vision was getting blurry. Telling him his time was running short and quickly headed in the direction where the closest town was.

Running on pure adrenalin, he made it to his destination and was now jumping from rooftop to rooftop, using most of his other senses to direct him as his vision was too blurry for him to see. Despite not being able to see clearly he was still able to move as if he could see however, every time he would jump or land more globs of blood would seep out his wounds bring him closer to deaths door. He could feel the reapers scythe at his throat as he continued to run and jump off rooftop just wanting to take him since he cheated death countless of time in his lifetime.

However, he wasn't just going to let him have him now not when the earth's very life is riding on him once again and if death succeeded in stopping him, the earth would soon be long gone.

Therefore, he couldn't die now not until he stopped Gid after that he could care less about dying.

After searching relentlessly, Naruto finally found what he was searching for just below the house he was standing on. Below him was a woman in about her early twenty with long flowing waist length orange brunet colored hair with two bangs that framed her face with one of them tucked behind her ear. She had brown eyes and had a slender yet curvaceous looking figure while wearing a grayish bottom up sweater with a red shirt underneath, which did nothing to hide her huge assets, along with a pair of blue jeans.

Next to her was another woman about the same age as the first one with black spike hair and blue eyes. She wore a brown jacket with a white shirt underneath it and wore a pair of blue jeans. She also had a tomboyish look to her with a very lean frame compared to the woman next to her and both of them were holding onto their own umbrellas keeping them dry from the rain.

Out of the two Naruto was more interested in the woman with the long orange hair as she had more of a bulged to her stomach and knew that she was pregnant. Seeing, as his time was on the brim he only had one chance to get this right and jumped down startling the two women before his hand flashed through a series of hands signs. When his hands came to a stop, he looked at the pregnant woman and whispered.

"I'm sorry."

XXX In Sora's Room XXX

A young boy with unruly blond spiky hair with three whisker marks adoring each cheek suddenly awoke from his dream and shot up from his bed coved in a sweat. He was breathing heavily as his left hand clutching his shirt on the right side of his chest while he stared at his bed sheets.

'It was that dream again.'

As he calmed down some, he let his shirt go and checked the time seeing it was around 6:30 in the morning then let out a groan.

'It's this early in the morning. Well I better go and take a shower there's no way that I be able to fall back to sleep now since I'm wide-awake?'

Pulling the covers off from his legs the boy flung his legs over the edge of his bed and stood up then grabbed his towel and left his room. Making his way down stairs where the bathroom was located he thought back to the dream, or as he called it his one and only nightmare. He couldn't help thinking about what he did as he walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror seeing a young teenage boy's reflection looking back at him.

'It's been what 15 years since that day I was force to find myself a new body and endure another childhood. At least this one I wasn't tortured.'

With that said he took of his clothes off and placed them in the hamper then opened another door that lead to his tub, and shower, and walked in. Turning on the hot water on he waited for it to heat up before he took a well need shower. It wasn't long until he finished, as all he wanted to do was, wash off the sweat that covered his body and got out.

Feeling refreshed and fully awake he dried himself off before wrapping his towel around his lower frame and left his bathroom but on his way back upstairs, he came across a picture frame. It had picture of him when he was still in junior high standing with two women. One of them had long flowing brunet orange hair with a slender yet curvaceous figure with brown eyes and stood just to the left of him with her right hand on his right shoulder. That woman was his mother, or his second birth mother, as for the other woman she had black spike hair and blue eyes with a very lean frame standing to the right of him.

She acted like a tomboy and was somewhat of an aunt to him but just by looking at her, you couldn't tell she was Japan's karate championship titleholder in the women's circuit. He doesn't gloat like most people would since no one would probably believe him.

In the picture all three of them were smiling on the achievement, his class did in the four-man relay race at his school sports festival. They were in last place from the start and it was he and his best friend Yuuki Rito who made a comeback and took first place for their class.

Looking back on that memory a sad smile appeared on his face before he placed the picture frame back down before making his way upstairs to his room.

'I wonder how long these peaceful days will last until Gid comes back.'

That was his last thought as he entered his room and fished out his school clothes form his closet.

You see this boy isn't your ordinary teenage boy even though he may look like one however, he holds a dark secret that only he knows. The truth was he was really a man called Uzumaki Naruto who had to transfer his soul into an unborn child's body 15 years ago. As it was the only way, he could live on since his original body was too weak to sustain any life. It might sound cruel as he literally took someone who wasn't even born yet place.

He was unaware of who he really was until he was 5 or 6 years old which was when he started to slow gain the memories of his old life back. It was when he started junior high that he fully regained all his memories and realized what he had done and what was yet to come. While he was regained his memories, he played the role as a single mother's child as a boy named Inoue Sora. His new mother named him after her deceased brother as to honor him. He didn't mind as he original planned to leave once he regained all his memories.

That was the plan, but as he waited for them to return he found the time he spent with his second mother more enjoyable then he thought and couldn't bring it on him to leave her. Therefore, he decided that he would stay with her to make up for what he did when he took away the son she would've had if it weren't for him. In addition, he had already made new friends that he considered precious to him and would give his live up for them to protect them when that fateful day came.

He also believes the nightmare that continues to plague his dreams every so often is a reminder for him not to get too comfortable in the life he has now because Gid could be just around the corner. He also wondered why he took on the appearance he had when he still had his original body but chalked it up with it being because of his demonic chakra. Despite all that, there was one question that he always had in the back of his mind.

It was why his mother and the women he considered his aunt not realize who he really was since he looked exactly how he did when he appeared in front of them that day 15 years ago.

He wasn't sure why but perhaps it was too much of a shock for the two of them that their minds sealed that memory away in order to protect them but whatever it maybe. He's been bracing himself for when that day comes and willing to accept whatever they see fit to do with him.

As he finished changing into his school clothes, he made his way back down stairs in order to make breakfast for both he and his mother. His mother used to do all the cooking when he was younger up 'til he entered junior high which was when he started to learn how to cook so he didn't have to eat his mother's cooking. It wasn't that it tasted bad in fact; she was a good cook it was just for some reason she thought red bean paste tasted good with everything. He heard from his aunt that she used to make these wired combinations with food that could literally kill a man, but grew out of that faze when she was pregnant with him. He was glad for that but apparently; she never grew out of adding red bean paste with everything.

Therefore, he had to grow up with eating whatever she made with, or without, that paste in it. Eventually he got used to it but knew it couldn't be good for your health and decided to learn how to cook. Ever since he did, he's been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for them both of them. At first, his mother didn't approve of it but after she realized how much extra sleep she could get when made them breakfast she decide to let him do it.

Guess you could say Naruto was pleased he could get his mother to stop eating red bean paste however, there are times he would catch her putting some in her food that he made for her. This got him to search the house from top to bottom to find every can she hid and confiscate it. She would always buy more on the way home from work, which he confiscated but when she gave him her famous pout, she had perfected long ago. He'd caved in and let her put her bean paste on her food but only on her day's off which she happily agreed.

Entering the kitchen, he grabbed a clean apron and put it on then started to grab the ingredients needed to make not only their breakfast but their lunches as well. It never took him long to select what to make since he'd eat just about anything and so did his mother. Therefore, it didn't take him long to finish breakfast and begin making lunch for the day. As he continued making lunch he heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the stairway and figure his mother was making her way towards the kitchen as she always did when he finished making breakfast.

