~Ethan's House, Monday, 6:10 a.m.~

The piercing beeping of his alarm clock jarred Ethan out of his peaceful sleep. Yawning and rubbing his eyes, he stood up and stretched. Grabbing underwear, a pair of jeans and a Periodic Table graphic t-shirt, he trudged off to the bathroom to shower and get ready for school.

After stripping of his Star Wars boxers and white t-shirt, Ethan turned on the faucet, letting the hot water run over him as he picked up the shampoo bottle.

"I am so clean, you know what I mean, my friends are kinda freaky, but that doesn't bother me!" He sang and he lathered his hair with the stuff. He continued humming as he rinsed out his hair, finished up his shower, and grabbed a towel. He dried off, put hi s clothes on, and went back to his room. Grabbing his backpack, he clomped down the stairs and walked into the kitchen. Yawning again, Ethan grabbed the orange juice from Jane and poured himself a glass.

"Heyyyy!" Jane pouted, grasping for the carton. Ethan stuck his tongue out at her and held the juice out of her reach until their mother came down and took the juice from Ethan.

"Ethan, share."

"I know, Mom. I was just playing." Ethan chugged his juice and grabbed a banana. "I'm off. See you later."

"Do well on your exams!" His mother called after him.

"Don't fail!" Jane added.

"Thanks for the encouragement…" And with that, Ethan was out the door.

~Benny's House, 7:31 a.m.~

The radio started playing, which roused Benny from his dream. Groaning, he flipped over and hit the snooze button, wishing he could fall back asleep and continue his dream during the four minuets he had left before his radio would shout at him again.

It had been about Erica.

He had told her how he had felt about her, and she hadn't hit him. She hadn't made some snarky remark. She had just smiled and grabbed his hand.

And then the two of them had donned Han Solo and Princess Leia outfits and went to go fight off some storm troopers.

'Why am I not a seer like Ethan and my dreams could be visions?' Benny thought, then smirked. If his dreams were premonitions… then the world would be a screwed up place. An awesome, screwed up place. Where it rains doughnuts. And children make him sandwiches instead of beating him up.

And Erica would love him.

Except there'd also be Cyberdontist. Benny shivered.

The radio started playing a Single Tear song which brought Benny back to the present and out of his thoughts. Groaning, he turned it off and got out of bed. Picking a rumpled green and teal striped polo off of the floor and a pair of jeans, he went through his morning shower routine, got dressed, and went downstairs. Looking around, Benny deduced that his grandma must be downstairs working on something. Smiling, he picked up a bagel and zapped it into a doughnut. He took a bite and started sauntering towards the door. As he bit down for another bite of sugary delight, but his teeth crunched against a stale bagel instead.

"Aww Grandma!" Benny exclaimed, spinning around to his grandma was standing in the kitchen, arms crossed, smirking back at him.

"Now Benny, you don't want to fill up on sugar in the morning. God knows how you are on a sugar rush. And it's exam week! You need all your wits about you!"

"Grandmaaaa, I just need a little jolt though! Awh come on!" Benny's grandma zapped the bagel away, leaving Benny with nothing.

"Well then. If food's your motivator, then just think of how you can get food after you finish your first exam." There was a mischievous twinkle in her eyes as she said this, then glanced at her watch. "Benny! You're going to be late! Hurry, shoo! You'll do wonderful today, I'm sure," she said, waving Benny towards the door. He smiled at his Grandma and headed out the door.

~The Corner, 7:40 a.m.~

"What's up, E?" Benny fell in step with his friend as they met up on the corner and continued their walk to school. "Nice shirt," he said, nodding at Ethan. "That's really going to get Sarah's heart pumping again."

Ethan rolled his eyes . "I'm just trying to get into the spirit of exams."

"Yeah, yeah. What's today's again? " Benny started digging through the pockets of his book bag.

"Calculus in the morning, then Chemistry in the afternoon, I think." Ethan hoisted the backpack farther up on his back, holding on to both straps.

"Score!" Benny shouted, pulling his hand out of the depths of his bag, his hand clutching a paper bag. Ethan gave him a skeptical look.

"Do I even want to know what's in there? " He asked Benny who was staring into the bag with glee.

"Sandwich time!" He pulled out a semi crushed sandwich which appeared to just have bacon on it. A lot of bacon.

