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Chapter 2

The Engagement, Zastin Arrives, and More Trouble Over The Horizon?


Currently, Naruto was sitting in class listing to what the teacher was saying whilst trying to shake the feeling as if something bad was about to happen. At that time his friend, Rito, abruptly stood up and shouted, 'it's not like that' out loud disturbing the lecture there were in.

He knew the reason behind his friend's behavior but found it funny that his sudden outburst caused the teacher to believe he had made a mistake.

It wasn't long after that did Rito realize what he was doing before he quickly sat back down and stared at his desk.

All Naruto could do was shake his head before retuning his attention back the teacher who continued with the lecture as if nothing happen as did the rest of the class.

Nothing else happen after that and class went on as it usually did as every other day till the lunch bell rang causing all the students to stop what they were doing.

Like most of the students in class, Naruto reached for his bag and was planning to pull out his bento but the strange thing was it wasn't there. As he tried to remember if he had forgotten to place it in his bag, which he didn't, he remembered Lala jumping onto him earlier this morning. He figured that she must have nudged him to hard and caused his bento to fall out of his bag, which he found weird that that was possible.

Either way he still didn't have a lunch and would have to buy some bread from the cafeteria as a replacement.

At the same time Rito, who had a bento of his own thanks to his little sister, came over towards his desk and was about to sit down until he saw Naruto stand up.

"What's wrong, Sora? Why are you getting up?"

"I have to go to the cafeteria to buy some lunch."

"Buy lunch? I thought you make your own lunch every day. So why do you need to go to the cafeteria for."

"That's true; but for some foreseen incident, I lost my bento. Now I have to, not only, buy my lunch but I have to buy a new bento box on my way back home."

Rito didn't know how to respond since he always had a bento for lunch and never had to go to the cafeteria but what he couldn't figure out was. How could he have lost his bento in the first place?

"How did you lose your bento?"

"You remember that pink haired girl you accidentally confessed to."

The moment he brought up Lala, Rito suddenly got depressed.

"Yeah, I remember her."

Naruto just chuckled at the look his friend looked.

"Well, I think when she jumped on to me she somehow knocked it out of my bag. Don't ask me how, she just did."

"Is that even physically possible? I mean, she had to knock into you pretty hard for that to even slip out."

"Apparently she did, but there's no point in whining about it now. What's done is done."

Rito could only nod in reply as he placed his bento on Naruto's desk as he started to open it.

Soon as he did, Saruyama suddenly opened the class door and immediately called out to Naruto.

"Sora, you have to come quick! There's a pretty girl looking for you, and I mean pretty."

Naruto just looked at him with a questionable look before giving his response.

"And I should care why? It's not as if I have a whole school of girls after me. So why should I care about this one," he replied dryly.

"This girl is different, though. I've never seen her before and she's wearing this really cute and sexy skintight outfit."

"Wait a minute…?"

When Saruyama mention that last part to him, he could only think of one girl who could fit that description, Lala.

The thought of her being at his school irritated him to no end as he clearly told her to stay away from his school. Now one of his friends is telling him that a girl is looking for him in cute skintight outfit.

He could be mistaken her for some other girl who was crazy enough to wear such an outfit just to get his attention, but this isn't some manga or anime. Therefore, that scenario is unlikely to happen which left him only with Lala as he had already seen her in such an outfit but to clarify it was her, he had to ask Saruyama something.

"Just tell me one thing before I think of following you, Saruyama."

"Yeah, what is it."

"Does this girl you speak of have pink hair and a tail-like accessory with a spade like tip?"

"Yeah, but…. How could you have known that?"

Ignoring that last part Saruyama said he shook his head trying to figure out why Lala would come here after he told her to stay away. He had several reasons he wanted her to stay away but the main one was he didn't want her to bring any of those goons from last night here.

It wasn't because he didn't want them to find out that he was still alive, even though that was one of the reasons. It was because he didn't want any harm to fall to those who were around him and precious to him.

If push came to shove, he would defend himself, but if he had to use too much of his power. He wasn't sure there wouldn't be any unnecessary damage.

However, the longer Lala is around the more that is likely to happen.

That's why he wanted her to go back home but until then he had to make sure she didn't cause any more trouble, well, for him anyways.

"Tell me, is she still on the first floor."

"I think she's still there."

With that, Naruto made his way towards the second floor to find out why Lala was here.


Presently, up in the sky above Sainan city was a pink haired girl who didn't know how to follow instruction or what someone tells her to do. It's probably because of the stubbornness she inherited from her father and late mother and thanks to that, she usually does whatever is on her mind.

Even now, she was doing something that she decided herself despite what someone told her not to do and that was. Looking for the school her so-called future husband goes to but the only problem was she didn't know what a school was or what it even looked like.

Therefore, she was flying aimlessly around town but thanks to Peke, she was able to navigate around the city using what the earthlings call the internet. It wasn't long until she found what she was looking for.

"That's it, right. What the thing called 'school' that Sora-kun goes to."

"According to what the earthlings' internet says, then yes, but Lala-sama. I have to ask."

"What is it, Peke?"

"Do you really intend to marry Sora-dono?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"It's because you're the first princess of Deviluke, which rules over most of the galaxy. If you were to marry Sora-dono, an earthling, he would rule in your father's place."

"Well, that's something you don't have to worry about and let me do what I want."

"As you wish, Lala-sama, but I have a bad feeling that Sora-dono won't be happy to see you," Peke replied whispering that last part.

With their little conversation over, Lala flew down towards the school and if one were to look hard enough. They would see a small orange napkin in one of Lala's hands.

Once she landed at the front entrance of the school, she walked inside without a care in the world in search of her future husband.

As she walked around aimlessly in the school, she began to call the name of the person she was looking for. Drawing the attention of the students, she walked idly by as if there weren't there while ignoring their whispers.

Most the boys she walked by were immediately drawn to her by her beauty and the way she looked. It was thanks to her late mother who was praised to be the most beautiful woman in the universe who passed it on to her.

While she walked past most the boys who were drooling over her, two other boys came walking towards her.

"Hey, you're pretty cute. Are you in the drama club?"

"Drama club? I don't know what this drama club is but I'm looking for Sora-kun. Do you know where I can find him?"

"S-Sora," both boys repeated before cursing the said person.

"Why are you looking for him," one of them asked.

"It's because I have to return this to him."

She then held up the napkin-covered bento in her hand before giving them a smile.

"It's my duty as his future wife to return it to him."

When she mentioned being his future wife every boy, and girl, in the hallway were immediately shocked.

"Did… did she say what she say what she think she just said," a boy asked.

"I think so," another boy said.

"So, if she's Sora-kun's fiancée. Then that means he's not available anymore," a girl asked.

"It seems so," another girl replied.

There were a lot of mix emotions and thoughts going around as Lala stood their unaware of what was going on. All she cared about was giving Naruto his bento back and before she could continue looking for the said man. One of the two boys in front of her spoke.

"I don't know what you see in that punk but he already has enough girls after him. So why don't you hang out with us and we'll show you that were way better than that good for nothing loser."

"Sora-kun is not a loser. A loser wouldn't risk their life to save someone. So you better take that comment back or else."

Her sudden outburst cause the two boys to flinch as she glared at them but before they could reply, someone else spoke up.

"Lala, what the hell are you doing here."

Upon hearing the person's voice, everyone looked in the direction it came from to see Naruto along with Rito and Saruyama standing on the stairs to the second floor.

"There you are, Sora-kun. I was looking for you."

Lala went from angry to happy I just a blink of an eye when she saw Naruto standing there but she never realized he had an irritated look on his face.

"I came to give you this."