He always found it funny that no matter how hard he tried to get out of bed, and failed miserably, it would be his cooking that seemed to be the only thing to get her out of bed. Every time she did, she would come down stairs still half-asleep and sit at the kitchen table waiting for him to server her, which she was currently doing. Soon as she sat down, she let out a yawn and spoke to her son.

"Good morning Sora-kun."

He could still hear how tired she was and chuckled before replying, "Morning, mom. I'll serve you your breakfast just soon as I finish making our bentos'."


After his mother gave her son her reply she stood up and made her way towards one of the cupboards but before she could open it Naruto spoke.

"If you are looking for you bean paste you hid there. Well you can forget it because I already took it."

"Then I'll be right back."

His mother then made her way out the kitchen but Naruto stopped her again.

"I also confiscated the ones under the floorboard in your room too."

"WHAT," his mother spoke more clearly, as if something terrible happened and in her view, something did. "Wh…When did you find that hiding spot?"

"Some time last night. I had some extra time and spent it searching the house just in case you were trying to hide any cans from me. I'm surprised you had so many in your room. I thought I told you not to buy any more and that we agreed you could have some only on your days off. "

"B… But I didn't get a day off last week and thought it would be alright if I use some today."

"I would be fine with that if you didn't already do that yesterday," he replied getting a confused look to appear on her face as she tilted her head.

"I did?"

"Yes, mother. You did," he said as his mother hit the top of her head with her fist while he closed the finished bentos before setting the table so they could breakfast. "Now sit down and eat your breakfast before you're late for work."

As they both sat down to eat his mother opened her mouth to say something but Naruto cut her off before she could.

"And no you cannot have any of your bean paste."

She then closed her mouth and pushed her lower lip out in as her eyes grew making them look like puppy eyes creating her most famous puppy pout. A pout that neither he nor his aunt Tatsuki could say no to. He was sure even Gid couldn't say no to a face like that even when ticked off.

When he saw that face, he immediately averted his eyes from hers and tried to eat the breakfast he prepared for them but stopped when he heard her sigh. He pretended he didn't hear her and continued to eat his breakfast but before he could put the omelet, he picked up with his chopsticks, in his mouth. He heard her sigh again and then start to speak.

"You know what this delicious breakfast is missing," she asked more to herself then him. "Some bean paste but someone said I couldn't have any?"

She finished with a sigh before her shoulders drooped with a look on her face as if the world itself turned against her causing a pang in Naruto's heart.

If there's one thing, Naruto hated the most in this world, or universe, besides when the supermarket is out of instant ramen, was when his mother was sad. He could handle almost anything else like Karma, God, or whoever had a problem with him but if he ever he sees his mother sad or crying. It causes a sharp small pain in his heart as if someone was trying to drive a nail through it.

Therefore, when he saw the sad look on her face he placed the omelet back on his place and then placed his chopsticks on the table before standing up. Next, he made his way over towards one of the cabinets and opened to reveal a cabinet filled with nothing but instant ramen cups.

As he did this his mother was watching him from the corner of her eyes thinking that she got her way but when she watched him head towards one of the cabinets in the kitchen and opened it. She almost fell out of her seat when she saw nothing but ramen cups in it. She was hoping he was getting her a jar of bean paste but only to find out she was dead wrong and that all he was doing was getting a cup of ramen. Now there was a real sad look on her face as she turned to look at the food her son made.

While she continued to stare at the food oblivious to what her son was doing and slowly picked up her chopsticks but before she could begin to eat her son's voice stopped her.

"So I guess you don't want this after all."

He then placed a jar of red bean paste on the table next to his mother. All she could do was look at jar he place on the table then at him before she spoke.

"But… I thought you were getting yourself a cup of ramen?"

"No I learned not to eat ramen in the morning. Besides it's just that I hid a jar of your bean paste behind a couple of them and thought that it wouldn't hurt to let you eat some for today, but only for today."

The next thing he saw was the happy look that appeared on his mother's face before she gave him a nod then picked up the jar of bean paste and opened it.

"Red bean paste, red bean paste, I get to eat my red bean paste. Yea!"

As she hummed to herself, Naruto made his way back to his seat while shaking his head at his mother antics before he sat down and ate his breakfast.

Once they were finished eating Naruto cleaned of the table and washed all the dirty dishes while his mother when upstairs to change in to her work clothes. By the time he finished his mother was making her way downstairs towards the front door where he went to meet her. There he saw her in her grayish blazer like suit with matching pants as she slipped on her black women's dress shoes with her hair tied back held by an orange clip. Following his mother's lead, he slipped into his shoes just as she opened their front door for them and walked outside.

Soon as they were outside and past the front gate Naruto's mother turned to face him who was holding out her bento for her that she took from him before speaking.

"Thank you, Sora, but before I leave. I just wanted to tell you that I don't want to get any phone calls from school saying you were in some kind of fight again, understood."

Now Naruto knew how clueless his mother could be at times but if it when came to his wellbeing, she was one of the most protective mothers he knew especially when it came to his schooling. Whit her being a single mother along with working long hours she was hardly ever home which meant he was always home alone and she knew how it felt to be left alone. She was once in that similar situation as a teen and always put on a happy face so her friends wouldn't worry.

She wasn't sure if her son was doing the same thing as she did when she was younger but either way she didn't want him to feel the same loneliness she felt. Luckily one of his best friends lived next door so he always had somewhere to go if he ever did feel lonely so that was good however. There was also one other thing she was worried about and that was her son getting into fights for reasons he wouldn't tell her and to this day, she still doesn't know. That was why she made sure she made it clear that she didn't want him getting into any more fights by telling him in a firm voice with the face to back it up.

"Yes, I understand."

"Good," she replied change her stern look to a cheerful one. "Well, I'll be going then so have a nice day at school and I mean it. No more fighting and don't forget to record the new episode of Magical girl Kyoko for me when you come home from school."

"I will."

With those last words, Naruto waved bye to his mother as she started to walk away but before he could do the same, he heard a familiar voice call out to him. Turing around he saw his neighbor/best friend since they were little walking up to him with a young girl about 12 years old walking next to him.

"I see your mother was scolding you for fighting in school again, huh," the orange haired teen said.

"Yeah, but as long as upperclassmen keep talking about her the more fights I'll be getting into," he replied.

The boy who he was talking to was his best friend Yuuki Rito who also happened to be his neighbor since they were kids. He had spiky orange hair and golden brown eyes dressed in the same school uniform as him. The girl next to him was his younger sister Yuuki Mikan who has both brown hair and eyes. She also had a crush on the blond haired teen, which he knew and would tease her relentlessly by adding the chan suffix when he would call her name.

"Does it really solve anything? I mean you did the same thing in junior high but it didn't stop them from talking?"

"True, but that was in junior high and they didn't know what I was capable of yet. Since I was holding back but now that we're in high school that will all soon change."

Rito would've replied but decided not to when he saw the sadist looking grin his best friend had on his face but Mikan on the other hand did.

"What's the whole point of fighting if you both end of up hurt afterwards? If you ask me, I think it just a waste of time and an excuse for idiots to prove that they can endure the most pain."

"You're half right but there are some people who can't get the picture unless you smack them around a bit. Like the idiots, as you call them, at mine and Rito's school however there are other reasons for one to fight."

"Like what?"

"Well there's fighting to prove something or for someone who can't but the most important reason one should fight if he/she ever has to should be to protect someone who is precious to you."

"What do you mean by precious to you? Like family or something."

"It depends on what you consider precious. To me its friends, family, and everything I deem precious to me. Let's take you for example."