"Ew, Benny that's disgusting. How long has that been in there?"

"I dunno." Benny shrugged, taking a bite of the sandwich. "Mmmm, but it's got bacon, so it's all good."

Ethan furrowed his brow. "Did you not have breakfast or something?"

"Nope. Grandma thought that I should use food as my motivation to do well on my exam. But I need this.." He took another bite of the sandwich. "To get me pepped up. Besides, it's calculus. And everyone… even Erica," He wiggled his eyebrows, "knows I'm good at calculus."

"Whatever you sayyyy, Benny. What ever you say." Ethan laughed, but then got serious again. "But, B, we have to figure out something special to do for the girls."

"Mmmm, double date?" Benny asked, but Ethan shook his dead.

"It needs to be something…. More. Something really special."

"Phs, what's more special than spending time with this guy?" Benny pointed his thumbs at his chest, causing Ethan to sigh dramatically.

"Come on, Benny," Ethan said, pushing open the door to Whitechapel High, which they had just arrived at. "Lets get this over with."

~The Hallway of Whitechapel High, 7:50 a.m.~

Erica walked, her blond hair flowing behind her, over to where Sarah was fiddling with something in her locker. She leaned up next to Sarah and sighed.

"You really don't want to leave this place and those geeks, do you?" She asked as her dark haired friend pulled a pencil out of her locker and rolled it between her fingers.

"No…. But I know you don't either." Sarah said, looking up at Erica. The blond bit her lip.

"Fine, I'll admit it." She said, glancing around. "I'm going to miss the little geeks too. There. I said it," She glared at Sarah's grinning face. "Oh shut up," She said lightly, putting her arm around her BFFE (best friend for eternity!), and the two of them walked towards the class room in which they were to take their Calculus exam.

"So," Sarah started with a smile playing on her lips. "You seem confident about calculus now, not like Thursday night when you called to tell me how confused you were. Did you get some good advice from.. A certain little geek?" She teased playfully. If Erica could, she was certain she would be blushing furiously, but being a vampire, her skin betrayed nothing of her feelings.

"Maybee." She said back, hinting nothing.

"Oh come on, Erica! Details!"

"Okay, fine!" She smirked. "Why do you seem so persuasive today? This is the second thing you've got me to talk about. Have you perfected mind control or something?" The two friends laughed as they reached the calculus room. "Let's just say, Friday wasn't the only day I got help." Erica smiled mischievously. Sarah's mouth opened to say something but Erica cut her off. "I'll tell you after the exam. Preferably after school. I have a reputation to uphold for one more week, Sarah. But, as you have no problem associating with the nerds at school," She slid into a desk in the middle of the class room. "You can tell me allll about your study date." Sarah sat in the chair next to Erica.

"It was not a date!" Sarah hissed, but then smiled. "Well, I mean… not officially. We'll get together tonight and tell each other everything."

"Just like old times." Erica said, her features softening.

"Just like old times," Sarah reached over and held Erica's hand. "And, just like old times," The bell rang. "You're going to get a hundred on this test and I'm going to fail." They let go of each other's hands as the proctor came down the row between them, handing each of them a test. They gave each other one last smile before they pulled out their calculators and began the exam.

~Hallway, 7:59 a.m.~

Benny and Ethan raced through the hallways.

"We're gonna be late!" Benny shrieked. "And if I fail this exam, Grandma's gonna zap all my food away from me foreverrr!"

"I am going to kill Rory when this exam is over! Er… Re-kill him.. I guess," The two boys slid to a stop in front of their room and yanked open the door right as the bell rang. Mr. G. frowned at the seer and the spellmaster as they hurried to the two open desks in the very front of the room.

"Now boys," he started, putting his hands on his hips.

"Can you lecture them later?" Called a girl from the back of the room. "And pass out the test now?" A collective groan was issued from the rest of the class, as Mr. G nodded and began going up and down the rows, passing out the tests.

Benny slid his calculator out of his case and clicked his mechanical pencil. Whew. Calculus. This was going to be a breeze.

Ethan, on the other hand, rubbed his fingers over his eraser nervously, thinking about what had just happened with Rory. He sighed and glanced over the test. His mind was going to be somewhere else during this test. It was not going to end well.

~Fifteen minuets prior~

"Benny!" Rory shouted, appearing behind Ethan and Benny.

