Last summer, before we knew much about season 2, I made plans for this possible project. I based it off some Het Huis Anubis material (most notably using Noah), and will be attempting to update daily, Monday through Friday (some days I might not have internet), two chapters a day.

40 chapters in all, I have half written. I'll put the first half up, and hope to have the second nearly completed by that time, but I have a few other projects, hence why I stopped at the halfway mark.

I used Dakota Blue Richards as a face for Noah. I spent hours looking for a suitable face to write off of, and someone who could arguably be a cast member. She was the best I could find.

Anyway, I feel it starts out fairly well, but weakens as it hits its second week. But that's me. Enjoy.

House of Return

The site of Anubis House loomed before her, an imposing, and yet wonderful site. It wasn't home; it was far from it. But it was the home that she now had for the duration of the school year, as it had been for the last school year as well, and hopefully for the next as well.

This would be her third year of high school, along with her housemates. Only one would remain, and hopefully she would be able to spend that final year with her new friends, here, in Anubis House, in England. Friends that had been hard to make due to the circumstances of her initial arrival, but friends whom she would always have now, after everything they had gone through in the past year.

As Nina walked inside the front door she looked around the foyer. The familiarity of the place was refreshing, even though she had been with her grandmother over the summer. She loved the woman, but it was nice to be back here. She hadn't seen anyone since leaving for the summer, so this would be nice; there was no doubt about that.

In the sitting room she could hear voices, so leaving her bags by the door she headed inside, catching the end of a conversation between Joy and Patricia, which began while she was outside, beginning with:

"Nina's a good person, please don't tell me you're going to give her trouble with Fabian," Patricia was saying to Joy, wanting to avoid conflict between her best friend and Nina, her very good friend and Sibuna member. Someone she had a strong bond with, likely equivalent to that of her friendship with Joy.

Joy smiled a bit, "Patricia, don't worry about a thing. I had a lot of time to see Fabes, and…a lot of time to see what could happen."

"That worries me," Patricia commented.

Joy didn't take it personally, "He's really devoted to her, it seems. I couldn't do anything," Joy said, "So…," she drew the word out, "I'm leaving them be. If a summer couldn't change things, I doubt him seeing her during this term would."

"You still have that smile," Patricia told her, "I don't like that."

"Patricia you worry way too much," Joy told her.

Nina was walking into the room, but neither noticed as Joy continued.

"I have a new crush," she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Oh please don't tell me it's Jerome," she said, "He's the only single one…"

Nina stood to the side and didn't interrupt them. She wanted to listen. The bits she was hearing made it sound as though she didn't have to worry about Joy, giving her a great relief, but she wanted to know more. She wasn't intending to eavesdrop, but this was a curiosity. Joy was a curiosity.

"I can't tell you," Joy said, "But…does that mean Alfie has a girlfriend, then?"

"Amber," Patricia said, "Surprisingly. Unless her deciding not to talk about anything about them means they aren't. But…Alfie seems to say otherwise," Patricia told Joy.

Joy turned her head, "Oh, Nina."

Patricia stood up, "Nina! How long have you been here?"

"Just got here," she told Patricia, walking over, "So, what are we talking about?"

Joy just kept her mischievous smile. Nina could see why Patricia would hate it.

"Nothing really," Patricia said, "Girl stuff, unfortunately. Joy dragged me into it."

"You can't have a conversation alone," Joy told Patricia.

"You can try," Patricia said, "Or at least make it something I don't mind talking about."

"Come on Patricia, a little girl talk is good every once in a while," Nina told her.

"Amber's the one you should be talking to then," Patricia said, sitting on the couch.

"So Nina…," Joy said, looking around and then leaning towards her, "You still have that locket? Just…wondering."

Nina glanced to Patricia who sighed, "Ok, so I told her about Sibuna and everything…she's my best friend! And she was kind of involved last term, so…sorry."

"It's…it's ok," Nina said, "Yeah, I have it. Why?"

"Might be of use. I might need to borrow it sometime," she said, "Might be nice to have hiding places for stuff, or access to secret areas for other things," she shrugged.

"It only works for me," Nina said.

They could hear the door opening before Joy could protest. Soon they saw Amber walking in, "Nina! Patricia! …Joy! It's great to see you three!" she said happily as she came in, hurrying and sitting by Nina.

