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Chapter Five - An Unwelcome Visitor

Yugi, Grandpa and the gang sat in a small conference room with two doctors sat opposite them with various pieces of papers.

"I know this is a lot to take in but this all very important and it is things that you need to know." The Doctor said.

That was the understatement of the year. The doctor had talked them through everything. He'd talked them through the treatment Atem was getting on at the moment. The procedure, the complications, rick and basically everything you could think to do with the Pharaoh's condition. But even with all this and the knowledge that the Pharaoh was at the top of the transplant list, it still didn't make up for the fact that every minute the Pharaoh got worse. He slept for most of the day now and the times he was awake it was like he was there but... wasn't. He did talk sometimes, but not often or for very long.

It was upsetting for Yugi see his closest friend go from being proud and strong, to well to be blunt.. weak. But Yugi did his best to keep the Pharaoh's spirits up, actually he hardly ever left the Pharaoh's side, apart from now.

"You understand that Atem is on dialysis now." Yugi nodded, "But he cannot survive like that for very long. The machine will buy him little time -"

"But you said, he's at the top of the waiting list!" Yugi interjected.

The doctor nodded, "He is but I need you to be aware of this."

Yugi sighed and feel silent, this was all a dream. It had to be, he would wake up anymore moment now and find this was all a dream. A bad dream. He pitched his arm... nothing. So this wasn't dream, this really was happening. Yugi sighed again, sinking lower into the seat as he continued to listen to the doctors.



There was a gently hum coming from somewhere to his right and actually that hum was getting quite annoying, but he would have to live with it. If that hum was to go away then his situation would get worse and he really didn't want that to happen. At least his arm was immobilised, the doctors had made a special type of bandage which protected his incision but also immobilised his broken fingers. He was about to rift off back to sleep but a hand on his torso made his a flash open as pain blossomed. A pair of cold eyes were cold, harsh, bearing so much hatred. They glared at him before moving closer.

"So, you did survive. Why is that? Why do rats like you never die?"

The Pharaoh made no answer, just stared up at his uncle.

"I tried so many times to dispose of you but nothing ever works. But have this known, nephew. If you ever make it out of here alive, I will be waiting for you. I will make sure that you never see the light of day light again!"

With that he pressed down on Atem's torso hard, causing the Pharaoh to writhe in agony. But the Pharaoh let no noise escape his mouth, he stubbornly kept it shut but allowed the tears to slid down his face. The force on his torso was gone, his uncle was gone but the pain was still there. He placed a hand to his face and continued to weep. He nibbled his lip as he tried his hardest to forget about how much pain he was in. A gentle hand took hold of his. The Pharaoh looked up at Yugi,

"Hey? What's wrong?"

Atem couldn't answer as the pain escalated again and he squeezed Yugi's hand. Yugi allowed him to squeeze his hand whilst reassuring him. Time went by slowly and eventually the Pharaoh calmed down enough to confess to Yugi.

"The man that did this to me," He indicated his arm, "He's.. he's my uncle."

Yugi blinked at him, "Your uncle? But why would your uncle want to kill you?"

Tears rolled down his cheeks again, "Because he always has. All through my childhood he tried to kill me."

Yugi wiped away Atem's tears and listened as the Pharaoh explain all about his uncle and the recent encounter with him which had left him in so much pain.

"He was here!" Yugi exclaimed.

The Pharaoh nodded. Yugi nibbled his lip before very gently pulling him into hug, rubbing his back to calm him.

"It's ok, he won't come back. I'll make sure of that."

Yugi repeated this for a while as he waited for the Pharaoh to drop off to sleep.


The nine year old Prince crept up behind the unsuspecting brown haired girl. Creeping closer to her, he reached out a hand he tapped her on the shoulder. The girl jumped maybe a foot into the air and spun round.

"Ra! You scared me!"

"That was the point!" The prince laughed while Mana rolled her eyes.

"Well, now it's you turn go hide Prince. But no going in vases this time!" Mana said, firmly.

The Prince laughed, turned and ran from Mana. He thought that he should hide somewhere in the gardens, but somewhere Mana would never guess to find him. As he ran he looked around to find any sort of hiding spot. Running along the top of a small slope, he failed to noticed that one of the stone benches was in the wrong place. This would not have been a problem if there was not a tree root sticking out the ground. The Prince's foot got caught in the root, and before he knew what had happened his head smashed into the concrete bench. His vision darkened in a instant, his body rolled down the slope where a small pond lay at the bottom, there the prince came to a stop.. face down in the water.

Priest Aknadin emerged from his hiding spot and admired the scene around him. He smirked, this would be the end of the prince. Walking away, he left the prince to fate.


