We Belong Together

(AN: the setting is kinda run off because the Tudors are from 1520's while as The Borgias are from 1430's, clearly it was nearly a century apart, but this is fanfiction. I'm doing this for fun and because I was inspired by a video by xxLornyTunesxx at YouTube. Trying to go with a little of The Tudors and The Borgias story line here and there. Hope you all enjoy reading it and leave a review, good or bad ok?)

"What it's yours it's mine and what it's mine it's yours. I love you, my dearest Mary and nothing can separate us both. Not even Death itself".

Mary sat in her new bedroom in Hatfield. She was claimed as a bastard as her mother, now Dowager Princess Katherine of Aragon's marriage to her father King Henry VIII was declared invalid. The king later married the harlot, Anne Boleyn, the very same woman who had turned her life into a living nightmare and now she's stuck here to become her half-sister, Princess Elizabeth's lady in waiting.

She kept to herself and for years she had done so. One day, out of nowhere, she got frustrated and walked out of the Hatfield house and walked towards the town, ignoring Lady Bryan's shouting for her to come back in. She walked until she reached the town. It was merrier here than in the house. There, she was not Princess Mary Tudor, princess of England or Lady Mary Tudor, the king's bastard. Here, she's simply Mary.

She walked, distracted by the town's merry people until she accidentally bumped into a man. "Forgive me my lord, I did not see you there", Mary said as she saw the man and quickly bowed down. The man, adorned in gold and red armour with a bull sigil, turned around to see a fair maiden with dark curls and blue eyes. He was quickly attracted to her beauty; he held her chin so they could face eye to eye.

"Why, my dear fair lady, would you bow yourself so low? It was my fault for standing in your way", the man said, trying to use his charm over her. Mary blushed and tried to look away, but the man had cupped her face so she could look at him. "I'm Juan Borgia, son to the Pope Alexander VI and commander of the papal army. What is your name fair lady?", he asked.

Before Mary could say anything, she heard Lady Bryan's yell from behind. She quickly slipped away from Juan's grasp and ran. Juan, confused and bewildered, didn't know what to do and stood and stared as Mary disappeared from his sight. His gaze was interrupted by his sister, Lucrezia who startled him from behind. "I see my brother has found himself a new playmate not even an hour after our arrival here", said Lucrezia, playfully. Juan rolled his eyes annoyingly to his sister and walk away, but he could not get his mind off the beautiful maiden with dark curls and blue eyes that had bumped into him.

'An angel sent to me', he thought. He got one of his spy soldiers to follow the girl and Juan was trying to get Lucrezia to not make it a big deal. The Borgias were on a political visit to meet King Henry VIII and they were staying at the Hatfield, where unbeknownst to Juan, Hatfield was where Mary was residing. Mary who returned back, received naggings from Lady Bryan and was punished by not having anything for dinner that night and confined to her room. Just as Mary entered and locked herself in her room, the Borgias arrived and were greeted by Lady Bryan.

During dinner, Lucrezia kept badgering Juan until it annoyed their mother. "What is this entire racket? It's giving me a headache and we are at our host's house!", said Vannozza, sternly. "Juan has found himself a fair maiden, even though she ran away from him", said Lucrezia. He gave her a death glare and Lucrezia returned it by sticking her tongue out.

"Who is this lady that Lucrezia speaks of?", asked Rodrigo, the patriarch of The Borgia House and the current pope in Vatican. "I don't know. We bumped into each other and before I get her name, she ran off from someone, clearly terrified. She had this soft dark curls and eyes as blue as the ocean", said Juan. Lady Bryan, who heard the description of the lady that Juan told, nearly spat out her drink. "Tell us, Lady Bryan, who is this fair maiden my son is speaking of?", asked Vannozza. Lady Bryan hesitated at first, then lied, "None that I know of. Perhaps it was a blacksmith's daughter, running from someone who she had stolen something or maybe a fisherman's daughter. I was hardly in town because I had servants to run errands and my priority is with the princess".

From the looks of her face, Juan detected that she was lying, but he pretended to know nothing and played the game. Later when everyone had retreated to their respective rooms, Juan snuck out to meet up with his spy who followed Mary. "My lord, the girl lives here. I asked around and bribed a maid in there about the girl. Apparently, she was Princess Mary, daughter to King Henry VIII", said the spy.

"Was?", said Juan, confused. "The girl's parents' marriage was declared null and she is now proclaimed a bastard even though she's the king's daughter. The king wanted to marry Anne Boleyn hence the divorce. She was sent here to be Princess Elizabeth's lady-in-waiting. She is now known as Lady Mary", said the spy. Juan rewarded his spy a purse of gold and went inside. He walked around the house and he found a door opened slightly. He peered through the small space and saw Mary, kneeling down in front of a table and praying.

'My angel', he thought as he smiled. He wanted to knock, but Mary was crying as she was praying. He felt bad and wanted to hold her in his arms, to comfort her, but then he heard footsteps coming towards him. Juan quickly left and locked himself in his room. He lied down on the bed and thought of Mary. He never felt this way towards any girl. Usually, when he wanted a woman, it was for lust. With Mary, it's a whole new feeling, one he never experienced before. He had a smile on his face as he fell asleep, thinking of Mary.