She held up the bento in her hand getting Naruto, and Rito, to realize she had his bento with her.

"So you did make me drop it."

"Yeah, sorry about that," she apologized.

Just as their conversation started, it was quickly interrupted by a random male student.

"So, is what she said true, Inoue?"

Naruto looked at the student who spoke with a questionable look on his face before giving him a response.

"Is what true?"

"Don't play with us. Is this girl your fiancée or not."


Naruto was in complete shock by the sudden accusation before he regained his composure and looked at the one who was most likely responsible for it.

"So is it true or not," another student asked.

"Of course it's-…."

He was planning to deny that he and Lala were engaged, however, someone decided to interrupt him, and that person was none other than Lala herself.


She shouted that word aloud as she latched onto one of Naruto's arms making it sound as if Naruto was going to say the same thing.

The sudden mix up caused the group of students to misunderstand what Naruto was planning to say getting most the male students to clench their fists.

"We were engaged last night."

"When the heck did this happen."

"You mean you don't remember. It was when picked me up and took me away…."

She began to explain but for some reason she felt shy and stop right in the middle of it causing another misunderstanding.

"Isn't it enough that you have almost every girl in school wanting you but now you had to go get engage to this girl? Moreover, the two of you apparently did that already. It's just not fair, Inoue," a student standing across Naruto said.

"Yeah, we want are chances at love. Why do you need so many girls after you if you're already engaged?"

"Look, it's all just a misunderstanding. If you let me explain…."

"Forget the explanation. We should just kick his ass. There's about twenty of us against him," a male student in the back yelled.

"That sound like a good idea to me. What do you guys think," the one across from Naruto said.

"Yeah, let's kick his ass!"

"Just listen to what I have to say! I can explain everything!"

He tried to get them to calm down but it only fell to deaf ears as the group of students slowly made their way towards him.

'Damn it! It looks like I have no choice but to fight now.'

Seeing that there was no other way but to fight the angry mob of students he quickly pushed Lala behind him. Then got ready for a brawl but before that he looked to his left side from the comer of his eyes to see Rito still standing there.


Calling out to his friend getting the said person's attention, he looked back at the mob that was slowly making their way towards him.


Rito's voice sounded a bit uneasy as he spoke and could only think he was going to end up caught in this.

"I want you to take Lala with you and run."


"I said, take Lala, and run."

"B-But what about you."

"Don't worry about me. I can handle a small group like this. So hurry up and go."


Naruto heard Lala shout behind him causing him to turn to face her.

"What the hell do you mean no."

"Exactly what it means," she replied crossing her arms.

He didn't have the time for this especially with a mob of pissed off students ready to jump him that he had his back to.

"Look, Lala, I don't have time for your stubbornness. Just do as I asked and go with Rito."

"I'm not going…."

'Damn it, Lala. If something were to happen to you Gid would….'

In the current situation, they were in, well, the situation Naruto was in anyways. He wasn't just protecting himself now, which would be no problem to him, but he now had to make sure nothing happens to Lala.

If something were to happen like her getting hurt it would be a huge problem since she was a princess from an alien planet. That had the power to destroy the earth with no problem and knowing Gid. He would do it with no hesitation leaving Naruto with no other choice but to make sure nothing happens to her.

Again, the earth's very existence was resting on Naruto's shoulders but before he could go through with what he set out to do, Lala spoke.


When she spoke, he could tell she was going to ask him for something in return if she did what he asked. It was probably something like taking her out to eat or shopping. Things he didn't really do since he didn't have any interest in.

However, if it could get her to listen he could put up with it and played along with her.

"Unless what?"

"Unless you promise to let me live with you since we'd be getting married, if not. I'm staying right here in this spot."

To emphasize her point she sat down on the floor with her arms still cross.

"Come again, I didn't quite hear you. It sounded like you wanted to live with me."

"That's what I said. If you don't promise me that I can live with you, then I'm not moving."

He could only stare at her, blankly, as he wasn't suspecting her to say something like that but should've known it was coming. Still he couldn't believe she would try to take advantage of the situation they were in. It was as if she knew her father would destroy the earth if something were to happen to her, which was an unlikely case.

"You have to be joking. Like I would agree to something like that."

"Then I guess I'm not moving."

In the mist of the two auguring, the mob of students that stood watching the whole ordeal decided they waited long enough and made their move. With one of them taking a swing at Naruto only for the said person to grab hold of his arm with his right hand.

Naruto, who was still hold the person's arm, swiftly kicked him in the gut before releasing his hand. Causing the student to back up and fall to his knees while holding his gut.

'It looks like they got tired of waiting.'

As he looked at the mob of students, he could tell they were now ready to strike. He wondered why it took them so long but guessed they were scared or intimidated by him since he was unpredictable.

Looking away from the mob, he looked back at Lala who was still sitting on the floor with her eyes closed then back to the mob.

'It seems like they're ready to go but with Lala acting the way she is, is a problem. It's not like I can't take this idiots out with no problem, it's just that if they attack me in a large group, which they will. It'll be that much harder to protect Lala and myself, which leaves me no other choice.'

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and released a loud sigh getting the mob of students to tense up while Lala opened one of her eyes.

"Alright, Lala, you win. I promise that… that you can stay with me."


"Yes, really."


In a flash, Lala jumped from the floor and wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck pressing her body against him causing a slight blush to appear on his face.

As for the mob of students, their furry only increased by her actions and Naruto sensed that but first he had to make sure Lala was safe.

"A-Alright, that's enough. Now hurry up and go with Rito."


Doing as her future husband asked she let go of him a skipped her way over to where Rito was standing.

With the feeling of a heavy burden lifted of his shoulders that shouldn't have been there in the first place. He could now focus on kicking the asses of the mob of idiots.

"Ready when you guys are."

Just as Naruto was preparing to take on about twenty or some people Rito decided to speak.

"Um… Sora, aren't you forgetting about something."

"And what would that be."

"About what your mother told you."

After Rito told him that, he tried to remember what it was that his mother told him that would relate to what was going on right now but nothing came to mind.

"What was it that she told me again?"

Rito could only face palm at his friend's answer.

"She told you just told you yesterday not to get into any more fights."

It was then that Naruto realize what Rito told him were true.

"Shit, I forgot she told me that."

He was now in a dilemma, he could take the risk and fight, which would most likely end up getting him expelled or turn tail and escape.

It was an obvious choice but the sound of running away from a group like them left a bad taste in his mouth but he didn't like upsetting his mother.

Therefore, he went with the second option but just before he could try to make a quick getaway, the leader of the mob spoke.

"Did you hear that boys. He can't fight back so there's no reason to be scared of him. This is our chance to get him back for everything he's done."

With a loud cheer from everyone else in the group, they started to charge after Naruto, who at the same time turned around and run up the stairs grabbing Lala's wrist as he did.

Rito was running alongside Naruto in fear that the mob chasing them would beat him up along with his friend. It was also when Naruto asked him a question.

"Hey, Rito, where the hell is Saruyama?"

"I don't know."

For some reason, Naruto looked back at the mob chasing them to see the person in question chasing them, mostly him, as they ran.

'Saruyama you fucking traitor!'

While cursing his idiotic friend as he ran, he tried to figure out the best plan in losing his pursuers and knowing the full layout of the school. Made things a whole lot easier to do but in the direction they were currently running in would lead them to dead end. Luckily, there was another flight of stairs coming up that so happen to be their next course of action.

With his plan thought out, he called out to Rito.

"Rito, there should be a flight of stair coming up. Once we reach it, I want you to run down to the first floor and head downstairs. Then make your way towards the office and stay there. They won't do anything to you there if they're still chasing you."

"What about you."

