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Cail threw one of his Poké balls and unleashed a Ralts.

"Mateo, get ready!" shouted Lovino. "This one's not a weird-ass Pokémon, but he'll probably whip it out afterward!"

"Definitely!" responded the Canadian boy as he took out a Poké ball as well. "I'll give you a shot – Chimchar!"

Once the light disappeared, the Chimp Pokémon looked around with curiosity. Matthew shouted, "Chimchar, use Shadow Rush!"

"Char!" the Chimp Pokémon rushed forward, engulfed in a shadowy aura, and struck the Feeling Pokémon, knocking it backwards.

"Ralts use Confusion!" commanded Cail. The Psychic Pokémon obeyed, unleashing a great psychic blast on Chimchar who was also forcefully knocked back.

Chimchar then gave a loud snarl as Lovino's eyes widened, "Mateo, Chimchar's in Hyper Mode! The aura changed from purple black to red black!"

"What? Chimchar?" Matthew was alarmed when his Chimchar suddenly used Shadow Rush and attacked Ralts again, this time, effectively knocking it out. "Chimchar! Chimchar!" he called.

The Chimp Pokémon stopped and responded, regaining its senses from its trainer's call. Lovino took out his Research Journal and began scribbling stuff down – 'We'll call this state Hyper Mode for now…'

"Damn," snarled Cail. He whipped out another Poké ball and chucked it, "Go out there, Seedot!" once the flash disappeared, the rogue ordered, "Now use Bullet Seed!"

"Chimchar, quickly use Flame Wheel!" shouted Matthew.

Chimchar's mouth became ablaze as it ran forward in all fours, next it leapt and began spinning in a ball as it whirled right at Seedot. The Bullet Seed simply got burnt from the blaze of Flame Wheel. Unsurprisingly, Seedot was out for the count very quickly.

"Okay, that does it!" snapped Cail as he returned Seedot. "You wanna see my Pokémon so badly? Well, here it is, kiddies! Pidgeotto, I choose you!"

Once the light disappeared, Pidgeotto gave a loud war-cry as it flapped its wings, staying airborne. Its glare pierced right at Matthew.

Lovino nodded, "Mateo; it's that one!"

Matthew nodded as he shouted, "Chimchar, use Shadow Rush again!"

"Char! Chimchar!" with that, Chimchar dashed forward into a ball, its mouth on fire, and began rolling towards Pidgeotto.

"Pidgeotto, use Shadow Rush!" ordered Cail.

Pidgeotto suddenly folded its wings as it dived right at Chimchar, slamming recklessly right into the Chimp Pokémon. Chimchar gave a loud cry as it was knocked backward – no match against Pidgeotto's greater weight and aerial force.

"Chimchar, you use Shadow Rush, too!" commanded Matthew.

The Chimp Pokémon began running forward on all-fours, engulfed in a shadowy aura and gave a leap, ready to strike Pidgeotto.

"Show them true strength, Pidgeotto!" smirked Cail. "Shadow Rave!"

"W-what…" Matthew was speechless. "Shadow…Rave?"

"Shadow Rave?!" Lovino perked up, alarmed. "What the hell?!"

Both became stunned when Pidgeotto suddenly gave a loud shriek as it spread its wings out. Soon enough, a shadowy aura was unleashed in the ground and was used to launch spikes. Chimchar gave a loud cry as it was ultimately knocked backward.

"Chimchar!" cried Matthew in alarm. He rushed forward to see that the poor Chimp Pokémon was knocked out. "Oh no!"

"Just send out another one!" Lovino called urgently. "Use Kumajirou!" the Italian licked his lips as he began writing down the fact, "So there are more of these Shadow moves? Che palle…how many are there? What sick people actually made these sort of things?"

"Chimchar, you did your best," Matthew smiled weakly as he returned the poor knocked out Chimp Pokémon. He then took out another Poké ball, "Okay! Kuma! I choose you!"

"Choo!" once he was out, Kumajirou stared at its opponent, looking pumped for a battle.

"Pidgeotto, use Shadow Rave again!" ordered Cail.

"Quickly Kuma, use Icy Wind!" shouted Matthew.

Pidgeotto was fast though; it unleashed the accursed attack right on the Chill Pokémon. Kumajirou was pushed backwards, but the Ice-type Pokémon stood its ground as it unleashed a great gale of ice straight at the Flying-type Pokémon.

"Pidgeo!" shrieked Pidgeotto as its wing was caught in ice, prompting it to crash to the ground.

