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Chapter 12

Into the North

The conifers of the thick forests of Isla Sorna are as challenging as always. While there are numerous herbivores, large & small, there were also home to all sorts of predators. Deep inside the jungle, Zak & the oddballs were travelling at the dense woodlands in search for the far north. Zak then encountered an Edmontosaurus. Taking full surprise, Zak sneaked, camouflaged from behind & then ambushed bu running with extreme speed. The Edmontosaur was startled & started to run. Although faster, Amelia soon appeared out of a bush, causing the hadrosaur to turn left. Maverick then followed & then cornered the dinosaur again, startling him. The Edmontosaurus then turned it's head behind only to see Zak managing to grab it's neck & then violently shaking it. The helpless hadrosaur howled in agony one last time as it's neck finally broke, killing him. Zak then dropped the dead body of the Edmontosaurus before calling in the oddballs to eat. They dined for about ten minutes before leaving it to be scavenged by a group of Compsognathus.

Redback noticed something familiar at the distance, a shining light appeared from the sky, it was actually sunlight. Nonetheless, Redback decided to stick up with Zak as they traveled deep towards the bush. Along the way, Redback then encountered a giant fence & a large board sign that said "Site B". Curious, Redback decides to take a closer look while the others move on ahead. Knowing that he would be lost, Redback immediately scampered quickly & got back to the family.

As the family started venturing deeper & deeper forward, they are shocked to discover what was behind; It was a gigantic herd of herbivore dinosaurs. There were many kinds including Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pachycephalosaurus & Brachiosaurus. Redback was awestruck as he then remembered the time he saw a herd like this with his new family years ago. But however, Redback knew that was the past & with Zak, they decide to journey more on the island of Isla Sorna. Eventually, Redback & the family manage to make it to a dock. The dock was actually very different from the ghost towns of InGen with no sign of wreckage & rotting bodies of dead humans & dinosaurs. There were even active ships, large & small. Redback then decided to go to a nearby facility, which the other decide to agree.

Upon entering, there was actually nothing. There was no sign of wreckage like the dock & not even a sign of a rotting body of a Well, except of a gigantic water tank that while the glass is not destroyed & is at one piece, below the tank however, the floor was actually destroyed & it led directly to the Pacific Ocean. The glass clearly read 0020 Sharktooth. It was finally decided. Sharktooth was actually born in an underwater facility, but deemed a failure due to Chaos Effect. Having nothing to do here, the Tyrannosaur family then left the facility & then stormed off the docks, continuing their journey north.

Back at the forest, Redback & & the family continue to journey across until they reached a horrible looking graveyard, but Zak was shocked on where they are now. They were actually near Mt. Brach, the tallest volcano of Isla Sorna & is a dormant volcano, as no one, including top scientists can predict when would it erupt. Zak however then becomes quite ceratin that the only way to get to the north is to actually explore the depths of the volcano itself. However, Zak & Redback was more determined to get into the dreaded mountain. However, Jagger then became nervous as he then remembered that his parents were killed by one of the volcanic lava pits, where they fell. But however, Zak gave him a soft muzzle, giving him enough courage to journey with him. Eventually, Jagger growls, meaning that he is ready to go.

The family then started walking in the conifer forests towards the foothills of Mt. Brach. Soon enough, Maverick started to notice that the land is becoming less fertile & there are less trees than there were behind. Towards, they also see a lake, transformed into a large graveyard where there were numerous dinosaurs laying at the ground dead, their bodies decomposing. The volcanic acid, emitting from the smokes have managed to enter the lake's water system & infect it with deadly bacteria, causing the water at the lake to turn into a toxic liquid, killing any creature that tries to take a drink from it. Zak then warned the oddballs to never attempt to drink the water here as it could contain deadly results. Meanwhile, a mysterious dinosaur was watching from the distance at the shadows of the conifers.

Zak & the oddballs were having a quite difficult time in getting near the edges of the volcano, but then eventually finally, they made it near a large, giant cavern that lead to the interior of the large mountain. Redback gave a loud growl, demanding that he was more than ready to enter the volcano & see what contains inside it. Zak then gave a slight muzzle, signalling that he & all of the others have to be very cautious of the many dangers inside the dormant volcano. Amelia also growled, saying that she was ready as well. Maverick & Jagger followed by also giving growls, preparing to go to the volcano. Declaring that every one of them are ready to enter, Zak then starts walking towards the cavern, followed by the oddballs, until they finally enter the volcano. But however, they were unaware of a shadowy figure that was watching everything hidden. It then gave a loud roar, signalling some might happen...

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