"Don't worry about me. I'll be fine."

"Alright, if you say so."

With that said, the two, three if you count Lala, split up soon as they reached their destination. With Rito heading downstairs towards the office while Naruto and Lala made their way up. As Naruto ran up to the third floor, he didn't stop there and continued running until he reached the roof. There he opened the door leading Lala and him outside to the rooftop.

Just as the door was closing, they could hear the sound of footsteps making their way towards the roof.

"It looks like they're still following you two, Lala-sama," Peke voiced.

'So it only talks when she's alone with someone that knows at it', Naruto thought.

"It looks like it. I wonder why they're so mad."

"It's because of your false accusations. Not to mention the way you were acting."

"What false accusations."

"The ones where you keep implying that were engaged."

"But I wasn't lying. We are engaged."

"How the heck are we engaged if I never proposed to you."

"Like I said before it was when you-…."

Before she could finish her sentence, Naruto covered her mouth then gestured her to keep quite.

Once it was quiet, he could hear what sounded like voices coming from the other side of the door.

"Hey did you hear voices coming from the roof."

"Yeah, let's check it out."

As Naruto listen to their short conversation finish, he quickly swept up Lala into his arms. Then jumped onto the small roof above the doors just as they opened.

After placing Lala back down, who had a slight blush on her face, he looked down blow the small roof to see about three male students walk out. They were the same students who were chasing him earlier.

"It looks like no one's up here."

"But I could've sworn I heard Naruto's and that pink haired girl's voice coming from here."

"Well, it doesn't matter since no one's here. Come on let's go. They're probably hiding in some vacant classroom."

With that the three students left and when Naruto heard the door close he relaxed and sat down.

"It looks like we lost them."

Looking over at Lala, he could see her face was red and wondered if something was wrong.

"Hey, are you alright? Your face is all red."

"Sora-kun did it again."

"Did what again?"

When he asked that all Lala did was look away bashfully.

"You… you picked me up like that again."

"That's what made you blush?"

He thought that was a stupid reason for her to act all bashful but he could understand, somewhat anyways, since most girls aren't picked up like that very often.

"Lala-sama is acting bashfully because she's never been picked up like the way you did by someone other than her father," Peke explained.

He still found the reason stupid but pushed it aside just as he saw that Lala was still holding on to his bento.

"Well, at least I don't have to buy another bento box on my way home.

When he mentioned his bento, Lala realized she was still holding on to it.

"That right, I came to give this to you."

She then presented Naruto bento box to him, who took it from her hand.

"Well, it is still lunch time."

Placing the bento in his hands onto his lap, he started to undo the knot from the napkin. Once it was undone, he opened his bento and picked up his chopsticks but before she could start eating. He heard a rumbling sound come from Lala's stomach.

"Let me guess. You didn't have anything to eat all day did you?"

Lala could only nod in reply causing Naruto to sigh then hand his bento over to Lala.

"Here you can have it."

"But what about you."

"Don't worry. I'm not even that hungry anymore."

As he watched Lala look from him to the bento filled with food with a look on her face that told him she wasn't sure if she should eat it or not. It was the that he remembered that she doesn't know how to use chopsticks but before he could show her how she picked them up and started to use them as if she already knew how.

"You know how to use chopsticks."

After swallowing the food she put in her mouth, she looked at Naruto.

"Yeah, my mama taught me. She said that she learned how to use them from someone special to her."

When she told him that his eyes widened a bit before he looked away and stared off into the distance with a far-off look on his face while Lala continued to eat.

"From… someone special huh?"

As he whispered that to himself, Peke wondered why Naruto got so surprised from what Lala said, which prompted her to ask.

"Sora-dono, if you may, could you explain why you were so surprised when Lala-sama informed you of how she learned how to use chopsticks."

Her sudden question snapped Naruto back into reality before he answered her question.

"Oh, it's just that I was surprised that Lala's mother knew how to use chopsticks, that's all."

"Oh, then what about the far-off look you had just a moment ago. It was as if you were remembering something."

"Yeah, I was. When Lala said that, it got me to remember the time my own mother taught me how to use chopsticks for the first time."

"I see."

It wasn't really a lie it did remind him of the time his second mother, who was really like his first, taught him how to use chopstick. However, because he regained his old memories, he remembered the time he taught Lala's mother how to use chopsticks because she found it interesting and asked if he could teach her.

By the time Lala finished eating Naruto's bento, the sound of the bell signaling that lunch was over and that class has already begun.

It also meant that Naruto was late but he didn't care. What he did care about was what Lala would be doing until school was over. He needed to know that she wouldn't start any more problems for him or anybody else.

"I know this is going to be hard for you but I'm going to need you to stay away from the school until I get out. I don't care where but as long as you can't cause any problems, especially for me. You understand, if not you can forget the promise we made got it."


With a cheerful response, Lala sprouted bat-like wings from her back and flew into the air off in a random direction leaving Naruto alone.

"I really hope that girl understood what I said."

With that, he made his way back to his classroom while carrying his empty bento.

'You know she never did thank me for giving her my lunch.'

XXX After School XXX

News of Naruto having a fiancé spread throughout school like wild fire. That caused a slight uproar among the boys in while breaking the hearts of the many girls. Not that he cared but it wasn't his true intentions. All he cared about were the rumors that were going around which pissed him off to no end.

The only person, or alien, he could blame was Lala and her mouth that says whatever it wants too. I was one of the reasons he told her to leave so she couldn't spout any more nonsense about the two of them that weren't true. He was also hoping that if they didn't see Lala then wouldn't believe the rumors but it wouldn't matter. Since most of the school saw the two running in the hallways. Not to mention the people who saw Lala walk in the hallways yelling his name.

In the end, there not much he could do about it since there were just rumors and as long as everyone still remembers it. It will never disappear unless he threatens the entire school into forgetting about the incident but that would most likely get him expelled. He could also try using a genjutsu on every one into forgetting but decided not to since it won't be long until Lala goes back home, well, he hope it wouldn't be long. He wasn't sure how long he would be able to handle having Lala stay any longer then she has already.

It hasn't even been a full day yet since he met her and she has already caused enough problems as it is in a short amount of time. If all she did was cause problems how long would it take until she makes him reveals who he really is.

Who knows what would happen to not only him but also the earth itself. It's not as if he had a space ship to escape the planet if he needed to. Well, that was a lie he did have a ship, a very, very OLD ship. However, he wasn't sure if it could still fly anymore. Even if it could, it was too old to operate and it's not like there was anybody on this planet who could fix it.

Therefore, it left him with no other option but to make sure Lala left before she, unintentionally, could find a way to reveal who, and what he really is.

Unfortunately, that was going to have to wait as he had something more important to take care of, and that was introducing her to his mother.

Currently, he was walking out from school with Rito right beside him.

Just as he reached the front entrance, he heard someone yell his name and as he realized who it was, it was too late as the person land right next to him and grabbed hold of his arm.

"Lala, what the heck are you doing."

"Don't husbands and wives always walk home like this?"

"Yeah in the movies maybe but in real life they don't. Besides we aren't husband and wife nor are we engaged."

Upon hearing that, Lala quickly let go and crossed her arms while puffing her checks cute like.

"I told you already that we are."

"Whatever, you're starting to sound like a broken record. Let's just go before more rumors start spreading."

Not waiting for her response, he started to walk ahead with Rito following right behind him confused as to how the two met.

Lala, who they left behind, was trying to figure out something.

'What are a broken record and a rumor?'

"Sora-dono and the other earthling have already left, Lala-sama. If you do not hurry they will leave you behind."

When she realized that Peke was right she quickly chased after them.

