Hello there! Yeah... so this is some SatoshiXYuka fluff that an anonymous asked me to write on tumblr. Just so you know, its set before they were sent to heavenly host. So... I hope you enjoy!

"Happy birthday Satoshi!" The cheers of his friends echoed around the room, turning into laughter and talking within a few seconds.

"Onii-chan… I got you something." The familiar voice of his sister drew his attention to behind him, spotting the girl. Yuka handed him a small box and smiled sweetly up at him,

"Thanks Yuka!" Satoshi grinned back, opening the box and pulling out a light blue watch, his sister watching behind him for a reaction.

"Wow! This must have cost you!" He smiled and hugged his sister, feeling her arms tighten around his back.

"Hey, Satoshi, Yuka, do you wanna join in the game?" Seiko called them over, giggling mischievously.

"Come on Onii-chan! Lets play!" Yuka beamed up at her brother and took his hand, leading him over to the circle, consisting of the rest of their friends. Satoshi sat down in between Yuka and Yoshiki, crossing his legs and looking over at Seiko, waiting for her to explain the game.

"We're going to play spin the bottle!~" Satoshi heard a groan from Yoshiki next to him. "Don't roll your eyes at me, Kishinuma! Anyway~ I'm sure everyone knows how to play, but just in case: Person one spins an empty bottle in a circle, the person that the bottle stops spinning on, person two, then has to kiss person one, on the cheek or on the lips. Everyone's playing, right? Ok! Morishige you can go first." Seiko finished with a devilish giggle.

Morishige sighed and took the empty plastic bottle, moving it to the centre and spinning it in a circle. The bottle spun round five or six times before slowly coming to a stop in front of Mayu. Mayu looked down at the bottle for a second, before standing up and walking over to Morishige. She knelt down and planted a quick kiss on his cheek, she smiled and sat back down, leaving him blushing slightly and moving his glasses back up his nose.

"Awww!~ That was so cute! Anyway, Yoshiki can go next." Seiko smiled sweetly and handed Yoshiki the empty bottle. He took it and placed it in the middle, spinning it round, once, twice, three times before it stopped in front of Satoshi.

"Oh great…" Yoshiki muttered before looking at Seiko, hoping he could back out the game. Seiko grinned and shook her head. Sighing, Satoshi spun round to face Yoshiki, quickly pecking him on the cheek, before turning back round, a slight taint in his cheeks. Glancing at Yuka, Satoshi could see that she was glaring daggers at Yoshiki, who was completely oblivious to it. Quickly, Yuka grabbed the bottle from the middle and spun it furiously.

"I'm going next!" she said sharply as the bottle span and span, spinning for a few seconds before a flash of movement sent the bottle halting to a stop. Pointing at Satoshi.

"Oh.. Looks like Onii-chan has to kiss me now." Yuka stared at Satoshi, who rolled his eyes.

'I guess a simple kiss on the cheek cant hurt' he thought to himself as he turned to Yuka. Yuka was smiling sweetly at him, so Satoshi couldn't help but smile too. Satoshi moved his face over to Yuka's cheek, about to kiss it when suddenly Seiko shouted loudly.

"Hey Yuka!" causing Yuka to turn her head round, making Satoshi accidentally kiss her on the lips quickly.

"Y-Yuka!" He stuttered as Yuka turned her face back to him, a blush evident on her face.

"O-Onii-chan!" Yuka's eyes widened as her eyes rolled back and she fainted on the floor.

"H-hey Yuka! Wake up!" Satoshi called and poked her cheek. "Why…" He sighed, his birthday had defiantly gone quite strange this year.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and sorry its so short O^O.