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With all the applications I'm getting, the site may be desperately understaffed! Have an idea and/or a witty name to submit for a worker? AllyBot, JoyTron, and Trevor Prime would like some help and company!

Also, I have a couple ideas for plot, but if you've got one, I'm all audio receptors for it! I'll have AllyBot record it on her handy-dandy datapad.

AllyBot: I'M ALREADY WAY TOO BUSY! A bunch more sparklings need picked up and entered into the system!

Me: Too bad. Website's founder, I have authority OVER ALL OF YOU.




Anonymous BW FanGirl, hope you like it! :D Rattrap's an adorable rascal!

One of the first official visitors to the site, after its test run, was Anonymous BW FanGirl. A somewhat shy but enthusiastic user, the young woman prefers her professional name as Ann B. Fig. Much like the site's creator, she loves children and has always wanted to know what having a sparkling will be like.

Due to the fact that she IS young and still lives at home, though... she may have gotten just a little more than she bargained for. (Then again, she hasn't truly lost anything that has real value, so...)

Ann hadn't expected to find much of interest while surfing the infamous internet during the summer. A lot of sites were funny or random, and of course YouTube was always an option for searching one thing and clicking various links in the sidebar until she ended up at either a really good song she'd never heard before... or a video of someone embarrassing the muffins out of themselves.

Either way, just another summer afternoon.

But while looking to rewatch some of her favorite series, Transformers: Beast Wars, something in the meticulously placed Google endorsement above the loading video caught her eye. It was an ad for a new website, probably in need of some street cred. Normally she might just shrug at the world's in-your-face economy and continue waiting for the video to load... except that the website looked different than anything she'd ever seen.

In bright, blocky letters it proclaimed The Sparkling Nursery! Under that, there was a slightly smaller line of text, in an italicized font, was a more descriptive tagline: Give a sparkling a loving home today! Any character from any verse of the Transformers franchise is fair game unless they've already been claimed!

"Huh, really?" Ann glanced back down at the video which hadn't even started buffering yet. She wondered if this "Sparking Nursery" was like a site where you could virtually adopt one of them and take care of it. Like those virtual babysitter games. "This thing isn't going to load any faster with me staring at it, so why not?"

She clicked on the ad, and a new window opened up. The background was a pastel blue, decorated with baby bottles (full of blue and pink energon, how cute), pacifiers, and other baby items. She grinned at the layout; it was more user-friendly than she'd expected. However, one weird thing was that there wasn't really a directory for it. No links to click on to transport you to another page on the site. There was just one page of text in the middle.

Welcome to the Sparkling Nursery! Here you can adopt any kindergarten-age character from any part of the Transformers franchise. Our site is unique in the sense that you can be easily transported to and from our dimension whenever you please.

If you have been to this site before and have already adopted a sparkling, please click on the button below so you can be reunited with your little one.

Below that was, in fact, a button. It was light pink and decorated with two pairs of what looked like optics; one pair was blue, and one was red, clearly representing both factions.

If you're new around here, please fill out the application below. Once you've filled it out, hit your enter key and our small but competent team of femmes, AllyBot and JoyTron, will work as fast as they can to process it.

While they do, find the nearest stable object and brace yourself for digitization and transference to the Cybertron Central Station. (Our founder has explained that the process can be quite jarring.) Please be patient and watch your step - there's quite a lot of traffic coming through now that we're past our trial period!

If you have feedback to offer, we gladly accept it. See either AllyBot or JoyTron for a customer service form; we're working around the clock to improve and enhance your Adopt-a-Sparkling experience!

We hope you're satisfied with your results, and have fun!

Ann raised an eyebrow at the whole chunk of information. A website that actually transported you to another dimension where you could adopt a Transformers sparkling? It definitely sounded sketchy, weird... and impossible. On the other hand, what did she have to lose? If it didn't work, oh well. If it did... her biggest fantasy would be fulfilled.

She scrolled down to see the form, and began to type in her answers.


Ann landed on some weird solid-but-not-solid surface. It probably shouldn't have hurt, but it momentarily stunned her. She kicked her legs for a moment, then finally managed to push herself up to look around. Her eyes widened as she saw a few human-sized robots socializing and cars driving around on invisible roads. "Whoa..." She carefully got to her feet, not taking her eyes off everything. The background was stark white here, but it looked like there were all different things existing here, each in their own world but somehow able to interact.

"Hey you!"

She was taken by the arm and looked over to see a femme just a little taller than her dragging her over to a building. "W-What the...?"

"Didn't you read our warning?" The femme shook her helm, but she was smiling even through it. "You should have braced yourself. Oh, wait - tell me I didn't make another mistake." She stopped short and vented. "That'll be the third accidental redirection I've made in just the last few solar cycles! Uh, um, are you Ann B. Fig?"

"U-Um... yeah."

"Oh, good!" The femme resumed schlepping the teen over to a building that read The Sparkling Nursery on top, with more beneath it that she was taken inside before she could catch. "Sorry about that, I've had the worst luck lately. It turns out that CCS is a popular spot - there are cosplay forum-goers, fan theorists, authors... it's crazy. I told Aisha we need to come up with some kind of system to mark you guys from the others so I don't keep grabbing people who aren't supposed to be coming here. I'm JoyTron, by the way!"

"Uh, hi. You, um... already know me."

"Do I ever! I processed your application myself. A personal best, 20.3 seconds. Of course yours was really the first one I did without AllyBot's help, I'm sure I'll get faster." She pointed over at the main desk, where a frazzled but delighted-looking femme was talking on the phone and entering things into a datapad at the same time. "That's AllyBot over there, by the way. She's the original - the site was a little too busy, so I was added as a prototype model. Your application was riveting, if you don't mind my saying so."