"O-Okay," Mikan replied a bit confused to why he would take her as an example but did tell him and listened to what he had to say.

"Let's say that you get yourself involved with some shady people, not saying that you would, and they decided they were going to hurt you and I found out about it. You can bet your ass I would be there in a heartbeat to kick whoever's ass it was even if it killed me, because I consider you someone precious to me."

Mikan was a bit moved by what he said that he would risk is life just to protect her because she was someone precious to him causing her to blush as she smiled. She could've done without the shady people part as it ticked her off but what he said last made up for it. Before she could give her crush a reply, he added something.

"And I'm sure Rito would do the same, right."

That got Mikan to turn to her older brother who was now sweating a bit from the sudden accusation.

"Uh… y-yeah, Of course I would," he replied rubbing the back of his head sheepishly while laughing nervously prompting his sister to sweat drop.

"Thanks, 'Oni-chan' that sounds real assuring," she said dryly.

"Well sorry if I don't know how to fight like Sora."

"You're right, I'm sorry. It's just it would be nice to know that my brother would come help me if I'm in trouble."

"Of course I would. Your my little sister and I would do anything I could to protect you."

Mikan could hear how serious her brother sounded, as did Naruto, and made her smile as she spoke.

"I know you would. Thanks Rito."

The two siblings smiled at each other but before anything else could happen Naruto spoke up getting their attention.

"I think that's enough talk about that unless we all want to be late for school."

When he mentioned the word school Narutos' neighbors eyes widen as they realized they was still standing in front Naruto's house talking.

"Crap! Why didn't you say something earlier, Sora," Rito voiced.

"It looked like you two were having a moment and I didn't want to ruin it anyway we should get going." Naruto replied prompting his best friend to sweat drop.

With that, the three headed off to school with Mikan standing between both Naruto and Rito while they walked. As they did, Naruto looked at Mikan from the corner of his eyes and saw her fidgeting with her hands while looking at him periodically. He could tell that she wanted to ask him something but was probable too embarrassed to ask him in front of her brother or just him entirely. Therefore, it prompted him to ask what was bothering her.

"Is there something you want to ask me Mikan-chan?"

The said girl jumped when he said her name before she looked up at her brother's friend/crush and spoke.

"Wha-What are you talking about. There's nothing I want to ask you."

Her voice was a dead giveaway as he could hear how nervous she sounded. Even Rito was able to tell prompting him to look down at her but before he could ask why Naruto cut him off.

"It's just I saw you fidgeting with your hands while looking at me. So I figure that you wanted to ask me something, was I wrong."

"No, it's just I wanted to ask if you could show me how to cook that dish you made last week for me again."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, as did Rito, at what she asked and wondered why she was asking him something like that but then figured out the reason why. Well two reasons why, the first being that she wanted to get better at cooking for Rito's sake and the other being she just wanted to impress him with her cooking skills. Either way he wasn't going to turn her down since he did promise her on her twelfth birthday that he would show her how to cook different dishes and if he said no. It would be as if he were going back on his word, which never does therefore he smiled at Mikan.

"Sure, it's not like I have anything else planned. Besides I did promise you that I would show you how to cook different dishes didn't I and I never go back on a promise."

Mikan's eyes shinned with happiness when he agreed to show her but before she could give him a reply, Naruto added something.

"But it will have to be tomorrow. I don't have all the ingredients to make the dish you're talking about. Is that alright with you?"

"Of course. Thank you, Sora-kun."

"You're welcome, I guess."

All he could do was smile at her with her doing the same as she mumbled something to herself and before they knew it, they reached the halfway point to where there schools were. It was also, where Mikan had to take a different path since her school was in a different direction but not before saying goodbye to both her brother and Naruto.

After the two teen watched as Mikan left they continued their way towards their own school. As they walked, Rito decided to speak up.

"I think you're spoiling her too much."

"You may be right but I think you have to spoil your little sisters every once and awhile and since I'm an only child. I decided to spoil your sister besides I'm just helping her become a better cook unless you think I'm a bad teacher."

"NO, I'm not saying that! In fact, she's even better than before," Rito quickly replied not wanting to upset his friend.

"Well that's good to hear but anyways we should hurry or else we'll really be late."

With that said, the two then started to run towards the school so they wouldn't be late.

XXX At School XXX

When they arrived at the school gates both Naruto and Rito came to a halt seeing as they still had about fifteen minutes left until school started. As they stood there, Rito tried to catch his breath while Naruto stood there with no sigh of fatigue as he popped his knuckles.

"Are you really going to fight even after your mother clearly told you not to," Rito said after catching his breath.

"Well that all depends on the upperclassman and whoever else decides to talk about my mother. It's not as if I want to do it but it just as I said earlier today. Some people can't get the picture until you smack them around a bit and that goes for you too."

"What do you mean that goes for me too?"

"If I catch you or even hear you talk about my mother's ass, tits, legs, or whatever sexual thing you would like to do to her are friendship is voided until I kick your ass that is after that we're cool, understood."

Rito just gulped at his best friends warning as he nodded in reply completely dumbfounded by what he said.

"Good, now let's get going."

The two then started to walk towards the school and saw that there were still students standing outside. Once they noticed Naruto walking up towards the school they all looked his way with mix looks. The girls gave him dreamy looks, as they wanted nothing more than to be with him while the boys just glared at him cursing because he was all the girls talk and fantasize about.

As they continued to walked, they could hear the girl students whisper with one another.

"Hey look its Sora-kun."

"Yeah and he looks as handsome as always and those whisker marks make him look so cute."

"I know what you mean but what I want to know if he's going out with anyone."

Those were just some of the things they heard causing one of the two to sweat drop.

"Looks like you're as popular as ever," Rito voiced not sure, if he should be happy or jealous of his friend.

That's when he heard what else the girls had to say.

"But who is that next to him."

"I don't know? The only time I see him is when he walking with Sora-kun."

"I bet he's just trying to become popular by hanging around with Sora-kun."

"I bet that's true and besides he's not even that good looking."

"And it looks like I'm unpopular as ever," Rito added hanging his head.

"Why do you care what girls say about you anyway? Don't you only have one girl whose opinion matters the most," Naruto voiced getting Rito to immediately perked up and put a straight face.

"You're right, Sora. It's Sairenji Haruna-chan's opinion that matters the most."

Naruto just chuckled at his friend's quick recovery and made his way into the school heading towards his shoe locker. After switching his shoes, he met up with Rito but before they could make their way to their class, something caught Naruto's attention. He then told Rito that he meet up with him latter and started to walk away but not after hearing his friend telling him to go easy on them.

Giving his friend a wave signaling he heard him but wasn't going to make any promises as he made his way towards a group of upperclassmen.

"Her tits are big too but the biggest tits I've seen are Inoue's mothers. I mean they're the size of fucking watermelons, watermelons man!"

"I know what you're talking about and the best part is. I don't live that far from their house so I see her and her lush's tits bounce up and down every day."

"You damn lucky bastard."

"Hey mind if I spend the night."

Unaware to the group of upperclassmen Naruto who was just a few feet away from them heard everything they just said getting his eyebrow to twitch. As he approached them, he put on the friendliest face you could think of making him seem as he were never pissed off in the first place and made his presences known.

"Man, I saw her walking to work this morning and I tell you. It took every fiber in my being not to just walk up to and just motor boat those tits of her's."

"Now here's some who knows what we're talking about."

