~Streets of Whitechapel 5:31 p.m.~

Erica strode down the street with purpose and meaning. In one hand, she held a bag of Skittles and a few boxes of Seedmints.

Just to annoy Sarah.
The other was clutching a bag of chips.

This was the first time since… well, since she was turned, that she and Sarah were going to have a sleepover and talk about boys and watch movies and play games and all that good stuff. All that stuff that normal humans did. Erica smiled at the though of just acting human again for once. Not trying to convince Sarah to go to some vampire party or egging her to go to just one of the council meetings. None of that tonight. And she wasn't going to let something come up with those stupid dorks and ruin their night. If there just happened to be something weird that occurred tonight, so be it. The nerds could manage it themselves. Tonight was a girl's night.
And the two were going to have fun.

Erica reached Sarah's house soon after her stop at the store. She knocked on the door. Sure, It would be easier to fly up to the window of her room and pop in, but Erica still wanted to preserve that little bit of normalcy she was clinging onto. Sarah opened the door, which let out a miserable creak. Sarah winced.

"Sorry… we need to fix that… Come on in," Sarah stepped aside and Erica entered the foyer of Sarah's house. It wasn't a particular large house, but it was comfy. The furniture was dark, which was in large contrast to the room that the girls walked in once they got up the stairs.

Sarah's room was a bright pink color, but not too bright that it hurt the eyes. There was band of lavender and a darker purple dots at the middle of the walls. Sarah brushed some clothes off her fluffy bedspread and onto the floor, clearing a space for Erica, who sat down. Sarah jumped on the bed and tucked her legs under her as Erica pulled open the chips. Sarah stuck her hand into the bag with a crinkle and pulled out a few of the salty snacks.

"So, Erica," Sarah smiled, leaning in slightly. "More than one study session? Do tell." She crunched on a chip as Erica began her story.

"Okay, so, Friday, as you know, Benny and I went into the kitchen while you and your geek stayed behind." As Erica began her story, a smile began to find it's way to her lips. "Well, before he started studying, he talked to me, Sarah." Sarah gave her a 'oh-really-now?' look, and Erica sighed. "Like, he confronted me." Her voice dropped to just above a whisper. "No one's done that. Ever. It means he paid attention to me before…" She stopped, looking down at the chip bag.

"Is that why you like him so much, Erica?" Sarah asked quietly. Anything said too loud now seemed like the world would hear their conversations.

"I don't like…!" Erica started, her voice rising above what they had just mutually set as the limit of volume, trying to backpedal. Sarah just shook her head.

"Erica, no one's here. You don't have to pretend." Sarah's words caused Erica's mouth to drop open are her green eyes to shoot up and lock with Sarah's brown ones.

"That's just what Benny said…" She swallowed. "Yeah, Sarah. I guess so…"

A look that could be determination flashed across her face.

"I do. Sarah, I do like him."

Her voice grew in confidence and slightly in volume. She tilted her head up, as to shout what she was finally admitting to herself to the world at the same time.

"I am in love with Benny Weir!"

Erica's face broke into a huge grin as what she had been containing was finally let out. Sarah put her arm around Erica and gave her a little squeeze, also smiling.

"Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?" Sarah asked, then ripped open the box of Skittles and poured a few into Erica's outstretched hand. She popped a few in her own mouth, savoring the taste of the sweet sugar. "Okay. Continue." She settled back into the bedspread, resting her elbows on the pillow in her lap.

"Okay, so yeah. The rest of that evening was just studying. Nothing exciting. I mean, I think I did learn some calculus though! Benny's really smart.." The chip bag rustled and there was a pause as Erica ate one. "Right before we came back in, though, Benny asked me if he would tutor me on chemistry." Sarah wiggled her eyebrows and the girls giggled like little kids. "Shut up," Erica said playfully, grabbing Sarah's pillow and throwing it off the bed.

"Hey! Fine, I'll stop… for now." Sarah reached over the side of the bed and grabbed her pillow, hugging it close.

"Yeah, I had the same first though. So, of course, I slapped him." She shrugged at Sarah's expression. "What did you expect? Anyway, he was completely serious. He actually wanted me to help tutor him."

"Well, duh!" Sarah burst in. "You're the smartest when it comes to anything science related. Remember freshman year? I would have failed biology if you hadn't spent like every Friday at my house trying to help me understand stuff."

"It's not like I had anything else to do back then..."

"Still, Erica, I'm sure you had other things you could have been doing besides crashing with me every single Friday... "

"It was not biggie…"

"And we couldn't have defeated those mutant alligators if you hadn't noticed that the proportions of that potion were off!"

I know, I know, do you want me to get back to the story or not?"

A crunching of chips.

"So, on Sunday I headed over to Benny's house… ug, thank goodness no one was walking around on the streets… I only have a week left. I know it's stupid, Sarah…" Erica sighed and played with her silver spiky necklace. "Anyway, sorry, I knocked on the door, and Benny's grandma opened it and invited me in. She gave me a wink and told us that she had 'some work to do' and headed down to their alchemy room thing that they have in the basement after she had offered us some cookies. And then we got to studying. Of course, Benny made a whole shit-load of inappropriate jokes at first as we went over bonding and all that stuff. But…" She winced at the memory, and an almost remorseful tone entered her voice. "I think my slapping and elbowing caused him to shut up fast enough. And I don't know, I guess we went over stuff for an hour? Maybe closer two."