As the two walk from the school on the same route Naruto and Rito always do, Lala who was new to earth started to ask questions the entire time. It was like a game of twenty questions that had no end and only confused Rito who was wondering why she was asking such questions.

The questions she would ask always began with 'what is that' or 'what is this' and when he would answer the said question. She would then ask him why it's called that and what its use was.

She acted like a five year old and no matter how many questions he answered there was always more. It wasn't until they came to the place where they meet Mikan did her question stop.

"Sora-kun," Mikan called out

When she saw her older brother and Naruto, she ran up to them but stopped when she spotted Lala and began to wonder whom she was.

"Were you waiting for us again? You don't have to wait every day after school you can go home yourself," Rito told her.

However, Mikan ignored what he said, as she was more interested in Lala, which prompted her to ask.

"Who is she?"

She directed it more to Naruto then her brother which Rito could tell causing him to fell unwanted for some reason. Naruto though could hear what sounded like jealous as she ask and could understand why since he knew she had a crush on him.

"Her name is Lala and is a girl who I recently met."

"Oh… okay."

Mikan release a sigh of relief, as she was a bit surprised to see Naruto with another girl. She thought Lala was perhaps his girlfriend since he never spoke of having one before but was relieved to know that he didn't. She also wondered why Lala was wearing those clothes.

As they talked, Lala was trying to figure out who this girl was before she asked Naruto.

"Who is this little girl, Sora-kun?"

'She's already saying his name with kun,' Mikan thought.

"This is Rito's little sister and is also somewhat of a little sister to me as well."

Mikan was a bit hurt when her crush said that but didn't show it, as she didn't want him or her brother to know.

"Who's Rito again?"

Naruto and Rito could only give Lala a blank stare before Naruto put a hand on one of Rito's shoulder.

"This guy is Rito and is also one of my best friends."

"Oh, he's the one who ran away with us at that place called school."

Again, they could only give her a blank look at her before Naruto answered her.

"Yes, he's the same person who ran away with us."

While he shook his head at her forgetfulness, Rito was wondering about something that didn't quite make sense.

"Hey, Sora, if you recently met Lala. Then how are the two of you engaged."

"You two are… are engaged," Mikan exclaimed quite shocked to hear her crush was engaged.

"We're not engaged. How many times do I have to say that?"

Lala didn't say anything this time and just folded her arms and did a look away pout as if she were mad. Mikan though wasn't sure if she should be happy or worried while Rito tried to figure it out himself.

"Anyway, let's get going. I still have some things I still need to do."

With those last words, Naruto started to walk off with the three of them following shortly after.

Once they caught up to Naruto's walking speed Mikan had to ask him something.

"So, Sora-kun, are you still going to teach me how to make that dish today."

Her sudden question caused Naruto to stop suddenly prompting the others to stop as well and look towards him.

"Shit, I'm sorry Mikan-chan. I totally forgot to go shopping so I won't be able to teach it to you today."

"Oh, that's okay. It wasn't that important so don't worry about it,"

Even though she told him that, with a smile on her face too, she was still a bit sad but Naruto could still tell.

"I promise, this weekend I'll teach you no matter what. So can you wait till then?"

With a real smile this time, Mikan looked at her crush before giving her answer.

"It's a promise and you can never go back on your word, right."

Naruto returned the smile before saying, "That's right."

After their little conversation, the four of them made their way home.

XXX Naruto's house XXX

Once they reached their destination, Rito and Mikan said their goodbyes and went to their house as Naruto turned to stare at his.

Taking a deep breath, he released a huge sigh before making his way towards his front door and just before he could open it, he turned to Lala.

"Alright, before we head in I need for you to keep quiet so I can explain everything to my mom."

"You're only going to tell your mama but what about your papa. Doesn't your papa live with you?"

"To tell you the truth, I don't know who my father is but I don't care if I ever meet him or not. Long as I have my mother still with me I don't need a father."

"So you're just like me. Except I don't have a mother anymore, she died when I was very little. So It's only been me and papa along with my two sisters."

Naruto saw the sadden look on Lala's face and had to look away since it was his fault that her mother died and couldn't look at her cause of it.

"Anyway, let's go in."

With an okay from Lala, Naruto opened his front door and walked inside while Lala followed behind him. Before taking off his shoes, he told Lala to stay put until he called her and after getting a nod in reply, he made his way into the living room.

There he saw his mother sitting on the couch watching re-runs of Magical girl Kyoko with a jar of red bean paste on the coffee table with several other snacks. The moment she noticed her son was home she swallowed the food she had in her mouth and greeted him.

"Sora-kun, you're home from school already."

"Yeah, and it looks like you've been have a little fun."

"Oh, this… it's only a couple of snacks."

"You call that a couple. Mom, there are two bags of open chips, three kinds of candy boxes, two jars of red bean paste, which one of them is empty, and the other half empty. Not to forget the empty pop cans."

Naruto's mother could only blush in embarrassment as he pointed out everything while she watched him sit down on the other couch they had.

"Okay, maybe there's more than a couple but I was hungry and I didn't feel like cooking anything."

Naruto just sighed at his mother's excuse before replying, "Did you at least eat the lunch I made for you."

"Uh-huh, and it was delicious. You know your becoming quite the cook. You'll make a good husband one day."

"Please don't say that."

"Why not; it's true."

"Just don't okay; I don't want you jinxing me or anything."

"If that's what you want then I won't mention."

His mother could see an irritated look on his face when she mentioned the word husband and didn't want to upset him so she decided to change the subject.

"So, how was school today?"

The same irritated look returned to his face before sighing and said, "I've had better days."

Again his mother saw the same look on his face from earlier but this time she need to know what happen.

"Did something happen at school… don't tell me you got into a fight again. Inoue Sora, if you gotten into another fight you have better tell me right now."

In a split second, his mother went to a carefree attitude to a worried one then to a strict one.

"No, nothing like that happen it was something entirely different."

"Oh, that's good. For a minute there I thought you were going to say you were in a fight or something."

'Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom,' he thought.

"If you didn't get into any fights then what happen at school."

"Well, it's better if I show you then try to explain it."

His words confused his mother as he turned towards the doorway that led to the front door.

"You can come in now."

On cue, Lala entered the living room getting another confused looked to appear on his mother's face as she sat down next to Naruto.

"She's… she's so cute! Is she your girlfriend?"

His mother was astonish by Naruto bringing over Lala as it's the first girl his age he ever brought to see her but unfortunately her son had to burst her bubble.

"There is no way she is my girlfriend."

"But if she's not your girlfriend then who is she and why did you bring her home."

Naruto was about to explain why but Lala decided to explain it herself.

"I'm Sora-kun's fiancée."


As Naruto glared at the pink haired girl, he quickly turned back to his mother so he could try to explain the real reason she was here but it was too late.

"F-Fiancée! No wonder you were so against calling her your girlfriend. It was because the two of you were already engaged and the reason you brought her here was, probably, to ask me if she could live here, right."

The next thing his mother did was stand up and made her way over towards Lala with her head lowered just enough for her loose bangs to shadow her eyes.

While she did, Naruto could feel his mother emitting an aura that he never felt from her before.

'Is… is she mad!'

That was the only thing he could come up with. He also thought his mother would do something so he tried to move but for some reason, when he tried. He found he couldn't move it were as if he was frozen.

Once his mother reached were Lala was sitting she stood right in front of her with her bangs still shadowing her eyes and said, "Your name is Lala, right."

The caring tone in her voice was gone and was replaced with loathe sounding tone but all Lala did was stare back at her with the careless attitude that she had.


"And you're the one who will be taking my Sora-kun away from me one day too, right."


Lala wasn't sure how to answer so she just agreed.

