Scott buckled on his holster and looked at himself in the mirror. Yeah, he looked good. A real officer of the law. Around him, the bedroom was a mess, sheets and pillows on the floor, the headboard crookedly hanging to one side – he really needed to get that fixed – and in the middle, watching him with an amused expression: Alison.

The gold band on her finger glinted in the morning light that peeked through a gap in the curtains, her hair messed and sleep tussled.

"You look so handsome."

"You look better." He said, immediately, causing her to giggle.

They had been married for 2 years, and still Scott couldn't believe that this stunning woman was his wife. Her father still wasn't thrilled at the elopement, but the love he had for his daughter more than outweighed his dislike of Scott's… Lunar issues.

It didn't help that Derek had gone postal after the kidnapping of Samantha by hunters, threatening to kill anything that even looked like an Argent.

"We had nothing to do with this!" Chris had yelled, as Derek had him by the throat.

"How convenient." The Alpha hissed. "As soon as something like this goes down, you know nothing. This is Gerard all over again!"

"Those bastards nearly killed my daughter!" Isaac roared.

"We had nothing to do with it!" Chris had gasped, Derek cutting off the oxygen to his lungs. "I swear on my word as a father – they were not Argents."

Only one had escaped. He got as far as the Mexican border before Reever and Isaac caught him. They didn't bother bringing the body back. The one who had tried to outrun the growing forest was found, or parts of him at least, hanging from trees that looked as though they had grown through his limbs. No one asked where the others were, and Stiles didn't bring it up in conversation.

They had wonderful rosebushes though.

Stiles walked around the brightly lit supermarket snuggled deep into the black leather jacket that he'd been thrown before leaving the house. His sunglasses didn't do anything to stop the glare from the fluorescent lighting, not that Derek seemed to care as he walked through the aisles with a slow purpose.

"Can we hurry this along?" Stiles grumbled, trying to pull more of the jacket around him.

"Nope." Derek said, before picking up two brands of olive oil and studying them carefully. Stiles groaned.

"Derek, my head is about to fall off here."

"I told you last night," Derek said, turning to face him, and Stiles wanted to punch that self-satisfied look right off his perfect face. "That you'd regret the shots in the morning."

"I don't regret the shots." Stiles grumbled. "I regret the fact I let you drag me to this bright and shiny level of hell at 8am on a Sunday." He lowered his glasses to glare at Derek, knowing that his gold eyes were red rimmed, bleary and bloodshot. "I was perfectly okay with staying in bed."

"We're out of food."

"I can grow what we need."

"Unless you can grow a cow, we're going to need milk." Derek shot back, his voice pitched at the right tone to make sure it rattled off Stiles hangover.

"Oh, fuck off. If you weren't so pretty I'd punch you."

Derek laughed in reply, the sound making Stiles cringe and cover his ears. "Are you trying to kill me, Derek? Are you? Cause I'm fucking dying right now."

"You've got a hangover." Derek grinned. "You're not going to die."


"If you are about to die, would you mind doing it in the chilled section?" Derek said, putting one of the bottles of Olive oil in the large trolley. "That way I could leave you there without worrying about you decomposing."

"Oh my god." Stiles said, no humour in his voice. "I married a comedian."

"Last night you told me you'd married a sex god with abs of steel."

"Last night you were holding a bottle of Tequila and wearing a sombrero."

"That was you."

"It was?"



Erica grinned seductively at the man hanging on the climbing wall as though his life depended on it. "Just let go." She purred, white teeth flashing through bright red lips – her blond hair flowing down her back as she managed to gracefully bounce against the wall with her feet, showing how it was done. "Your team will make sure you are safe."

Boyd, holding the rope that Erica was dangling from with one hand, turned to the group. "Let's give James some encouraging words." He said, his deep voice exuding confidence. "James, we're all here for you." He called up.

"Trust your team." Erica said, as the voices below them called out 'supportive' words. "I trust my team-mate – he's holding me up all by himself, and you've got 5 people here who you need to rely on every day at work. Let them help you."

He shakily nodded, gripping the rope tightly as he pushed off from the wall. The cheers below made him grin widely – relief and pride.

"Well done James!" Boyd called up, sniffing the pear scented air and winking up at Erica who blew him a kiss. "Well done!"

Derek tried to use the tree to springboard toward Stiles, but found himself caught in mid-air. "You are cheating!" He yelped, as the root dragged him across the forest floor, winding around his arms and effectively tying him to a tree.

"You're the one who is trying to rip my throat out with your teeth." Stiles said, not turning around.

"I would never."

"Yes you would." Stiles laughed, turning. His glowing gold eyes were as bright as the harvest moon, for a moment Derek forgot how to use words. Around his feet mushrooms were growing, white heads popping up through the ground like bubbles. "I'm trying to work here. I can't have you distracting me with your teeth."