"RORY. STOP. IT. NOW." Benny rubbed his forehead.

"Hey guys! Guess what I found yesterday when I crash-landed in the woods!" No response. "Well… um, Ya'know, I was just flying and all and WHAM! Stupid planes…. Always flying at night…. They just make me so upset sometimes I just want to bite the moon!"

"Uh, Rory?" Ethan asked. "What are you talking about again?"

"Oh yeah!" Rory exclaimed. "Um… what was I saying?"

"Something about you hitting a plane, I think," Benny remarked, uninterested.

"Yeah! So, after hitting this annoying plane, I fell right into the wood on the west side of Whitechapel, and I saw some pretty weird stuff going on down there."

"You know, Rory, just because you've never been kissed, doesn't mean it's not normal." Benny chuckled.

"Hey, I too have been kissed! Remember when Erica and I…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Benny cut off Rory sharply. "What did you see?"

"Well, I mean there was the creepy dude, and he broke open this thing, and all these little other things flew out!"

"Wait to be descriptive, Rory." Ethan sighed, and he and Benny turned to walk to class. The hallways were basically empty by now, most people tried to get to their room early on exam day.

"But guys! I caught one of the things, see?" Rory pulled a glass jar out of his book bag. Inside the jar, a tiny, light blue pixie was banging against the glass and scowling at the boys. Benny gasped.

"Woah, Rory! You've got Devilin Pixie there! I though Grandma said all of them were exterminated after that one time in 1940 something when a bunch of them overran the town…" Benny stared at the little creature as it made faces at him.

"It flew right in my face!" Rory told Ethan, who was also focused on the pixie.

"Aw man… just a few of it's hairs could do wonders in a potion…"

"Oh, okay!" Rory took the lid off of the jar and the pixie shot out into the air.

"RORY!" Benny and Ethan screeched as the pixie flew around their heads, emitting sinister giggles.

"Why did you let if out of the jar?" Ethan said while grabbing for the little devil.

"Benny wanted some of it's hairs, blame him!" whined Rory while waving frantically over his head.

"Blame me? I wasn't the one who flew into a plane, thank you very much!"

At that moment, Ethan's hand brushed against the pixie's wing, and his eyes glazed over.


The face of the pixie was superimposed, grinning horribly, on a scene of a deserted, dead looking Whitechapel.


Pixies, pixies everywhere


The dark cloaked figure stood among the rubble and laughed.

Ethan gasped as he came out of the visions and saw the pixie heading towards an open window. "Don't let it get away!" He croaked, but it was too late, the thing was free.

"Awh man…." Benny sighed. "Grandma would have loved it if I would have brought her some pixie hairs…"

"Mr. Pixieeee!" Rory called longingly.

"Hey…. E? What's up man? Oh, you had a vision, didn't you?"

Ethan glanced at his watch. "Shoot, Benny! The exam starts in two minuets! And the classroom is halfway around the school!" Ethan glanced back at Rory, who was staring out the window. "Come on!" And with that, he and Benny raced off towards their classroom.

Ethan snapped out of his memories and found himself still floundering on the first page of the exam. He glanced up at the clock and gasped. It had been fifteen minuets already! That left only 50 left to finish the rest of the exam, and he had to make sure to check it twice over once he finished… Shaking his head to clear it, he focused back on the problems.

Time passed. Benny was one of the first one's to turn in his exam, and Ethan was one of the last, doing so only right before the bell rang.

"Well that was a breeze." Benny smirked, picking up his calculator and stuffing it into his already crammed with who-knows-what book bag.

"Heh, yeah. Easy…" Ethan responded as he glanced out the window, hoping that maybe, just maybe, the pixie would be sitting somewhere where he could run and catch it. No such luck.

"Well come on, E! We don't want to be late to lunch, I'm starving. " Benny slung the back pack over one of his shoulders, and he, and a very distracted Ethan made their way to the cafeteria, where they were to meet up with the girls as they usually did and discuss the morning's events, hopefully without any crazy interruptions from Rory.

Benny smiled as he slid up next to Erica and put an arm around her, causing her to turn and hiss at him.

Sarah waved cheerfully at Ethan and patted the seat beside her.

Ethan put on the best grin he could muster. He would make this lunch as awesome as he could, as he had a feeling that that afternoon, and night, would pose some interesting challenges to their little group.

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