Naruto on the other hand, didn't know what was going to happen as this is the first time he had seen his mother this way.

"Did you think I would just hand him away to some girl I just met without even knowing her."


"You're damn right I wouldn't…."

As their conversation went on Naruto was starting to regret bringing Lala over just by the way his mother was acting, but. What happen next really got him to regret bringing Lala home as he watched his mother grab hold and hugged Lala.

"But since you're so cute I wouldn't mind handing my Sora-kun over to you. Besides I always wanted a daughter."

Naruto's eyebrow started twitching before saying, "You know you still have a son who is right here, I might add."

"I never said I didn't want a son but it would be nice to have someone who could go shopping with me since my only son won't go."

Once again, his eyebrow started to twitch before giving his reply.

"I told you it's not right for a mother to take their son shopping at a lingerie store. It's just… wrong."

"What's wrong about it? It's just a mother and a son spending quality time together."

"Yeah, if the son was…. I'm not even going to say it."

"Well, it doesn't matter since I'll be getting a daughter-in-law."

"How, if we're not engaged."

"What do you mean you're not engaged if Lala-chan said you two were?"

"That's the thing. She said that we were engaged, not me."

Now his mother was confused trying to figure out what was going on.

On one side, there was Lala saying they were engaged and on the other, her son was saying that they weren't. If she had to take a side, she would have to take her son's over Lala's despite how much she wanted a daughter-in-law.

"I don't understand what's going on here? Are you two engaged or not."

"It's true; we are engaged. It's just that Sora-kun doesn't believe me and every time I try to explain it to him. He keeps interrupting me," Lala voiced.

"Sora-kun, it's impolite to interrupt a girl. I know that I raised you better than that."

Naruto couldn't say anything back since both his mother and Lala were right so he kept quiet.

"Could you please tell me how the two of you got engaged?"

Just as she asked Lala that, she sat down on the couch Lala and Naruto were sitting down making her son get up and moving to the other couch.

Soon as his mother was settled, Lala started to explain.

"It was last night when he rescued me form two goons who were trying to kidnap me that the two of us were engaged."

Her explanation was a bit confusing as to say and made no sense. How one could be engaged just by saving someone, someone who was running away from home to be precise.

It was something Naruto couldn't understand and could only think of one thing.

'You've got to be shitting me.'

Shaking his head, he could only look at Lala before his mother spoke.

"That is so… romantic! Sora-kun, why didn't you tell me you saved Lala-chan life."

'Saved her life? It's more like I postponed her from going back home,' he thought before standing up. "Don't know but anyways, I think I'll start making dinner."

With that, Naruto left the two girls to themselves as he made his way towards the kitchen and grabbed the ingredients he needed.

As he prepped for tonight's dinner, he scratched out the idea about asking his mother if Lala would be able stay with them. Since his mother already instead on Lala staying as she convinced her that her and Naruto were engaged.

After the food was done and set on the table, both Naruto and his mother took their usual seats, sitting across from each other. When Lala sat at the table, she sat next to Naruto saying that she wanted to be close to him. He would have said something but had grown tired of fighting a losing battle and ignored it.

Once they finish eating both Lala and Naruto's mother relaxed in the living room while Naruto took care of the dishes. When he was done, he told the two that he was going to his room to finish his schoolwork. Lala asked if she could see his room but he declined saying, he had too much work for distractions.

With that, he made his way up to his room and closed his door.

The truth was he didn't even have that much homework in fact he finished it about thirty minutes or so after he entered his room. What he really wanted was some time alone to think about how he was going to get Lala to go back home.

Therefore, after he finished his work he snuck out and went for a little walk.

XXX Sainan Park XXX

All his aimless walking eventually led him to the place where all his troubles started up again. The park where he found out that Lala ran away from home; it's also, where he used his chakra. Something he hadn't done for the past sixteen years, well eleven years to be precise. It wasn't until he was five or six that he remembered having the ability to use chakra.

As he walked into the park, he looked at the destruction that Lala's invention caused and wondered what it would've looked like if he hadn't stopped it. That's when he thought back to when those two goons were trying to take Lala back home. What would've happened if he had never intervened? Would she have called out her vacuum-kun in his room or would she have used some other crazy invention of hers. If so, would he even have a house right now or would they been able to take her back home.

Thinking about that now wouldn't do him any good since it's all in the past and there was no way to travel back in time to change it. If there was, he would've went back to change a lot of things that happen a long time ago like the death of his adopted sister and what he did to Schala.

Perhaps, everything that has happened so far is also part of the curse the goddess of the universe placed on his entire race. So, that they would suffer and never find true happiness until death for disobeying her.

He didn't know much about the curse since he was little when he was sent away from his planet but from what he heard and from what Gid's father told him. It was something that his race did to upset the goddess who cursed them in return and not until death could the curse be lifted.

It's why he began to believe it was his curse's doing that brought Lala here to this planet, in order, to put an end to his happiness and to bring an end to the Kitsuean race.

If it wasn't because of the curse that caused Lala to come here but just her own idiotic ways, then he had to get her to leave before Gid himself comes looking for her.

Before he could brainstorm anymore other idea of getting Lala to go back home he heard someone's voice.

"So this is where you were, Sora-kun."

Turning around he saw Lala descend from the sky and land a few feet from him with the same carefree smile as always.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, when I went to your room to ask if you wanted to play some video games you weren't there."

"Then you came to look for me, right?"

Lala just nodded in reply.

"Then it's a good thing that you did come looking for me."


"It's so we can talk."

Lala started to wonder why Naruto wanted to talk out here instead at his house, which prompted her to ask.

"Then why don't we go back and talk at your house while playing that kart racing game."

She was about to move towards Naruto to grab hold of his hand but his voice stopped her.

"That's not going to happen."

She stopped her hand and looked at Naruto to see how serious he looked.

"But, why?"

"I don't want my mother to hear what we're going to be talking about."

"Why wouldn't you want your mama to hear?"

She wasn't sure what was going on and why Naruto was acting so serious but what she heard him say next did she understand.

"Because…we're going to talk about you going back home."

Lala's eyes widened a bit as she started at her so-called fiancé.

"Go home, but you promised I can live with you. So why would I want to go back home."

"I never promised you could live with me."

"Yes you did. It was at that thing called school."

"No, I said I'd promise you can stay with me and I never said how long you could stay either."

"You're lying!"

"Actually, Lala-same, what Sora-dono is saying is true. He did say he promise you could stay with him, not live with him. You just misunderstood him," Peke voiced.

"So they you tricked me then."

"Not necessarily, I just said what you wanted hear in order to get you to do what I wanted."

"But were engaged."

"In your head we are. Besides, we're not even in love so it would never work out."

"So you're saying because we're not in love, we can't be engaged."

"That's one of the reasons… I guess, but that's not really the point. The point is that you need to go back to where you belong and quit using me as an excuse for running away."

At that moment, Lala's body stiffened for a moment before she turned around crossing her arms and said, "I'm not using you as an excuse for anything."

No matter how hard she tried to hide it Naruto could tell she was lying but it did get Peke to start wondering if what Naruto said were true.

"Then answer me, Lala-sama!"

A voice that sounded familiar to both of them called out, a voice Naruto hadn't heard in sixteen years.

When the two looked to see who it was, they saw a man with gray hair in a battle-like armor with a cape drooping behind him. He also had two different colored eyes with a spiky, layered-like, tail and for some reason he had a dog biting his leg.

"Zastin, what are you doing here," Lala asked.

"I would like to ask you the same thing. Do you know what I went through since I've been here."

"No and I don't care."