Just as that upperclassman said that, he and the rest of the small group looked to see who the newcomer was. Only for them to realize it was Naruto causing them all to look at him in fear as they heard what happen to the last person who talked about his mother.

"Now tell me. Whose mother we're talking about?" None of them were brave enough to give him a reply so he answered for them, "That's right. It's my mother."

Naruto then gave them a sadistic smile before cracking his knuckles.


Rito was on his way toward his class when he heard what sounded like a bunch of girls crying and figure it was Naruto give the group of upperclassmen a one-way ticket to the nurse's office. He wasn't sure if that was a punishment or gift since the rumors say, the school nurse was smoking hot. Pushing that thought aside he was just about to reach the end of the hallway he was in but heard a familiar voice stopping him in mid-step.

The voice he heard belong to none other than his crush, Sairenji Haruna.

Inching his way towards the end of the hallway and peeked around the corner, he saw his crush standing in the hall next to their class talking with some of their classmates.

'Haruna-chan always looks so cute every time I see her. From her sweet expression to her silky black hair, all the way down to her gentle manner. She's the best and now one in my book could compare to her. If only I could just tell her how I feel.'

As he continued to think about his crush, he failed to notice two people sneaking up behind him until it was too late.

"Are you stalking her in the middle of the day Rito," A familiar voice to him spoke getting him to jump and turn.

"Who the hell are you calling a stalker, you bastard?"

After calming down Rito glared at his friend who went by the name of Saruyama Kenichi who is the same age as he and Naruto and is in the same class as them too. He had black spiky hair, the same color eyes, and a bit of a pervert but other than that, he wasn't that bad of a person. Standing Next to him was Naruto who had a smirk on his face that he guessed was because of the way he acted a moment ago.

"Are you sure because I could swear you were looking at your beloved Haruna-chan a moment ago."

That got Rito to tense up before he spoke, "Sh-Shut up. I wasn't looking at her, or stalking her. I was just waiting for the right timing."

"Timing," Naruto voiced getting a nod from Rito.

"Yeah, that's right. Because I've decided that, I'm going to confess my love to her."

"Yeah, just like the last two hundred times. Which all failed by the way," Saruyama added.

"He has a point Rito. When it comes to you confessing your love, well… let's just say you suck at it. But who knows maybe two hundred and one is you're lucky number," Naruto told him while placing a hand on one of his shoulders. "Anyways let's get to class. The bell is about to ring."

With that, both Naruto and Saruyama left heading towards their class leaving Rito standing in the middle of the hallway by himself as he stared at the floor.

'Even if what they said is true it's not going to stop me from trying since Haruna-chan and I are in the same high school. Not to mention were in the same class but that's not enough. I won't be satisfied with that not until I can tell her how I feel even if she does turn me down. At least I can say I finally told her my true feeling which I will today after school. I just hope she says yes.'

As he finished that last thought, he made his way towards his classroom before the bell could ring still hoping Haruna will say yes.

XXX After School XXX

The school day for Naruto was just your typical day at school. Sitting in class listening to a boring lecture while waiting for the teacher to finish and pass out the handouts for that class. The only interesting thing that day was watching Rito trying to figure out what he plans to tell his beloved Haruna-chan. It was both funny and depressing while watching his friend try to confess to his long time crush since junior high and failed miserably every time. It was as if god, or whoever was looking over Rito, didn't want the two to come together but no matter how many times he failed. It never stopped him from trying and it was that part of Rito Naruto liked.

In some way, it reminded him of when he was a younger, before he had to transfer his soul, and was always rooting for him to succeed but in the end he always failed. Sometimes it wasn't even his fault as unsuspected things just happen but usually it was just him chickening out in the last minute.

It was the same after school as he stood in front of the school gates waiting for Haruna to show up. When she did show she never saw him because she was reading a book. It was a perfect opportunity for Rito to confess to her but whenever he thinks of saying those three words, "I love you." All the nerves in his body start acting up and gets cold feet causing him to hide which he did by jumping into the bushes.

Naruto, who was watching from a far, couldn't help shaking his head in shame as his friend just threw away yet another opportunity. After walking over to console his friend telling him "there is always next time" they made their way home. The entire way there, Rito kept beating himself up for probably blowing the only chance he had left at confessing his love for her However, Naruto just told him that when the right "timing" comes along he'd get his chance and continued their way home.

Once they reached their destination, they parted ways with each going into their own homes but unlike Rito, Naruto came home to any empty house. It wasn't unusual since he's used to it form both lives but it did have a lonely feeling to it but he paid not mind to it and brushed it off as an everyday feeling.

The first thing he did when he entered his house was remove his shoes then head towards the living room. There he turned on the TV so he could program the recorder so it would record Magical girl Kyoko show that his mother watches. He didn't know why she even watched a program like that but he guessed she was still a child at heart. Sometimes he wondered whom the parent and the child was between the two but before he could answer that question. He made his way towards the kitchen to prepare dinner for himself as well for his mother who would be eating it once she comes home.

As he prepared his dinner for the day, he couldn't help feel something bad was going to happen. It was the same feeling he had the day Gid suddenly came to earth fifteen years ago. No matter how much he tried to shake that feeling away it never did and it got him to wonder if it were Gid finally coming back to finish what they started. If so, he was ready to do battle, if needed to, as everything he needed was already in his room sealed within a scroll.

While he thought about the upcoming battle, he finished making his and his mother dinner and put his mother's serving in the fridge. Next, he sat down in the living room where he watched a little TV but as he did the channel flipped to the Magical girl Kyoko show. He wouldn't admit it to anyone but he kind of like the show as it had a bit of comedy to it also Magical girl Kyoko wasn't that bad to look at.

After he finished eating his meal and watching the rest of the show, he made his way into the kitchen to wash his dishes. Once they were clean, he made his way towards the bathroom so he could take a bath. When he was in, he removed his clothing and let the water fill the tub before entering and letting the warm water caress his body getting him to forget the feeling he had before and relax.

However, unbeknownst to him, in just a few minutes he life was about to change entirely.


Standing on top of one of the many building throughout Sainan city stood a beautiful girl about 15-16 years old. She had long flowing beautiful bubblegum pink hair that hung down to her lower back stopping just above her butt. She had two beautiful emerald green eyes and wore a wired looking skintight outfit that showed her lushes curves with a strange looking hat with bat-like wings sticking out of it.

This wasn't your ordinary typical teenage girl despite her appearance, which looked like a normal human girl but the truth was. She was an alien, a being not from this world to be precise, who ran away from her home planet for unknown reasons. Currently, there were two men in suits with shades standing before her, as they were finally able to corner the girl on the edge of the building.

"We've finally found you, princess. So why don't you give up and come back home already."

"But to think she would come to a remote planet such as this. Also isn't this the same planet Gid-sama came looking for Naruto-dono. You don't think she's planning to ask him for help do you," one of them men ask the other still keeping his eyes on the girl before him.

"It's a possibility but were not even sure if he's still alive and besides the princess only knows about him because of the story's that were written in our history books. There's no way she'd know he ever came to this planet but even so we'd have to stop her before she can get in contact with him. Otherwise, Gid-sama will have are heads if she does."

The men then place all their attention on the pink hair girl who stood in front of them.

"We're going to ask you nicely one more time to come back home with us or else."

The so-called princess just stared at the two men before her unfazed by the man's words before she finally spoke.


It looked like she was talking to herself but actually she was talking to the strange looking hat on her head which surprisingly talked back.

"Yes Lala-sama."

