Title: The Witches' Sin
Mitsukino Tennyo / mitsuki0tennyo
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Fairy Tail
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Fairy Tail belongs too Hiro Mashima, Weekly Shōnen Magazine, Kodansha, A-1 Pictures and Satelight.
Chapter Summary: Floating among the ocean's waves, Ultear Milkovich stared at the starry night sky and thought about her mother had died loving her and boy who sealed her darkness.

Confession 01
River of Memories

With the darkness of the night covering her tracks, Ultear Milkovich shed her clothes and dove into the ocean. If Crime Sorcière stopped in a town or city near the sea, she would bathe in the salty water and bask in the love and affection of her mother.

Floating on the waves, Ultear looked at starry night sky and thought about her mother who had died loving her. Ur's last thoughts had been about her, about her precious little girl. She thought about the young man, the Fairy Tail Mage... her mother's student who had unknowingly saved her. Gray Fullbuster had sealed her darkness like her mother his.

Closing her eyes for moment, Ultear turned and swam towards the swore. Ignoring her nakedness, she wrung out her long, black hair while her thoughts kept drifting to Tenrou Island and the boy who disappeared with it.

"I bought you a towel." Jellal's voice shook her out her musings. Her dark eyes falling on the white cloth in her guildmate's hand.

"Thanks." She replied, her voice filled with gratitude at the Stellar Mage's thoughtfulness. Jellal didn't turn to give her privacy, not showing the slightest bit of interest in her naked form.

"I am I not attractive?" The Time Mage teasingly asked her companion, her lips forming a rare, mischievous smile reserved for her two guild mates.

"You are…" Jellal replied softly as the former Wizard Saint's smile become melancholiac. "but not too me."

It was no mystery who Jellal was thinking about as he starred at ocean, his mind no doubt filled with images of a woman with red hair and warm brown eyes.

"I don't think they're dead." Ultear spoke up, garnering her guildmate's attention. It's was no secret about whom the Time Mage was talking about. "Tenrou Island vanished but it wasn't destroyed. They are still out their somewhere, alive and well."

"Ultear, Jellal! I heard something interesting in village!" Meredy's voice and footsteps preceded her form, as the older mages turned around when she came to a stop. And watched how Meredy's teenage mind progressed the scene in front of her before asking impishly. "What are you doing?"

Ultear noticed Jellal was not in the mood to fancy the pink haired teenager's wild fantasies as the man quickly required about her adopted daughter's opinion about Tenrou. "Meredy do you think the group that disappeared at Tenrou island are still alive."

"I don't know," Meredy replied, her expression thoughtful. Her eyes far to old and dark for her young age. "I hope so… I hope Juvia and the others are still alive."

"Then we must keep believing." Ultear replied turning her gaze at the ocean, as Crime Sorcière looked toward the direction Fairy Tail's strongest had disappeared.

Author's Note: First of all this chapter is unedited since my beta-reader's real life is rather busy at the moment. That aside I've always loved Crime Sorcière and it's members and I've was really interested in what happened to them which resulted in this story and companion fic Seven Years of Penance.