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Chapter 1.

Here I am. Standing in front of the place where… Oh wait, I Forgot to indtroduce myself. I'm Aubree Rose. I'm 13 years old and I'm adopted. My real dad died 11 years ago, here, where I'm standing. My mom and other family members are still alive but nobody knew who my real mom was, so they brought me to an adoption center, where my mom and dad adopted me. But Let's go on.

So, Here I am. Standing in front of the place where my dad died, 11 years ago, But not only him died. Hunderds, no thousands of people died that day… And i could have died if my dad didn't save me.

I look at the place. Nothing's build new here after that day. The only thing that's placed here, is a wall with all the names of the people who died that day. I walk to the wall and look at it, it's Big. I look around, when my eyes land on something, no someone, wait no… It's a name, wait was a name; They ecrased it. I think it would be my name, you see, they thought I was death, so they placed my name on it. My real name. Even Though I still don't know it…

~Flashback, few days ago~

I walk to the building, that also does the names on the wall. I walk inside. It's just like most buildings, especially buisniss buildings. There was a lot of grey, white an black. It all looked just so… I Don't Know Maybe the right word was Boring. I walk towards the desk with my partens by my side. At the desk sits a woman that i don't like, not that i know her but she just doesn't look nice. She looked in her late 20s, she Has Brown eyes and she has her wavy brown hair in a stood by the desk and waited but apparently she didn't hear us ( Not that I'm Surprised, She was listenin' to music and had bubblegum in her mouth… Geez, she could eat it without showin'it!). I saw my mom reaching for the bell but i know she would still not hear us, so i walked behind the desk ( What?! I just want this done!) and pulled her headphone of hear ears. She Immediately looked at my mad…

"what?!" She yelled. Of course, everyone in the room immediately looked at us… My mom cleared her throat. The woman turned around to my mom.

"um, sorry,Can I help You?" The Woman asked. I Walked back towards my mom and dad.

"Um, Yess we're here for the names on the wall." My mom says.

"And what's wrong?" She says in a bored voice.

"We think there's a name on the wall of someone that's still alive." My dad says.

"And of who is that?"

"We don't know her real name." My mom then says.

"How old was she when it happend?"

"I was 2." I say.


She turned towards the computer and started typin' something she's done, she says:

"We have here only one name, we will ecrase the name as soon as possibly off of the wall."

And without sayin' an other word she turned back to her Ipod and started listenin' again.

~End of flashback~

I Felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw my mom and dad smiling sadly at me.

"We need to go, Sweetheart." My dad says.

I nodded, before they walked back towards the car. I turned back and looked at the wall agian above the ecrased name, was a name that, i thought looked fimilair . I Just shoke it off and looked at the place where it happend. All those tears I've been holding back, since coming here, started to fall down my cheeks.

I turned around towards the car and walked towards it. Before I stepped in the car, I couldn't help but look agian. The Place was really still the same as it was 11 years ago. I look towards the part of the wall where the name that ecrased is and see a woman with a boy walking towards that part of the wall. It looked lik ethe woman has been cryin'a while now. I look towards the boy, But when i looked at him i gasped. I was so shocked! He looks a lot like my dad. My real dad…


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