"Amber!" Nina said, looking out, "You didn't bring luggage…?"

"Of course I did!" she said with some shock that Nina could possibly think otherwise, "Alfie's bringing it in."

"Oh, ok…"

Patricia and Joy looked at each other. Confirmation enough for them, though it was Joy who cared over Patricia.

"You know Amber, Alfie's kind of scrawny," Jerome said as he walked in next, "Your bags are going to be too much for him. Good job, always wanted a room to myself," and with that he took his leave, towards his room.

"Well, Jerome's here…," Patricia said, glancing to Joy, but the other girl showed nothing on her face.

"I see that," Joy countered.

"Ok…I don't get it," Amber said.

"Don't worry about it," Nina told her.

They heard some more footsteps and saw Mick and Alfie coming in, "Thanks for the help man!" Alfie told Mick, "I thought these things would kill me!"

"No problem. I know the feeling of having to do this for Amber," Mick said.

"I can see why you broke up with her," Alfie joked.

Mick turned to him but didn't get a chance to say what he was going to when Amber yelled, "What was that?"

"Nothing!" Alfie called quickly, saying quietly, "Can't talk so loud…"

"Alfie, come and join us," Nina told him.

"Yeah, yeah I'll do that," he said, relieved to be setting down – well, dropping – Amber's bags.

"Alfie!" Amber yelled at him.

"Sorry!" he said defensively, unsure if he should go in or not.

Mick laughed a little to himself, "Good luck man," he said, heading off towards his room.

Alfie headed into the sitting room while Jerome came back into view at the same time that Mara came inside, "Mara!" he said happily, "Great to see you! If you have a…"

"Sorry Jerome," she said, "Mick's here already, right? I was going to go see him. But it's great to see you, and I'll talk later," she said, hurrying off towards Mick's room, leaving Jerome standing in the doorway.

"…moment…," he muttered, shaking his head and walking off.

"Well," Alfie said, "At least I'm not like that," he sat next to Amber, causing Joy to laugh a little.

"I'm sorry. It's just a hard relationship to buy into…for me, at least. But I was of course gone…"

"I'll give you that one," Amber said, "Otherwise I'd have to take that one really personally," she put strain on 'really'.

Nina kept looking towards the door, not really listening to them talk. She heard Amber's voice, "He'll be here soon."

"I hope so," Nina said.

As Nina zoned out of the conversation for another few minutes she heard the door opening. She got up and hurried out of the room in time to see Fabian setting his bags down and look up to see her, "Nina!" he said happily.

"Fabian!" she greeted with equal joy, hugging him without caring that the others could see their private moment.

"I missed you," he told her, "I thought about you every day."

"So did I," she told him, smiling, "It's just great to see you again."

"Yeah…phone and email didn't really do it," he said.

She nodded, "For once I'm excited about school. I get to see you."

He laughed, "Yeah, I know. I feel the same way."

They looked into each other's eyes for a few moments, but before they could lean in and kiss like they both wanted, they heard a door close above them and saw Victor looking down over the railing, "Go into the other room!" he called down in his demanding voice, "Everyone! Into the other room!"

Fabian and Nina broke their embrace. "I'll go get the others," Nina told Fabian, heading down the hall to get Mick, Mara and Jerome while Fabian went into the other room where Alfie, Amber, Patricia and Joy were waiting.

Joy nodded to greet him, but did nothing else, which really surprised Patricia.

By the time Nina had gotten the others Victor was at the bottom of the steps, "These bags don't belong here."

"We'd have moved them if you didn't call us here," Patricia told him as he walked into the room, "Considering we have someone strong to lift Amber's bags," she gave Mick a playful hit to make her point.

"Enough," Victor told her, keeping a bit of acid in his words as the students took their seats, "There are nine of you now. We four bedrooms. You girls will have to triple up."

"Is that what you called us together for?" Joy asked, "We know that."

"Quiet!" he snapped, "I'll have no backtalk, Ms. Mercer. Now, there is one more reason I gathered all of you. We'll be having a new student this term. Trudy is currently out picking her up."

"Her?" Jerome asked, "By chance do you have a picture?"

Mara shot him a look, but quickly got rid of it. She was with Mick, why should she care about Jerome's words?

