"Oi you forgot something!" Natsu said as he had spotted the blonde stellar mage sitting alone in the park.

"Natsu I´m not in the mood for your little games." She answered with a deep sigh.

He sat down next to her and then hand over a tiny bit of paper. "I found this in my pocket yesterday and I´m sure it doesn't belong to me."

Lucy took the note in her hand, she couldn´t look at him now. Never could she see him in the eyes again. But unfortunately Natsu didn´t understand that when he forced her to meet his dark eyes.

"Just say the words Lucy, say it once more that you don´t like me and I will never trouble you again with this, that's a promise. I just need to hear it… one… more… time."

"Natsu…" she started but got distracted by his gaze. She knew the words; they were there, right on her tongue. But why couldn´t she say them, oh no, he was to near her. The warmth around his body swept her in and before she could think for another reason why not she kissed him. With the note still crushed in her hand she pulled her body close to his, felt the heat from his tongue as he answered her softly. Letting her take the lead as he didn´t want her to be scared once more and try to run away.

"Natsu." She whispered but he stopped her by kissing her deeply again. A light moan slipped from her lips when he touched her neck, it made his heart jump and he placed her on his lap feeling her soft body against him drive him nearly mad.

Then he stopped, he saw Lucys confusion and took that time to smell her beautiful hair, that sweet Lucy smell. He lived for just that scent and now it was arousing him.

"I´m waiting Luce." He said with a low growl. "Have you something to say to me or not?" testing the blonde as she watched him with big brown eyes. Natsu knew that if Lucy was trying to leave now he couldn´t let go and hoped with all his heart that she would snap out of her confusion soon. For his luck the blonde put her free hand through his hair, her breathing was trembling and it looked like she was trying to find the words.

"I´m wrong…" she said with sad eyes. "I´m sorry Natsu, I´ve been wrong all this time. I really tried but I can´t. I… really like you."

"Oh Lucy." Natsu sighed and then smiled devilish. "I hope you´re ready because I won't let you go after this."

Lucy just smiled and kissed him again, this time with more force. The dragon slayer let go of her lips and placed kisses all over her neck, playing with her hair and touched her body as she moaned again. But then she makes him stop and tried to catch her breath.

"We have to go." She finally was able to say.

"Not fair Luce." Natsu protested and pulled her near as he kissed her throat.

"No Natsu." She tried to pull his head away but he was too strong for her.

"Why?" he mumbled angry with a tight grip around her waist.

"The party…"

"Damn it." Natsu sighed, but he stopped kissed her and let her stand up. "Well I guess we can´t skip it."

"No I don´t think so." Lucy smiled when the dragon slayer stood up next to her and pulled her waist against his. "I also think we should keep this a secret from everyone."

"Whatever Luce, I´m just happy of having you." Natsu said and stole a kiss from the blonde before she could say anything else.

"Stop that, it´s really distracting." She said through her heavy breathing making Natsu laugh.

"Good, then I have a secret weapon."

"And thank you… for the note."

Natsu laughed. "No, thank you."

-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Don't try to do anything stupid! -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-

They couple arrived at the guild, Mirajane had right. This was the craziest party the guild ever seen. She had decorated the guild with flowers and even brought in a big tree that was decorated.

"Oh I forget that it was Christmas…" Natsu said and watched the big tree, like if he was wondering how big the flames would be if he set it on fire.

"Okey the fire dragon, away from there." Lucy hurried when she noticed the look and dragged him to the table where they friends already were sitting.

"I can´t believe I forgot about Christmas, how could I be so stupid." Lucy said and tried to think about the signs. She woke up when they laughed around the table.

"It´s not Christmas today Luce, it´s still October… Mirajane just felt like celebrate it early like she always does." Erza explained which made Lucy feel dumber than before.

"Right…" she said with a light smile.

"But we still get our presents right?" Natsu said disappointed.

