Greetings to you - HetaWriter/HetaReader here. This time, I present to you something that I was reluctant to show at first (much like HetaVoice), only this one is Hetalia mixed with Pokemon.

That's right! I present to you Pokemon Hetalia: Maple Version!

This is obviously in a Pokemon AU where the characters of Hetalia are all included as well as various Pokemon characters (mainly game ones though). This was inspired by replaying some of my Pokemon games, on my DS and my Wii, particularly Pokemon Colosseum. My sister was reading some fanfics online while I was playing and I realize that nobody attempted to do a Pokemon/Hetalia story with Pokemon Colosseum or Pokemon XD aspects.

That makes me sad though, because i think Pokemon Colosseum was a game that truly caused a step forward in the Pokemon world - it was much darker and serious in attitude with an older and quite badass protagonist with the default name Wes (my sister fangirled over him so much it wasn't funny) and also introduced the idea of 3D graphics in Pokemon games as seen in Pokemon Battle Revolution and PokePark.

Pretty much, that's how this story was born. Be aware though that Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD aren't the only Pokemon games that drew inspiration for this story: all the other Pokemon games also drew inspiration for this. Simply, it's my old love mixed with my new one.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Hetalia or Pokemon.

I hope you enjoy!

In the world which you are about to enter, you will embark on a grand adventure with you as the hero and to show that you are much more than what others initially thought of you.

Speak to people and check things wherever you go, be it towns, roads, or caves. Gather information and hints from every source.

New paths will open to you by helping people in need, overcoming challenges, and solving mysteries.

At times, you will be challenged by others and attacked by wild creatures. Be brave and keep pushing on. Soon, you'll be able to spread your wings and fly high.

The sun steadily rose up in the sky, signalling a new day was dawning. In a small town, a blonde boy of age sixteen blinked sleepily as his eyes adjusted groggily around his surroundings. His purples eyes now awake, Matthew slowly sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes and letting loose a yawn. He peered out the window to see that the sky was a clear blue.

"Another day…" he murmured to himself. "Another day I'll just be invisible again. Wait…" he perked up. "Today's the day I can finally get my first Pokémon. Just like Al did a year ago." Picking his glasses from the bedside table, he placed them on their perch and said determinedly, "Well, I will be invisible no longer! I'll make a difference in my Pokémon journey! I'll be noticed by everyone else at last!"

"Mathieu~!" a voice called from downstairs. "Breakfast is ready, dear."

Matthew rubbed his head, "But first, breakfast."

He went down the stairs into the dining room and was greeted by a woman with dirty-blonde, hair that was tied into a bun and violet eyes. The woman was currently in the kitchen, cooking. She smiled at the boy, "Bonjour, me petite. How was your sleep?"

Matthew nodded as he accepted a plate of pancakes. "I slept fine, Francine." However, the boy couldn't help the turning in his stomach. "But…I feel so nervous for today…"

"Today?" Francine arched an eyebrow at her son, then her eyes shone in recognition as she understood why, "Ah~! Right. All boys leave home someday." She nodded, "Oui…just like your cousin Francis and brother Alfred." She walked over and placed a bottle of maple syrup close to her son, "I recall that both of them went to Professor Katyusha of Vtoroĭ Town to start their journey. Why not start there, first? I'm sure you and Kumajirou could use the fresh air."

Matthew nodded after dabbing his lips with a napkin. "Oui, mama," he smiled and patted at a normal Poké ball on his belt. "Kumajirou and I will be on our way to Vtoroĭ Town now. Au revoir."

Francine smiled as her son made his way out the door, "Au revoir, Mathieu~."

Outside, a gentle breeze billowed among the soft, green trees as Matthew breathed in the fresh air of his hometown. The sky was now a much clearer blue and the clouds were fluffy and white.

Tatserr Town was a peaceful little town where people either started or settled. Matthew had been there his entire life with his mother, half-brother and cousin. Being the youngest of the family, Matthew always dreamt what it was like to battle with trainers but never did so before – Kumajirou was only a Cubchoo, and he didn't want him to get hurt.

Now, Matthew was sixteen years old and, after seeing his brother and cousin leave to pursue their own Pokémon career, the boy was excited to make himself known.

Walking along a lovely path where there was no grass in sight, just tall trees, in a short time, Matthew made it to his destination.

'It's a good thing that Vtoroĭ Town is just nearby Tatserr with no wild Pokémon able to jump out at you…' he sighed in relief. He recalled when Alfred was on his way to get his first Pokémon – his brother had blindly rushed into a bunch of tall grass to find the Professor and had not only almost bumped into a wild Pokémon, was also told off.

