Well, here's chapter 2! Here, Klaw will make a reappearance & will be shown an unusual ability. This time, he won't go easy on Zak! Now, let's ENJOY!

Chapter 2

Klaw's Revenge

Redback was walking around with Zak, telling him that we should explore new areas of the jungle. Zak refuses initially, but after being convinced by Maverick, he decides to let the kids go to the plains. However, little do they know was that there was a hidden predator nearby.

As the kids were journeying, the hidden predator managed to sneak past the bushes & trees & eventually make it to the plains with the five tyrannosaurs. Zak then decides to teach the kids on how to efficiently catch their prey on their own. However, suddenly, a horde of raptors appear from bushes all around & start cornering the Tyrannosaur youngsters. Too terrified, the juveniles were unable to make an attack or even move. Just as a raptor was about to attack, Zak rams the creature & stomps it. The other raptors then turn their attention towards Zak & attack him. These raptors consisted of Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Troodon, Bambiraptor, Dromaeosaurus & Velociraptor. However, Zak fought viciously, as he bit a massive amount of raptors, crushing them & throwing then off away at a distance. Zak even grabbed & tossed some rocks & threw them at the small, agile dinosaur, killing an enormous amount of them. The battle kept continuing as Zak continues to defend his children against an onslaught of raptors. Then, a loud roar was heard. A fully feathered raptor then jumped from the bushes & roared, calling back his fellow raptor herd.

Zak then immediately recognized the raptor by it's Grey feathers & it's golden plumage's. Klaw then demanded that he would take his revenge on Zak years ago & immediately lashed out against the giant Tarbosaurus, & clanged it at the jaw. Zak was now attempting to grab his tail, but Klaw wouldn't back down. Just as Zak tried to grapple him, Klaw used his sickle-claw & jabbed Zak's neck. Now, shaking it's head in pain, Zak then threw Klaw into a bush, knocking the raptor. However, not done yet, Klaw then howled in the air, calling his Raptor troops to attack. Zak however, still fought back, managing to injure & kill a massive amount of raptors. By that time, Klaw then climbed into a tree & prepared for a surprise attack. He then showed off his wings, which were quite long, feathered & stretchy. He then jumped & flapped his wings, flying onto Zak, preparing for a homing attack.

Klaw then dived & struck Zak at the head, knocking it out. With the feathered Tarbosaurus Disabled, Klaw moves in for the kill, but Zak regained control & rammed Klaw. Even more enraged, Klaw then jumps into a red pine & flies, attempting a somersault attack. However, Zak knew that he would perform the same attack & turned the tables. As he was going to dive onto the large target, Klaw, however, hit the ground & hurt himself. Taking a huge advantage, Zak then headbutted the trapped Klaw, knocking him off to a distance. Not done yet, Klaw charged for another attack, only to get rammed by the Tarbosaurus, once again, breaking his arm & leg. Roaring in pain, Klaw then swore that the next they would fight, he would kill Zak. Then then limps off with his remaining subordinates.

The tyrannosaur juveniles return. Amelia & Jagger ran to him first, followed by Redback & Maverick. Zak then takes the juveniles on a huge, rocky landscape. At this point, they find out that this piece of land is covered of rock & that this is the herbivores mating ground, which is why is is deserted. They then leave the Rocky Badlands & head out onto the jungle. At the jungle, they find the corpse of a recently dead dinosaur & start to dine on it. They then head out onto a large chasm.

Meanwhile, Klaw heads out onto his home territory: The Raptor's Den, an enormous cave, crawling with raptors. Klaw enters the cave, badly injured after his scuffle against Zak. Many raptors were there, looking at him. He then enters his room, where he lays down. Sometimes later, a large thunderstorm is brewing. All of the raptors inside shelter into the cave for protection. There, they discuss & hiss about their private stuff. Klaw then yawn, closes his eyes & goes to sleep. As the raptors do their stuff, a large shadow of a huge dinosaur is seen It then lets out a bloodthirsty roar...

That was Chapter 2! Sure Klaw has lost, but next time, he's gonna really take revenge. Hope Spawn takes these O.C's of mine as I did to his & Yoshi 2.1's as well. Hope you liked the new Chap & be sure to Rate, comment & like me & the story. Now, i'm off, Thanks ;).