Mahad stretched as he entered the garden, he'd been studying his magic for some time now. But he had been ordered by the Pharaoh to locate the Prince and keep an eye on him. Looking around for any sign of the prince or Mana, seeing none he sighed and walked further into the garden. His search for the pair was cut short when a scream thundered through the garden. A girl's scream. Racing off in the direction of the scream, Mahad found Mana standing at the top of a slope. Standing beside her, he looked down. The prince was lying face down in the water. Mahad wasted no time in rushing down to the Prince and pushing him out of the water.

"Mana, go get the Pharaoh." Mahad called, but Mana did not move. "Mana!"

She nodded, and ran off. Mahad turned the Prince on his side and tapped on his back. He held his breath as he worked. His taps became harder as he desperately tried to get the prince to breath. He could hear running footsteps and he knew who was coming but the Prince was still not breathing. He heard the gasp of the Pharaoh. But then relief came as a choked cough broke the silence.

Mahad very gently tipped the Prince's head in a way which allowed him to cough up all the water in his lungs. The Pharaoh was there in a flash, pushing Mahad aside and gently stroking his son's face.

"Oh my son." The Pharaoh said, watching the prince open his eyes, "My boy, how did this happen?"

That question wasn't really a question, more of a thought. He scooped his son in a hug, feeling the boy wrap his arms tightly around his father's neck.

"Come, let's get you warm." The Pharaoh said.

The Pharaoh gently picked the small boy and carried him inside. The Pharaoh carried his son all the way to his room, there he allowed his son to change out of his wet cloths and into dry ones. The Prince climbed into his bed and his father was sure the tuck the covers so they kept the Prince warm.

The Pharaoh then found a bowl of water and some spare cloth. Taking up a place beside the bed, the Pharaoh gently cleaned the blood off his son's face. As he did, the Prince was soothed off to sleep.


The Prince and Mahad made their way past another stall. The Pharaoh had allowed them to come into the town and the now fifteen year old prince was fairly excited, he was only allowed out of the palace with his father so it was natural that excitement would built up today. He studied everything on the stalls and the people around him. The towns folk were surprised to have the Prince in town but they did not boom bard him, the simply let the boy explore.

Up on the battlements of the palace, the blood-thirsty uncle watched as the madness unfolded. It was all going to plan. This would work. This would dispose of the boy.

There was a rumble of hoofs coming closer and closer. The Prince looked up from the stall he'd been looking at and located the party of galloping horses coming towards them. Mahad spotted them to and took up his position in front of the Prince. The horse rocket through town with complete disregard for anything in its path. Mahad tried to navigate a path through the horses to safety, but he was not completely watching what was going on around him.

"Mahad! Look out!" The Prince cried.

As Mahad looked at the horse coming straight at them, he felt himself being pushed out of the way. Pain laced up Mahad's arm which he was sure he'd broken but he lay still on the ground waiting for the parade of horses to disperse. It wasn't long until that happened and Mahad got to his knees. He looked for the Prince, who he spotted lying not far from him. He crawled over to the unconscious boy, but he could not do anything as he too fell unconscious.


"How! HOW!? Why does this always happen to my son? What has he ever done!" The Pharaoh roared.

It was safe to say that the Pharaoh had been livid when he'd found out what happened in the town.

"Someone explain this to me!"

A guard stepped forwards, nervously, "My king, it seems that some of the towns horse were set free and raced around the town. My Prince was with Master Mahad when they came rushing past. Mahad tried to get them both to safety but he did not see an oncoming horse, the Prince pushed Mahad out of the way but got hit by the horse. When we found them.. they were both unconscious."

The Pharaoh sighed, his son always protected Mahad even though it was meant to be the other way round. But he knew that Mahad and the Prince had a strong bond of friendship.

"Inform Master Mahad that he is not to blame for this." The Pharaoh said, before exiting the room.

He made his way towards his son, who was being attended to in his room. The Pharaoh had to be thankful that the injuries would heal and nothing would leave a permanent mark. As he approached his son's room a healer was exiting it.

"Oh, My Pharaoh. He's awake now and seems in mix spirits."

The Pharaoh thanked him and entered the room. The Prince lay on the bed with both a arm and a leg heavily bandaged, he looked over at his father as he approached. Taking a seat beside the bed, the Pharaoh began to stroke the Prince's cheek and sighed.

"My boy, I don't want you to leave the palace walls again without me. I don't want anything like this to happen again." The Prince was about to protest, "No, I just want to keep you safe."

The Prince turned his face away from his father, in a vain attempt to hide his tears. The Pharaoh leaned in and kissed the boy's forehead.

"I'm just protecting you my son, I am just keeping you safe."



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