"It's frozen! Now's your chance, Mateo!" yelled Lovino. "Catch the bastard!"

"On it!" Matthew whipped out a Poké ball and all at once, the Snag Machine converted it into a Snag Ball. The Canadian boy tossed the ball right at Pidgeotto.

The ball bounced away a few times before it started vigorously shaking several times. Matthew and Lovino stared at the ball with bated breath. Then the ball stopped shaking anymore.

Lovino sighed in relief while Matthew's face broke into another grin, "I caught it! I caught another weird aura Pokémon with the Snag Machine!"

Cail was speechless. His jaw dropped as he gaped, "M-my Shadow Pokémon!" he kicked the ground, angry. "Bah! That was it? That lying little weasel! He came up with that fancy, shmancy tough-sounding name, Shadow Pokémon, but it was no big deal! You can easily get them captured by other trainers! Bah!"

"Um…" Matthew didn't know whether to correct Cail by saying that it was the Snag Machine that enabled him to capture Pidgeotto in the first place, but Lovino stopped him so they could hear more.

"You guys be careful, too," warned Cail. "Don't' be played for a sucker. That's about all I can say."

"Shadow Pokémon?" Matthew glanced at Lovino.

"So that's what they're called," said Lovino darkly. "Those Pokémon with the weird-ass aura…Shadow Pokémon…"

Pokétalia Fly High: Maple Version!

In an old, seemingly abandoned building, Ace stood before a monitor screen. The monitor screen displayed a young, bespectacled man looking rather smart in a suit and holding a laptop and clipboard.

"I trust things are going according to plan, Ace?" the glasses-clad man questioned.

"Yes, Eduard," responded Ace. "Our plan is coming along well. We have already broken Arthur's spirit – we can do as we please at the Colosseum without his meddling. We've been giving away Shadow Pokémon on the sly to the challenge winners for gathering data."

"Good, good," the bespectacled man nodded. "The others also appear to be doing their parts to implement our plan. Our Shadow Pokémon plan is falling into place quickly. The final phase still needs time, however. A lot of time."

Ace chuckled as the bespectacled man finished, "I'm off."

The monitor screen was shut off, leaving a blank screen. Ace turned to two women – one had her hair dyed purple and wearing a vest and short, pink skirt, while the other was a redhead wearing a yellow shirt and a brown vest. "Well, then!" the Ladonian boy announced. "I shall make my return to the cave where our guest awaits! Later!"

And with that, he strode away.

Pokétalia Fly High: Maple Version!

"Looks like the Colosseum has a secret," noted Matthew as he and Lovino walked on.

The Italian nodded, "Guess there's no choice but to take part in a battle challenge. Your ass better be ready for it."

"Yes, I'm ready," the Canadian boy nodded, though his stomach was twisting into knots. "Let's go to the Colosseum now."

The pair continued along their way, straight towards the Feral Town Colosseum, when they walked past a blue building with a large windmill that wasn't moving. Both thought it to be odd, but became alarmed when the door to the building suddenly opened.

Out trudged a man in a white coat, limping weakly and finally, collapsing right before the pair.

"Holy shit!" shrieked Lovino.

"Maple! Oh my God!" squeaked Matthew.

"S-someone…help me…" the man rasped. "There's trouble…the chief engineer's inside! This Spanish man came and…" he collapsed, fully knocked out.

Matthew looked at Lovino to see that the Italian's eyes widened. They quickly hurried into the windmill and saw the chief engineer sprawled out on the ground as well. They both came forward.

"Hey, are you alright?" questioned Matthew, concerned. "Can you get up?"

"Ow, ow, ow, ow…" groaned the chief engineer. "That's the last time I trust a Spaniard with an innocent smile!"

"What the hell even happened?" inquired Lovino, noticing that the place looked fine, save for the chief engineer who had a bump on his forehead.

The chief engineer was able to get up, "This Spanish guy just barged himself in here and when I least expected it, he ripped out and ripped off one of the gears! The Colosseum's going to be without power!"

Before either Matthew or Lovino could think of anything to say, Charles and Johnson, the police officers, came rushing in.

"Chief engineer! Are you alright?!" questioned Charles.

"Yeah, the only thing bruised is my pride," sighed the chief engineer. "It was this weird, random Spanish guy. We were having a nice conversation about tomatoes at first, so I wasn't expecting any trouble. He looked completely harmless!"