"Well, I'll tell you anyways. Since I've been here, I was arrested; I had a dog chase me all day, and I got lost. That's why I hate coming to underdeveloped planets but that ends right now."

'You still don't have any sense of direction do you, Zastin,' Naruto thought.

As Naruto thought that, Zastin gave Lala a serious look.

"Lala-sama, it's time for you to come back to Planet Deviluke. If you refuse this time…I'll have to use force."

"I'm not going back. I have a reason to stay."

Whilst Lala told him that, she pulled one of her lower eyelid down while sticking her tongue out.

Zastin didn't seem to be affected by her mockery as he spoke in a calm tone.

"And what reason could that possibly be."

Lala suddenly pointed at Naruto.

"It's because I fell in love with Sora-kun. He says that he doesn't love me back but I'll make him fall in love with me and when I do, we will get married. Then I'll be living here on earth with him."

'I figured,' both Naruto and Peke thought.

After Lala told him her reason for staying, he started thinking about what she said before he spoke.

"I see, so that's how it is; I understand now."

Naruto couldn't help but face palm as he shook his head.

'I knew you were dumb, Zastin, but I didn't think you were this stupid.'

"I was pondering about it when my men reported about an earthling who tried to rescue you."

He then looked at Naruto.

'He does have the canny resemblance to Naruto-sensei in fact, an exact resemblance but he looks the same age as Lala-sama. Perhaps, he's sensei's son or maybe a love child.'

Naruto could feel his gaze eyeing him and was starting to wonder if he figured out who he really was but knew Zastin wasn't that smart. Especially when it came to things of this nature. If it didn't involve fighting then Zastin was, well, pretty much, useless.

It wasn't until Lala spoke up did the two get back on track.

"Since you now know that, you can go back and tell papa that I'll never go back home nor will I see any more future husband candidates!"

"I'm sorry to say, but it doesn't work like that, Lala-sama…."

Zastin had a very serious look as he spoke causing Naruto to be wary of the situation.

"I had an order form the king to bring you back and if I return without you while approving a marriage between a suspicious earthling and you. Not only would I not be able to face your father but also I might lose my position as your bodyguard."

"Then what do you suppose we should do."

"Move aside, Lala-sama."

In a blink of an eye Zastin dashed at Naruto pulling a saber-like sword and swung it at him however, Naruto jumped off to the side just before would've been sliced. If it weren't for the years of training, he did in his other body that his mind and soul remember he would've been dead.

'At least Zastin's swordsmanship hasn't dulled in all these years,' Naruto thought.

Lala, who flew into the air, saw Zastin charge for Naruto and swing his sword at him causing a huge cloud of dust as the sword hit the ground. She was about to say something but suddenly saw Naruto jump out from within the dust unharmed but before she could intervene Zastin spoke.

"To dodge a frontal assault like that takes quite a bit of skill far beyond what an earthling is capable of."

"Guess I was lucky."

"Perhaps you were, but… we'll find out if it were the case!"

Again, Zastin charged towards Naruto this time he was really trying to hit him however, every swing he threw at him. Naruto seemed to dodge them with ease; it was as if he could read his every move. There were only two people who were capable of reading his moves and they were his king, Gid, and his sensei the one who taught him how to fight with a sword.

Now there was an earthling whom he knew little about that looks identically to his sensei and strongly believes he has some ties to him. To find out what connection they had he was prompted to ask.

"Tell me, Sora, what is the name of your father."

It was an out of a blue question to ask someone; especially to a person you are attacking. After dodging a swing aimed to his chest, Naruto jumped back to gain some ground and gave Zastin his reply.

"My father's name? What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"It's something I just wanted to know."


"Because… you look like someone I know. So could you please tell me?"

Naruto now knew what he was trying to do. Since he has a younger body and different name then before, Zastin must have mistaken him to be the son of his sensei, which he wasn't. However, Zastin didn't know that hence why he asked for his father's name.

"I'm sorry but I don't know it. I've never seen the bastard."

In truth, he wasn't lying. Yeah, he didn't give him the answer that he wanted but how could he. It would be blowing his own cover therefore, he told him that he never knew nor seen his second biological father.

"I see. I'm sorry to hear that," Zastin said before going into a deep thought. 'It seems that Naruto-sensei might've died that day sixteen years ago. Then the boy in front of me must be his only son who grew up without knowing the love of a father. This also means I'll never know why Gid-sama came to earth to kill him.'

As Zastin was in deep thought, Naruto was in his own. He thought out how Zastin must feel as he used to look up to him since he was just a kid. The two never met until Zastin joined the royal army on planet Deviluke. Back then, Zastin was just a rookie but Naruto saw something in him. The determination he had when he was kid not to mention his talent with a sword.

There was also the thing that many people didn't know about Zastin and that was his father died in The Galaxy Unification Wars when he was only five. It was one of the main reasons why Zastin joined, that and the stories of the many victories of the man known as Uzumaki Naruto.

Since his only father figure was dead, he looked up to and idolized him. Then the day came when he finally met him.

That was like a dream come true and pushed his determination to its max to reach the same league that his idol was in. It wasn't later that Naruto took him to train under him becoming his new father figure in his life.

So thinking he must have died might have been hard on him and Naruto felt bad about it since it was his doing, however. He couldn't let Zastin know that he was really the man he was looking for since he reports to Gid himself.

Now he not only had to get rid of Lala but he also had to get rid of Zastin as well.

While those two were deep thought, Lala was still floating in the air just watching the two of them just stand there.

She wasn't the type to that sat still and did nothing; she always had to be doing something. Therefore, when Naruto and Zastin were just standing there it was getting on her nerves causing her to yell.

"Sora-kun, hurry up and use your ability from last night!"

Her sudden outburst caused the two to snap back into reality and getting Zastin to remember what his men said while Naruto cursed Lala once again.

"That's right. My men did inform me of your Kazean-like abilities."

"Kazean? But I thought Sora-kun had Chian-like powers," Lala asked Peke.

"From what he showed last night, yes, but apparently Zastin-dono's men seen him do something else that we didn't."

'So his men from last night informed him of me using my wind jutsu. Now that gives Zastin more of a reason to believe in the son of the, supposedly, dead me. Then again, he could think I'm just an earthling who's half Kazean. Either way, I don't have to worry about not using any of my wind type jutsus.'

Seeing as the secret was out Naruto placed his arms in a ready to fight position and stared down Zastin.

"Just because you can control the wind. Doesn't mean you have the edge as I've fought many wind-like users like you and came out victorious."

"That's good to know."

With those last words, Naruto took off towards Zastin this time getting the said man to put up his guard but just as he reached him. He jumped over him into his blind spot a place where Zastin wouldn't be able to see his hands flash threw a series of hand signs.

As he was about to landed, he knew he needed to duck knowing that Zastin would be swinging his sword around in order to hit him. When he did land, he did exactly what he thought he needed to just as Zastin sword swung around aiming for him nipping the tip if his hair.

Naruto knew Zastin was holding back some not trying to kill him but that last attack was the real deal but he didn't hold it against him. He did teach him how to protect his blind spot so it was just a reflex but he had to in order to hide from showing his hand signs to him.

Zastin, on the other hand, saw that, minus the hand signs, and wondered how this boy was able to dodge his attacks. It was as if he could see them before they were coming before he makes them.

However, before he could figure it out he saw Naruto's hand in a familiar position and jumped back just in time as Naruto's right arm swung at his midsection.

Thinking he got away unscathed he felt a slight breeze coming from the area Naruto swung at. When he checked, he noticed that that there was gash in his armor and knew exactly what caused it, "the Kazean's air blades."