"Mr. Clarke, you shall see your new housemate soon enough," Victor said, "Another outburst from any of you will result in punishment. I don't like to be interrupted. Now, with six girls and two rooms, make the arrangements. You all shall also treat her well. I normally wouldn't care how you treat each other, but a new student is another matter entirely. She's projected to only be here for this year, so when she leaves she will leave with good experiences to take to wherever she goes afterwards. It's for the sake of Anubis House and for the school. Is that understood?"

The nine nodded to him, giving Victor their answers.

"Good," he said, "Failure to comply properly will not end well. I will make sure that anyone who causes trouble with her is punished. Mr. Sweet has made it clear that he wants good things said about the school to be spread out, and I want word of this house to be spread as well. Maybe I'll eventually get a compliant group…," he said the last part more to himself than anyone else.

"We're still here!" Alfie complained, hearing it.

"Mr. Lewis!" Victor said angrily.

Realizing it, Alfie shook his head, "It wasn't me!"

Victor lifted his hand up, pointing a finger to Alfie, "Oh, you will be punished for that, trust me. First day back and you will be punished."

"Oh come on!" Alfie complained as Victor stepped out and headed back to his office, "It's not fair!"

Jerome clasped him on the shoulder, "Look at it this way Alfie. You get punished, and we could possibly get an attractive new girl here. You may lose but…," he looked to Amber, "Ok, you don't win either. You have an old model."

"What did you call me?" Amber demanded angrily.

"Nothing," Jerome said, heading to the door.

Mick got up, "Well, this could be fun," he told Mara, "If Jerome's watching the door, want to watch? He might get slapped."

Mara smiled a bit, "Yeah, that might be fun to see," she took his hand to get up, but her emotion wasn't really in her words.

"Mara," Joy said before she left.

"Yes Joy?" she asked.

"I hate to ask, but can you switch rooms with the new girl? I mean, as it is now, it's you, Patricia and myself. It's nothing personal, but could you give your spot to the new girl and go with Amber and Nina?"

"Why?" Mara asked, "I mean, I'll do it, sure, but I'd like to know why."

"I'd like to get to know the new girl better," Joy said with her smile, "Is that a problem?"

"No, it's fine," she said, "I don't mind."

"Thanks!" Joy said happily.

As Mick and Mara left, Patricia turned to Joy, "Are you serious?"

She nodded, "Yeah. I didn't get to know Nina, I'm getting to know this new new student."

"I'm right here," Nina reminded her.

"Oh, but you're old now," Joy said jokingly.

"I guess Joy's right," Fabian told Nina, "You're a normal student here now, now the same student you were last year."

"Ok, you have a point," Nina conceded to Joy.

Alfie interjected into the silence, "So, Mick already has his guess. Anyone want to place theirs?"

"After what he said about me, I think a slap would be lovely," Amber said.

"Are you going to be doing the slapping?" Patricia asked her.

"I might," she said, "But I don't want my hands to get dirty."

"You think Jerome has a dirty face or something?" Joy asked, "Look at him. I'm sure he spends as much time on himself as any of us girls. Well, except you and Patricia. You spend more, I'll bet, and Patricia less."

Patricia took no offense, and Amber just nodded, giving that Joy's statement was correct.

Nina couldn't help but smile, "Is this what it's going to be like now? Just…normal school stuff? Normal conversations? Normal friendships?"

"Yeah," Fabian agreed, "It's going to be different going back, after Sibuna…"

Alfie nodded, "I miss it already."

"I can do without that madman Rufus running around and trying to kill us," Patricia said.

Amber nodded, "Yeah. I think we all can."

Joy sat and listened, having nothing to add other than, "And I can do without being kept away from all of you. It was so lonely…"

"Well you're back now," Fabian told her, "And you're with friends again."

Jerome was getting ready to give up sitting on the step and waiting when the door opened and Trudy came through, causing him to shoot up to his feet. The bags had been mostly moved, but a few of Amber's heavier bags remained at the door.

"Come right on in, and don't mind these bags," Trudy said, but Jerome couldn't see the girl as he tried to look past Trudy. "Come on…," he breathed, "Move…"

As Trudy came through she saw him, "Oh, hello Jerome. Waiting for something?"

"No," he said, making cover for himself, "Just coming down the stairs," he lied, stepping onto the floor from the stair, "Guess we just had the timing down."