"You know what to do, right."

"Yes Lala-sama."

"Good and try not to be followed."

"I'll do my best Lala-sama."

With that, the now known Lala slowly moved her left hand to the bracelet on her right wrist getting the two men to look at her suspiciously but before they could say anything, she disappeared in thin air.


Naruto, who was still enjoying the bath he was taking, had his head resting on the wall as he continued to let the warm bath water wash away his worries and it seemed to work. As the feeling he had when making dinner earlier today was completely gone letting him fully enjoy his bath.

"Man I feel so relaxed I could fall asleep."

He then let his body sink further into the water before recalling the feeling earlier today when he came home

"I wonder what that feeling was earlier. It felt exactly how I felt when Gid came that day fifteen years ago but if he were coming shouldn't he arrived already."

As he ponders, why he suddenly had that feeling he failed to notice the bath water started to bubble and before he even realized it, the water suddenly shot up in front of him. Soon as the water fell back into the tub, with most of it land outside of it, he took noticed that there was a beautiful girl with pink bubblegum hair. It reminded him of Sakura, a girl from long, long, ago but before he could question why there was a girl, who was completely naked, in his bathroom. He looked at the girls face, and couldn't believe what he saw.

It was a face he couldn't forget no matter how hard he tried but knew it was impossible for that person who he believed it was to be here of all places. Even so, it didn't stop him from calling out that woman's name.


Even though he said that name, the girl before him made no sign that it was her name or she didn't hear him. Either way he could tell it wasn't her, how could it, she was the queen of Deviluke. There was no way Gid would let her come here even if she begged him but the resemblance of Schala and the girl before him were unbelievable. Now that he knows that this girl wasn't who he thought left him one question. Who the hell was this girl and how the hell did she suddenly appear in his bathroom?

The girl, who was now standing, stretched while mumbling escape successful noticed she was in what looked like a bathroom. There she noticed a boy about her age sitting in the tub she was standing in looking at her suspiciously as if he were trying to figure out why she was there.

"Who are you?"

Her sudden question prompted Naruto's eyebrow to twitch.

"I should be the one asking you that, not you asking me," he told her before he stood up.

As he did, a blush appeared on Lala's face as it was the first time she had seen a man's penis. She was fine with being naked around other people as she bathed with her servants back on her home planet since she was little but once she saw this man's male organ. She couldn't stop herself form blush as she watched him step out of the tub. Then watched him grab a towel that he used to cover his lower body and then look at her.

"Well are you going to tell me who the hell you are and why you appeared in my bathroom or are you just going to stand there?"

After he told her that, his eyes started to wander up and down her naked body taking in all her glory. From her perky erected nipples that stood on two beautiful mountains made of flesh to her curvaceous hips. He also saw a small patch of pink hair just above her womanhood seeing that the carpet does match the drapes.

He could clearly state that she was by far one of the prettiest women he had seen in both his lifetimes and no matter how he looked at her. He continued to see the woman called Schala in her place and wondered if this girl was a distance cousin or related to her in some way but he couldn't ask her. As it would cause her to suspect him of knowing that there was life outside this planet but before he could continue his thought she spoke.

"Oh… well my name is Lala and I come from planet Deviluke."

The moment she said Deviluke Naruto's eyes widen a bit but not enough for her to noticed before he went into a deep thought.

'Deviluke, did she just say she just say she was form Deviluke. Well I shouldn't be that surprised she does look identical to Schala. In fact she's a spitting image of her but what the hell is she doing here… unless Gid sent her to kill me in his place.'

Before he could come up with a reasonable answer to why she was here or if Gid really did send her after his head the girl he was thinking about interrupted him.

"I asked you what's your name and can you get me a towel too. I'm getting cold."

Realizing he was spacing out he came back to his senses just as Lala spoke to him getting him to realize she was shivering from the cool air and immediately grabbed a towel for her. After he tossed it to her, she immediately grabbed it and wrapped it around her frame then looked back at Naruto who was now looking at her.

"You still haven't told me your name."

"Oh… sorry. My name is Uzu… I mean Inoue Sora."

"Inoue… Sora… well it's nice to meet you. I already told you my name but I'll tell you it again just in case you didn't hear me the first time. My name is Lala, Deviluke Satalin Lala."

Once she started her full name, Naruto could understand why this girl looked so much like Schala and that was because she was her daughter. Her name was proof enough as Gid was in love with Schala, as did he but after the incident between him and her. He had no right to love her and it was because that incident he left planet Deviluke and returned to earth where he should've returned after he helped put an end to The Galaxy Unification Wars.

"Well now that are introductions are out of the way. Why don't I find you something to wear unless you have a pair of clothes on you that I don't know about?"

"You don't have to do that. Peke should be able to find me in no time."

"Who's Peke?"

"She's a robot I made who changes into my clothes. We were separated when I used my invention Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun while the two of us were running away from my pursuers. It allows me to warp any living unit to a short distance but I'm not able to determine its destination. That's why I appeared in your bathroom."

Even though she explained how she magically appeared in his bathroom, naked, he still found it hard to believe but there was some truth to what she said. As her bracelet, or Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun as she calls it, can only warp living objects a short distance away a robot, that's considered non-living, wouldn't be able to warp. The same robot that she claims to uses to clothe her but at least it helps explain why she magically appeared in his bathroom naked.

Shaking his head Naruto looked at Lala and said, "I'm not sure which part of your story is true but even so. If you ask me that invention of yours is somewhat stupid. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go put some clothes on."

Not waiting for her reply Naruto turned and left the bathroom leaving Lala to herself who followed right behind him.

"My invention is not stupid. I just need more time to fix the all the bugs. That's all."

Naruto just ignored her and made his way up stairs towards his room with a very upset Lala from him calling her invention stupid.

"Well I still think it's stupid and nothing you say will change that."

"It's not stupid. You're the stupid one."

"Well if you say so."

As he made his way into his room with Lala following shortly behind trying to tune her out as she started to explain how her invention wasn't stupid. Once he entered his room he walked over towards his dresser, where he pulled out a pair of boxers and put them one. Next, he pulled out an orange muscle shirt and put that on as well then turned to Lala who was still blabbing about how her invention wasn't stupid. Never noticing he wasn't listing to a word she was saying as he made his way to his desk and opened one of his books from school then started to do his homework.

When Lala finished talking, she looked at Naruto and saw him sitting at his desk writing on a piece of paper getting her to realize he didn't hear a word she said.

"Were you even listing to me?"

"Did you say something," he replied not bothering to look at.

Before Lala could reply both of them heard the sound of a window opening and saw a wired looking doll like being that had a round shape head with swirls for eyes. It also had a pair of bat-like wings and wore white shirt with a matching tie that covered its entire body with only its feet showing.

"Lala-sama, are you alright," the doll asked.

"Peke, you found me! I'm so glad you were able to get away safely!"

The now known Peke flew into Lala's arms before saying, "Yes, I was lucky that the Maul-dono and Smutts-dono were too distracted with your sudden disappearance to notice me slip away."

As the two continued to talk with one another Naruto just sat there and watched them as he recalled Lala's story.

'So that's Peke, huh. I guess she was telling the truth but then whom was she running away from. Is it this Maul and Smutts person?'

While he pondered on that thought, Peke finally realized he was their prompting her to ask Lala who he was.

"Who is this human, Lala-sama. He looks familiar but I don't know why."

"Oh, him he's the one who lives here. His name is Inoue… Sora… yeah that's it."