By using the wind, Kazeans can make wind-like blades that could cut straight threw most metals like butter making them a deadly force to be wrecked. Many enemies to the Kazeans died by this very same technique but thanks to his sword Zastin could block it even if it's made of wind.

Therefore, when he looked at Naruto all he did was smirk.

"To think someone as young as you is able to handle the air blades so well is astonishing, however. My sword has the ability to block even the mighty Kazean's air blades. So don't get too full of yourself."

Thinking that there was nothing to be worried about Zastin stood in a ready position and waited for Naruto to make his move, which he did.

As he ran towards Zastin, he prepared to strike him using his right arm again and when he was in range, he swung his arm with Zastin moving in to block it. Just as Zastin did, he thought he blocked Naruto's attack but unfortunately, his sword hit nothing while Naruto's arm continued its course.

The next thing Zastin felt was a part of his armor on his left arm fall off.

'He can control the size of his sword at will."

Just as he thought that, Naruto continued with is assault and slashed the back of Zastin's armor cutting not only his armor but his cape in half. Before Naruto could swing at him again, he quickly swung his sword around and was planning to swing it down at Naruto. Believing he would try ducking again but to his surprise, Naruto was crouching on the flat side of his sword and before he realized it. Naruto swung his leg with his right foot connecting with the left side of his head sending him soaring across the park and into a tree back first.

When he stood back up, he noticed Naruto wasn't anywhere in sight and when he looked up he saw the person he was looking for but before he could act. He saw, from what he could make out in the dark, crescent-like blades of wind heading towards him.

On impulse alone, he dodged the attacks that left small trench-like cuts as they hit the ground. If it weren't for the vigorous training he had went through with his former sensei, he would've likely been badly wounded by those attacks earlier.

However, as if he had jinxed himself, he sensed another attack and looked up to see two more crescent-like air blades coming towards him. These two attacks were so close to one another it looked as if it were forming an X-like symbol.

With not much time to think, Zastin quickly brought his sword up to block the incoming attacks. When the first on hit, it pushed down on Zastin causing a crater to form beneath his feet. Not a few seconds later did the second attack hit causing the crater to widen and because Zastin was holding back the first attack. The second attack was forced to push against the first one to the point where the two attacks became one.

At this point Zastin was trying his hardest to hold back this combined attack with all his might. Sweat started to form on his forehead as he tried pushing the attack back and just as he started to push it back. It suddenly broke in half causing the lower and upper part of the attack to continue its path with the top cutting his shoulders while the lower half cut his legs.

The impact of the attack when it broke sent him straight towards the ground right on his back and before he could get up. He felt the wind constantly blowing on his next. When he looked, he saw Naruto holding an air blade at his throat while holding the other at his heart.

"It seems that you've lost."

"It appears so."

He had to swallow a lot of pride to say those words and a lot more to admit defeat.

Seeing as he'd won, Naruto dispelled his air blades and just as he did, Lala suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck.

"You did it, Sora-kun! Now I don't have to go back home!"

"What are you talking about?"

Lala just gave him a questionable look before Zastin answered his question.

"What she means is that since you beat me you became a special candidate to have the right to marry her."

"I get that. I just meant was why she thinks she doesn't have to go back home. I never accepted any marriage agreement nor have we ever gotten engaged."

Zastin was caught off guard when he heard the word engaged prompting him to ask.

"The two of you are engaged?"

"No, she just keeps saying we are. Spouting that it happened sometime last night when I saved her or something."

"When you saved her last night…."

Zastin thought about what Naruto said for a few minutes while Naruto argued with Lala about how they weren't engaged before it finally hit him.

"Now I understand."

His statement caused Naruto to look his way ending his arguing.

"Understand what?"

"Why Lala-sama believes you two are engaged."

"And that would be…."

"Well, it's an out dated way and not many people of Deviluke use it nowadays but if one were to rescue someone in trouble they would be legally engaged."

All Naruto did was stare at Zastin as if he were an idiot, even though he could be one at times.

"You're joking, right."

"Not at all, as I said, it's an out dated method and is no longer in use. Lala-sama must have learned about it during her studies but even though it's out dated. It still holds its value and meaning so when you rescued Lala-sama last night you were legally engaged to her and vice versa."

"See, I told you we were engaged," Lala voiced while sticking her tongue out at Naruto.

Naruto ignored Lala and stared at Zastin wondering what were the other methods if the one he said was out dated, it was just out of curiosity and nothing else.

"So if that one was out dated then what are the other methods? Just curious."

Zastin crossed his arms then coughed into one of his fist before explaining.

"There are three methods in total for one to get engaged on Planet Deviluke. The first, which is now the traditional way, is when the man to present a ring to the one he wishes to be engaged with by kneeling on one knee, the same as the earthlings. The second method is the one I explained earlier and the last one, which is mostly used by perverts…."

"And is also papa's favorite," Lala added.

"Is when the man grabs the breast of the one they love and asked for their hand in marriage."

When Zastin explained that last method, his eyebrow couldn't stop twitching.

"Alright, now tell me. Is there any way for one to break an engagement."

His question got Lala's full attention getting her to ask him why he would ask such a question.

"Why would you want to know something like that?"

"Isn't it obvious? I want to break the engagement. That way you have no reason for staying or use me as an excuse for staying."

"But… why."

"I already told you. An engagement without love will be doomed to fall apart."

"Then I'll make you fall in love with me."

Her stubbornness was getting on his nerves and he was finally fed up with it.

"That would be just a waste of time! For you and for me!"

Lala was taken aback by his sudden outburst but it didn't stop her from talking.

"How come. How do you know it would be a waste of my time? If I say I love you then I mean I love you."

"Don't feed me that bullshit! You're not in love with me but in love with what I let people think I am."

Neither Lala nor Zastin knew what Naruto was trying to say but he didn't care and continued talking.

"There is only one woman in this whole damn universe who loved me for who I am on the inside and out! So don't go sprouting that you love me just because I saved you, just as most girls do, when you don't even know who I am. Besides…."

As he talked, his sudden rage started to die down and became more depressing.

"I don't deserve to fall in love with anyone… not after what I did. So just do me a favor and go back home."

Both Lala and Zastin didn't know what to say and stood there in silence as Naruto was whelmed up in old happy and sad memories.

'The more I look at you, Lala, the more I think about Schala. About the good times we spent but also the bad times when I… when I hurt her.'

Pushing those memories aside Naruto started to walk off leaving the two *Devilans* in the now more destroyed park but before he could get too far, Lala spoke stopping him.

"You… You said you don't deserve to fall in love, well, I think that's wrong! Everyone deserves to fall in love, even you!"

Naruto didn't bother to acknowledge that he was even listening but he didn't leave either which gave Lala her cue to continue what she was saying.

"You also said that I only fell in love with what you let people think you want them to see but you're wrong. I didn't fall in love with that person but in the person who saved me last night. You had the choice to let Zastin's men take me away but no, you risked your life knowing the dangers to save me. That's the Sora-kun I fell in love with not the one who acting like an asshole right now."

Lala had to stop there in order to stop the tears from falling form how angry she was before she could continue.

"All of the candidates I've seen so far were all just interested in taking over papa's position then about me. They didn't care about my feeling or try to get to know me. All they saw was a free ticket to rule the galaxy and that's why I ran away so I could get away from that. I thought that all the men I would meet would act like that but that's when I meet you.

You rescued me with even though I was a stranger and even after finding out who I was you didn't try to do what the other candidates would do. So that's why, even though you told me to go home; I'm staying here and I'm going to make you fall in love with me whether you like it or not."

Naruto still didn't acknowledge her but she knew he was listing which was why she said what she did. It did get him thinking though, about himself and about last night. He did have a choice; he could've let them taken her, so why didn't he do it. Was it because she was in trouble and it was the right thing to do or was it because she looked like her mother, Schala.