"A Spaniard that talks about tomatoes…" Charles looked incredulous. "That sounds a lot like Antonio."

"Huh?!" Johnson's eyes boggled. "But isn't Antonio one of Arthur's most trusted friends? What are his motives for doing this?"

"That's what I want to know," agreed the chief engineer. "After our talk of tomatoes, he was then ranting about how the Colosseum can just shut down." He turned to Matthew and Lovino, "Thank you, younglings. Sorry to have worried you.

"No, it's fine," responded Matthew, seeing that Lovino looked speechless.

"But I need to ask for a favour," said the chief engineer. "Will you hear me out? If the Colosseum loses power, the whole town suffers. I need you to find that gear that that Spaniard ran off with. I'm counting on you, younglings!"

Matthew nodded, "You bet; you can count on us for that."

"But where the hell would we even find a gear?" questioned Lovino. "Where would that tomato bastard even put it?"

Matthew shrugged, "I don't know…but let's start searching. Maybe we can ask around – someone must have seen that Spanish man with a gear. I mean, look at all of the gears – they are quite large. Someone must have seen him."

And so, the pair began their search around Feral Town, asking a few people along the way, but to no avail. For some odd reason, nobody seemed to notice a Spaniard running around with a large gear. The pair were about to feel rather disheartened, until they reached the entrance to Feral Town and noticed Cail clutching at his head. Obviously, since it looked rather odd, Matthew and Lovino ran up to the rogue.

"Are you alright?" the Canadian boy asked, slightly worried. "You don't look so good…"

"Obviously, 'cause I'm not!" snapped Cail, rubbing his head. "Stupid Mexican weasel…"

"Mexican?" Lovino's eyes widened. "Are you sure he wasn't Spanish?"

"I don't give a damn what that guy is, he hit me on the head with a freaking gear!" yelled Cail. "I was only asking him where he was going with a gear – it looked suspicious as hell, then he was speaking rapid Spanish and he whacked me with it! By the time I caught myself, he was running off and yelling sorry at me! Sorry my butt!"

"That sounds just like the guy who took the gear," said Matthew. "Which way did he go off to?"

"That way," Cail pointed at a specific direction. "Probably went to hide out at the construction site over there…"

"Construction site?" inquired Lovino. "What the hell are they building there?"

Cail shrugged, "Beats me. I heard rumours that they were gonna build a tower or something – can't really determine for sure. But seriously, there's nothing else but water if you're not going to the construction site. That Mexican guy would either have to swim, surf or hide away in the construction lot."

"Seems like that's our best bet," sighed Matthew. "Thank you, Cail – you've been really helpful."

"Surprisingly," grumbled Lovino as an afterthought.

Cail nodded, "'Was nothing, but don't you go around telling people I'm nice, you hear? If the trainers at Duel Square hear that I have helped out two kids, I'll be a laughing stock! Oh yeah, one more thing – can you guys do me a favour?"

"What the hell would that be?" questioned Lovino.

"If you find that Mexican guy, can you please just kick him in the place where it hurts most? Seriously, my head hurts – I'll probably go to the Hotel; I want revenge on that guy!"

"He was Spanish, not Mexican," corrected Matthew.

"Like I said before; I don't give a damn what that guy was, just hit him really hard," snapped Cail. "So hard that he cries!"

"Well, we better leave now," said Matthew. "Hope your head gets better – just rest in the Hotel for a while."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever!" said Cail as he slowly stood up. He began to walk towards the Hotel in a rather dizzy fashion.

"He's gonna get a really bad bump by the looks of it," murmured Matthew. "Do you think he'll be okay?"

"What I don't get it is how he the hell can he even rest at the hotel?" noted Lovino. "The hotel costs a damn amount of money – I thought that guy was a hobo!"

"What was that, Luigi?!" Cail whipped his head around, glaring right at the pair.

"Chigi! Let's get the hell outta here!" cried Lovino as he grabbed Matthew's arm and, like a true Italian, sped out of Feral Town in direction to the construction site.

The construction site turned out to be much farther than what the distance had led the pair to believe. They were walking for what seemed like hours with aching feet and when they finally reached it, Matthew and Lovino almost collapsed. However, after resting up near a few trees, the pair looked up to see that there were grey walls covering what seemed to be the lot.

"What do you think they're building?" Matthew questioned.

Lovino shrugged, "Hell would I know? Let's just look around for that stupid gear…"

And so, the pair began searching, both donning builder's helmets, but avoiding all of the workers since they weren't wearing worker's clothes. Though Lovino was trying his hardest to tiptoe, Matthew just strode by rather casually.

