TITLE: Genetically Empowered (My Finale & Season 3)


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SUMMARY: How 'Freak Nation' and S3 should have been. M/A

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The transgenics jumped to their feet at the words of the intruder. Alec moved quickly in front of Max, as his eyes narrowed at White.

Joshua growled at the other man, his eyes filling with rage.

But White ignored them as he gazed at the other man. "I can't believe my own father is a traitor."

Sandeman stood, "I'm disappointed in you Ames."

"You are the one that brought so much disgrace to the family. By creating those freaks," he replied motioning at the other three.

Alec looked at the other man, calculating all of his options.

"He was doing the right thing!" Max yelled, "Something you obviously know nothing about."

White laughed, "Oh I know what the right thing is. It's to get rid of the weak. And the filth like you. My job is to clean up the mess my father made," he said looking back at Sandeman.

Alec continued to look around the room, looking for options as he let Max and White continue to argue. Keeping the other man slightly distracted while he could think. They couldn't just escape, because the lab would be compromised or worse… destroyed.

"He also did it for the love of his sons. Both you and CJ." She told him and he scoffed with a roll of his eyes. Max's eyes narrowed at him, "Don't you understand the love for a son? Of a child? Ray?"

She watched his eyes take that in slowly, as guilt started to run through her and she unconsciously rubbed her hand over her stomach. She swallowed hard at remembering what she almost did.

"Don't you feel anything like that? Any compassion or understanding at all?" she asked again.

Alec caught the look in her eyes, and his hand moved over her back in a comforting gesture his eyes almost missing the hardening of White's shoulders.

"Enough!" White yelled as he pulled his gun quickly from his coat, the metal barrel just coming into view as he fired it.


They designed her to be the perfect soldier--a human weapon. Then she escaped. In a future not far from now, in a broken world, she is haunted by her past. She cannot run; she must fight to discover her destiny. --- DARK ANGEL


The bullet moved through the barrel of the gun as the shot echoed through the room.

Alec threw himself towards Max as they both fell to the ground in a heap, the momentum carrying them as they rolled behind the side of the couch.

"Noooo…" Sandeman yelled as he dove towards the two transgenics. Trying to protect his two perfect creations, protect the world from his own son. His whole body jerking as the bullet struck him in the chest. His body stopped in place, his hands moved to the impact.

He looked down at his hands in a slight shock as his own blood covered them. He looked up with wide eyes then fell to the floor.

White stood there with the gun in his hand, his hand shaking slightly, his eyes wide. Too in shock from what happened to move.

"Father!" Joshua screamed running over to him.

Alec looked down at Max, her slightly dazed eyes looking back at him. But her small nod confirmed the questioning in his eyes that she was indeed okay. He quickly took the opportunity of the slightly dazed man, and jumped from his protected spot behind the couch.

White didn't see him coming and fell to the floor, losing his gun in the process from the force of the other man on top of him. His head flung to the side as Alec's fist connected with his face hard.

Joshua pulled Sandeman into his lap, and pulled off his coat, placing it over the gun shot wound to try and top the blood from flowing out.

Max looked out from her spot beside the couch. Seeing Joshua holding 'father,' and Alec rolling around with White. Both getting in hard punches to each other. She quickly jumped to he feet and started to move towards Alec.

He caught her out of the side of his eye, "No Max!" he yelled as he did an uppercut to White's jaw. The last thing he wanted was for her in the fight. He couldn't risk her getting hit or kicked in the gut.

She stopped in her tracks about ready to argue then dawning hitting her, and she quickly looked around the room for something to help.

Joshua rocked the man in his arms back and forth. Tears were running down his face as the older man looked up at him, blood dripping down the side of his mouth. "Stay with us father, stay with us."

White kicked up hard throwing the man off him, and then jumped up.

Alec went with the throw and landed on his feet. Turning quickly, he faced the other enraged man. They circled each other, both landing kicks to the other. Alec laughed as his one kick sent White sailing into the bookcase. A pile of books landing on his head. "Maybe that'll knock some sense into you."

White growled at him, and lunged at the transgenic, his hand moving from his pocket.

Alec grunted in pain as he felt the sharp steel slice through his side as they both fell back to the floor. Blood automatically soaking the side of his shirt as they rolled around.

"Alec!" Max screamed as she saw the weapon puncture his body and the blood spurt out around it. Panic ran though her, and her eyes caught sight of the gun on the floor across the room.

