A/N: So happy to create a new story. One of my favorite's fairytale and movie! I had been playing this back and forth and came up with two different versions but this one jumped out to me more. The other version will be for later. Please enjoy!

A cool breeze shifted the night. A shadow darts through the trees, blending into the dark shadows. There were no stars tonight. The moon was hidden behind the clouds. Her hand touched the bark of the tree, feeling the ridges and grooves from her fingers. There were also no animals either, she thought. Her eyes closed, connecting her mind to her pet, a hybrid wolf. Rider, check the area where I am. She felt Rider shift and her mind went back.

She opened her eyes, seeing a low figure rustling through the tall bushes. She couldn't help but rolled her eyes. "He never learned how to be stealth," She said to herself. Her bow and arrow was secured behind her in case anything happened. But seeing as how dull tonight was, she won't need it. Rider barked, signaling the area was clear. A tavern was nearby also. She ran through the forest, my feet lightly touching the ground. She wanted no footprints in the dirt.

A pat came on Rider's head as they made their way to the tavern. Fits of laughter, music, and cursing reached her ears as she came closer. The noise increased once she reached inside. A drunkard man stood up on the table, swaying slightly. His alcohol consuming is taking over his balance as well. He took a big swig of his drink and spoke.

"Alright, you dogs! I have a challenge for you!" He said, slurring his words. The young woman blended herself in the shadows, keeping a keen eye at the fool on the table. "Anyone who can reach this bucket that I have planted there," he pointed upwards. All eyes followed to his direction. A bucket nailed very high on a column. She raised her eyebrows slightly.

"What's it to you?" one man asks beside her. He was a burly man with dark locks and a beard.

"I bet there's shit in there," another barked, causing raucous of laughter.

"This is no ordinary bucket," The drunkard said, ignoring the last comment. "It contains 100 gold coins. If anyone reaches the bucket, the gold is theirs. Along with a case of free wine." Interest stirred the men in the tavern but the woman watch as the man stepped down. Let the games begin…

As if by command, crowd of strong and weak men stood up, shouting and climbing over each other to get to the bucket. None had succeeded as they were slipping and falling. Hands reached but never touched the bucket. Only the bottom. The young woman looked at Rider. He was thinking the same. With that much money, they could buy themselves months of food and supply.

"Get back! It's mine!" A middle-aged man growled, punching the man in front of him. But that didn't stop the rest of them as they scramble to get the bucket. An arrow sliced through the air, pinning the bucket. A hush fell in the tavern and they look to find who did it.

"Who show it?" The drunkard demanded. A figure stepped out from the shadows, holding the bow in her hand.

"A woman," few whispered.

"I believe that bucket's mine. I don't want the wine," She said, stepping forward. Rider followed her as some men tensed at the hybrid wolf. They never seen one so huge and menace looking.

"I can't allow that," the fool said.

"Why not?" she asks.

"You're a woman. A woman is to only clean, cook, and fuck." A laugh broke out but she was not amused.

"Give me the bucket," More laughter erupted. Some were hooting with laughter in their eyes. Her grip tightened on the bow. Alright, have it your way then. The drunkard's laugh was cut in mid-sentence as he gasp, choking for air. Laughter died down as they looked at the fool, confused. Finally, he let out one last breath and fell forward to the floor. Two arrows had pierced his back and throat. All eyes looked at the woman.

"Who are you?" One man asks the dark haired killer.

"My name is Raina. I am Ravenna's daughter." Her hand reached behind her to grab three arrows and released the string. The arrows pinned at three different men to the wall. Shouts of panic rose as they try to escape but the wolf had blocked the door, growling at those who dared to get through.

Her arrows pierced many hearts, throats and eyes. One by one, bodies fell down like flies. The tavern was now in dead silence. The floor was soaked in blood. Raina looked at the bucket and shot an arrow at it. The arrow sliced through the rope, sending the bucket falling down. She caught it with ease.

A bloody hand grabbed her black boot, holding tight. He looked at the assailant in her eyes. Crystal blue eyes stared back with no emotion.

"Why?" he asks. Her boot kicked his hand away. She crouched down. A hand curved around the man's jawline.

"Because you are all under the queen's protection." Swiftly, she twisted his neck, hearing a 'crack' sound. The body dropped to the floor and Raina looked around. She made a round towards the bar. There, she found a case of wine in perfect condition. Bottles of wine smashed against the floor and wall, soaking the bodies and furniture in red liquid. The smell was too much for her. Raina took the lamp and tossed it. Fire engulfed quickly as Raina ran out with River.

"Come on," She said to River as the fire swallowed the entire tavern. Someone will come when the smoke rises. They didn't want to be found at the scene.