"Inoue Sora? That's the first I heard of that name but why does he look so familiar, hmm…"

While Peke tried to search her memories to why Naruto looked familiar to her, the said person narrowed his eyes at the robot wondering if it will realize who he truly was. As if he jinxed himself, Peke spoke.

"Now I remember. He reminds me of Uzumaki Naruto."

"Uzumaki Naruto? Who is that?"

"Lala-sama how could you not known who Uzumaki Naruto is. Not only is he the lone survivor of the *Kitsuean* race that perished long ago but also was the sole reason why your father won The Galaxy Unification Wars. If it weren't for the power that he possessed called chakra who knows what would've happen during the war."

"Wow, I didn't know that. He must be really powerful."

"If you paid attention during your studies you would've learn that and yes he was powerful. They say he was on par with your father and was the only man who could take him on a one on one fight."

"Now that you mention it Zastin's assistants did say that he was staying here on earth. Do you think he could help us out?"

"I'm not sure Lala-sama. According to the data I have, he suddenly disappeared from planet Deviluke almost 25 years ago but if what Maul-dono and Smutts-dono said, were true. That he is indeed here on this planet I'm sure he would gladly help."

However, before Lala and Peke could get there hopes up they heard a loud banging sound come from where Naruto was sitting. When they looked at him, they saw his left hand resting on his desk with his bangs shadowing his face so they couldn't see his eyes. They didn't know why but they could tell Naruto was mad at something and before they could ask what was wrong he spoke.

"Now that you have you clothing robot you can now put some damn clothes on and get the hell out of here."

"He's right Peke. I can change into some clothes," she said not catching what Naruto said at the end. "Peke you know what to do."

"Yes Lala-sama."

As Peke suddenly glowed, Naruto, who was clearly not in a good mood, couldn't believe Peke realized who he really was but also knew he was last survivor of the Kitsuean race. Not to mention she knew that he could use charka as well and to make matters worse the two people called Maul and Smutts knew about him too. It was only a matter of time before they find Lala and lead them straight to him and if they were smart like Peke. They will immediately notice his appearance, figure out who he was, and then contact Gid.

That was something he couldn't let happen even if he had no choice but to fight Gid, he would. The only problem was he wasn't sure if the body he has now could with stand the amount of demonic chakra it would take to fight Gid in a full out battle. All it would take to stop him was the damn plant he use 15 years ago to stop him and if he did use that plant in a fight with his current body, he would surly die this time, no question asked. Therefore, the only solution he had was to get rid of Lala soon as possible.

However, Karma was known to be a bitch and she wasn't making any exception today especially for Naruto.

"How is it? Doesn't it look nice, Sora," Lala voiced soon as she was clothed.

When she asked him, he looked at her and noticed she was now wearing clothes but had to wonder what kind of clothes she was wearing. It looked similar to what Peke wore but fitted to her size and looked to be skin tight with a hat that looked like Peke's head with her eyes and her bat-like wings.

"It looks lovely. So why don't you hurry up and leave before any more people arrive," he replied dryly

Before Lala could give him a reply, the wind started to pick up and before any of them knew it two men in suits suddenly appeared on both sides of Lala.

"Lala-sama it's futile to resist. Why don't you stop playing your little games and come back with us?"

Both Peke and Lala were a bit shocked to see both Maul and Smutts in Naruto's room however, Lala shocked expression suddenly changed before she spoke.



"Didn't I tell you to make sure you weren't followed?"


"Then explain why both Zastin's assistants are here in Sora's room."

"I'm sorry Lala-sama. I failed you."

Off to the side Naruto watched as the two men appeared in his room and realized it was too late but when they started talking to Lala, they failed to notice he was here. Doing a few quick hand signs, he placed a small genjutsu around him making him seem as if he weren't there. It may sound like a cruel but he was hoping that the two men would take Lala away so they wouldn't find him and realized who he was like Peke did. Therefore, he sat there under his genjutsu and waited for them to leave while watching everything that was going on.

"Well… it seems you will be coming with us now," one of the men said as he and the other man took a step towards her.

"La-Lala-sama, why not use your bracelet again," Peke voiced while Lala took a step back.

"I can't… it takes a whole day for it to charge once I use it."

Then in one swift motion, one of the men shot at Lala and grabbed hold of her right arm.

"There's no use in struggling. Now come on, were leaving whether you like it or not."

"No…let go of me! I said let go!"

Even though she plead for him to let go of her he didn't comply as he had his orders to bring her back home and ignored her as she tried to pull her arm free. The more she tried the tighter the man's grip on her became causing her to bit the man's arm hoping it would cause him to let go but sadly it didn't.

Naruto, still concealed by his genjutsu, watched as Lala struggled to get free from the men grasp trying almost everything she could do only to fail. He was wishing the two men would hurry up and take her away already but as time passed, he had a hard time fighting the urge to help Lala escape. Just watching her struggle was enough to cause him to drop his jutsu and help her but know it would blow his cover.

However, when one of the men raised a hand making it seem like he was going to strike her, he immediately dispelled his genjutsu and rushed at the man. Hitting him in his gut causing him to topple over then grabbed the man arm that was still holding Lala and twisted it until there was a nasty popping sound. It caused the man to let go and grab hold of his injured arm while Naruto picked up Lala bridal style and leaped out his window.

Lala was a bit surprised Naruto was helping her but didn't know why prompting her to ask.

"Why are you helping me?"

"I don't know…. To tell you the truth I wanted nothing more than those two men to hurry up and take you away but after seeing you struggle like that. I couldn't just sit there let it slide especially when that man was about to hit you. I'm a man damn it and men don't just sit idly by and watch, as two men tried to kidnap a beautiful girl against her will right in front of me."

Lala didn't know what to say to that. He just admitted he wanted both Zastin's men to take her away but even so, he still went and rescued her. In some way, she felt happy; it was the first time anyone tried to rescue her besides her father. It caused a warm sensation to build up inside her and it wasn't because he was carrying her. She didn't know why but her heart started to pound faster while her breath became hotter.

When she looked up at Naruto, she could see how he resembled the hero of The Galaxy Unification Wars, Uzumaki Naruto, as he had the same hairstyle and color too. He even had the same whisker marks as that man and his azure colored eyes that they say could pierce a man's soul with just one glance. It's remarkable she didn't realize it before but it was because she didn't know the man's name only what he looked like. She then wondered if perhaps Sora and Uzumaki Naruto were in some way or another related, or perhaps the same man.

Whilst Lala was thinking of that Naruto who was jumping from rooftop to rooftop, while still carrying Lala, was trying to find a place to land. Where there weren't many people, as he knew those two men would be coming after them. It would be easier just use his chakra and dash the hell out of their but couldn't because of Lala. Since she was a Deviluke, she knew about his real identity, well what he looked like when he was on planet Deviluke anyways. However, if she were to see him use his chakra or any jutsus she would probably figure out he was really Naruto and not his fake aliases, Inoue Sora.

Therefore, he had to stick to what his human body could do for now unless he had no other choice.

It wasn't long after that when he came to an empty park and ran in still carrying Lala however, he didn't get far. As one of the men perusing them, threw a large trailer truck in front of them blocking their path. He could easily jump over it or blast threw it using his rasengan but both those ideas required chakra, which he couldn't use right now.

He then put Lala down and turned to face the two men while telling her to get behind him. He could see the man whose arm he broke fully healed somehow and wondered if they developed some kind of drug that has a fast regenerating abilities. Whatever the cause may be, he would just have to break it again and braced himself for a fight.