The agent laughed, a glint in his eye as he pulled the knife from the man's chest and started to lunge again with it. A hand moved quickly around his wrist keeping the blade inches away from its intended target of the other man's throat.

The two men struggled with the knife, rolling around the floor. Knees, feet, and their free arms connecting with each other's bodies and faces. Alec winced as White's free fist pounded into his wounded side, allowing the other man enough strength to kick the X5 off him.

As White was about to lunge again, another shot rang out through the room, and his eyes went big as he stopped in his tracks. His body started to shake. He coughed hard spitting out blood, and then his body fell to the floor. His eyes open, staring into nothing.

Alec's eyes were wide as he looked up from his spot on the floor seeing Max holding White's gun. He could swear he almost saw the smoke leaking from the barrel as she stood their staring into the space where White once stood. Then as if she had come out from under a spell she shook her head.

Max quickly came back to her senses, dropped the gun and ran over to Alec. "Are you alright?" she asked tearing off one of the arms of her shirt and pressed it to his side.

He winced slightly at the pressure, "Always," he said with a smile up at her.

She shook her head at his words, but a small smile came to her lips knowing that he was, or at least would be okay.

His hand went over hers on his side. "You know… I was the one that was supposed to be protecting you."

"You did," she replied. "I just helped a little."

He grinned up at her, then his face turned serious and his other hand went to her stomach, "Are you okay? The baby?" he was worried from the way he had to knock her to the ground and out of the way.

"We're fine." She replied.

"Help!" Joshua cried out, and they both turned towards him.

Max pulled Alec to his feet and he grimaced slightly as they quickly moved over to him. He looked down at Sandeman, "Let's get you…"

But the older man shook his head, "No. It's too late."

Joshua shook his head, "No. No. We take you too…"

Sandeman put his hand over Joshua's, patting it slightly. He then looked up at the other two. "You must make sure the vaccine, the cure gets out. Once it does the cult won't have any hold over the world anymore. You have to inform everyone…" he started to cough, and Max took his other hand.

Alec pressed the fabric to his own wound, but his free hand settled on Joshua's shoulder gripping it slightly, trying to comfort the big man.

"Tell the world about the cult. Tell them… everything." He coughed again, more blood coming out of his mouth.

"We will. We promise," she said softly as a tear went down her cheek. And with that the older man's eyes closed and his grip on Joshua's hand loosened.

Joshua's head flew back and he let out a long howl as grief passed through him. Max reached out for him, leaning over the body in his arms to hug him, as Alec leaned down doing the same.


(One Year Later)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome…"

"If this kid kicks me one more time…"

Vin smiled and pulled his arm tighter around the blond next to him, his other hand settling on her large stomach. "He gets it from his mother."

Mel glared at him, "Well, SHE is a pain in the ass like her father."

"Hey. Will you two pipe down?" The two X5's turned towards a pair of smirking hazel eyes.

"It started it!" Mel said pointing at her stomach, as she sat with the others on folding chairs on the large stage.

"And without further ado I'd like to introduce Congressman…"

"Look at them. Will they ever take anything seriously?" Cindy asked the scruffy looking guy next to her as they both stood from their seats in the large crowd. Their hands clapping as someone walked up to the podium, taking out a bunch of index cards preparing to speak.

Sketchy laughed looking down at himself in a business suit, then back at OC. Her hair was pulled back, and she was in a tailored, navy skirted suit. He smiled, "Well some things may change over time, but other things remain constant."

"One year ago today was the real turning point between the humans and the transgenics…."

Max shook her head looking up at Normal at the podium, "I still can't believe he got elected."

"Well, it didn't hurt that the transgenic population got the right to vote a few months before the election," Alec's voice sounded in her ear.

She turned to him with a smile, "Yeah and it didn't hurt that his Golden Boy was his media representative. Charming anyone and everyone."

A cocky grin spread along his lips, "I do what I can." He gave a hurt look when her hand hit his shoulder, but it lacked any real power behind it. "Hey, careful. You'll wake Nick up."

Her smile grew as her hand came out to softly caress the dark brown tresses on the sleeping baby in Alec's arms. His hand moved too hers, intertwining their fingers, and then he brought them up to his lips, kissing them gently.

Nicolas yawned slowly, moving his little fists in the air, as his hazel eyes opened lazily. "See what you did?" he told her with a whisper. She just shook her head at him and his smile, and turned back to Normal's speech.