"Yeah," Trudy said, seeing no reason to think Jerome was lying. She moved aside, "Well, you're the first to meet your new housemate, I guess. Jerome, this is Noah."

The young woman came through with a pale blue skirt and white blouse on with two bags in hand. She had wavy dark brown hair down to her shoulders and looked stunning with her beauty. Her dark hair, her dark eyes, her face. Jerome found himself lucky to have made the choice to sit and wait and be the first to meet her.

She gave him a smile, "It's nice to meet you, Jerome," she said, her voice sweet and soft, "I'm Noah Reid. I'll be living here for the term."

Trudy left them, saying she had to get dinner started. Jerome thanked whoever was merciful for letting them be alone for now, "Jerome Clarke. It's…it's very nice to meet you, Noah," he said. Any thoughts he may have had about what he would say if she turned out attractive were gone. He was left with no thoughts, no words to use.

She just smiled however, "I can see I took your words, if you had them. I apologize for my theft."

Delightful. She was already showing herself to be quite possibly the best sort of girl who could have walked in.

But she was right, she had robbed Jerome of any worthwhile words, leaving him looking like an idiot in front of her. She just smiled and laughed a little, walking over and heading a few steps up before stopping, "I'll see you later, Jerome," she said sweetly before going up to find a bedroom.

Jerome stood there for a few more moments and then looked up after her, "Wow…," is all he could find to say.

"So, is that her?" Mara asked as she came around the corner and looked at Jerome, "I don't see what can elicit that reaction from you, Jerome."

"How can you not?" he asked, "Or are you jealous?" he smiled, "Ah, that's it, isn't it Jaffray?"

"Of course not!" she defended, "I'm with Mick."

"Ah, but Mick is only so good…I guess," he said, "I mean, if he got you, he's got to have something going for him, right?"

"Just be quiet Jerome," Mara said, going up the stairs past him and heading up. Not pushing the issue farther Jerome headed towards his room.

"Have you met the new girl yet?" Amber asked Nina.

"No, I didn't see her even," Nina said, looking across the table, "What about you Patricia? You're sharing a room with her."

"I saw her," Patricia said, "She seems nice."

Joy nodded, "Yeah, I didn't get much other than 'nice' either. She kept to herself."

"That's odd," Fabian said, sitting next to Nina, "Nervous, maybe?"

"Nervous about the welcome we'll give her, maybe," Nina said, making a joke about her first day and the cold welcome she had, even though it may very well be taken badly by the others. Nobody seemed to hear, at least.

"What was that?" Amber asked.

"Nothing," she said quickly.

Mick and Mara sat next to each other, "You went to see what happened," Mick said to Mara, "So…Jerome's been in his room this whole time. He get slapped or something?"

"I don't think so," Alfie interjected as Mara opened her mouth, "I was in there. He seemed fine. Or…does a slap not show up?"

"Want to find out?" Amber asked rather happily.

"Um…no…," he said, drawing back a bit.

"Oh darn. I want to do that someday…"

"Not today, not on this face," Alfie told her.

"You do realize you left yourself open to the future," Fabian said.

"Well she's my girlfriend! I might have to let it happen someday!" he told Fabian.

"And that's why we work, everyone," Amber said half-sarcastically.

"Um, going back to the other subject, no, he did not get slapped," Mara said, since Alfie had interrupted her, "I was kind of surprised, actually. I don't know if I'd have the same restraint as Noah. And the other thing is…well…he tried to flirt with her," she was trying to find the words to convey to them with, "and it seems like it was working…"

"Wait, so she actually showed interest in him?" Mick asked, astonished, "Must be an act, or something. There's no way…or maybe she's not a very good catch."

"You'll find out when she comes," Mara said, "But she is pretty."

Jerome came in shortly and sat down by Alfie. He looked around the table and realized he was the last one, sans Noah. And there was an empty chair to his side.

"Ah, some things just go right," he said happily.

Mick leaned on the table, "So, how is that working? I mean…it's you…no offense."

"You can't just say 'no offense' and expect someone not to take offense," Jerome told him, "And I have quite the charm."

"Charm?" Patricia asked, "The little I talked to her, you could barely tell her anything…"

"Her beauty is just that breathtaking," he countered with.

"Still, must be all she has then," Patricia said.

"Um…no," Jerome told her, "You wish, Trixie."