"I don't need to use my teeth." Derek said, trying to fight the lazy grin that played over his lips. He hated that Stiles brought out that idiot side of him so easily now, without even trying. A few years ago, before Derek had admitted that, no he probably couldn't live without Stiles, the man standing in the clearing had made it his mission to make Derek laugh at least once a day.

He'd managed.

"You know, with you all tied up like that…" Stile said, voice trailing off as his eyes glowed. Derek had almost stopped noticing the way the trees would bend ever so slightly towards him as he walked – like the soft pull of a magnet.

"Don't even think about it." He said, trying to keep his voice gruff. "The kids are out here somewhere."

"They're on the other side of the forest." Stiles grinned, slowly walking towards him. Derek didn't even bother to ask how he knew any more. Stiles knew the moment someone stepped foot in his forest, a bit like a spider and its web. "No one near for miles." He grinned, looking more wolfish than any Beta Derek had ever seen.

"If you let me go," Derek said, voice low, "I promise not to rip your throat out." He growled as Stiles ran his hands over the material of his t-shirt, arms still twisted behind him around the trunk of the tree.

"No." Stiles said, pulling at Derek's belt and popping out the buttons of his jeans, cold air hitting his already throbbing cock. "I think I like you just where you are."

He was pretty sure that no matter where the rest of the pack were in the forest, they heard his howl as Stiles sunk to his knees and reminded him just how talented that mouth of his was.

Isaac groaned, lifting a small elbow from his throat. Around him, the small bodies of his children, each in their own superhero pyjamas (his favourite was Cassie's Green Lantern onezie, but he'd go to the grave before admitting it, lest world war 3 break out) wriggled and squirmed. He'd fallen asleep with his mate – at least the kids left them alone long enough to fall asleep this time.

"Daddy?" Gambit yawned, rolling over his twin and on top of Isaac in an easy move born of habit. "Can we have breakfast at Affas?"

"Depends if he's awake."

"Stiles is up." Samantha yawned. She tended to know where Stiles was, no matter what. Isaac wondered if it had something to do with him saving her life, a bond between them that he couldn't see.

Dean and Cassie were tucked together like spoons – holding, very carefully in their arms, the fox. The fox that Isaac had banned from the house. Twice.

"Just because Stiles is awake doesn't mean Derek is." Reever mumbled. "He might just be getting a drink."

"Affa won't mind." Logan piped up, "If we just go over. To say goodmorning before school."

First day at school for the twins. Isaac had almost forgotten. He hated first days at School, it meant his kids were growing up too fast, he refused to think of the 10th birthday that was fast approaching for the triplets.

"If Derek is awake you can go over to the big house for breakfast." He conceded. "I'll drop you off on my way to work. You'll need to be showered and dressed though." He added as they cheered. "And no, Dean, you can't take the fox to school."

The baby monitor ticked on the bed stand before the crying started. "Great." Gambit groaned comically. "You've woken up the monsters."

"Don't call your brothers monsters." Reever said, pushing up from the bed as the crying echoed through the house on the edge of the woods, and padded to the nursery in her bare feet.

"Dean says Dylan bit him."

"Dylan doesn't have teeth yet." Isaac said, rolling out of bed and throwing Gambit on top of his squirming siblings. "And no, before you say anything – neither does Tyler or Colton."

"You sure?"

"Yes, Logan. I'm sure."

Stiles was sitting with his laptop, cross legged in the middle of the orchard, chewing absent-mindedly on an apple as he read.

Derek was leaning back against the tree, he'd not shaved for a few days, and Stiles didn't point out that the growth had more than a few grey hairs in there. Stiles thought it was hot. Stiles thought everything about Derek was hot. Still, even after 20 years.

"I can almost hear you thinking." Derek said, opening his eyes.

"I was just thinking."



"You always think about me." Derek yawned.

"One day your overinflated ego is going to catch on the wind and you'll blow away." Stiles laughed, as bunch of grapes landed on Derek's head with a splat.

"This is an apple tree, Stiles." Derek said, holding the grapes and looking up into the branches. "Apples."

"Did you want me to peel them, oh mighty Alpha?" Stiles grinned, ignoring the look Derek was giving him as he ate one of the grapes.

"Stiles, these taste like peaches."

"I made grapes on an apple tree and you're bitching about Peaches?" Stiles laughed. "My talents are wasted on you." He sighed, going back to his laptop. "So under appreciated."

He didn't manage to read any further though, as Derek lunged forward and pushed the laptop to one side. Hands on either side of Stiles head, he kissed him – long and hard, robbing Stiles of breath. Fumbling with buttons and belts was for amateurs – practice made perfect, and they'd had a lot of practice. Derek only pulled from Stiles mouth for a moment, just before he pushed the long, hard length of him inside Stiles ass.

"Your right." Stiles groaned as he was filled totally. "Peaches."

Derek just laughed.

Jackson washed his hands in the large metal sink and nodded to the nurse by his side. "Good work in there."