"I don´t think so." Gray said with a shrug. "Hey Lucy, where´s that puppy that always hanging around you?"

"Plue?" Lucy wondered confused.

"Nah, more human like."

"Oh you must be talking about Trick." Mirajane said behind them. "He´s over there."

They looked at the spot she was pointing as and in the corner, covered by tons of women the poor guy where sitting in a Santa costume, but it showed off a bit more when the costume only had a big pair of boots, black pants and white beard.

"That's cruel." Lucy said and smashed Natsu who smiled off joy when he looked at the sweaty man.

"What, I´m just enjoying the show." He said and pinched her leg.

"I´m glad you think so." Mirajane said with a wide smile. "Because Lucy, now it´s your turn."

"What do you mean?" She could feel her faith becoming darker for every second.

"You owe me right…" Mirajane blinked. "And now it´s time to pay."

Then she dragged Lucy of. The girl where put in a costume, a tiny embarrassing dressing of an elf.

"Really Mirajane, it barely covers anything." Lucy protested and sighed when her long ears sounded from the bells in her movements.

"It´s prefect, you look great Lucy." The white haired bartender dragged her new elf on stage and got everybody's attention.

"This is our new house elf, she will be taking your orders for this evening. Enjoy." Mirajane giggled and let Lucy go in the sea of men.

"Lucy, Lucy, Lucy." Was the only she could hear. Then sudden a strong grip took her away from their attention and she could feel her body pressed against something extremely hot.

"If you want her then you have to fight me first." Natsu growled behind her. The males backed away disappointed but Lucy couldn´t move in Natsus grip.

"Great, what about keeping a secret don't you understand?" She murmured but feeling happy of being rescued from that.

"Maybe I wasn´t listen that carefully." Natsu said and turned the blonde around so he could see her face, but he´s eyes wandering lengthwise her body. "I really hate when other men look at you."

"I´m sorry but I really lost the bet to Mirajane, It seems that I have to do this." She tried to get away from Natsu but he didn´t let go.

"Like hell you are." He just said and then easily lifted the blonde up and run away with her on his shoulders. "Sorry Mirajane, I take this." He screamed at the white hair bartender and then they were long gone.

"I see." Erza said by the table. "Natsu and Lucy seems getting friendly with each other." Then she turned to Cana how just were passing by for getting a new barrel. "Pay up."

"Damn that Natsu, I really thought it would take him longer." Cana said and gave Erza her money.

"Well, Lucy is a weak romantic, he knew what he would do." Erza laughed.

"Especially when you told him how." Grey said but regretted it right away by Erzas look.

"You will face the punishment for telling that secret." She said with a sword in her hand.

"Noooo, not Gray- sama." Juvia screamed as she stood in front of her beloved boy.

Then they fights were started, and Natsu didn´t know it right then but it was thanks to him. He would always be the cause of the fights in the guild. Especially when they would have to repair the guild once more next morning because the party went so wild they managed to destroy half of it.

He didn´t care about it because he was about to put Lucy down on her bed, the girls face were red as she meet his eyes.

"You didn´t have to go that far." She said but pulled him close. "So what do you want to do now?" she asked in his ear.

"A lot." He answered. "But Lucy, I´m so tired and I really want to sleep just having you in my arms."

"You want to sleep?" she said skeptical. But the dragon slayer lay down next to her, dragged her close in his arms.

"4 nights…" he whispered.


"I have four nights left, remember?" he said with a wide smile.

"I can´t believe you still think about that." Lucy groaned. "Like it have kept you away before."

"Well I do, and It´s just more fun sleeping in your bed when you can´t complain about it."

Lucy smiled and let the scent of her dragon slayer calm her down as she felt ready to fall asleep.

"Lucy…" the fire mage said in a low voice.

"Mm?" she answered tired.

"Don't ever disappear."

"I will do my best…" she responded and then she could feel his hot lips when he kissed her hair, they falling asleep, happily unknowing of the surprise tomorrow.