Matthew gazed around the town, familiar with its surroundings. Since he had lived in Tatserr Town his whole life, he frequently made visits to Vtoroĭ Town for some occasional shopping with his mother. The blonde boy sauntered on and eventually came across a huge, white building with a large fence at the back, seemingly akin to a preserve.

He entered and inside, the walls were white and around, there lay all kinds of crazy gadgets that the blonde knew he would never be able to understand unless he took up research. On his way, he spoke to some of the people as he made his way to the back.

"I work in the laboratory as Professor Katyusha's aide," said an aide.

A researcher smiled warmly at Matthew, "Professor Katyusha may not look like much, but she's the authority on Pokémon, much like Professor Vargas of Bellonora City. Many Pokémon trainers hold her in high regard."

Matthew eventually reached the back where there was a machine that held three Poké balls. Also standing nearby was a dark skinned with brown eyes and her dark hair tied into twin pigtails with red ribbons. She was also wearing a blue summer dress and white shoes. She was gazing around, seemingly in thought when she heard Matthew greet her.

"What?" she gave a start then calmed down, realizing who spoke. "Oh, hi there, Mattie."

"Hello, Michelin," the blonde boy greeted back.

Michelin and Matthew knew each other since they were children. It all started when Matthew was being picked on by a bunch of kids and Alfred wasn't there to defend him (his American brother was grounded at the time). The girl had immediately run in and after the bullies disregarded her warnings, she beat them with a stick and chased them away. After that, she encouraged Matthew to be strong.

He always admired that about her.

"Professor Katyusha isn't here at the moment," finished Michelin.

"O-oh, really?" Matthew looked surprised. Seeing her nod, the blonde gave a sigh as he exited the laboratory. He rubbed his chin as he wondered, 'That's strange…where could she be, then?'

Eventually, Matthew wandered around town in hopes of bumping into the female Professor when he finally reached the other end of the forest that lead to the Outskirt Stand.

The Outskirt Stand was a lone locomotive that had long since been a train. Now, it served as a diner and shop for any passers-by who had the misfortune to be beaten up by anything they encountered. Matthew had never been to the Outskirt Stand before, but he wondered what it was like there.

The blonde began to wonder if Professor Katyusha was in the forest. He then saw a little boy who looked really worried. He approached the child, who babbled.

"I just heard screaming coming from that direction!" he pointed at said direction. "I think someone's in trouble! I'd go in there and help, but I don't have any Pokémon with me…oh, I hope that they're okay!"

Matthew arched an eyebrow as he peered into the direction that the boy had pointed at. He gave a nod, "Just stay here, I'll check…" and with that, he made his way into the path where clumps of tall grass grew wilder and wilder.

A loud, shrill scream shattered the air and made Matthew jump.


Matthew quickly rushed to the source of the screaming and after a loud bout of bouncing, saw a woman with large breasts, short platinum blonde hair and blue eyes being chased by a wild Poochyena. The dog Pokémon snarled as it chased her up a tree.

Seeing her in trouble, Matthew immediately whipped out his Poké ball and chucked it. Once the flashing disappeared, Kumajirou the Cubchoo gave a sneeze and looked around, tilting its head in confusion.

"Kuma, are you ready?" Matthew called. "This is the first battle we'll be in! Now, use Powder Snow!"

Kumajirou suddenly grew more attentive as he unleashed the said attack. Immediately, the wild Poochyena was pelted with white bullets of snow. It growled and rushed forward, tackling Kumajirou.

The Cubchoo gave a growl as Matthew commanded for a second Powder Snow. Kumajirou followed suit and pelted the wild Poochyena with more snow.

By repeating this process, the wild Poochyena eventually fainted, running away soon after, whimpering.

"Good work, Kuma!" Matthew praised. He then gazed up at the tree and called, "Professor Katyusha, are you alright?"

The busty professor slid down from her tree, tears of joy pouring down her face. She clasped her hands together, "Oh, thank you so much! I don't know what would've happened if you hadn't came!" and with that, she pulled Matthew into a grateful embrace.

However, she was unaware that poor Matthew's face was getting smashed into her rather huge assets.

"I-it's okay…!" Matthew gasped, his face aflame. "B-but…I…I can't…breathe…!"

Professor Katyusha immediately released him after seeing that his face was starting to get blue. "Oh! I'm so sorry! But, what were you doing out here, anyway?"

"I went to look for you," explained Matthew as he pushed his glasses up his nose. "Michelin and I were waiting in the laboratory, and you weren't there…"

"Oh!" Katyusha nodded. "I do apologize. Well, come with me! We must not keep her waiting then!"

