Today is the premiere. We are up early because Joey's manager barges in, knocking loudly until we answer.

"What?" Joey yells, annoyed.

"We need to talk. First off, the premiere is today so you must be dressed and ready by five pm. Also, eat before you go. Next, Ellen Degeneres wants you on her show."

"Wait, wait?" Joey exclaims excitedly.

"Yes, Ellen wants to talk to you about punching that anti gay guy from the club. I don't think it's so great, I told you rebel is not your image."

"I get to be on Ellen? Chandler, I'm gonna be on Ellen!" he calls to me. I'm sitting on the edge of my bed, still half asleep.

"That's awesome."

"Hey now, you did what you did, that doesn't mean you promote it okay? You are not promoting violence and if they ask, you know it was wrong, you won't do it again right?" His manager drills into him.

"Alright, yes," Joey answers since his manager won't let up until he gets a verbal response.

"Okay, five o'clock tonight and tomorrow we'll get to Ellen by two. See you two later," his manager says and then leaves. Joey jumps around.

"I can't believe this, these are the three most amazing days of my life!"

"Alright Joe, one day at a time, we haven't even gotten to the premiere yet."

Joey and I hang out all day just walking around LA, laughing and talking. It was a great, relaxing day and we saw some really cool sites.

When it's finally time to get dressed, it's like Joey becomes a different person. He's suddenly nervous and scrambling to get ready even though we've given ourselves plenty of time.

"Joey calm down okay, you have plenty of time. I'm gonna go get changed in the bathroom."

When I come out of the bathroom, Joey has his dress pants on and his shirt, but it's un-tucked and unbuttoned. I suddenly gulp at the sight of his smooth skin. I have seen Joey practically naked many times before and it's never affected me before. It's probably just my new gay vibes taking over. I mean I know Joey is an attractive man; I just never had an attraction tot him before. I walk over to him.

"Need help?"

"I already messed the buttons up twice!" Joey expresses worriedly.

"Joey, it's alright," I try to seriously calm down; he is such a mess. I walk over and take the ends of his shirt. I match the buttons up, start at the top and button each button going down. When I get to his middle torso my hand skims his skin and it's just as soft as it looks. It's warm too so he slightly shivers at my cold hand.

"Sorry," I apologize, genuinely embarrassed not just for touching him, but because I liked it. I get to around his belt now and I'm not sure if I should continue below the belt in case my hand comes in contact with anything again. I pause for a moment considering this, but Joey barely notices. He's such a mess right now I figure I should just do it. I lift his shirt up a bit so there is more distance away from his skin and my hand. I finish the buttons.

"Thanks," Joey quickly says and then starts unbuckling his belt and pants. I step back.

"What are you doing?" There's a shakiness to my voice and I hope he doesn't notice.

"I have to tuck my shirt in."

"Oh, alright I'll wait in the bathroom."

Joey doesn't answer and I quickly go into the bathroom. Unfortunately, alone time is not what I needed. It only gave me to time to think about Joey dressing and undressing. I try to shake the thoughts away. I think about anything else, but then Eric comes to my mind and thoughts of him and what we did only turn me on so I think of anything else. Baseball, I hate baseball perfect. I think about the game and how boring it is. Then I realize Joey shouldn't take long at all, I'm sure I'm good now. I walk out and Joey has everything on except his bowtie, which he is fixing now. I look at him; he looks really stunning in his tux.



"Could you do my hair?"


"Just put gel in it and stuff," he tells me.


I go and get the gel and Joey sits down at the desk where a mirror is hung over it. I stand behind his chair and squeeze some hair gel into my hand. I put it in his hair and the second I do I realize this might not be a great idea either. I'm running my hands all through his hair and I'm enjoying it too much. He smells so nice and his hair is so nice. I realize after a few seconds I can't just keep feeling his hair I have to style it. I may be gay now, but I'm no stylist. I've never done this before, then again I've somewhat styled my own hair and I've seen a lot of styled hair. I think I'll part it on the right and sort of flip the left side up.

When I finish I think it looks good actually. I pat down the end of hair by his neck. I wish I could run my fingers up this hair because I love when someone does that to me, but it gives me a tingling sensation and I don't want to do that to Joey.

"So, how's that?"

"Good," Joey briefly replies. "Thanks." He stands up and faces me, fixing his jacket and bowtie one last time.

"How do I look?"

I look at him, really look at him. He looks great, so great.

I just nod my head yes, but he's waiting for an answer.

"Good, really nice."

He half smiles at me.

"You too. Let's go," he says.