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Chapter Three

He woke up on his bed with no recollection of how he got there. "How the… ow" the rest of the question was muttered as a groan but Derek understood perfectly and answered him with a hint of amusement.

"You fainted"

"I did not! At least that's not the word I would've used…wait a minute," he took a moment to consider what was happening "You know, I don't know what shocks me more the fact that you made a joke or that I don't know how we got into my room" there was the ghost of a smile on the wolf's face. "Oh my god you made a joke! Too bad you're not funny. Damn my head is killing me. So what did happen?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"Jackson doing a bad impression of Jesus then…" Stiles closed his eyes trying to collect his thoughts on what happened. "I remember, seeing blood on the ground" he opened his eyes again and looked straight into Derek's face. "…and your voice, you were saying something to me."

Stiles swore he saw Derek's cheeks turn a uncharacteristically shade of pink but he turned away and in all seriousness says "You had a panic attack…"

Now it was Stiles turn to be embarrassed. "Oh lovely, bet that was fun to watch."

"It really wasn't"

"Sarcasm; look it up man."

"I umm, I brought you here" Stiles moved to his dresser and started taking off his shirt with difficulty. "Great" his muffle voice came through the fabric laced with pain.

But Derek was busy studying him. Not only could he see the palate of colors displaying on Stiles back and torso but he could feel the way every movement jarred Stiles' sore body. Derek suspected the kid had at least two cracked ribs on top of his concussion.

"Why are you looking at me like that? You pervert" he feigned disgust and then laughed and stopped himself because laughing hurt. "Got you for a minute there, huh?"

Derek is caught off guard but he recovers quickly. "I think I just found out your secret."

"What secret? What are you talking about, Wolfie?"

"You don't have to hide behind your crappy jokes when you're with me" Stiles looked almost relieve that he didn't have to. He changed into his pajamas and sat on the edge on the bed. "I know you're hurting"

"Yeah well they're just bruises and they'll heal eventually"

"You have cracked ribs Stiles."

"That why it hurts to laugh?"

"Of course, you dumbass."

"Excuse me Mr. Know-it-all, I've never had cracked ribs before."

"I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"It's okay; you were dealing with important stuff"

"You're important too"

"Either I have a concussion or you just admitted out loud that I'm important." Stiles tried to find a comfortable spot on the bed but his sore body made it nearly impossible

"You do and I did."

"Is that why you're here? Because you didn't have to stay, you know,could have left at any time." Stiles gave him the option but Derek stayed rooted to his chair.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. Besides I'm your friend or at least that's what you keep telling people." Derek looked around uncomfortable.

"Oh silly wolf, you're more than my friend." Derek didn't say anything but Stiles could swear he saw a sparkle in his eyes and decided to take a chance. If anything he could always blame it on the pain medication. Except… he wasn't taking any because he never really got around to visiting the hospital. Anyways, Derek just finished saying he was important so maybe it was time to take a shot in the dark. "So I was wondering if you like me, like me because we've been playing this dance for a while and I've got two left feet so if you do…'

"Stiles" Derek said and moved closer to the bed.

"…then I sort of kinda like you too, but not in you know, that lovey-dovey, cheesy way"

"Stiles…" he tried one more time and sat next to him on the bed. Stiles was looking right at him, eyes holding his with such display of honesty. If only he would shut up for a second Derek thought

"but in a more than friends sort of way and then I was thinking that maybe we could do more…"

"Stiles!" he's annoyed now because Stiles won't stop talking.

"than just run for our lives, hunt stuff and research you know…" Stiles could hear the angry growl but he could't for the life of him stop his rambling because he was really nervous now that Derek was so close to him "maybe we coul…"

Derek did the only thing he could think of to shut him up: he kissed him. Not very hard, nor soft, or passionate, or any other thing which would usually be associated with a kiss, it was just his lips against Stiles. It was tentative and nervous.

He took a second to look into his eyes and once again Stiles surprised him. His words were taunting, but his voice was gentle. "Is that all you've got?" Derek didn't take it as a challenge; he took it as permission granted. Lips touching his again, and this time, it was a very different sort of kiss. It was two years' worth of kissing, their lips coming to life under that kiss, tasting of hurt and desire.

"You need rest." To Stiles, it sounded like Derek was gonna leave him, like he was running way so before he could do so he grabbed his hand. "Stay?" who knew such raw emotion could fit in just one word. For Derek it wasn't the word, or the pleading eyes that did him in. it was that static jolt he felt whenever Stiles touched him. It made him feel more alive than the wolf inside of him.

"Someone needs to wake you up for concussion checks."

"Again with the not so funny jokes"

"Who said I was joking"

"Just get in bed. I trust you to behave and to not hog the sheets." When he still hesitated, Stiles added "Hurry up, before there's no more night left."

With a rare smile on his face, Derek obeyed.