The more he tried to figure it out the more of a headache he got until he came to the conclusion of not caring anymore. Who was he to run life, I mean, he should be dead right now and if it weren't for him transferring his soul. His mother would have the son she should have but because of his selfishness of not wanting to die. He took what was rightfully her's.

So again, who was he to tell her how to live her life? If she wanted to chase a man who believes he will never fall in love again then who's he to tell her no.

In the end, he came up with one answer.

"Do whatever the hell you want."

Lala was a bit shocked to hear him say that believing he would tell her to go home but to her surprise, he didn't.

"So that means… I can stay."

"I don't care."

With that, Naruto started to walk off with a very enthusiastic Lala right behind him.

'I guess I'll have to report this to the Gid-sama soon as I return to my ship. I don't guaranteed that the countless of candidates will like this. If I were you; I would myself prepared for what lies ahead Sora-dono.'

After giving on last glace at the spot where both Naruto and Lala were last. Zastin turned around and walked off heading towards his ship to tell his king about Lala engagement, that's if he could find his way back without getting lost.

XXX The Next Morning XXX

By the time Naruto woke up it was already an hour or so until he had to be at school and guessed he must have been more tired than he thought. He could also smell something good coming from downstairs and figured his mother must've made breakfast since Lala had no cooking skills what so ever.

He knew that it was time for him to get up and just before he was, he felt something soft and smooth but couldn't figure out why. It didn't feel like his bed sheet nor did it feel like his blanket. If he had to guess, he would say it felt like someone's leg, a girl's leg to be precise, and when he gave it a light squeeze. He heard a small moan that sound just like Lala but that couldn't be right since she was sleeping on the couch downstairs until they could buy her a bed.

Using his left hand, he flung his blanket over to the right side of his bed uncovering his body and to his surprise, Lala's body as well revealing that she was naked. With her now naked body revealed to him, he eyes couldn't help by eye her naked form until they fell down to her womanhood between her legs. There he saw his other hand just a few inches away from her lower lips trapped between her thighs.

He could only wonder how it got there and, also, why the hell she was in his room but because her body was uncovered, she started to stir until she woke up.

Soon as she sat up, she stretched her arms then looked at Naruto.

"Good morning, Sora-kun."

"Good morning my ass. What the hell do you think you're doing sleeping in my room, naked too?"

"Well, I wanted to sleep with you and Peke is my only means of clothes."

"Then why isn't she doing it now."

"It's because I have to recharge every day in order to do that and it's also too hard for me to stay in costume mode all day." Peke said popping out from behind Lala.

"Can you do it now before my mother walks in and thinks were already having sex?"

"I believe I'm charged up enough to. So yes, it's possible."

"Then please hurry up before my mo-…."

Just before he could finish his sentence, the door to his room opened.

"Sora-kun, it's time to get up."

It was his mother the person he didn't want coming in but before, he could do anything, his mother had already walked in.

"Breakfast is already done so come… down… stairs…."

The moment his mother walked in, he saw her eyes widen in shock as her voice slowly died down and just stared at the two.

"Mom, this isn't what this looks like. Lala just happened to sneak into my room last night and for some reason she did it naked."

His mother just continued to stare before she quickly turned around.

"I'm sorry I interrupted you two."

With that, his mother walked out his room closing the door behind but before walking away from his door, she said one more thing.

"Just remember to use protection."

Giving her son a last minute advice, she walked away from his door with the sound of her footsteps slowly disappearing, leaving Naruto with a flabbergasted look on his face.

"Great, not only does my mother now think I'm sexually active but now she will start thinking we will be having sex when we're alone in my room."


Naruto heard what Lala said and looked at her to see a questionable look on her face as if she didn't know what the word meant. However, after seeing a faint blush on her face he knew that she did.

"Well, I have to get ready for school. So if you don't mind could you get dressed and go downstairs."

"'Kay, but I have somewhere to go anyways. Peke!"

"Understood, Lala-sama."

Just like before Peke started to glow and then Lala was fully clothed in her embarrassing outfit from before and flew out his window.

"I wonder where the hell she has to go. Talk to Zastin, maybe. Eh, who cares; it's not my business to keep track of her."

Not care where Lala was heading he started to get dressed before he went downstairs to eat his breakfast.

When he entered the Kitchen, he saw his mother sitting at the table fully dressed for work but the odd thing was she hadn't touched a single thing on her plate. As he sat down his mother didn't react to him at all, as if she was spacing out that he guessed was caused my yet another misunderstanding between him and Lala.

It wasn't until he spoke, did his mother realize he was sitting in front of him.

"Mom, you okay."

"Oh, Sora-kun how long have you been sitting," she asked picking up her chopsticks.

"Not long just a few minutes."

"Oh, well, you should hurry up and eat or you will be late for school."

"I know."

The two ate their breakfast in an awkward silence with neither one trying to make a conversation. His mother wanted to know if what she saw was exactly what it looked like but she couldn't figure out a way to ask him. It wasn't easy to ask your only son if he was having sex with a girl that he just met two days ago and on top of that, engaged to her too.

It wasn't as if it were a bad thing. He was at that age; it's just she doesn't want the two to go through what she did.

Therefore, when the two were about to leave the house, she stopped her son and asked.

"Sora-kun, are you and Lala-chan having sex."


His sudden question caught him off guard even though he knew it was coming.

"I asked if you and Lala-chan are having sex. I'm not saying it bad if you do. You two are at that age and are engaged to one another. It's just I don't want you two to move to fast and end up having her getting pregnant especially at a young age. So promise me if you two are that you'll wear protection."

Naruto just stared at his mother not believing she was telling him this right now.

"I understand how you feel but don't worry were not having sex but if for some reason that we do have sex. I promise that we'll use protection."

"Thank you. Now you had better behave at school, all right."

Getting an okay from her son, she gave him a kiss goodbye on his forehead and left for work. While Naruto waited for Rito and Mikan to come out from their house.

It wasn't long until they came out and after they met up the three left for school but not before asking what happen to Lala. All he told them was not to ask him about it and left it at that.

XXX At School XXX

Naruto was the talk of the school with newer rumors about him and Lala's engagement. There were also rumors of them walking home and others of them living together. He could understand the rumors of them walking home but what he wanted to know was how they could know that the two were living together. It was probably a rumor someone made up that was right but still, that one rumor was the only one he wanted to keep just a rumor. The rest he could care less.

By the time the first bell rang every student in school were all in their assigned class.

Once the teacher in Naruto's class finished the roll call, he told the class he had an announcement to make.

Now from the time Naruto left for school he had a bad feeling. The same feeling from yesterday when he felt like Lala was up to something and if you asked him. Her leaving this morning was a bit suspicious and something told him it wasn't going to like this announcement.

"Alright class I have announcement to make and I know it's rather sudden, but we have a new transfer student."

'A new transfer student, huh,' Naruto thought dryly while the other students wondered if it were a boy or girl.

"Anyway you can come in now."

The moment the new transfer student walked in everyone knew who the person was as she had long flowing pink hair with a strain curling up on top of her head. She also wore the girl school uniform and had what looked like a white hairpin with two swirls on it.

"Sora-kun, look; I'm a student at this school too," shouted Lala hold up a piece sign.

In unison, everyone turned towards Naruto to see his forehead slam into his desk.


A/N: Well there you have it the second chapter, which took me quite a while to type so I hope you enjoyed it. I also was playing to write an omake about how Lala got into Naruto's bed. however, I wasn't sure if I could make it sound funny but I will try to write one for the next chapter and before some of you ask.

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