Author: Jen

Author's Note: I wanted to try another story in this fandom since I do love this fictional couple and my other two have been some of my most popular stories. So, please Read and and let me know what you think in the Review sections!

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A/N: A Joey/Chandler slash. Chandler is now openly gay. Joey and Chandler go to LA for Joey's movie premiere. Around season eight or so.

Okay so here's the big news story: I, Chandler Bing, am officially gay.

Yes, it is shocking, stop laughing! Even though people joked about me being gay I wasn't actually gay until recently. Really, I did like women once, I was attracted to them, but I guess genetics got the best of me… or something. I can't explain it; it's human nature I guess, just not the human nature the bible tells us.

Anyway, I started feeling different for about a month and then finally came to terms with the fact that I was attracted to men. I convinced myself I was delusional, but then I snuck out to a gay bar and unfortunately completely enjoyed myself. Then, I tried to tell myself I'm bi, at least. That didn't last long either because the more I realized I was definitely gay, the less interested I became in beautiful women.

I don't really understand how that all adds up, how I could be so sure I love women one day, but not the next. Maybe a gay guy with experience can fill me in.

Anyhow, I came out to my six best friends and luckily they were all cool about it. They thought I was trying to be funny at first, then I finally made them take me seriously. When they realized I was dead serious, then their responses changed. At first, they took it really seriously saying things like:

"Okay, we completely support you."

"If you're sure this is you're new path, then we're on your side."

"Well, the up side is you have your father to go to for advice."

I laughed at that last one, did they really think I would give the one man who humiliated me everyday of my life, the satisfaction that I was the least bit like him?

Then, once they got that support crap out of their system the jokes started like:

"So, when did you realize you were gay, after the fiftieth person thought you were or the hundredth time we asked if you were?"

"What kind of guys are you into now anyway, can I fix you up with someone please?"

"Just to be clear, how gay are you, like full on gay or still into some of the good stuff?"

Yeah, that last one I had no response for, I won't tell you who said it, but his name rhymes with Foey. Bibianni.

So, in the end I put up with the teasing and the constant questions. I'm pretty much used to the fact that I'm gay now, it's already been a good two weeks since I came out; the next step is actually being gay. I haven't come out to anyone else and never went back to that gay bar. It's not in my vocabulary to hit on a guy yet. I'm too nervous and awkward. I feel like I've lived so much of my life not gay, that if I give it a shot I'll be doing it all wrong. I'm sure soon enough some really hot guy will push me over the edge and make me act, but for now I'm taking it day by day.

The most amazing thing is how normal everyone is. My friends don't make it a big deal that I'm gay and I'm really thankful for that. The bad thing about that is that it makes me too comfortable and I don't feel the need to come out to anyone else or test out the waters for myself. Finally I decide I need a dating life again so I go to that gay bar again. Last time I just drank, stared at good looking men, and talked to maybe one guy for a second. This time, I wanted more to happen. I ended up meeting a guy and my awkwardness actually sealed the deal for me. When I tried to talk to him and hopelessly failed at it he laughed and started the conversation himself. We talked for hours and I told him how this is all very new for me. This knowledge was very exciting to him, I think it might become my go to pick up line. Then this attractive man, his name is Chris, invites me to his place. I go.

When I get home Joey is watching TV, but instantly turns it off when he hears me come in. He turns around in his lounge chair and grins at me.

"Hey minster, it's quite late," he says in a high, teasing voice.

I look at the clock and it's 12:45.

"Yeah, so what are you doing up?"

"Waiting to see how you're big night went, I wasn't that tired anyhow."

"Really?" I question him.

"Yeah, come on did any stuff happen?"

"Yeah… a little," I give in. I'm actually really happy and proud of myself right now. I actually flirted and talked to a guy and then experimented with him. It didn't go that far, but the little things are more than enough for me right now. I'm just surprised Joey would be interested at all.

"Well, like a lot or…like what?" He says and now there's a hint of hesitancy in his voice. I can tell he's curious, but I know if I share too much it will make him uncomfortable.

"We didn't go all the way, just like kissing and some touching an whatnot."

"Nice," he tries to treat this like when I occasionally scored with a girl.

"Yeah, I'm gonna head to bed," I tell him.

"Oh Chandler wait," he stops me. "I actually wanted to talk to you about the premiere this weekend."

This weekend Joey's big movie was having a premiere in LA. He was getting two first class plane tickets and a hotel room all free of charge.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come?"

"Me?" I ask, surprised he picked me out of everyone.

"Yeah, I mean you've paid for so many acting classes, headshots, and more I figured you could get a nice vacation out of it. Well, a three day vacation since that's how long the hotel room is booked."

"Wow man, thanks. Yeah, I would love to go."

"Alright great, have your bags packed by noon on Friday."

"They will be," I smile.

I head to bed after this, thinking what a great night this turned out to be. A first date and a free vacation with my best friend all in one.