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Tears of the Moon

It was a dark night. The air was crisp and cold. The moon hung in the sky, shining as only a half moon. The wind blew about his hair as he rode the horse across the stone bridge. He barely glanced back at the Castle behind him. Staring at him, all the way from the highest tower was a young woman.

Pale snow white hair cascaded down her back, seeming to melt into the snow white dress that she wore. Her blue eyes stared hard at him as the golden haired prince rode off into the night. The poor lad has been trying to win her over for months now, but she didn't really have any interest – at lease when he first started courting her she didn't.

The Lady Amalthea closed her eyes as tears threatened fall from her eyelashes. She didn't like being in this mortal body. She would rather be back in her original body, a unicorn. She longed to be wild and free – pure and true – not trapped and full of sorrow. Amalthea choked back a sob, but she quickly gasped as there was a knock at her bedroom door. Clearing her throat, she beckoned softly to the visitor outside her door.

She didn't bother looking back at her visitor as the wooden door opened.

"My lady, King Haggard would like for you to have tea with him in the throne room." Said a female voice.

Amalthea shook her head in refusal before bursting into tears, before beginning to cry.

Tygra's Kitten Kori: I know this is short, but I wrote this story using a writing prompt I found and it apparently worked.