"Look earthling, do not interfere with use. Unless you would rather have use hurt you."

That last comment made Naruto smirk as it's been a long time since he was in a real fight and could feel his blood pumping from the excitement.

"Oh, I would love to see you try."

"Even though I would to do more than anything to pay you back for what you did to my arm but sadly. I have more important business to take care of." The man who had his arm broken then looked at Lala and said, "Now Lala-sama… quiet running away from home and come back with use, peacefully."

"NO! I don't want to!"

"You heard the lady. She doesn't want to go… wait what did you say?"

Naruto had to stop and think of what Lala and the two goons said but before he could, Lala continued to talk.

"I'm sick and tired of meeting my future husband candidates every day. I don't care if I'm the successor I'm tired of it. Besides…I already found who I think I'd rather marry."

She mumbled that last part to herself while looking at the backside of Naruto whose eyebrows were twitching from what she said and all of today's events.

"But, Lala-sama this is your father's will. So please come back with us."

"No! I don't care what papa said. I am not going back!"

As Lala started to grab something from her pocket Naruto, who was now staring at the ground below him, his anger started to rise as he thought about all of today's events that started with Lala appearing in his bathroom.

'All this is happening because she ran away from home. My real identity was almost discovered because of a stupid girl was sick and tired of meeting her future husband candidates and decided to run away here.'

He was now pissed and because he was, his power started to leak out causing a small gust of wind to circulate around him getting the two goons attention.

"Do you see that? That earthling is surrounded himself with a gust of wind."

"Yeah, but how is that possible? Do you think he's a *Kazean?*"

"I'm not sure as there are a lot of unknown alien races living here on this planet."

With the sudden distraction caused by Naruto, the two goons never saw Lala pull out a device that looked like a cell phone. The moment they did, it was too late as Lala shouted something that made them go on edge as well as snapping Naruto to his senses.


The moment Lala said that a huge metal like octopus appeared from thin air causing the two goons to sweat as they saw what was in front of them.

"Shit! It's one of Lala-sama's inventions."

"Now suck them up vacuum-kun!"

Following its orders vacuum-kun's mouth suddenly opened causing the airflow to pull towards its mouth lifting the two goons off the ground and sucked into its mouth.

As Naruto watched Lala's invention suck the two goons up he noticed that everything around them was doing the same then realize her invention was getting out of control. He knew it wasn't stopped the whole city would be in trouble.

"Lala, that's enough! Turn it off already!"

Lala who was now hovering in the sky heard Naruto and looked at her invention in a cute thinking pose before saying, "I can't remember how I turn this thing off. It's been so long since I used; I guess I forgot how."

'What! God Damn this girl and her stupid invention. If I don't do something quick this whole city might be in trouble.'

Knowing he only had one option left; he pumped more chakra into his feet so Lala's vacuum-kun couldn't pull him off the ground when he ran out in front it. From there he flashed through some hand sighs before yelling.

"Earth Style: Earth Dragon Technique!"

Suddenly, the ground in front of Naruto shot out forming a dragon-like being made of pure rock and flew towards Lala's vacuum-kun. Unfortunately, Lala's invention was able to suck his jutsu in but Naruto wasn't going to lose to a machine. He was Uzumaki fucking Naruto for god sakes that help put an end to The Galaxy Unification Wars. There was no way in hell he would lose to some spoiled little girls invention not in his or any lifetime.

Therefore, with a fierce yell, he pumped more chakra into his jutsu causing the earth looking dragon to enlarge its body. Getting the enlarge part to get caught in Lala's invention mouth causing the wind to return to normal.

With that settled he turned to Lala and said, "Now hurry up and shut it off!"

"But, I still can't remember how," Lala replied getting Naruto to shake his head.

Before they knew it Lala's invention slowly started to expand until it was ready to pop and when it did. The shock wave it caused was strong enough to send Naruto soaring through the air leaving a crater in its wake.

After stopping herself form soaring in the air, Lala looked just in time to see Naruto soar through the air right in to a parked car. Fearing the worst she quickly flew to him only to see him pull himself from the dent he made on the car as if nothing was wrong.

"Sora, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied wiping the dust off him.

"Are you sure? You just hit an earthling vehicle?"

"I said I'm fine. Anyway I think it's time for you to go home."


"I said it's time for you to go home. Running away won't solve anything it will only cause you and others trouble. Take what just happen few minutes ago as an example. If I didn't stop you stupid machine who knows what would've happen to this city. Yeah, it sucks that you have to meet so many future candidates that will one day become one of your husbands. That's the life of a princess in line of ruling the whole Milky Way Galaxy so suck it up. If your father could do it, so can you."

Lala just stood there, speechless, as she didn't know what to say. He was right but one thing bothered her and that was how he knew she was the next in line to rule The Milky Way Galaxy. She could clearly remember no one, not even Zastin's assistances, ever once mentioning her becoming the next ruler of The Milky Way Galaxy. Yeah she said she was tired of meet future candidates but not once did she ever mention anything about being the next ruler of The Milky Way Galaxy. So how did he know but before she could ask, Naruto added something.

"Now if you excuse me. I have some homework that needs to be finished then after that I'm passing the fuck out. I've been through enough today. So… this is goodbye then."

With a wave, Naruto started to walk off leaving Lala and Peke to themselves and disappeared into the night.

"You know Lala-sama. Sora-dono is right maybe we should go back home with Zastin-dono."

"I know Peke but still… I don't want to go back home just to be constantly meet more candidates. Besides…."

"What is it? Lala-sama…"

"It's just I think I finally found someone I can see myself marrying. Here on this planet."

"Y… You're not talking about Sora-dono. Are you?"

"I think it's what they call love at first sight or something like that. Besides he risked his life to save me not caring about getting hurt or possibly killed by Zastin's assistances."

"That's true. Two aliens such as them would terrify most earthlings but he didn't bat a wink. In fact, I'm not sure he's even an earthling. Form that strange earth dragon he made I'd say he was a Chian then an earthling. As to making him your husband, I'm not so sure that's a good idea. You don't even know anything about him besides his name."

(A/N: Chi is the Japanese word for earth. So a Chian is an alien race that controls any type of earth element such as rock, stone, possibly metal like in Avatar, etc.)

"You're right but I feel this connection between him as if we were destined to be together. It's hard to explain why I have this feeling but I know it means something. Therefore, I plan to stay here on this planet until I figure out why I'm having this feeling and besides. If we stick around Sora-kun he might just end up meeting Uzumaki Naruto."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well he does resemble him so there has to be some kind of connection between the two and if we stick around we might find out why. Until then let's wait until tomorrow to meet up with Sora-kun again."

"I'm not sure that's such a good idea. Sora-dono looked upset when he left and seeing us tomorrow might make him even more upset then he is now."

"Nonsense, I'm sure he'd be happy to see us again."

"I hope you're right, Lala-sama."

"I know I am; anyway let's get going."

With that the two left off to who knows where ending one of the most interesting day Lala ever had.

XXX The Next Day XXX

When Naruto woke up the next morning he went through his morning routine that consisted of him waking up, changing into his school clothes, then make both his and his mother's breakfast and lunches. As he ate his breakfast, he tried to play off everything that happen last night like a distance memory but it wasn't working so he gave and finished eating. Once he finished, he said goodbye to his mother who had the day off and headed off to school with both Rito and Mikan. After splitting up with Mikan at the halfway point, he and Rito walked the rest of the way towards their school where they both saw Haruna, Rito's long time crush.

