Hey guys, this is the official Sequel to A T. Rex's Origin, entitled A T. Rex's Life. This will contain more chapters & will star the Tyrannosaur oddballs as juveniles, taking place, years after the original story. For Spawnzilla014. & for now, Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Growing up

A bluebird is seen flying over a distance. It then lands on a tree, trying to find it's choice of food. It finds a dragonfly, & the bird chases it. Eventually, the bird manages to snatch & eat the insect. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake & so does the tree. The bluebird flaps it's wings & flies away to an unknown area. The tree collapses & reveals a blue, feathered Tarbosaurus.

Zak was just leading his surrogate children on how to prey on their first real meal. The four tyrannosaur oddballs, Redback, Amelia, Maverick & Jagger emerge under the fallen logs, now grown up as juveniles. Maverick decides to go down on a river & fish up some tasty fish. Redback urges to try kill a dinosaur without his family, supporting him. Zak then again tells Redback that it takes a lot of time to master it. Amelia, on the other hand decides to hunt for small critters on the trees, as she was now able to climb onto trees, despite her stubby arms. Jagger decides to eat up some bugs, crawling on the ground. Redback is left alone, having to eat nothing. He then spot's a flock of Dryosaurus running around. Redback attempts to tackle & hunt down his first, real meal. While the Dryosaurs were eating, Redback went crawling inside the bushes & waited for the opportunity to catch it. When a Dryosaur peeked into a bush, one of the bushes started rattling. The small dinosaurs then went suspicious on what was going on. Then, in a blink of an eye, Redback then assaulted, grabbing a Dryosaur's head. The other Dryosaurs then ran in panic, scattering in different directions. The trapped dinosaur then attempted to break free, but Redback was stronger. He then grappled the Dryosaur's neck & then tore it it from it's body. Redback then saw into his very eyes & saw that he had finally obtained his first meal, after years of trying. He then roared at the sky for victory.

At the same time, Zak stormed & was surprised that Redback surpassed his surrogate siblings. He then stroke Redback's nose. Then, the other three siblings came in & were very happy for Redback for his achievement. Redback then invites his siblings to have a feast, but Zak refuses, telling him he is fine on his own.

At the plain's, a small herd was approaching. It consisted of thirteen plant-eating dinosaurs: There was a old Argentinosaurus, two Parasaurolophus, A Nothronychus, Four Stegosaurus, a subadult Ankylosaurus & Three Triceratops. The Leader then emerged from the bushes: A large, 42 foot Stegosaurus. His name was Spikeplate. Spikeplate then orders his mate to keep going, as he is fully responsible for the protection of his herd. The Argentinosaurus, named Gigantor, was actually, his surrogate father, who raised him at the very start ever since his parents were killed during a thunderstorm. Spikeplate was also unusual for a Stegosaurus. Most Stegosaurus were actually green, with green skin & white plates & were 30 feet long. Spikeplate was 42 feet long, has dark brown skin & has red plates. He also has scutes like ankylosaurs, on his neck to the rest of his body. He also has jagged thagomizers, rather than simply curved. He has a scar that covers his right leg & is quite intelligent, brave & clever, compared to other Stegosaurus.

When Spiketail's herd were moving on the plains, A massive Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus emerged from the trees. It was Dread! Dread tried to find a meal & immediately attacked Spikeplate's herd. Despite being small, Spikeplate's followers were actually powerful. The three Triceratops swipe their heads by moving around, discouraging Dread to attack them. Spikeplate the emerged from out of nowhere, ramming Dread from a distance. Dread then turned his focus onto Spikeplate & attacked. Dread grabbed his hind leg, but Spikeplate was strong enough to wrestle & free it. Dread then tried to attack with his wicked claws, but the Over-powered Stegosaurus was still too strong & stopped the strike with his plates, although he did suffer some bloody cuts. Finally, Spikeplate swung his tail, & whacked his jagged, sharp thagomizers deep into the bloodthirsty Spinosaurus's stomach. Dread roared in pain & anger as he was beaten by a mere plant eater. Swearing to take his revenge, Dread leaves into the forest, walking in pain.

Gigantor was extremely concerned in surrogate son's injury & warned him not to go in too many death-defying fights. Spikeplate refuses, demanding that he is the leader & that he needs to protect his herd & his family, which he believe's is crucial & extremely important.

Redback, Amelia, Maverick & Jagger have finally finished their meal & decide were to go Zak then appears & tells the kids to take to the plains. The five then head out, unaware that they were being watched above, by a feathered menace.

Dread, on the other hand, returned to the Marshlands. His mate, having finished laying eggs, ran to him & got worried that Dread was injured. Dread tells her it's okay & decides to rest beneath the trees. Before resting & going to sleep, he tells his mate to bring him food once he wakes up. He then yawns & goes to sleep, but not before he plots revenge against Spikeplate.

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