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She whimpered at the sight of the gold chalice in the center of the gray room. The cup sat on a raised block of stone in the empty room and glowed ominously from the sparse lights. The dungeon walls made her shiver as she walked towards her drink of death.

"W-What are you talking about?" Integra stood wide-eyed in the center of her bedroom. My father-my father named me after her child?! Why? Why would he do such a thing after he killed it?!

Millena turned back towards the director of Hellsing with a tear stained face, "Your father stole that name from me. He used the name of my dead child! Why?! Why would he do that?! I bet he just did it to spite me! How dare he?! Was he that obsessed?! Did he regret it or did he just feel like taunting me?!"

Walter suddenly jerked Millena back towards him and pulled her into a hug. She immediately broke down and began staining his vest with crimson tears. Walter looked up at the shocked Integra.

"It was hard for me, at first, when I learned that your father named you Integral-but over the years I learned to live with it. For a while I hated you with a passion-but I got over that when I realized that you are not your father. You are a good person and I certainly have no qualms with your name now. But you must understand that your name is more of an issue to Millena."

Integra nodded numbly and watched silently as Walter stroked the petite vampire's hair.

Alucard sighed and swished the blood in his wine glass.

He and Walter were, for lack of a better term, competing with Millena for attention. He personally knew that Millena needed to spend more time with Walter than with him-but she was still his daughter! He wanted to spend time with her too!

He didn't know the details-but apparently the death of her child by her master's hands and her own 'death' had traumatized her beyond words. He knew that Walter was literally her rock of support and that without him she would probably go bat-shit crazy.

When Integra released him and he met Walter for the first time and learned of his relationship with his daughter he had been livid. If he wasn't under his young master's orders to behave, he would have certainly chucked the elderly man out the window without hesitation. It was only later that same day did he realize what a mistake that would have been. After Walter had finished explaining he had actually started crying. CRYING for heaven's sakes. Alucard had no doubt that Millena and Walter had been in love-he saw that now. Millena followed Walter everywhere like a lost puppy-she could barely go a few minutes without him by her side.

He wanted Integra to be like that too-but that was ridiculous, the woman was far to dignified to act anything like a puppy.

Besides-there was no way she would ever love a monster like him.


Seras and Pip walked through the gardens outside at night-it was their favorite pastime. They have decided to pick up their relationship where they had been rudely interrupted by Pip's death.

Intertwining their fingers, Seras leaned her head on the mercenary's shoulder.

C'est la vie indeed, Pip

Her stomach gave a lurch as the water blessed by God entered it. Millena stumbled backwards and dropped the chalice on the floor. She collapsed on the floor in a fit of coughs and suddenly began to vomit blood. Her flesh was rotting and she was bleeding from every orifice. Her lips were painted red with her own blood and her vision was a blurry crimson.


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