Ann nodded, not really wanting to interrupt the femme - whose mile-a-minute manifold was at the moment was rivaling Blurr's. She was being walked over to a collection of doors, primarily being pushed in front of one that read Beast Wars.

"I could guess the continuity from your screenname, but I wouldn't have pegged you for Rattrap! I suppose it makes sense, though - you seem shy, and he's so obnoxious he doesn't leave you alone! I think he's more mellow as a sparkling, but still, be on your guard." JoyTron pointed to the Beast Wars door. "Go right in, I think he might be napping right now. Oh, and if you change your mind, that's perfectly alright. Just pick another sparkling or another 'verse and we'll straighten out your paperwork accordingly. I should get back to processing the applications - come see me when you're ready to check out!"

As the femme walked away back to her desk, Ann prepared to open the door. Unfortunately, when she looked down, there was no doorknob. "U-Um, how do I get in?"

She could hear the grin in JoyTron's voice. "Just phase through the door! Don't hesitate or you'll end up like Knock Out in one of recent Prime episodes!"

As it turned out, Ann didn't really want to change her mind about her choice of sparkling. Rattrap would be best for her; there were only a few others there, anyway. Waspinator was kind of cute, but he was also accident prone and she wasn't sure she could handle that level of it. Dinobot was pretty cool too, but he was a bit violent and would probably take advantage of her kindness.

Rattrap had been sleeping when she got there, but shortly after she picked him up out of his crib, he woke up and started babbling. At first it wasn't even real words, but after she checked out and caught a specialized cab in the employ of the Nursery (that would take her to this dimension's parallel of her house), he started going on about why his name was Rattrap and that his favorite color was red and was she his new mommy?

At last she got to her "new" house and thanked the robotic driver, whose name tag read Trevor Prime. (She doubted he was actually a Prime, but oh well. Whimsical, themed names for the awesome website.)

She barely managed to hang on to Rattrap as she went inside. He was squirming all over the place and trying to get out of her grasp, laughing when he nearly got out and pouting when she held onto him. "You're bad," she giggled as she pushed the door open. (This one actually had a doorknob! Yay!)

He kicked his legs at her and waved his arms. "Wanna play! Wanna play!"

"We will, I promise!" She peeked into what should be the living room. "If this is just like my real house..."

"Young lady!" Oops. Bad idea looking in there; both her parents were on the couch.

She bit her lip and went in, with Rattrap scrambling up in her arms and pressing his face into her shoulder like he wanted protection. Yeah, tell me about it... she thought as she got closer. "Um... hey, Mom. Dad."

Her father stood up and crossed his arms. "Ann, where have you been?"

"I think it's obvious," her mother answered, standing up as well. "You didn't even tell us you were going down to get a sparkling!"

"I really don't think you're ready for this kind of responsibility, Ann." Her dad uncrossed his arms and put a hand on his hip. "You're only fifteen. You can barely take care of yourself, what makes you think you can take care of a kid?"

Ann deadpanned. Clearly the site's creator had really gone all out to make sure this was as much like reality as possible. "Dad... I mean... look at him!" She managed to pry Rattrap away from her shoulder, though he resisted quite a bit, whining as she pulled him off. She then held him up and displayed him to her parents. "I can totally handle him!"

"He might not be as easy as he looks, Ann," her mother warned. "You remember, as nice and shy and quiet as you are now, you were completely insane as a child."

"Aw, come on. He's a good boy." Ann tickled the plating over Rattrap's stomach. "Aren't you? You're a good boy, aren't you?" She grinned herself when he started laughing, trying to bat her hand away. "See? And he's only, like, the cutest thing ever."

"Well..." Her father was stubbornly trying to avoid looking at the sparkling, attempting to turn his head the other way, but she could see a little smile forming.

"I guess that's true." Her mother reached over and patted the top of Rattrap's helm; he giggled in response. "Aw, how much trouble could he really be?"

"..." Her father blew out a breath. "Alright, alright! I mean, it's not like you can just take him back now anyway, is it? ... Have fun... I guess."

"Yay!" Ann hugged the little sparkling to her chest, kissing his cheek. She started laughing too, when he somehow blew a raspberry on her cheek. "You hear that, Rattrap?" She lowered him down to the floor, and his feet wiggled in anticipation before she even set him down. "What do you want to play first?"

"'Bots and 'Cons!" He eagerly put his servos together, forming an imaginary and ammunition-less gun with his digits. "Bang bang! Go 'way, stupid 'Con!" Not watching where he was going, he stumbled over the coffee table and fell back onto the carpet. He mimicked a laser sound in the position that he landed in, aimed at the ceiling. He then tried to push himself up and looked at Ann sheepishly. "Sowwy, mi'fire."

"Great. Looks like you and him are going to be here having fun all night." Ann's mom grabbed her dad's arm. "You're taking me to dinner."

As she dragged him off upstairs to get ready, he cast an annoyed glance at his daughter, grumbling. "Help me..."

Ann raised an eyebrow and stared at them till they disappeared up the stairs. She could still hear her mother, asking if she should put her hair up or keep it down, and her father, trying to get out of it.

She felt a tug on her jeans, and looked down to see Rattrap pulling on them. Once he knew he had her attention, he reached up with both servos. "Energon cookie?"

She rubbed her forehead before picking him up and heading toward the kitchen, where she hoped there were some treats. "Energon cookie."

LOL! That was fun to write. Aww, Ann is so good with Rattrap. And somehow, he's both a good boy and a bad boy at the same time.

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