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Chapter One - An Unfortunate Reunion

"BEHOLD THE THIRD EGYPTIAN GOD!" The Pharaoh cried, his voice seemed to bounce off every stone in the underground chamber.

A golden light filled the chamber and a golden sphere appeared in front of the Pharaoh momentarily before it unlocked itself leaving a spectacular dragon in its place. The third Egyptian God stood tall with the other two, towering over the opponent. Yugi stared up at the three Egyptian Gods, how was he supposed to defeat the Gods. Looking over at the Pharaoh he saw the determined look in his eye. As much as he wanted to free his closest friend, he was not sure whether he could defeat the Gods.

A slow, patronising clap broke the silence and made all but one person wear a confused expression. The Pharaoh's expression had turned from a determined look to a look which was something between shock, fear and anger. As everyone else turned to look at the source, the Pharaoh did not. He chose a spot somewhere above Yugi's left ear. A figure came behind the Pharaoh and sneered at him.

"I see those rumours are true," the figure whispered sinisterly, "You know how to control the Gods. But to me you are still a pathetic little kid."

The Pharaoh shivered involuntary but did not change his expression or gaze.

"And, I see that this duel is to set you free. So you can return to the afterlife but I have to disagree with this. You don't deserve to rest. I want you to suffer, forever because that's what you deserve."

The figure grabbed Atem roughly by the arm and forced him to the ground. The figure then looked up at Yugi.

"Leave the platform." He stated.

Yugi looked from the Pharaoh, on all fours on the ground, and the man glaring at him.

"Leave!" The man screamed.

The man grabbed the Pharaoh again, but he pulled his arm back in a awkward and painful position.

"Or, I break his shoulder."

Yugi met the Pharaoh's eyes, those eyes were telling him to do as he was told, before stepping off the platform and joining the others who were watching in horror. The man let go over the Pharaoh's arm and grabbed this hair instead, forcing him down on to his back. Then sat on top of the Pharaoh, this man was much heavier then the Pharaoh which inflicted pain on him, but he did not let it show. Sneering down at the Pharaoh the figure said;

"Haven't you got anything to say."

In defiance the Pharaoh spat in his face. The man did not take that too well, he smashed the Pharaoh's head on the stone slab under him. Then drew a studded dagger and held it to the Pharaoh's throat.

"I've tried so many times to dispose of you and finally you are right where I want you. Now do I make it fast or take pleasure in watching you go slowly."

The Pharaoh's eyes widened. While the other man just sneered.

"I shall take pleasure in watching you either way."

The other man took the dagger away from the Pharaoh's throat and placed it back in it holder. He then grabbed the duel disk attached to the Pharaoh's wrist and forced it off his arm without even loosening the strap. There was the unmistakeable sound of something cracking. No one needed to ask what that sound had been. Even after that no one, who were watching the pair, made a move to try and stop what was going on, they were all to shocked and frightened. Horror filled all their veins as they watched what happened next. The figure took the dagger and on the arm, which had once held a duel disk, drew the dagger up the arm. As he dragged the dagger up the Pharaoh's arm, slicing the skin open, he was sure to press down, hard. The tiniest of whimpers came from the Pharaoh but he stubbornly bit his lip stopping anything else from leaving his throat.

Once the work was done, the figure stood smirked down at the Pharaoh. He lent in and whispered in the Pharaoh's ear.

"This is what welcome you'll get from the rest of the family, nephew. I think the nicest thing to do would be the dispose of you and make sure you never make it back home. After all we are family and what they'll put you through is much worse. Much worse."

The man swept past the on lookers and out of the chamber. Yugi was the first one to move, sprinting over to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh's left arm was covered in blood and two of the fingers were turning black or maybe purple. Dropping to his knees beside the Pharaoh he looked down on his pale face. The Pharaoh's eyelids were half closed and breathing was uneven as he tried to mask the pain he was feeling. Yugi put out a hand and placed on Yami's cheek. Recognising the touch, the Pharaoh opened his eyes wider and tilted his head upwards to meet Yugi's eyes. As Ishizu and the others came running over, Yugi gently lifted the Pharaoh so that his head was resting against Yugi's lap.

Ishizu gasped as she saw the state of the Pharaoh. As quickly as she could, she ripped a long piece of cloth off of her skirt. She then began wrapping the wound, she was so careful as she could see that her actions were hurting the Pharaoh. Yugi was gripping the Pharaoh's good hand and letting him squeeze it. The time seemed to be going at warp speed after that. As soon as Ishizu had made a make shift bandage, which was rapidly redder by the second, Marik lifted the Pharaoh into his arms. The Pharaoh was still very much conscious, the adrenaline and survival instinct was taking over. They reached the Jeeps, which were still parked outside, in seconds and before getting in they all checked for the figure who had done this to the Pharaoh. Having confirmed he was nowhere to been seen, they climbed into the Jeeps and raced off towards Cairo. All the time they were speeding towards the city, Marik and Yugi made sure to keep the Pharaoh talking in an attempt to keep him conscious.


The waiting room was quiet, Yugi and the others were really the only ones there. The Pharaoh had been taken by the doctors at least an hour and a half ago. An hour and a half, and still no word.. nothing. All they could do was wait.. and wait... and wait. After, what felt like an age the door to the room open and two doctors stepped inside. They turned to Yugi,

"You're Atem's brother, correct?"

The doctors had asked for the Pharaoh's name so they had put 'Atem' down because.. well that was his name but Yugi couldn't get used to that.. to him the Pharaoh was still Yami.

"Yes, is he ok?"

"Please, follow me." The doctor stated.

Yugi followed, as he did he tugged at Grandpa to come to. The doctors were quick to question this but when Yugi had informed them at this was his Grandfather they continued to walk. They came into a room with an oak table. Sitting opposite the doctors Yugi gripped Grandpa's hand and waited for the doctors to speak. It was only as he waited that Yugi noted the clipboard in the doctor hand. This sent his imagination into overdrive.

"Your brother's injury is serve. It seemed the knife has actually cut through a muscle in his arm. To fix that we need to surgically fix that. So there are two things we need from you." The doctor pushed the clipboard across to Grandpa, "First we need permission from you to perform this. "

"What's the other thing?" Yugi asked.




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