Matthew then followed Professor Katyusha back into her laboratory where Michelin was still waiting, though she now looked notably annoyed.

"Professor!" Michelin exclaimed as she caught sight of the two. "Are you both alright? What took you so long?"

"Just a run-in with a wild Poochyena," Katyusha sighed, then clapped her hands. "Now! As you both obviously know, a trainer must be at the age of sixteen before they start their Pokémon journey." Both young trainers nodded and she continued, "Most come here to pick their first Pokémon and leave to start. However, some already have Pokémon and just need to pick their trainer cards from me in order to start. Now, Matvey, it is obvious you have a Pokémon with you…"

Matthew nodded, "Yes."

"So therefore, I'm afraid I cannot give you one of my own," she gestured to the three Poké balls in the machine.

Matthew nodded in understanding, "It's perfectly fine, Professor."

"Now, Michelin," Katyusha said. "There are three Pokémon here. The Pokémon are held inside these Poké balls. These three are for starting trainers such as yourselves and Matvey. Now, go on, choose!"

Michelin walked over to the table and looked at the three balls, feeling quite excited. She went through each and every one of them, activating the data logs, which showed a hologram projector of the Pokémon stored within each ball.

One called out in an electronic voice, "Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokémon. It bears the seed of a plant on its back from birth. The seed slowly develops. Researches are unsure whether to classify Bulbasaur as a plant or animal. Bulbasaur are extremely calm and are difficult to capture in the wild."

Matthew himself understood what the information meant about the researchers – he couldn't distinguish whether the Bulbasaur was a plant or animal, either.

Another data log was activated, "Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon. A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out."

Matthew couldn't help but feel sad at the last bout of information regarding the fire Pokémon. He sure hoped this one would have a good trainer…

The final data log was activated, "Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon. It draws its long neck into its shell to launch incredible water attacks with amazing range and accuracy. The blasts can be quite powerful."

As soon as that logger ended, Michelin rubbed her chin as she paced around the three Poké balls again, deep in thought.

Matthew and Katyusha watched her carefully, awaiting her decision. Finally, after several minutes or so, Michelin finally reached her hand out and picked up a Poké ball.

"I'll take this one!" she announced with a smile.

Katyusha clapped her hands, "You picked Charmander? How nice! This Pokémon is really a bundle of energy! I'm certain you'll be a good trainer for it."

"Thank you, Professor Katyusha," Michelin said, slightly embarrassed.

Professor Katyusha then walked up to another machine and began typing in various keys. Suddenly, a whirring sound was made and two cards were produced out of a slot at the back. The busty woman then handed out the cards to the pair. Matthew looked at the card and saw his details.

"Those are your trainer cards," said Professor Katyusha. "They authenticate you as a trainer. Now, when a wild Pokémon appears, you should be able to battle it. With your Pokémon by your side, you should be able to reach the next destination – which should be Strenfürchtige City!"

Matthew and Michelin nodded as the busty professor continued, "On your way there though, you'll see what appears to be a train. That's the Outskirt Stand. It's a rundown watering hole that is built from a train that lost motion long, long ago. Go there to stock up on supplies in between."

"Thank you very much, Professor Katyusha," Matthew said sincerely. "Well, Kuma and I will be on our way now."

However, just as he turned around and literally made one step forward, Michelin halted him.

"Hold it, Mattie!" called the brunette girl. "You're not just gonna leave now, are you?"

"Um…" Matthew scratched his head. "Yeah, actually…that's what I was supposed to do…"

Michelin pouted, "You're no fun! Come on! Let's check out our Pokémon!"


"Come on, don't be shy! I'll take you on!"

And with that, before he could protest, Michelin immediately sent out the Charmander she just acquired. The orange lizard gave a loud cry as Matthew gulped, stuttering out, "K-Kuma! Go!"

As soon as the Cubchoo appeared after the flash, Professor Katyusha exclaimed, "Oh, for the love of…so pushy, as always. Matvey, have you ever had a trainer battle before?"

"N-No…" Matthew flushed. 'Not even with Kuma…' he thought to himself.

"A trainer battle is just like a normal battle with a wild Pokémon, only trainers pit their Pokémon against one another. The trainer that makes the other's Pokémon faint, wins. Just pretend that this is like the time with the Poochyena, only you're against Michelin as well. But rather than talking about it, you'll learn more from experience."

"Yeah!" agreed Michelin, encouraging Matthew to fight. "Try battling and see for yourself! Come at me!"

Matthew gulped as he nodded, finally yelling, "Kuma! Use Powder Snow!"

