"Inuyasha slow down!" Kagome and the others called. Inuyasha stopped and looked back waiting for the others to catch up. "Come on! I'm getting tired of waiting for you guys." he said. "We need to make camp for the night Inuyasha." Miroku said sitting down by a tree. "Fine." Inuyasha snapped jumping into a tree.

Inuyasha didn't like to stop and make camp, he was slightly more willing since both Sango and Kagome were pregnant. "Come and eat with us!" yelled Shippo bitting into a fish. "I'll pass, thanks." he said with a snap as he leaned back against the tree and closed his eyes.

-Flash back-

"Kill the half breed!" Yelled a man coming after Inuyasha with a sword. His village had turned against him after his mother had died. He ducked the mans swing and ran towards the end of the village. He stumbled once and was kicked and beaten with sticks. "Worthless half breed." said a villager, spitting on Inuyasha. He stood and limped out of the village bruised and battered.

-End of flash back-

Inuyasha woke up, and could smell blood. "Wait a second, I know this blood." he said. "What did you say Inuyasha?" asked the others as they woke up. "I smell Shiori's blood!" he yelled jumping from the tree and running in the direction the sent was coming from. "Lets go!" Kagome said climbing to her feet. They all started going in the direction Inuyasha had gone.

"Come out here demon!" Villagers called standing outside Shiori's hut. "Please, leave me alone!" She called while crying inside her hut. One of the villagers had a attacked Shiori with a knife and had cut her arm. Inuyahsa landed in front of her hut and knocked three men off their feet. He went inside the hut, and looked for Shiori. He moved a table and was surprised to see two little brown eye's staring back at him.

She coward when Inuyasha moved towards her. "It's okay, I'm here to help." Inuyasha told her. "Where's your mother?" he asked. "She's dead." Shiori yelled. "And the villagers waited for me to become human before attacking me!" She said tears streaming down her cheeks. Inuyasha hugged Shiori and she burried her face in his shoulder. Kagome and the others finally arrived.

Kagome peered inside and saw Inuyasha and Shiori. She simply smiled and went back out. "Move, so we can kill that demon!" the villagers called. "I don't think so!" yelled Miroku striking the villagers that tryed to attack. "We need to go now." Inuyasha said to Shiori as he stood up. "Put this over you, the villagers swords and knifes won't be able to cut through it." he said handing Shiori his Kimono. He picked her up in his arms and walked out.

"Kill her!" the villagers called moving towards them. Inuyasha set Shiori down and pushed her behind him. "If you wanna get to Shiori." he drew the Tessiaga. "You'll have to get through me!" he said in anger. None of the villagers had the audacity to go after Inuyasha. "You cowards! You waited till she was human to come after her!" he yelled putting the Tessiaga back into the sheath.

He picked Shiori back up and began to walk off. "Come on you guys, lets get of this place." Inuyasha said as he walked off. They walked for an hour or before anyone asked where they where going. "Where are we going Inuyasha?" Miroku asked irrated. "We're going to Kaede, obviously." Inuyasha said looking back at the others.

"I think I'm okay to walk now, I think." Shiori said rubbing her eyes sleepily. "Are you sure?" Inuyasha asked. She nodded and Inuyasha set her down. They stopped as the sun came over the horizon. Inuyasha and the others watched as her hair and eyes changed back and she regained her demonic powers.

Kagome ran to catch up the Inuyasha. "it was a really great thing you did back there Inuyasha." Kagome said to Inuyasha with a smile. He just smiled and put his hand on her stomach. Finally the village was in sight, Inuyasha looked down at Kagome. "hey Kagome, can I ask you something?" he said. She looked at Inuyasha, and she was kind of puzzled.

"Of course Inuyasha." She said as Inuyasha grabbed her hand. "How long have we been together?" he asked. Kagome had to think. "Gosh, 4 years atleast." she said with a laugh. "Four years, and I've never truly told you how much you mean to me." he said. Kagome was baffled at what she was hearing. "Kagome, I- I love you." he said right before kissing her.

"I love you too Inuyasha." she said in disbeliefe. Sango and Miroku had heard the entire conversation, and were shock. "Lets hurry up and get to the village." Inuyasha said Picking up Kagome and Shiori and running towards the Village. When they got there the villagers were up and going about their morning routines.

Shiori grabbed onto the leggings of Inuyasha's kimono, she was anxious. Inuyasha put his hand on her shoulder to help her calm down. "Lady Kaede!" called Shippo running ahead of the group. Lady Kaeda came out of her hut, and was surprised to see another half demon with the group. "Hey, Kaede. This girl needs some help." Inuyasha said.

"And what might be your name child?" asked Kaede. "My name is Shiori." Said Shiori who was standing behind mostly behind Inuyasha. Lady Kaede smiled at Shiori. "Follow me Shiori." said lady Kaede, walking into her hut. Shiori looked up at Inuyasha, Inuyasha nodded for her to go inside lady kaede's hut.

They all went inside the hut and rested. Lady Kaede tore Shiori's sleave, Inuyasha looked and the deep gash on Shiori's right arm. "Man, that's worse than I thought!" said Inuyasha as he looked at the wide gash on Shiori's arm.