"That scientific genius raised a beautiful army to save humanity…"

"I don't know if I can listen to this speech again," Cindy said running her fingers over her face, and clapping with the crowd now and then.

"It's not that bad," Sketchy said defensively.

OC laughed, and lightly smacked his side. "No, Boo. It's great. You wrote it wonderfully." Sketchy grinned at her. "But I think Normal had me listen to him at least a hundred times. He wanted it to go perfectly."

He nodded, "Yeah, and he's still using those note cards."

Cindy shook her head, "Yeah… I tried, and tried. But he would NOT part with them."

"Dr. Nicolas Sandeman gave his life to protect humanity. And today we give our thanks…."

"Oh God… My water just broke!"

Vin stood up quickly, trying to help Mel stand up. "Uhh… okay… ummm…"

Alec and Max were on their feet soon next to them. The crowd was starting to murmur and Normal turned to look at the commotion at he was trying to continue with his speech.

Alec quickly handed Nicolas over to Max. He then turned to Vin resting his hand on the other man's shoulder. "It's okay. I do luckily have some experience with this," he said with a wink to Max and she rolled her eyes. Vin looked like he was ready to panic, and Alec almost laughed. But instead he quickly picked up Mel in his arms. "Hey buddy, do you think you can walk? Or will I have to carry you too?"

Vin shook his head quickly, and then they descended down the stairs. "Funny…" he said as he trailed Alec towards the black van behind the stage.

Normal looked around at the X5's fleeing the stage, and he covered the microphone looking at Max. "You're supposed to speak next!"

She threw up one arm, the other cradling Nicolas next to her. "Ummm…" she looked towards the others on the stage. Dix, Mole, Luke, and Joshua looked at her, and she smiled. "I'm sure they could say something. I gotta go." And with that she was sprinting off the stage and jumping into the passenger seat of the van, slamming the door behind her. The vehicle then peeled down the parking lot and out onto the road.

Normal turned back to the audience that had grown quiet, and swallowed. "And since the lovely girl who's DNA saved all our lives is now not available to speak. Another one of her friends shall speak on her behalf." He turned back to the four transgenics sitting on the stage.

None of them looked very eager to move to the podium. Finally Mole nudged Joshua enough to make him almost fall out of his chair, "Hey… you called the guy 'Father,' you do it."

Joshua nervously got to his feet and walked towards the crowd. Normal patted him on the back, and moved back to take a seat. Josh looked out onto the crowd nervously.

Cindy smiled up at him, and gave him a thumbs up. He nodded at her, then Sketchy, and then to the woman to OC's other side. Sonya looked up at him with a large smile, her mouth forming the words, 'You can do it. Speak from your…' and she pointed at her heart.

"Dr. Sandeman. Father, as I knew him. Was a good man."

"I am NOT having my baby in this van!" Mel screamed from the backseat as another contraction rang through her. Her hand came out and gripped Vin's shirt, pulling him towards her face, "This is all your fault!"

"How many times did you scream that at me?" Alec laughed as his right hand reached out and took Max's next to him, his other still on the wheel as he quickly made his way through the streets of Seattle.

She shook her head, but had a smile on his face, "Like you didn't deserve it." He just laughed.

"Hey! You were NOT complaining at the time," Vin said as his hands tried to pry Mel's grip from his shirt. "And you guys are NOT helping," he yelled up to the front.

"Yes we are," Alec chimed back, "We're here." He jammed the gears into park just outside the Harbor Lights emergency room.

"I felt the life drain from his body as he laid in my arms. But his death was not in vein…"

"Okay, you guys have to stay out here," Dr. Shankar said then turned to Vin, "You though… can come in." He nodded and followed her quickly into the delivery room.

Alec and Max turned and walked into the waiting room across the hall. His hands moved to the bundle in Max's arms, taking it from her and holding Nicolas close to him. His head moved down, his nose resting on the top of the little boy's head. They both sat down next to each other, and Max laid her head on his shoulder as her hand came up to lightly tickle the little one's belly.

He looked down at her, and his heart felt like it would burst. His one free arm moved around her, and her dark eyes looked up at his.

"What?" she asked seeing his hazel eyes deep in thought.

"Just thinking."


"One year ago today. Everything… everything was so different."

She nodded in agreement, "Yeah. We were at war with the humans, the familiars, and White. The snake blood epidemic was happening. And now…"

Joshua pulled back the large curtain to reveal a large marble statue of Sandeman, and the crowd jumped to their feet cheering and clapping.