"Thank you, Doctor Whittemore." She smiled. "The mother is in the hallway if you'd like to be the one to tell her."

He nodded. He normally didn't have the time to talk to the families of his patients before the children were whipped to the Operating Room – his speciality was ER paediatrics. There was never enough time, really, before he was up to his elbows in blood and death.

"Yeah, what was the kids name?"

"Sophie Lawrence."

"Thanks." He said, turning to the door. "Have a good night."

"You too." She smiled.

The corridors were never really empty, even at this time at night – but on a good day, perhaps there would only be one or two families in the small rooms. Holding the board with the medical chart on it, he took another quick read as he walked. Sophie Lawrence, 6 years old – father diabetic, no pre-existing conditions on the mothers side. He opened the door and stepped in.

"Mrs Lawrence," He said, not glancing up from the notes. "I'm Doctor Whittemore and I-"


Her voice was unmistakeable. He snapped his head up and couldn't believe his eyes. "Lydia?"

She was older, but hadn't changed at all, with her strawberry blond hair in what would have been neat curls before the start of the night, now pulled to all hell by her frantic hands.

"Oh, Jackson!" She gasped, throwing her arms around him. "Are you Sophie's surgeon?"

"Yeah. She's going to be just fine, don't worry." He soothed, "A burst appendix, she'll be fine in a few days." He wanted to put his hand on her head, smooth her hair – but didn't. He was her daughters surgeon, not her... they hadn't been friends for years, had spoken since graduation and she'd left for New York with her parents.

"Its so good to see you, Jackson." She whispered holding him close.

"Lydia." He said, leaning his chin on the top of her head just for a moment, before coughing. "Mrs Lawrence."

She pulled back, blankly looking at him for a moment. "I'm divorced." She said, in a small voice. "Sophie and I... we're moving back to Beacon Hills."

"I saw you on the news." He said, "Channel Five. Everyone talks about how you made it big."

"Oh, yeah." She laughed, ruefully. "I'm a star. Single parent, unemployed because Keith couldn't work with his ex, and who am I compared to the Anchor, huh?" She still hadn't let him go.

Funny, because he'd never really let hergo either – not in all those years...

"Happy Birthday dad!" Stiles yelled, banging through the kitchen door with Tyler and Colton in his arms, Derek behind him with Gambit on his back and Sophie in his arms, both of them arguing good naturedly.

"Hey kid," His dad grinned, "And if you think your stepping foot in this house, Derek Hale, without either Cake or Pie – you better have a good excuse."

"How about – I'm really sorry, sir, but I've been babysitting for four days and you're son is currently riding my ass about fixing that piece of crap Jeep that's been sitting in the garage for years?"

"Good enough, son." He laughed, as Stiles spluttered and coughed.

"That Jeep is a classic."

"That Jeep was a piece of crap when I bought it for you." His dad snorted.

"It wasn't a piece of crap until werewolves started ripping parts out of the engine!"

"Don't look at me." Derek said, putting Sophie down, her red curls bouncing around her head like a halo. "I only scratched it a little."

"Mommy says that Stiles hit Jackson with the Jeep, and that he should burn it."

"You're mommy is a genius." Derek said, opening the fridge and pulling out a carton of Milk, swigging liberally.

"Is Melissa ready?" Stiles said, frowning as Derek put the milk back in the fridge. "Dude, you're giving my dad Parvo."

"Parvo is a dog disease." Sophie said, hands on her hips, looking like a tiny little Lydia Martin so much that Stiles had to blink twice just incase it was."Derek isn't a dog. He's an Alpha werewolf. You should be more respectful."

Stiles snorted with laughter as Derek looked smug. "Sophie, one day you'll be older and you'll understand how hard it is to respect a man when you've had to wash his underwear."

"Mommy washes Jacksons clothes."

"She's a saint."

"Who's a saint?" Melissa asked, walking through. Stiles never really did get used to Melissa just... being there. The look on his dad's face though, when she walked in and touched his shoulder, was enough – always enough for Stiles to remember that it really wasn't that strange – and having Scott as a brother didn't suck toobad.

Stiles was sitting in the branches of the oak tree when he felt Derek enter the forest, driving up the long and winding road. He was drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, Stiles just knew he was smiling.

It had been 30 years since the hunters had come. 30 years of pear scented forests and long summers spent laughing at barbecues and high school lacrosse matches. Derek wasn't the Alpha any more, it had taken a long time for Stiles to get used to those blue eyes again, but he had relaxed more – let Cassie take the load off his shoulders.

She still curled up at his side when she was watching TV though – called him her 'Affa' when she was sleepy and forgetful.

He'd been married to Derek Hale for 27 years.

Stiles picked a pear from the nearest branch and bit into it, golden eyes glowing as he smiled, the sound of laughter and childish giggles from the next generation of the Hale Pack.

Who says you can't live happily ever after?

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