They could hear footsteps coming in and quieted down as Noah entered the dining room. She looked at all of them and smiled, "Well, nice to see all of you. I was hoping I'd be last, so I wouldn't ruin any…seating," she said, smiling and walking over to the empty spot, sitting next to Jerome, "What luck," she commented happily.

Alfie leaned the other way, to Amber, "I think we were all wrong here…"

"She might not have a lot of personality, though," Amber whispered back, "We might still be right."

"Well, I guess I should probably talk, shouldn't I?" Noah asked, "I'm Noah Reid. This is my third year, like all of you, so we'll be in the same classes. I came from London, I'm going back when the term is over, and…well, my dream is to be a fashion designer. So I hope you can all bear with me if I start asking and prodding around people's closets…it's a bit of a habit of mine, so I apologize."

Nina was the first one to speak up, "It's nice to meet you Noah. I'm Nina; I was the new student last year. Even if you're only here for a year, it'll be nice to have you."

The others started to nod and agree and give their words and agreements, but it was starting to mix together. Noah got the point and nodded, "Thanks, all of you. I hope to get to know you all better soon," she cast a smile to Jerome with a slight turn of her head.

Mara's eyebrows drew together, "Noah, tell me something," she said, trying to stop that for whatever reason, "When you say prodding around our closets, you mean…?"

"I just have a habit of going into rooms and digging through closets is all," she said, "I really shouldn't, but…I just can't help it. And most people forgive me when I give them my help. Of course not all of them take the help, even when I present it…"

"Tell me something," Alfie said, "Do I need help? Or…?"

She looked at him for a few moments as Trudy started to bring dinner in and set it on the table. She nodded, "You need help."

"What?" he exclaimed, "How can you say that?"

Meanwhile Jerome and half the table was laughing. Jerome shook his head, "Alfie, just keep out of my closet, ok?"

"I'm going to poke my head in there after dinner," Noah said, not asking.

"What?" he questioned, shaking his head, "Ok, clearly you have no sense of style then."

Mick laughed, "Oh, come on Jerome. Might be good for you. Everyone can be knocked down a few pegs."

"You need help too," Noah told Mick.

"What?" he questioned, "How can I need help?"

"You look like you're supposed to be sporting," she said.

"That's the point."

"It's not what normal people wear," Noah told him, "Jerome, no. You look wonderful," she touched his arm, eliciting more anger from Mara, though she tried to restrain it and keep telling herself it didn't mean anything. She was with Mick, "I just want to see what else you have."

"See?" Jerome told Mick.

Trudy came back in, "All of you should eat. It won't be hot forever."

When she stepped out again they started to take food and make unimportant small talk with each other, Noah exclusively talking to Jerome, to Mara's annoyance.

Nina leaned over to Fabian, "When we have a chance, we should all get together tomorrow," she said, "After school."

"Why?" he asked, "I mean, well, you mean Sibuna, right?" he whispered.

"Yeah," she answered, "I want to get the Cup and find a new place for it."

"You want input from all of us?" he guessed.

She nodded, "Well…count out Jerome. We don't need him. I don't think I can keep Joy away without keeping Patricia away, so…she'll be there too."

He nodded, "Yeah, ok. I'll tell Alfie when I get the chance," he said.

"Thanks," she answered, "I just don't feel safe with the Cup in the stage."

"I know what you mean," he said, "But where can it be hidden better? Buried?"

"Maybe," she said, "We'll figure something out."

"Yeah," he agreed, "We will."

When dinner was over Mick went to his room, but Mara declined for the moment to join him. Nina and Fabian were seeing to the other Sibuna members, while Jerome and Noah went to his room and his closet to look through his clothes.

"I like what you have," she said, going through and tossing things around, such as back and onto his bed.

"I would like them to remain straight…," he said.

"I would too, but this is my way," Noah answered him.

He got hit when she threw something out. He pulled it off of his face and threw it onto the bed, walking over, "Noah, stop," he said, grabbing her shoulder.

She turned around, holding a shirt in hand. She tossed it past him onto the bed.

"I said stop!" he told her, standing noticeably a head higher than her, being so close. She looked up at him and smiled, causing him to blush a little and realize their proximity. She managed not to, but it was hard.

Mara was outside of the door, looking through the small opening between the door and the frame. She saw them and threw the door open, "Jerome!"