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Chapter 11- Strange Meeting

Yuzu's Point of View

I was staring up at him. I was surrounded by various Arrancars. The Arrancar that was sitting who gently rose into a standing positin. Letting his cloak surround his figure. He seemed familiar almost as if he was a thing from a distant memory locked deep in my consiousness. His hair was long I couldn't stop looking up at him. He held a smirk among his face.

"Yuzu, I'm so glad to see you again."

"Again?I don't understand. Who are you and why do you need me?"

" Yuzu it's me. You don't remember me or the others? What have they done to you?"

"Done to me? They meaning my family. They haven't done anything. If there are people who've done something it's you. Your hollows were the ones that caused my death."

"Family. What do you.. I was not the one behind your cause of death. If anything I wouldn't have caused a single hair of damage upon you." He suddenly walked towards me. As I walked backwards trying to not let him come near me. I kept doing this until my back was against a white wall.

"Don't come anywhere towards me. Don't!" Yuzu screamed through her heart activating her power that laid dorment in her all these years. As a sudden pink aura came seaping out of her and there before her appeared Senbonsukura. As Yuzu grabbed ahold of the hilt and unleashed the petals that would forever protect her.