That's when he pushed Rito forward trying to encourage him to confess to her and after several tries Rito finally decide to confess. Walking over to his crush Rito called out to Haruna getting the girl's attention causing her to face him that's when he took a deep breath and spoke.

"Ha… Haruna-chan, there's something I-I been meaning to ask you for a while now and I-I finally decided to ask you right now."

"What is it, Yuuki-kun?"

"Well… I… you see… I… um…."

As he got closer to saying those three words all the nerves in his body started to act up again as they always do when tries to confess his dying love to Haruna. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as if it were going to explode while his hands started to get sweaty. He felt like he wanted to die right then and there if it weren't for Naruto slapping him on the back he would've passed out.

"Come on, man! Just spit it out already!"

Taking his friend's advice, he closed his eyes and quickly bowed then spoke the words he's been trying to get out for years, never realizing Haruna, or Naruto, were paying attention to him.

"Since the first time I saw you… I was in love with you! So… please go out with me!"

Feeling the weight of always wanting to confess to Haruna lifted from his shoulders Rito slowly stood straight whilst thinking he finally confessed only to see a pink haired girl he never seen before standing in front of him.

"That's so sweet but I already have someone else in mind so I'm going to have to decline. Sorry."

The girl standing in front of him was none other than Lala in her skintight outfit she always wears.

Rito on the other hand had a blank expression on his face as he couldn't believe he just confess to a girl he didn't know while Haruna just looked at the scene with a dumfound look on her face.

As for Naruto, he just stared at Lala as his eyes narrowed at her remembering that he told the said girl to go home but before he could tell her that again. Lala turn towards him and jumped on him wrapping her arms around his neck getting both Haruna and Rito to look at him funny.

"This is the man who I decided to let marry me," Lala proclaimed getting shocked looks from the three.

"Wait just a damn minute," Naruto spoke getting everyone's attention and for Lala to look up at him. "What the hell do you mean you're letting me marry you and didn't I tell you last night to home?"

"You did but I decided to stay here with you and even if you decline my offer to marry me. I will just have to make you change your mind."

She then cutely stuck her tongue out at him getting him to shake his head.

"You really are a troublesome girl aren't you?"

Lala just giggled in response however, Rito who stood there watching them didn't know what was going on as he never seen his friend with this girl before. It prompted him to ask his longtime friend what was going on.

"Uh… Sora, do you mind telling me what's going on and how you know this girl."

"It's a long story. Too long to explain right now but more importantly we have to get to school."

"Hey Peke, what's school? Is that similar to the studies that they teach me on planet Deviluke?"

"I believe so, Lala-sama and it appears that Sora-dono is on his way there."

"I want to go to this school Sora-kun is going to, too!

Before She could get her hopes up Naruto quickly crushed them.

"Not to burst your bubble or anything but it would be wise if you just stayed away from my school. I don't need you or the two idiots from yesterday coming over and destroying the place because you failed to go back home. So why don't you go look for something to occupy yourself or wherever you're staying until I get out of school. If you can do that then we'll see if I can't convince you into going back home. Until then try to stay out of trouble, alright."

Naruto then left with Rito following behind him who then remembered he confessed to Haruna and didn't know if she gave him a reply or not. However, it was too late as she was nowhere in sight causing him to hang his head while slowly following Naruto leaving Lala to herself.

"What are you planning to do now, Lala-sama? It's clear that Sora-dono does not intend to marry you and I think it's wise for you to reconsider in choosing him as you husband."

"No matter what you say Peke. I won't be changing my mind; I've already decided that Sora-kun will become my husband. All I have to do is convince him that I'm worthy of being his wife. Once I can do that we both can live happily ever after."

"If that's what you really want, Lala-sama. I won't complain but please listen to what Sora-dono said and try to stay out of trouble."

"I will. So what should we do first?"

Before she could decide that, she saw something on the ground beside her. It was something wrapped in an orange napkin.

"What's this? Do you think it belongs to Sora-kun," she asked Peke while picking the object up.

"It's a possibility. Perhaps it fell from his bag when you jumped on him."

"Then I should be the one to give it back to him."

"I'm not sure if that's such a good idea. Sora-dono did say to stay away from his school, didn't he?"

"Yes, but it's my duty as his future wife to make sure he gets it back and since it was my fault in the first place. I have no choice but to return it to him. So let's hurry up and find Sora-kun's school."

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Black wings then sprouted from Lala's back and she took off in the air not sure where or what Naruto's school looked like but took off anyways in search for it. All the while secretly glad Naruto dropped it because she now gets to see what this school looks like.

XXX Outsides Earth's Atmosphere XXX

Just outside earth's atmosphere was a huge ship orbiting along with the earth while it rotated. Inside the ship main command room were three people two of which were the two men who tried to force Lala to come back home. They were both all beat up and battered as they kneeled in front of a man cladded in battle armor. The armor wearing man was looking at the two men knowing that they had failed to bring back the princess they were order to retrieve.

"I see… so the two of you were no match for her. That only means that I will have to go down to that planet myself and bring back the princess, by force if necessary."

This man was none other than Zastin Deviluke Lala's personal bodyguard and the best swordsmen in Deviluke. His objective was to chase after and bring Lala back to planet Deviluke by the order of king Gid, ruler of The Milky Way Galaxy. Everything was going smoothly until he notice what planet Lala was heading to, Earth. It was the same planet where he watched his king fight with the man he respected, Uzumaki Naruto, 15 years ago.

The same man who trained him when he was just a teenager then later fought alongside him in The Galaxy Unification Wars. During the battle 15 years ago he witness his king struck a fatal blow to his sensei and wasn't sure if it killed him or not and 'til this day. No one knows if he is dead or still alive but deep down he hoped he was still alive. Not so, his king could kill him but so he could find out the story of what happen between his king and his sensei and help them solve their issue.

In order to do that he would have to find out if his sensei was still alive therefore he looked at his two subordinates before he spoke.

"Tell me. Did the two of you come into contact with Uzumaki Naruto while you search for Lala-sama?"

It was an out of the blue question but his subordinates knew why he asked.

"No, we did not sir. However, we did see an earthling who resembled him. In fact we believe the boy wasn't an earthling at all but a Kazean as he was able to control the wind, sir."

"A Kazean you say," Zastin repeated before going into a deep thought. 'Naruto-sensei was able to control not just the wind but all the elements at will. If what they were saying is true and there is someone who looks like Naruto-sensei then there's a chance he's still alive.'

With that final thought, Zastin looked out his ship at the huge blue planet that was staring back at him then looked at his subordinates.

"Alright, I'm heading out. I want you two to take command while I'm gone."

"Yes sir."

Zastin then made his way towards his teleporter whilst thinking of one thing.

'Naruto-sensei, please be alive. So that I can help you as you did for me long ago.'


Here are the words that had asterisks around them.

Kitsuean: A Kitsuean is a word I made up. I use the word Kitsune meaning fox that most of you should know and added 'an' to the end of it. Just like in the word Devilukean to signify an alien race.

Kazean: Kaze is the Japanese word for wind. Therefore, a Kazean, which I made up, would be an alien race that has the power to control the wind.

Chi is the Japanese word for earth. Therefore, a Chian is an alien race that controls any type of earth element such as rock, stone, possibly metal like in Avatar, etc.

A/N: Well there you have it my first Naruto/To Love Ru crossover story, which I hope you like and if you did please fav.