The Cubchoo obeyed, unleashing pellets of cold, white ice. Charmander was pelted, but it stood its ground, the cold ice sizzling on its skin.

Michelin called, "Use Scratch, Charmander!"

With sharpened claws, Charmander lunged forward and succeeded in scratching Kumajirou. The Cubchoo gave a cry as it was blown backwards, however, Kumajirou got up again, looking determined.

"Are you okay, Kuma?" Matthew asked in hurried concern. Hearing the growl from his Cubchoo, Matthew shouted, "Kuma, use Growl!"

The Cubchoo let loose a loud snarl to which Charmander only stared. Michelin then chose to take action, "Charmander, use Leer!"

Charmander complied by leering at Kumajirou. Mathew shouted again, "Use Powder Snow again, Kuma!"

"Scratch, Charmander!" shouted Michelin.

The two Pokémon rushed in on one another, but before Charmander could so much as brush its claws against Kumajirou, the Cubchoo unleashed a much stronger Powder Snow right in the Fire-Pokémon's face.

Charmander gave a shriek as Matthew called, "Kuma! Quickly, one last Powder Snow!"

Kumajirou complied and after that final onslaught of ice, Charmander was eventually taken down for the count.

Michelin's eyes widened, "WHAT?! Unbelievable!" she shook her head, dazed. "Wow…"

Professor Katyusha clapped her hands, "Oh! That was wonderful! Because of battles, your Pokémon will grow! Battle other trainers and make your Pokémon strong!"

Matthew smiled as he patted Kumajirou's head. "That was wonderful, Kumajirou," he complimented.

"Choo!" Kumajirou cried lightly.

"That was really impressive, Mattie," Michelin said with a bright beam.

Matthew blushed a bit, "T-thank you…y-you're really good, too…"

Michelin gave a laugh as she patted the blonde's shoulder, "Okay! I'll make my Pokémon battle to toughen it up! I'll see you later!" and with that, she left the laboratory.

Professor Katyusha nodded in approval and turned her attention to Matthew again, "Matvey, raise your Pokémon by making it battle. It has to for it to grow."

"Okay, I understand," Matthew said with a nod as he returned Kumajirou back into its Poké ball. "Thank you for the advice and for my card."

"It is nothing, Matvey! Now, why don't you run along home first so you can say goodbye to your mother?"

Matthew nodded, smiling, "I will. Goodbye, Professor Katyusha!"

When he finally came back home to Tatserr Town, Matthew entered his house and saw that his mother was now immersed in a romance novel. He smiled sadly at the warm, cosy atmosphere she and the house radiated.

"Mama, I'm home."

Francine smiled as she saw her son. She stood up and enveloped him in warm embrace, "Oh, Mathieu, there you are. What happened?"

After he explained everything that happened at Professor Katyusha's laboratory, Francine nodded as she watched her son start to pack some supplies for his journey.

Matthew could plainly see that her eyes were growing watery. "I see then. Well, I guess you are on your way to your Pokémon journey, no?" Francine said, trying to keep her voice level.

"Oui," Matthew said softly. "I am…"

"I will miss you so much," Francine said with a saddened smile. "My little boy is now a man! I will always cheer for you. But please, come home as well every so often and visit me."

"Of course, mama," Matthew smiled as he leaned in to give her one final hug before departing on his journey. He exited the door and waved goodbye to his mother as he looked back one last time.

Francine by now had a tear slip from her violet eye as she forced a bright smile on her face and returned the wave her son was giving him.

"Adieu, me petite!" the woman called encouragingly after her son as he left his home and comfort onto an adventure. "Au revoir, me petite Mathieu~ !"

The first chapter comes to an end with Matthew leaving home. I always wondered what that would be like, since the characters of Pokemon are much younger than the age where a person leaves home. Obviously the parents would be heartbroken with that.

That's right, I also changed the age requirement of when a trainer obtains a Pokemon from ten to sixteen. (Seriously, who the hell lets loose a kid with a thing that can cause massive destruction out loose?) Alfred and Matthew are indeed half-brothers, which explains why the mother doesn't talk so much about Alfred and fawns over Matthew a lot.

Michelin is also Seychelles and the rival, but she's more like Brenday/May (can imagine Brendan/May theme song play whenever Michelin/Seychelles walks in now). By now, you lot would know by now that Matthew would take the role as Wes. Who's Rui then? For those who don't know what I'm talking about, i won't say anymore, but for those who do know what I'm talking about, how about taking a guess as to who Rui is?

I would like to know your thoughts and opinions, guys. Have a nice day! :DDD