"Two hours?" Sarah exclaimed. "There's no way you could study for two hours with Benny… especially when he had cookies. Heck, you could barely get me to stay still for a good forty-five minuets. And that was on a good day."

"I know…" Erica murmured, rolling a red Skittle around between her thumb and middle finger until the tips of her fingers were beginning to mimic the color of the red dye.

"He must like you a lot too, then. If he's willing to put up with your geek-speak for that long."

"Ouch, Sarah. That was harsh." She knew Sarah was just kidding, but she was right.

She had been throwing some heavy stuff at Benny and had been getting annoyed when he didn't understand it right away. But what had he done? He had just sat there and taken it. And tried again. He always tried again. Sure, occasionally he had made some stupid chemistry joke which had earned him a snarky comeback, but for the most part, he was devoted to what they were doing. And his eyes never, never, left her when she was talking.

"So?" Sarah's voice broke through Erica's thoughts. "What happened? Did you guys kiss or something? Do it on the couch?"

"Sarah!" Erica would have been blushing furiously, if she could. "No we did not do either." Sarah suck out bottom lip in a disappointed frown. "I mean, we almost kissed though… I think.."

"You think?" Sarah prodded, knowing she was close to finding out the climax of her best friend's evening.

"Well, yeah, I mean, we were looking at this problem in the book, and it was pretty small so we had to lean in kinda close. Well the next thing I know, I can feel Benny's eyes boring into me, so I turn my head ever so slightly, and he's right there. I must have looked really surprised, because he cracked this little smile, and I could tell he was taking in how my hair was falling across my one eye. I knew he was about to be all cliché and brush it aside and kiss me or whatever, but his grandma came up with this super mischievous smile, like she had planned to ruin the moment the whole night. So I closed up the book, told him he did a good job, for a geek, and headed out. End of story." Erica rushed the last little bit and stuffed a handful of chips in her mouth, leaving Sarah staring at her. "What?" Erica's story was done, her defenses were back up. "Your turn."

Sarah knew her friend has feeling that she was keeping inside and wanted to talk about, but she wouldn't. She sighed, earning her a fake annoyed look from Erica. They were best friends! Erica should have no issues pouring out her heart to Sarah, but that's what it seemed turning into a vampire had done to her friend.

"Erica.." Sarah began, but she was cut off immediately.

"What? That's all I have to tell! I said, it's you're turn!"

"But don't you just want to..."

"Well, if you're not going to tell me, I need to go get a snack." Keeping up the fake annoyance, she went, opened Sarah's window, and flew out, her fangs extending as her eyes began to water. She hissed at nothing as she landed in the woods, afraid of crashing as a few tears began to block her vision.

This was suppose to have been a perfect night. Just like things used to be. But she was stupid and had let her I-don't-give-a-shit-I'm-a-badass-vampire personality get in the way, once again, of her and Sarah's friendship.

Maybe she just needed a drink.
The scent of human blood filler her mouth and turned in surprise to see a somewhat familiar face.

It was the boy who had bumped into her earlier today.

Eh, he was pretty attractive. So that would mean his blood would most likely be pretty good. His taste in clothes… ew. Not a good sign. He was wearing this creepy dark brown robe, like a monk. Whatever. He was a creepy jerk and she was hungry.

"Well hello, handsome," She said, flipping her hair so it shimmered in the moonlight that was filtering in through the trees. She took a step towards the boy. "Did your friends play a prank on you and throw you in the woods all alone in your bathrobe?" Another step.

"No, no they didn't." The boy's voice was low, cold, and a great surprise to Erica, who took a tiny step back as the boy took a giant one forward.

Erica swallowed. Why was she experiencing the cold, shaky feeling that she had when she was terrified? This was just some weirdo geek boy who probably had been LARPing with some other geeks. Still, she felt her mouth grow dry as his icy blue eyes seemed to freeze her blood.

But he was a creepy jerk.

And she was hungry.

~Ethan's House, 7:00 p.m.~

"Kill it! Kill it with fire!" Benny screamed, smashing the buttons on his controller.
A zombie caught on fire as Benny blasted it with a flamethrower.
Rory cut one's head off as Ethan went in to kill the Zombie Overlord.
Together, the three geeks could not fail. They had been gaming for the past few hours, and the three were getting hungry.
Once the Zombie Overlord was killed, Ethan paused the game, and the three went down the stairs and entered the kitchen.

Only to be greeted by a small, blue, winged figures buzzing about.

"Mr. Pixie!" Rory exclaimed, running to try and grab the little creature, who whizzed around just above his reach. Benny murmured in incantation, trying to knock the thing out as it zoomed around, pushing over pots and causing chaos.

"Um. Guys." Ethan swallowed as he stared out the window.

"Ethan! Your house is going to be torn apart if you don't get your seer self over here and help us catch this thing now! You'll let me have a few hairs when we do, of course.. Right? Right, Rory?"

"Mr. Pixieeeeeee!"
More swatting and things falling over.

"Guys." Ethan's voice was low and commanded Benny and Rory's attention, who turned, still being bombarded by the pixie, who would occasionally dive-bomb them.


Ethan pointed a shaky finger out the window, to where a whole swarm of pixies were flying about, a few trying to enter each house with mischievous grins all over their faces.

"Oh." Benny gulped. "Let's go get Erica and Sarah."

Ethan nodded solemnly.

Rory just grinned.

Mr. Pixie was a very popular guy.