Normal walked back to the stage, his hand indicating the statue, "And this is a tribute to him. And a reminder of the peace that was created between humans and transgenics on that day."

Max moved a little closer next to him, her face grimacing as she heard the loud screams coming from the delivery room. Her lips turning into a small smile as her sensitive ears picked up Vin trying to calm the hormonal, and in pain X5 down. Her thoughts then going back to her comments. "But now. We have peace with humans. The familiars are basically gone. White is dead. And the epidemic is cured."

Alec smiled, "Thanks to you."

Max shook her head, "Sandeman made this DNA. And you're the one that got me to him to cure everyone else."

His eyes closed at her words, "You know… when I was talking about everything that has changed… I wasn't talking about all that."

Her hand moved from Nick up to his cheek. His green eyes opened to look at her, and they found a soft, gentle smile. "Yeah. That day we learned to trust each other. Trust in our love…" She was cut off with the sound of a screaming baby, and they were both on their feet instantly moving towards the doors.

The crowd had mostly left, and the stage had been taken down. But the four transgenics on the platform, their 3 friends from the audience, and Normal all stood at the base of the marble statue.

"I don't know whether to hate the man for making freaks like us to live in this word, or to praise him for what he actually accomplished," Mole said and then bit onto his cigar again.

"Well, at least we are free now to move around the country. Heck, we even got to vote." Luke said, shielding his eyes from the sun as he looked up at the marble.

Dix laughed, "Everything is not perfect yet. Humans still have many reservations about us."

Cindy wrapped her arm around the other transgenic's shoulder, "They just got to get to know your little freakish souls and then they'll lov' ya'." She looked over at the green guy, "Well… all of you except maybe Mole." The group laughed as Mole glared at her, and let out a puff of smoke in her direction.

"It may take time, but one day everything will work out," Normal commented.

Sketchy smiled, "Yep, and oh Mr. Congressman…" The group snickered at the name, "You can help out."

Sonya put a hand to her forehead and sighed, "If we break out into song right now, I may scream."

Joshua pulled his arm around her waist closer to him, "What song would we sing?"

"Shoot me now," Mole said.

Vin walked out of the double doors, and the two X5's rushed up to him. His mouth turned into a huge smile, "It's a girl." They both smiled back at him, "A beautiful girl."

Alec raised Nicolas in his arms, "Did you hear that? You got a little playmate now."

Vin's eyes widened, "Oh no."

"What?" Max and Alec said at once looking at him.

"No way in hell."

Alec's eyebrows knitted together, "Why the heck not?"

Vin pointed at Alec then the little boy, "Like father, like son. No way in hell is she getting anywhere near him."

Max started laughing as a shocked look came across Alec's face, his mouth opening to reply, and then stopped as he starting laughing too.

"What?" Vin demanded.

Max smiled, placing a hand on the man's shoulder, "And you were worried if you were going to be a good father."

He smiled back at her, "I better get back in there before Mel decides she wants to skin me alive again."

"Good idea," Alec said.

They watched the dark haired guy walk back through the doors. "I guess we should let everyone know," Max said as she pulled out her cell phone. But she stopped when one of his hands lightly grabbed her wrist. She turned to look at him, and saw his eyes looking back at her, a question held in them. "What?"

He looked down at Nicolas, and then back into her dark eyes. 

Max smiled up at him, her hand moving to the back of his neck, pulling him down for a soft kiss, and then rested her forehead against his. "Yes, Alec… you're a wonderful father." His grin in reply made her stomach do flip-flops. "And a wonderful partner, friend, and lover."

"Okay, maybe you're laying it on a little thick." His eyes danced with mischief at her.

"Maybe I'm just looking for something in return."

His lips turned upwards even more, "Oh really? Like what?"

Her eyes sparkled back at him, "Oh, I trust that you can figure it out." And he did. His hand came up in the back of her hair, pulling her in for a deep kiss.


The End!

~Okay, it's OVER! Woo Whoo. ;)  No... don't even ask. There will NOT be more, I am bowing out now. I know the ending was…. Sappy and FLUFFY as heck. But… I couldn't help myself. I had the whole thing in my head and just had to write it. And I know the last part jumped around wildly, but that was the point. ;) This has been wonderful, and I hoped you enjoyed my version of Season 3, and part of season 4. :) And you can tell me how much by reviewing. ;)