"How the hell can you be so damn calm?" whispered Lovino through grit teeth. "What if they see us?"

"Oh, they won't see me," replied Matthew in a tone of voice that was far too casual for the Italian's liking.

It wasn't long, but the pair eventually came to the northeastern corner of the lot and found a bronze gear that looked far too out of place.

"Geez…why the hell would it be here in the first place?" inquired Lovino as he and Matthew picked it up. "Wouldn't that tomato bastard attract like a shit load of people for carrying that thing around? I mean, look at it! And in plain fucking sight, too!"

"That does sound strange," agreed Matthew. "But, it doesn't matter, really; we have it, and now we can go back to what we were doing."

", let's get out of here."

Matthew and Lovino both began dragging the gear back to Feral Town, and sure enough, they grew exhausted all over again from the far distance. They made a quick stop at the Hotel and rested for about a few hours – since Lovino wanted to have a siesta; and finally returned to the windmill again.

Upon entering the windmill, the pair could see that the man with the white coat, the chief engineer's assistant, was now standing up, back on his feet again. The chief engineer was also talking to Arthur, the blonde British gentleman who the Spaniard was pissed off at earlier.

"I am terribly sorry, chief engineer," apologized Arthur. "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Ayup, I'm fine," the chief engineer waved a dismissive hand. "There's no need for all the worrying, Arthur."

"Good, that's jolly good," Arthur sighed in relief, than he clenched a fist, "But Anthony…what the bloody hell was that git thinking?!"

"No, no," the chief engineer spoke up. "From what I'm hearing about that guy from Charles and Johnson, he sounds like a good man who just acted rashly. I reckon he agonized over this and did it because he thought it right. Can't really blame the guy for that." Noticing Matthew and Lovino with the gear, he then chuckled, "Enough about that, Arthur; instead, I think you should look over there."

Arthur turned around, "Wha…you two?"

The chief engineer chuckled, "I reckon you might be saying thanks, Arthur."

Upon seeing the gear, the British man was ecstatic, "Th-that's the gear! You found it for us? Oh, what amazing luck! I'll ask you to please pardon me for my behavior earlier. You seem to be people who are worthy of trust. You have my utmost sincere gratitude."

"Alright, I'll get you to slot that gear snugly back in that gap where it belongs," the chief engineer motion to an empty space.

Matthew and Lovino both came forward with the missing gear and placed it back into its slot with great care. They both took a step back once the task was done.

"All done! Standing by! Let it roll!" the chief engineer then began to sing, "Oh, thirty long years of cranking up gears~! Oh, yeah!"

"He's been doing this for thirty years?" Lovino asked incredulously.

The chief engineer turned one of the levers on the control panel and at once, the windmill sprung to life – working as if nothing happened before. He cackled, "This is the way it ought to be. Things are fine now."

Matthew smiled, "I'm glad." He began watching the gears crank and move, slightly fascinated. He didn't know why, but maybe it was the way the teeth moved where as one moved up, one moved down and the teeth fit perfectly in place.

"Oi!" Lovino tapped Matthew's shoulder. "We still have something to do, Mateo!"

"O-oh yeah!" Matthew gave a sheepish chuckle. "Sorry! I was just fascinated by the gears…"

The pair were about to leave the windmill to continue on with their plans, when Arthur came forward after them.

"Wait a second, chaps," the British man said. "I can tell you're both men of courage and honour. I have a favour to ask, will you hear me out?"

After exchanging a glance, Lovino shrugged, "Meh, why the hell not? You're probably gonna shove it down our throats, anyway."

"Sure," cut in Matthew before Lovino could say anything ruder. "What's wrong?"

Arthur sighed, "I'm grateful. Now, I want you to enter the next Colosseum battle. I need you to win the knockout challenge and find out just what the bloody hell is going on there. I can tell from a glance that you're no ordinary trainer. I know you can win! Please, you have to help me."

"We were about to do that, anyway," said Lovino.

Matthew nodded, "Yes, let's go and do it."

And the conclusion to another chapter. Now, with the Feral Colosseum itself, I won't go into TOO much detail with the battles, because they're quite tedious, but worry not about battling - Matthew will do quite a lot after he completes the Feral Colosseum! What will our heroes be expecting? Why can't Arthur do anything to stop Ace and his stooges? What the hell DID happen to the tomato bastard?

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