It was a regular day at Pixie Hollow and Tink, Clank, and Bobble were called to Fairy Mary's office for a very important assignment.

"Good morning you three." Fairy Mary greeted.

"Good morning Fairy Mary!" replied Tinker Bell, Clank, and Bobble.

"Now, you three are the best tinkers in the Hollow, and I want to give you a very important assignment."

Tink, Clank, and Bobble's faces lit up in delight upon hearing Fairy Mary's complement. It's not everyday a fairy is called the best of their talent.

"As you all know" Fairy Mary continued, "The annual Summer Festival is coming up, and this year I want to have a spectacular fireworks display in honor of Queen Clarion."

"That's sounds great!" Tinker Bell cheered just before Fairy Mary ran up to her to cover her mouth.

"Keep quiet Tinker Bell" Fairy Mary whispered. "This whole thing is a surprise for the queen."

"Oh, sorry." whispered Tinker Bell with a blush.

"I'm sure to three can handle this." Fairy Mary continued.

"You can count on us Fairy Mary!" shouted Clank enthusiastically.

The next day, Tink was in her house writing down ideas for the spectacular, while Clank and Bobble were in their home doing the same. Just then, Rosetta came to the door.

"Hey there Tink!" Rosetta shouted as she hugged the Tinker.

"Hi Rosetta!"

"Tink" Rosetta began, "I'd like you to meet Mona, she's a newby."

Mona was the newest tinker fairy. She had smooth black hair that went down to her shoulders. She already had her official outfit which was a longer version of Tink's. She also had a black wrist bracelet.

"Hello" Mona began with a smiling face. "I'm the new tinker fairy, and I was hoping you would be able to show me the ropes."

"I'd love to Mona, but I'm a little busy." Tink said a little upset as she loves showing new fairies the ropes.

"Oh, well that's alright." said Mona without losing her perfect smile.

"That's alright Tink, we'll find someone else." said Rosetta as she and Mona flew off. "See you later sugar!"

With Tink out of the question, Rosetta took Mona to Bobble.

"Hey Bobble can I ask you a favor?" Rosetta began.

"Sure thing." Bobble replied.

"Can you show my new friend Mona the ropes on being a tinker, she's new."

Bobble turned his head to look at Mona and was blown away by her beauty. He knew he was busy but he just couldn't say no to Mona's pretty face.

"Of course, I-I'd be honored too!" said Bobble, jumbling his words as he blushed.

"Thanks!" cheered Rosetta as she began to see herself out. "See ya later Mona."

"Bye Rosetta!" said Mona before she turned her attention toward Bobble. "So, what do I do first?"

Bobble became very nervous as he quickly developed a crush on the new fairy. He was struggling to find words, but eventually came through. "Well first" Bobble began with a gulp, "you can help me find some lost things."

Mona gave a confused look as she was unaware of what lost things were. She'd only been alive for about an hour afterall.

"Lost things?" Mona asked softly.

Before Bobble can answer, Cheese came through the shop chasing after a firefly. Bobble sprung into action and helped the other tinkers calm Cheese down. Mona was too curious as to what lost things were, so she decided to ask the nearest tinker, Clank, for an explanation.

"Excuse me." Mona called with the most polite tone.

"Yes madame how may I..." Clank stopped in mid sentence as he was also taken away by Mona's beauty. It took a moment or two, but he finally caught himself. "What can I do you for, I mean, what can I do for you miss?" said Clank with a blush.

"Can you show me what a lost thing is?" Mona asked.

Clank was too busy admiring her beautiful appearance. He also found her soft voice quite breathtaking as well.

"Well madame." Clank began, "A lost thing is any thing we fairies and sparrow men find that's not from Never Land."

"Oh." said Mona with a bright smile. "Thank you um.."

"Clank madame." Clank answered with a bow.

Mona giggled at Clank's gesture and curtsied in reply before she flew back to Bobble. Clank sighed with joy after Mona left as he had fallen in love.

The next day, Clank, Bobble, and Tink were having a meeting at Tink's house to discuss the festival. While Tink was caught up in the work, Clank and Bobble sat daydreaming about Mona. At first, Tink didn't notice, but when she did, she was annoyed.

"Uh guys!" Tink called out to the daydreaming Clank and Bobble. "GUYS!" she shouted loud enough to break them out of their dreams.

"Sorry Miss Bell" Bobble began.

"Yeah, sorry." said Clank as he scratched his head.

"Guys quit foolin' around, we've got a lot of work to do." said Tink sternly.

"Sorry Tink" Bobble began, "But I keep dreaming about this crush I have" Bobbe continued with a bright smile on his face.

"A crush you say?" said Tink pushing the work aside.

"You too Bobble, so do I!" shouted Clank cheerfully.

"You both have crushes?" Tink asked.

"My crush name is Mona, what's yours?" Clank asked, not noticing the confused look on Bobble's face.

"So is mine Clanky." said Bobble

Tink then whistled at the backward situation.

"Does your Mona have short black hair?" Clank asked

"Aye, with a soft voice?" Bobble continued.

"With a black bracelet!?" both Clank and Bobble shouted at the same time.

"Sorry Clanky me lad, but Mona is into me." Bobble said triumphantly

"Nu-uh" Clank protested. "She's into me I tell you!"

"She is not!" Bobble snapped

"She is too!" Clank snapped back.

"Can we just get back to work?" Tink asked softly

"I'm not sure I want to work with the competition!" Clank shouted crossing his arms and heading for the door. "From now on we are no longer bested best friends!"

"Fine by me!" Bobble shouted leaving as well.

The duo left in a huff, slamming the door behind them, leaving Tink to let out a groan and bump her head on her work desk.